Remnants of a Thousand Year Flame

—Chapter 1: Remnants—

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit from Danmachi and Bleach and from its characters.

Amidst a scorching landscape, a man and a dragon stands.

The flames were expanding endlessly, engulfing anything at its reach. To this scorching land that was once a place of solace and peace buried on deep snow, such thing was normally impossible.



[ Final Quest: Kill the One-Eyed Black Dragon! (In Progress)

Time Remaining: 1 hour, 56 minutes, and 21 seconds


- ?


- ?

- ? ]

...the one who caused this to happen was far from anything normal at all.

The man—or the young man, as far as his physical features is concerned, narrowed his eyes at the translucent screen appearing right in front of him. The youth didn't know why this translucent screen popped up again after all this time. In fact, this thing last appeared over several months ago, that's why the youth man can't help but be wary of it appearing again.

This translucent screen — The System — as it calls itself was none other than a blessing and a curse for the young man.

For it is the one that gave him this otherworldly power that nobody could've probably attained.

For it is the one that gave him quests and challenges that made him develop, change, and adapt as an individual with the capabilities to reach the apex of the strongest mortals that the world would ever witness.

For it is the one that gave him miracles to accomplish many things that could be deemed as impossible.


This very SYSTEM was also the one that showed him how weak, flawed, and how foolish he was as a person. It also forced him to do acts unbefitting of those like a hero — not that he wanted to be one in the first place. The point is that he committed horrendous and cruel acts all for the sake of the SYSTEM's demands.

Furthermore, it's not like the young man could reject the SYSTEM's demands. It's like a contract — an oath — that if he tried to break or failed to meet its demands, he will receive a penalty. And it's not like a normal penalty either. These said penalties varies from worst to the worst, and he already experienced it firsthand and it was really anything but pleasant. However, if it has penalties, it also has rewards if you accomplish what the SYSTEM's demands. Rewards that sometimes could rival or even surpass that of the greatest treasures in the world.

It's a high risk high reward deal...or more like a carrot and stick approach. The metaphor which states that they offer people things in order to persuade them to do something and punish them if they refuse to do it.

In short, he was like a slave when the SYSTEM deemed him to be so.

That's why he was here, facing this walking calamity, the Legendary Beast, and the King of Monsters, just because the SYSTEM practically made him to do so unless he wants to be practically punished by an unknown penalty from the SYSTEM.

But this time, he doesn't care if that was the case. If anything, the young man also wants to take this Dragon down even without the interference of the SYSTEM.

Clenching the sword in his hands, the young man gazed upwards. Setting this land ablaze was just the first step in completing his last quest.

This place was called the Dragon Valley for a reason. This land, located upon the vast snowy mountains in the northern parts of the world, was the slumbering place of the Dragon. To say that this place was a place of solace at first was no lie at first for the Dragon had already cleaned up pests that would disturb it from its sleep. Thus, the Dragon Valley was devoid of any monsters except for the Dragon itself.

The place was that reminiscent of a winter season's domain for this land is located so up high that the elevation of the mountains are already touching of the area of the clouds above. It's a place to behold...that is if you ignore the Dragon that made this place as its nest.


...all that was stated of this place being that of a winter season's domain was no more. What was left is that by a land of scorching flames spread all over the horizons, engulfing everything at its wake. Not even the natural frosty climate could do anything about it as if the flames were ignoring the natural laws of the world itself as it continued to expand.

And the cause of it all was none other than this young man with silver hair dressed in an attire of that the Far Eastern people would wear which is not really suitable for this location.

Within this renewed blazing lands, the Dragon finally took notice of the intruder that dared wake it from its slumber.

The Dragon opened its sole eye at him. An eye made of crimson as if it was coated in blood gazed down on him. A body of pure black, wings like the night sky. The Dragon was truly a frightening vision, a horrendous sight to behold, and its frame alone was enough to put anybody fall down in fear. The Dragon's size and length couldn't be anything but enormous. It was so huge that it looked like a mountain, with a horrifying head with four long black horns on it as if it was a crown and razor-sharp teeth that could grind anything to pieces.

"It's finally time...huh." The youth murmured, blood flowing down from his lips as he let out a short laugh. "If Albert and Aria were here, they would've dragged me back to that cozy home of theirs and let me be in the mercy of their daughter as her caretaker."

Yes, this was a foolish endeavor.

The young man knew of the fact that fighting the Dragon couldn't be anything more than an simple death wish.

Before he arrived here, he got all kinds of warnings and discouragement from familiar people to strangers alike.

"It's impossible! You're going to die!"

He remembered a elf who was his friend that he had while taking his journey, warning him as she shouted those words in despair and rage. He could understand why. After all, receiving the message that her Queen died fighting that Dragon broke the poor elf itself as she fell in despair.

"What you are doing is tantamount to that of a blind man in rage for revenge. And that feelings of yours would be the one that will lead you to your ruin, boy."

The old dwarf that he only met a few weeks ago advised him as he looked at him in the eye. The old dwarf showed a pained expression as he uttered those words while sending him off with a final mug of beer before arriving to this place.

"Man. You're really not backing down on this crazy shit that you are about to do, aren't you?"

Another friend of his told him in a surrendered tone. The dead and pale look on his face was a mere giveaway that his friend had already given up in life.

Seeing these familiar people being in this state saddens him. But most of all, the brewing rage inside him only strengthened in the process. Everything fell apart because of this Dragon, and there's no way to bring everything back to normal.

I need to end this. To finish what Albert failed to do so...

Such foolish thought echoed loudly in his mind.


"Stupid human."

"Another idiot? Hahaha! 3 bags of gold for me if he returns alive!"

"Following the steps of Albert huh? Pfft. Another life will be thrown away today I guess."

Strangers whom he didn't even bother remembering their names and faces either mocked, laughed, or pitied him. He couldn't care less of their opinions given anytime of the day. Instead of doing anything, they just sat back and watch, say anything that comes up in their minds to him without even if they don't know him personally.

But the young man can't really blame them entirely for being like that.

After all, they are weak.

A mocking thought, but the truth nonetheless.

"Please, don't leave me...! Papa and Mama already left me because of it... Papa was killed...and Mama was captured by it. Please, please don't leave! Don't let it take you away from me as well!"

Most of all, the young golden haired girl's pleas was the most memorable in his mind. She cried and begged to not leave her alone. She — the child born of a Human and a Spirit which should've been impossible — was born as a miracle from none other than Albert himself and his wife Aria.

He knew the family of three personally. It wouldn't be a stretch to call Albert as his friend, mentor, and brother-in-arms. Their child was now begging him not to leave her alone just like what her parents did. As much as he wanted to grant the simple wish of the girl however, he can't.

As cruel as it may be. The SYSTEM won't let him do so.

He concluded in his thoughts.

That's why despite everything they said, the young man ignored most of them. Logically speaking, they were right. No one could defeat the Legendary Dragon after the recent happenings that took place a few days ago.

The Hero, Albert.

The Spirit, Aria.

The High Elf Queen.

The Amazoness Empress.

The Dark Elf Swordsmaster.

The Stout and Mighty Dwarf.

The Ferocious and Swift Beastman.

The Brave and Crafty Pallum.

Each individual carried their own wishes, goals, and ideals respectively. And they all agreed on one thing and united as a group that journeyed in order to fight the Legendary Dragon and end it for once and for all!

However, they were unable to win and was defeated in the battle against the Dragon. And if the Hero and his companions – who were said to be among the strongest warriors that had ever existed – had failed to kill the monster… what chance did he have, a lone person who only has his sword and a handful of magic and skills at his call for this battle?

The young man clearly knew it was nearly impossible. The young man was surely stronger than many, perhaps even the strongest for those who he have known to claim that spot have already fell in battle.

As arrogant as it may sound. It was a fact.

The power he was donning was said to have the abilities to scorch anything back to ashes. He never doubted that, even up until now. All his enemies — mortals and monsters alike — that had fallen under his blade had left no bodies for they were turned into ashes slowly right after their deaths.

But just this once, he faltered. The young man doubted if he could really scorch and slash this Dragon down with him ending up alive and well.

The young man took a deep breath. It's time to perform the second step.

"Stigma of Oath: [Liberatio]"

His solemn voice echoed within the scorching land.

'...If I make an oath and pay a price for it, I get that much power...'

With this skill, with this miracle, the young man managed to get himself to the top with the shortest amount of time out of all existing heroes out there. With this, he managed to pull of a feat worthy of the attention of the Gods!

'Of course there are penalties. If I don't keep my oath, in addition to what I paid for, my soul will be torn and be slowly ripped apart proportional to the amount of strength that I get out from this oath.'

There was only one time when the young man did not keep his oath.

The young man still remembered the pain of that moment clearly. The sudden pain of cold sweat was now running down on his body by just thinking about it, as if his existence was being torn apart.

The moment where the young man feared more than any moment I had ever experienced in his life. The pain that comes when you break the oath was that painful. It was gruesome, terrifying, and traumatizing.

That's why he will never break any of his oaths again. The young man promised so to himself.

Ironically, this skill was so similar to that of the SYSTEM that made him jest if this SYSTEM was practically obsessed with him, enough to give him a reward akin those with a lot of similarities to itself.

However, the rewards and penalties are made by him, not by the SYSTEM itself this time. That single statement already changes a lot of things for the young man. In short, he was both the master and slave in anything that he decides here.

The young man gathered his mana, pooling it up in a single point which is where his heart was located. A process of which is required to activate this skill

"I declare."

The mana in the surrounding stilled as the young man recited those words.

"From now on, all limiters that are set in this mortal vessel of mine shall be liberated."

Then, all the nearby mana slowly gathered in his body, forming a now visible form of that of a silver light. The feeling of the mana slowly covering him was soothing, and soon made him feel stronger. As for the oath he made has stated, the limiters placed within this body — his mortal body — of his was now removed. In short, he was far more stronger than any other mortal out here that are still bounded by the limits of their mortal bodies have.

And to be fair, it's not like anybody could do this on a whim. The only one he knew that could do this voluntarily was none other than Albert himself. This shows that the man was truly the hero that brought hope to this era to fight against the monsters plaguing over the world.

And yet, the very same hero alongside his companions fell to this Dragon before him.

"In accordance with that law, the compensation of each second he uses in this liberated vessel of his shall be paid with the expense of his own life force in the process."

Suddenly, alongside the soothing feeling that he was having right now comes with that of a feeling with a imaginary dagger being pointed at his heart. The imaginary dagger then made contact with it, and produced a small hole whereas the blood slowly flowing out of it.

"The allotted time provided to this liberated vessel shall be that of a single hour."

Next, his body felt greater than ever. The young man could be said to be in a transcendent state, where only Albert and a handful of his companions had reached. His body was now bursting with mana, enough to be visible in the naked eye in form of a blazing silver flames.

"However, if the use of the liberated vessel was to take more than the allotted time, then his soul and body would be condemned to oblivion for years to come."

And just like that, he felt a single chain locking itself to his soul, ready to pull it out to the abyss if he ever fails to abide what he had stated.

"All these laws are enforce under the watchful eye of the World."

As if agreeing, the World granted a blessing to the young man unbeknownst to him, a blessing that would let him be like Albert even if it's just for an hour. A blessing only given to those of a Hero.

The World needs a Hero.

And currently, one has been suitable to don the title even for just a limited amount of time. The World will put all the remaining available odds it has for this era on favor to the Hero in order to win against this Legendary Dragon.

The young man can already feel that his oath is now activated. And right at that very moment, every single second counts. Power erupted within his body as he readied himself.

The Dragon roared. Its single crimson eye widening in shock, danger...and joy. Within a span of mere days, another challenger has come to face it with enough power to be considered as a threat.

This sword...or katana as the Far Eastern people calls their blades — The Ryūjin Jakka — was a reward randomly given to him by the SYSTEM after accomplishing the hardest quest he faced in life. It was the greatest gift and companion that he could ever dream off, be it in battles or in daily living.

Years passed already since he acquired this treasure, but he still couldn't comprehend the full potential and power sealed within this blade. What only let him understand a glimpse of its true powers though was that of another man in his dreams welding the very katana as he demonstrated its abilities.

That's why when he set off the limiters in his mortal body and mind and reached transcendence even just for a mere hour. That's why in that very same moment after he reached transcendence, the dreams that he was having played in his mind in a mind breaking speed.

And there, a second was all it took. He still couldn't comprehend everything clearly, but right now, the young man could at least release its final form...and utilize it, even if not perfectly like that old man in his dreams, in this decisive battle.

"Bankai: Zanka no Tachi..."

It was then, the blazing land was extinguished of its flames. The young man pointed his sword — now in a blade that takes the form of an ancient and worn-out katana, severely scorched by fire, to the Dragon.

The Dragon who was watching everything that transpired within the short amount of time grinned showing its razor teeth as black flames began to gather within its mouth. Its crimson eye now glowing in excitement. One look is all it took for the Dragon to know that if it doesn't take this human seriously, it would lead the possibility of death. Yes, just like that other human that decided to battle it a few days ago and manged to get one of its eyes.

That's why the Dragon decided to not play around just like back then. It wouldn't want to lose another eye or some part of its body again, wouldn't it?

Adjusting the trajectory of his blade, the young man arranged his posture next. Emptying his mind, the young man focused on his 5 senses.



That's all the young man could taste.


That's all the young man could smell.


That's all the young man could hear.


That's all the young man could sense.


That's all the young man could see.


What the young man had thought might've been unnecessary in order to use his abilities...but everything has a reason, doesn't it? No matter how insignificant it may be.

What happened at the next second could be described as nothing but extraordinary. The young man blitzed through the previously scorched lands right to the Dragon as flames surrounding his body took place as his armor as he swung his katana to the Dragon in speeds that would even make the Gods who were watching this battle in Tenkai drop their jaws in amazement.

The Dragon on the other hand neither showed surprise for it has faced something similar just recently. Instead, maneuvering its gigantic body in a speed unbefitting of it, the Dragon angled itself and intercepted the slash with its claw

And as soon as the sword and claws met each other..

An enormous explosion occured that it even appeared expanding to the skies as it cleared up the veiling clouds on top revealing the bright moon accompanied by the countless stars in this night.

With those actions began the earnest battle between the young man and the Dragon. The legendary battle that took place right after the Hero Albert and the Black Dragon. This confrontation would usher and plunge the world into a new era.

A fight that nobody else would witness except for the Gods above, eagerly waiting whether the mortal — the unknown last hero of this era — would prevail against the Legendary Dragon, or would it fail against it just like its predecessors.

It was the decisive hour that would decide the world's fate.

[ Year XXXX ]

[ Dragon Valley ]

The young man was exhausted.

The abilities he was consecutively using within this battle couldn't be anything more than taxing. Normally, by using these abilities with his previous body, he would've burned out into ashes, and that wasn't an exaggeration at all.

"Damn it all..."


[ Final Quest: Kill the One-Eyed Black Dragon! (In Progress)

Time Remaining: 3 hours, 1 minutes, and 2 seconds


- ?


- ?

- ? ]

Even after everything. He had spectacularly failed to kill the Dragon. The most noticable damage dealt to the Beast was that one of its horns was seemingly cut — or rather, burned off, added with its wings having burnt holes all over the place removing its capabilities of flight. It's jet black body with normally indestructible scales were now filled with slashes, burns, and wounds that would be impossible to think off back then.

These were the feats that could be done by only that of a Hero!

However, the young man still continued to fell short in achieving his goal.

There are only less than 5 minutes left before the allotted time of this transcendent body of his.

The young man thought more and more. How could he overcome this predicament? How could he kill this Dragon within the time left? What any possible ways is there left to kill this Dragon? What would happen after he dies afterwards? Would anybody be sad? Would anybody lament for his death? Was everything he did worth it?

What would happen to Aiz?

That thought snapped him back to reality. He would now admit, despite his best, he was now on the verge of failing.

Is he really trying to distract himself? Is he really trying to think of returning back after all this time? No, no he wouldn't. It is too late to make amends...

The young man then noticed a teardrop flowed down from his left eye, only to be evaporated by the sheer heat of the surroundings right now.

If this place was defined as only a scorching landscape before, now, this ace could be defined as a enormous crater of magma. Everything was burning. The rocky walls were melting. The ground was scorching. The battle that took place between the young man and the legendary beast changed the terrains with no mercy.

Hell could be a fitting name for this place.

His self made hell weaved alongside this Dragon.

It was then the senses of the young man ushered him to move out from where he is standing right now, and he did so. He put his strength on his legs as he jumped in succession from where he came from only to see the gigantic tale of that Dragon slam down from above.

The young man grit his teeth. How much time was left? He was panicking. He was losing composure.

What happened right after was enough to make him doubt his senses however.

"It's really been a surprise, Human. To think that there was someone that could reach Albert's level. The world truly is a place full of surprises."

It really spoke. The Dragon spoke!

The young man shivered in sudden fright engulfing his entire being. Is his senses broken already? Is he really that near to death to the point where he could hear and understand what this Dragon was saying?

"3 minutes."

It spoke again. The sheer tremors with each word spoken was enough to be a threat to the young man. The ground was rumbling as the Dragon closed by as it swung its enormous arms.

The young man swiftly moved away as he dodged the incoming assault of debris from different direction.

"Less than 3 minutes. That's all the time left in that measly life of yours, Human." The Dragon stated as it showed an expression close to that if a grin. "What a shame. If you managed to grow after a few more years, you might've probably dealt an injury close or higher to that of Albert's. But sadly, that won't be able to take me down!"

The Dragon then roared as it released those accursed black flames on its mouth scorching and extinguishing anything that makes contact with it. The rocks where the young man was standing on previously that was hit by the roar was reduced to ash.

So his senses weren't playing with him. The Dragon was truly speaking.

"...I'm still sane. Gah—!" The young man muttered as he threw up blood. "Less than 3 minutes huh? So around 2 minutes to end all of this..."

Currently, he was using his abilities consecutively just in order to keep up with this god-damned beast.

His katana in its Bankai... The Longsword of the Remnant Flame... was a sword that any swordsman out there would like to wield at least once.

The sheer abilities given by this sword was godlike if one were to see it. The young man even speculated that this sword maybe the strongest one crafted out there, and him gaining it as a random reward from the SYSTEM was anything but most of his luck in life.

"Zanka no Tachi, Higashi: Kyokujitsujin"

Longsword of the Remnant Flame, East: Rising Sun Edge: An ability that is automatically activated at release, this ability concentrates the intense flames of the sword along the tip of the blade. It neither burns nor erupts, but anything it touches is eradicated to small pieces. Even the defensive power of the Black Dragon cannot stand up against this technique.

But it wasn't perfected. The young man could only use a fraction of its whole potential. But that fraction was enough to deal significant damage to this Dragon.

"Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui"

Longsword of the Remnant Flame, West: Remnant Sun Prison Garb: An automatic ability that engulfs his body in heat in form of an armor which reaches a temperature upwards of unthinkable degrees. Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible to even touch him while he is using this state. The level of heat produced by this technique is so high, it would not actually appear in the form of flames...

...and once more, it wasn't perfected. There's no way the young man could utilize and perfect a technique that was honed for 2 thousand years by that old man in his dreams!

The gap was too wide and long to narrow it with the time he has at hand.

Thinking of achieving so could be passed of as delusional and arrogant!

That's why even by just achieving a fraction of it within this limited amount of time couldn't be anything more than a miracle.

And with all of this combined, he managed to wound this Dragon several times. But these wounds were not decisive ones. If anything, the Dragon just considers it as simple wounds at best that one could achieve in battle.

There are still 2 abilities remaining, and he had a almost non-existent grasp as for how to manage and use the third and fourth ability at all.

In short, everything that he was doing right now was a mere knockoff compared to the original.

"Human. Tell me your name."

The Dragon asked, startling the young man for a second. He still couldn't comprehend why this Dragon was attempting to hold a conversation to a mere Human like him.

But the young man didn't truly care anymore.

Talking monsters? An anomaly. But coming from the Dragon? Well, the Black Dragon was an intelligent monster! Of course! It would be more doubtful if the Dragon that defeated the legendary heroes of this era was nothing than a mere mindless beast!

And yet, even if he knew of this, would he even have the chance to spread a word about it? Would he even come back alive out of this?

There was no going back. This was the path that he took. And he would see it until its very end.

'1 minute left...'

Yes, there's only one minute left before this transcendent body of his falls apart, and once it does so, he would surely die at the hands of this damned Dragon.

If there's one more plan he had in mind, then it was to create a miracle. Yes, a miracle being in a form of using the fourth ability that Ryūjin Jakka has in his Bankai form...

...and the chances of that are slim, but not non-existent.

That's why he tried to buy some ridiculous as it may sound to be by conversing with this wretched beast right before him.

"Ren... Ashbell." The young man stated, narrowing his eyes. He told his name, so what now?

38 seconds left...

Ren Ashbell adjusted his breathing. He prepares himself for the finale.

"Is that so? Ren Ashbell is it? Quite fitting for you Human, given those abilities you possess that could turn any monster to ashes. But this is the end, your name shall be forever be remembered by me as one of the few Humans that managed to make me feel pain and joy right after Albert Waldstein."

The Dragon stated, its body starting to glow in a pitch black hue. An enormous amount of energy was slowly gathering on its mouth. The Dragon was already satisfied, this Human has entertained it enough. It's time to finish this Human with at least something special like its next upcoming attack.

An attack consisting of properties that could erase anything that it touches, be it physically, spiritually, or conceptually. This Human deserves that honor at the very least, just like of that of Albert Waldstein!

However, it takes time to prepare. The Dragon knew that it could be vulnerable within this short while...but as its sole crimson eye could see...

Ren Ashbell would die in just a few more seconds even without the Dragon killing Ren itself. But where's the fun on that? Would the Dragon let Death itself steal its prey that it recognized? Not by a longshot.

22 seconds left...

"Comparing this foolish little me to someone like Albert. Normally, I would've just scoffed on it, but hearing that from the Dragon that killed him unexpectedly made me felt honored..." The young man — Ren Ashbell, said in a mocking tone.

The Dragon just watched, Ren Ashbell was in no state of being able to kill him right now. His mortal body — even if it has reached that of extreme levels — was that of a mortal until the very end. In the end, it was still weak.

"Then within this remaining few seconds of my life, let me tell you something..."

The grip on his sword hardened. One last time, please let him pull through out of this and create a miracle.

10 seconds left...

"Never underestimate a cornered prey..."

7 seconds left...

"Because they will always fight back, no matter how bleak their futures may be... they will always bite for survival, wouldn't they?"

With one last push, virtual flames erupted on his body. His eyes, donning the color akin to that of amethysts, shined as the last ditch effort to pull a decisive strike on this Dragon. He jumped so fast that made him look like he was flying in great speeds, and there he saw it. As he neared toward the Dragon, he saw it.

The chance to end this with this single slash once and for all!

3 seconds left...

"Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin!"

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame, North: Heaven and Earth End in Ashes: A slash of concentrated fire and heat which incinerates whatever it touches out of existence.

A single slash. Everything was put on it. A decisive strike was unleashed at the Dragon intended to sever its head from its neck...


...And it missed.

It instead severed its right arm completely. The Dragon's eyes widened in alarm as its monstrous instinct took over its whole body and unexpectedly moved it to the side in an unimaginable speed, which resulted to the missed attempt of the young man.

Ren Ashbell at that time thought, it seems that this is the end. The Dragon opened its gigantic mouth and roared.

'It seems that I won't be able to cook for breakfast for you tomorrow, Aiz...'

All Ren saw next was darkness...and the flickering light of that translucent panel as if it was trying to convey something to him. But he couldn't know what it was for his consciousness was soon lost as the Dragon's black flames covered his body.

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