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walking* "king!" A teen who had brown hair yelled at a redhead "hm?" The redhead said "can we please go to the store!?" The teen yelled excitedly "why?" The man said "because I wanna look at the toys" the young teen said with sparkles in his eyes "I swear Tatara you act like a child" a tall figure said while chuckling "Kusanagi that's so mean!" The young teen yelled at the talked figure "if I say yes will ya shit the fuck up?" The red head said "yes!"

{they walked to the toy store} "ok we're here" the redhead said "yayyyy!" The teen said "thanks king!" "Your welcome" the redhead said "Mikoto look at this doll" the tall figure said also known as Kusanagi "huh?" The red head said walking towards Kusanagi "look this doll she looks so life like she could pass as a little girl don't ya think?" Kusanagi said "yeah I guess" Mikoto said "ooooo she looks so cute!" The young teen declared "can we get her please!" The teen begged "no" Mikoto said

The "doll"'s design

The doll had long Snow White hair that weather to her ass, bangs,a headband that was a blue bow,she had a blue Lolita dress that seemed to have an apron,is was a blue dress with white ruffles under the skirt,a white apron looking thing-a-ma-jig,a white collar at the shirt with a big blue bow attached to it,long sleeves that had a poof at the shoulder and in the should was a white thingy (not sure what it's called) and white lacing on where the elbow was,she had knee-high socks, & blue heels, her eyes were a bloody red

Back to the story

"Please!" The teen said "ugh fine!" Mikoto said angrily "I forgot my wallet" the teen said "king can you buy it for me?" "Fine" the redhead said more calmly

After they bought the doll and headed to the bar

"Finally we're back" Mikoto said "I'm soo unboxing the doll" said the teen {after he unboxed the "doll"} "ng" a small quiet voice groaned after waking up "ahhh!" The teen screamed "what happened?!" Mikoto yelled "T-T-the d-doll I-I-I-I-it m-m-m-moved" the teen said "h-hello" a quiet but stuttering voice said "hm? What happened to you?" Mikoto said cautiously noting that the doll wasn't a dip instead it was a young child "well um um a man named K-Koshi M-Mizuchi kidn-napped me a-and f-forced m-m-me to a-act l-like a-a doll to s-sell" the young doll- I mean child said stuttering "hm ok what's your name?" Mikoto said "A-Anna K-Kushina" the little girl said quietly while stuttering "what do we do?" Izumo asked "I mean we just lost Yata could anyone in HOMRA actually have mental capacity to deal with her?" Izumo said "hm?" Mikoto questioned "did you forget? King remember Yata killed himself" Tatare stated "oh yeah" Mikoto said "uh" Anna said uncomfortable "sorry did that make you uncomfortable?" Tatare said "kinda" Anna said "well tomorrow how about we go and buy you some clothes okay Anna?" Izumo said kindly in a soft voice "if that's ok" Anna said keeping her gaze at Mikoto "pretty" Anna said quietly "what was that kid?" Mikoto said "your red it's so pretty" Anna stated admiring his red "what do you mean my 'red'?" Mikoto questioned "your red" Anna said starting to get angry from not knowing how explain what she meant. "Hm?" Mikoto still didn't understand "hey umm we have a problem" a blind fat 17 year old said "ugh what is it know?" Mikoto said grunting "erm Fushimi he's trying to kill KĊsuke" the teen said "god dammit" Mikoto said angrily while Izumo & Tatare were running down stairs Anna was trying to get down from where she was sitting when Mikoto picked her up by the Back of her dress's collar and set her on the floor she was a bit wobbly from standing in a box for the past year.

When they got to the bar

"Fushimi!" Izumo yelled before a tall slim black-haired 16 year old could cut a guy with spiky red hair that appeared orange. "?!" Anna was very shocked to see so many men in a bar a bar that seemed so familiar to her but she couldn't put her finger on it "Fushimi don't you fucking dare" Mikoto yelled at the black-haired man Anna was already beginning to tear up watching this happen

The explanation

"Sorry Anna that you had to see that" Izumo said "the truth is that one of our men killed himself about a year ago and Fushimi still can't accept it and everyone is unstable at the moment" Izumo had explained "who killed themself?" Anna asked a little uneasy from what Izumo was about to say "it was our friend 'Misaki Yata' he was about 15 at the time" Mikoto said sadly "do you know why?" Anna asked they all shook their head as in a no then Anna saw Mikoto have tears in his eyes "I'm sorry for asking" Anna said sympathetically.

1 year later

Anna's new design

She still has her long white hair that's still the same height and her bangs are the same but her out fit is different she now wears the following dress design: A black base buttons in the middle and on the left of the buttons is a red stripe and a mother red stripe on the right, she a couplet that has a dark dress layer in the middle and a kinda light red on the bottom and that same light shade of red on the top a dark red bow in the middle of her couplet, her dress has a neck part on her dress that doesn't show her neck, on this neck part is a small dark red bow, the skirt is black as well with a red layer but in the front middle of said layer is an opening that shows the skirt you can even see the skirts bottom,in the middle on the layer is a dark red bow and on the back is also a dark red bow, she has white socks that goes up her knees, and she wears red heels, on the top ok her head is a mini red top hat the a dark red bow in the front that ties under her chin and on the right is a dark red bow that's connected to the same fabric that ties a the mini hat

Back to the story

"Mikoto?" The small child had asked the man sitting next to her "hm?" The man answered tiredly "can we put on a movie?" The young child asked "depends what movie?" The man replied "idk" the little princess said "ok I'll look at Netflix and see" the man said

After 1 hour of looking for a movie they finally found a movie

"Ima grab popcorn real quick ok Mikoto" the small girl said

One hour later (I'm losing my motivation rn sorry)

3 hours later

"Your name is Saruhiko Fushimi right?" The little girl asked a tall slender man with black hair and blue eyes wearing a purple sweatshirt & jeans, & black rimmed square kinda narrow glasses. Who the fuck is this brat? The 19 year old thought "if your wondering who I am I'm Anna Kushina I've been at HOMRA for three years now" the young child quietly but bluntly said "how have you not noticed me?" She asked kinda annoyed "I usually spent my time at Misaki's grave I don't care about useless brats like you" the teen said irritated "well that's mean. But do you know why he killed himself?" Anna asked the teen "no" the teen answered

1 year later (Saruhiko got hit by a car)

sniffling* tho the teen was really mean to Anna a lot and betrayed them when she heard the news she got sad but acted as if she was sad so that the HOMRA members wouldn't be angry at her for being sad for the damn traitor he'll be with his lover Misaki now Anna thought to herself reassuring that he was happier now.

Anna was walking from the grocery store because they needed to buy food and she was the only one who the time

humming* *walking into street now* *trips* "oh crap!" Anna screamed after she scraped her knee *car coming* "little girl move out the way!" A women yelled while the child was in the street caressing her knee as a car came *looks up* "huh?!" Anna didn't know how to react she tried getting up but her knee was in to much pain and no one could react before... *screech!* two cars crashed in between her and hit...her "OMG?!" A women with blond hair and green eyes wearing a leather jacket, a jean skirt and black heels, and white ankle socks, and black and red sunglasses. She ran yelling at the cars when one finally moved back and the women saw it...the smushed, bloody, most likely to be dead, looked like a pancake, little girl blood was everywhere the women had tears in her eyes as she ripped out her PDA, dialed 911 and screamed "sir get the fucking police, and ambulance right fucking now a child's life is at stake so fucking get your asses over here fucking jackass!" The women screamed as the man on the other line tried to talk to the women reasonably, "ma'am wait-" before the man could finish his the women yelled "a child is fucking squashed like a fucking pancake if you don't get your fucking asses over here the child will fucking die and will be all your fault!" "Ok ok ma'am we'll get our asses over there" the man said

At the hospital

Beep-beep-beep-beep-beeep "we heard what happened!" Mikoto yelled in panic after getting to the hospital beep-beep-beep the machine kept beeping "hello" the women from earlier greeted the men "hi who are you?" Totsuke asked "my name is Yuka..." the women said "what's your last name?" Izumo asked "Yata" the women answered "w-what?" Rikio Kamamoto asked beep-beep-beep when the men heard the heart monitor they rushed into Anna's hospital room and saw her even paler face lying weakly in the hospital bed beep-beep-beep-beep-beep Mikoto started to choke on his own breath a lump stuck in his throat knowing full well the child would soon perish beep-beep-beepbeepbeepbeepbeeep the minister started to go faster and everyone started to tear up scared as fuck to know they were about to loose another but this time it was a young fragile little girl their little princess beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the men all started to cry as they heard the monitor telling them the little girl was no more

The End