Hello, this story is the combination of three of my favorite Franchises; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fairy Tail, and Naruto. I decided that Fairy Tail's universe is where the story would take place, while Naruto from his series will be a character is reborn in said universe, as well as the Last Dragonborn from Skyrim. I won't depict them initially as Overpowered, but they will develop their respective universes abilities and may pass on their abilities. In the future, I may add characters from the Skyrim and Naruto who were also reborn. As for pairings, I'm playing around with ideas with who ends up with who. This is just an experiment at the moment. Let me know what you think. If this prologue needs cleaning up, I'm prepared to do so. The title is also a working title.


Fairy Tails – Demons and Dragons


A young man in a stone gray cloak sat atop the Throat of the World, meditating with several large creatures around him. These creatures were considered myth until recently. They were known as Dragons. They were his servants; his followers; his brothers. In this realm, people would fear being surrounded by a contingent of Dragons of different species. But not this man. He didn't show such fear of creatures who once terrorized the world. The reason being was that he had defeated their former Draconic ruler who was known as Alduin and absorbed fragments of his soul, in turn acquiring several of the said dragon's abilities.

This man was known as The Last Dragonborn, or Dovahkiin, by his Draconic subordinates. His accomplishments were of this. He was a skilled member of the Companions, Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild Guildmaster, Dark Brotherhood Listener, Member of the Dawnguard, destroyed Alduin, and stopped Miraak from returning from Apocrypha. He learned many things in Apocrypha, being the international realm of knowledge. He was a mage before anything else, constantly training himself or educating himself in new forms of magic and spells. He was also an Artifact Hunter and a collector of equipment. Take away all his magic, weapons, and armor, you'd get a man who had the power to blast you several feet back, breathe fire, and slow time with just the power of his voice. His Dragonblood and voice also gave him the ability to subjugate his draconic forces and conjure up storms. This man was considered a living god by some, Thief, Assassin, and a false-god by elven peers. He was half human on the Nordic side and half Elven, commonly known as a Breton. His birth name was long forgotten. Now being known as Ysmir, a name given to him by the Greybeards.

As Dragonborn, he didn't need to meditate to control his power. He meditated because he knew there were more to his destiny. Recently, he had read an Elder Scroll that prophesized his transportation in a new realm, one that was so far untainted by centuries of war and magic flowed in the air. There were wars of course, but none were ever as bad as Nirn's. He wouldn't know of the history, and he'd have to relearn most of the magic he had been taught. He'd have to recraft most of his equipment, which the new realm would have the same advanced materials required to craft them, save Dragon Bones which he had developed a spell that allowed him to store several belongings in. Most of them happened to be texts and Black Books from Apocrypha, his Artifacts he had uncovered such as named Dragon Priest Masks or Dark Brotherhood Armor.

How he acquired all of these artifacts and became the man he was today, was full of hardship. The hardship of losing his loved ones to war had caused him to become a thief due to him being poor. Afterwards, he ended up being caught up in a conspiracy concocted by a woman known as Maven Blackbriar. He was branded as a murderer. He disappeared from the nearby hold and traveled. Eventually coming across a boy in Windhelm. One thing led to another, and the man found himself back in the very city he fled, murdering an old woman who abused children in an orphanage. Of course, he was pursued, only to escape. Eventually, he was sought after by the Assasins of the Dark Brotherhood, who offered him a proposition. He accepted, being trained as an Assassin. After he was trained up, fate would reward him as the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. Soon after he became Listener, he began to resent himself becoming a monster. In turn, he turned on his family, utterly destroying each and every one of his former comrades. He was about to do away with himself when he was caught up in an Imperial ambush. Events would lead him on a path of self-forgiveness and he was given a clean slate. He atoned for his sins, learning that he was Dragonborn. As he had no real combat experience save stealth he leaned as a thief and murder in the Dark Brotherhood, he joined the Companions learning how to fight with basic skills. Eventually his skill and newfound valor earned him to become Harbinger of the Companions and a Werewolf. Eventually, he defeated Alduin, the World Eater, incidentally absorbing fragments of his soul and portions of his abilities. Soon after, he joined the Dawnguard to thwart the Vampire menace. After he destroyed the Volkihar Coven, there was a temporary time of peace. This time of peace allowed him to take up an interest in Magic. He spent several years being educated in the College of Winterhold, eventually becoming the Archmage. On one of his travels, he was ambushed by followers of another Dragonborn, Miraak. Ysmir, eventually travelled to Solsthiem to thwart the return of the said Dragonborn, earning a reward of infinite knowledge. Almost being driven mad by the amount of knowledge he had received from the Daedric Prince, he returned to Nirn and lived a peaceful life a top the Throat of the World, occasionally he'd return to the College of Winterhold and Apocrypha to research more on magic, which he was becoming more knowledgeable in. In between all these events, he had a habit of collecting and crafting all his equipment, which he guarded with jealousy. He kept his other skills sharp for the sake of nostalgia, but he never forgot who he was. He was a man whose history was complex.

But his time in this realm was coming to an end. He was to be partially reborn in another world. One that he could find adventure in. He remembered when he read the Elder Scroll.

After a Thief's Luck is restored,

After a Dark child turns on his Mother and Father,

After a Hunter becomes the Beast,

After the Last Dragonborn has slain the World Eater,

After the Sun has been saved

After The Eye of Magnus has been calmed,

After the war of the First and Last of the Dragonblood has been won,

The Last Dragonborn will find peace,

And Thus will be given a life of adventure in a new realm,

As a growing child of the Dragonblood,

Recreating his former trophies,

Father and King of evolved Tamrielic Dragons,

Behold, a mage of Earthland

"It is time Dovahkiin," An old Dragon spoke, "I sense a time wound opening. We are ready to ascend with you."

"Will we remember each other?" The man asked with a smile.

"We'll be with you," A rare Red Dragon spoke, "In your soul."

"Our souls are going to become one then huh?" Ysmir spoke looking up at the blue sky. He could feel the energy begin to manifest. "Hopefully, I'll be able to bring you back into existence." A heavenly light began to shine down.

"We will be waiting," The Red Dragon spoke as a rift appeared. Every Dragon began to be lifted in the air towards the rift, eventually deteriorating. Flesh, blood, and bone turned into energy as Ysmir began to lift in the air. The energy became the souls of the Dragons which was in turn absorbed by Ysmir himself. As the Last Dragonborn entered the Rift, the age of his body seemed to reverse slowly from man to teenager, to eventually becoming a young child before disappearing from Tamriel forever.

Naruto Uzumaki was a War Hero. He had saved the Elemental Nations and the world itself from the greatest threat that was ever known in the world with the help of his comrades. The International threat? The first wielder of Chakra, Kaguya Otsutsuki. The first time she had returned, he and his comrades of Team 7 had defeated her. This time, she had come back. With only one way of defeating her for good, he had eventually sacrificed himself to she would never return again. He lost everyone in the process. His friends, village, everyone. To ensure the balance in the Elemental World had been kept, Naruto took the Tailed Beasts with him.

When he awoke, he wasn't expecting to come face to face with Hagoromo Otsutsuki and Hamura Otsutsuki in a meadow.

"Hello Naruto," Hagoromo spoke with a warm smile, "I'm sorry for your sacrifice and I wish there had been another way."

"What about them?" Naruto asked, "Everyone who died?

"Peace has finally been achieved," Hamura replied, "The majority of people may have perished, but they will all have the same choice as you will."

"Choice? What happens now?" Naruto asked with slight sadness, "Do I move on from here?"

"Well," Hagoromo spoke, "That is for you to decide. A life of sorrow and death surely is not the preferred way to live. Your next life, should you choose to accept, will be your next. But only if you wish for a life of adventure, not constant war."

"A life of adventure huh?" Naruto spoke before grunting a laugh, "If only things were so simple."

"You'd be surprised," Hagoromo replied, "This next life will be challenging. You and those who have decided to have another chance, can face hardships, but it won't be like the last time. A life of war isn't what awaits you, nothing like the wars in the previous world. No, there may be war, but it won't be genocidal as it was with our mother. I don't know the specifics as it is another plane of existence, but I think you'll enjoy it."

"Chakra doesn't exist there," Hamura spoke, "It's ethernano, magical energy. You could probably recreate your jutsu as spells. I suppose it would still be the same nature transformations, just adjusted slightly."

"Kurama will also be with you," Hagoromo continued, "The same with all the other Jinchuriki."

"What…." Naruto spoke happily, "They've decided to try again?"

"Yes," Hagoromo said, "With their Tailed Beasts as well."

"Will they like that?" Naruto asked, "The Tailed Beasts I mean. Will they like being imprisoned again?"

"I believe that if they don't," Hagoromo said, "they will come to appreciate their hosts. After all, it isn't like the last time. They weren't forced to be sealed inside their hosts. They chose to be with them. Just as Kurama chose you."

"For real!?" Naruto exclaimed, "Sweet!" He and Kurama had been through a lot.

"There is one thing though."

"What is it?"

"Your past life will feel like a distant dream," Hamura said, "Your age will also be reverted by seven years."

"EHHHHHH!" Naruto uttered loudly, panicking in disbelief, "That means I'll be eleven years old! I didn't even know the Shadow Clone Technique then! I didn't even find a girlfriend! This was before me and Kurama became friends! Am I going to have to knock some sense into Gaara again? Will he be a bloodthirsty maniac again!?"

"Naruto!" Hagoromo said, "Calm down! It will be okay. Remember everything that was taught to you during your previous life. The Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts have a place they can always meet. I'm sure you can explain this to them. Besides Gaara will have his memories as well. It's not like he is going in as what he was molded into. Plus, I'm sure the others will knock some sense into Shukaku if he starts acting up."

"That's good," Naruto said, "I choose to start a new life. But may I ask something? Will my parents be there?"

"I'm afraid they decided to pass on," Hagoromo said, "But I will gift you with the ability to learn their techniques…as a way to remember them by."

"I see," Naruto replied nodding, "Very well."

A/N: I ported this over from another account of mine and am currently rewriting it. Fairy Tail's roster is going to be a lot more packed with the arrival of several from the world of Naruto and some from Tamriel. Obviously, the Jinchuriki, Tailed Beasts, Dragonborn, and Nirn Dragons are along for the ride. I can't wait to share who else is coming from both worlds. At the moment, I am only operating with Naruto, Skyrim, and Fairy Tail worlds. I may implement more. If I like the synergy that it can potentially create, then yeah, I'll add more. Magic or mystical themes are what I want, or something of that nature. I'd love to hear suggestions and I'll see about implementing them.