Paul just about had enough of Leah and her shit. Not only was Jacob hurt because she wanted to prove some point about being better than Emily. She risked her own life and the pack's stability by questioning the leader. Everyone had to be on patrol simultaneously to regain that balance, but that wasn't even the worst part. Leah had been complaining about how she had it handled, and Jacob was the ass. It took three weeks for Jake to heal, only to join the weekly pack session they started to have.

"I don't even see the point in these things. I can handle myself without being babysat," Leah growled from her place by Seth, who just listened to his sister threw the mind link they all had.

"Just shut up, Leah; it's your fault we are here anyway," Jared snapped threw the link. Paul was next to Sam under his orders, not wanting his quick temper to flare and have him snap at Leah for real.

"Enough both of you. Let's get this over with before the end of the night," Sam snapped at the pack, which quickly got in line. They had patrolled for hours, ensuring that no vampire got any ideas about passing through their lands before they were about to call it a night.

"Seth, what's wrong," Sam asked as the younger one was lagging. Everyone turned to look at Seth, who froze in his spot as he glanced at Sam with his head low to show respect. "You've been lagging recently. What's wrong."

"Don't get on his case, Sam," Leah growled as she stepped in front of her brother to bark at the Alpha.

"There she goes again," Jared said, throwing the link. Sam snapped at him before standing to his full height over Leah as Jared went behind him.

"Back down, Leah. I'm tired of this attitude you keep bringing up," Sam growled. Leah just stared at him as he walked closer. "I SAID BACK DOWN!" Sam yelled, making Leah flinch back. She growled slightly before a whimper escaped her wolf and backed away. Sam looked over at Seth, who looked back at his sister and then at Sam. "Seth," Sam asked in a softer tone expecting him to answer.

"I... I don't know..." Seth started as he lowered his head even more.

"What's going on, Seth" Jake said as he came from behind Sam. "You've been on edge for the last couple of days that I've been with you guys," he asked as he approached Seth.

"I just get this bad feeling every time I pass some houses down by the river," Seth said, making everyone look at him as he showed his memories to the group. They looked threw the images and memories and saw that it was a smaller area closer to Forks than their area, so they never really checked that closely. Suddenly, they got a quick feeling of grief and fear from Seth in his memories.

"Why do you feel that way," Leah asked.

"I don't know. During the last month of us going on patrol, I always get this bad feeling around there. I try to go back and investigate every time you tell me to, but the feeling gets worse whenever I get close."

"Do you think it's a power from a vampire?" Jared asked as he spoke to Sam. The rest of the pack growled at the mention of Vampires, but they were ignored by Sam, who just thought.

"No, I don't think so. It must be his wolf that is warning him that something bad is going to happen. Haven't you all recognized that your emotions intensify when you are in wolf Form?" Sam asked as he thought about it more as the rest realized it was true. "It might be because you aren't as in control of your wolf or your emotions are everywhere because you are a Teenager, but our wolves have never led wrong before, so we'll go investigate, and if there is nothing there today, we can start patrolling that area more often than before," Sam stated as he nodded to the pack.

"Aw man, thanks a lot, Seth." Embry and Quil said as they walked past a head-lowered Seth, who looked worried. It was just a bad feeling; what if it was nothing and everyone laughed at him?

"Don't worry about it." Paul said as he trotted over to Seth, "you sent me your last couple of thoughts," Paul said as he sniffed at him to get him to move.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," Seth said threw their privet link.

"Don't worry about it. Embry and Quil are just pissy because this will be their longest patrol since the Army came and attacked. Don't let what they say bother you." Paul said, "Don't think much about what Sam said about being a teenager. He didn't mean it in the way you think he did."

"What other way is there to think about what he said," Seth asked, confused, as they started running through the forest to get to that area where Seth got a bad feeling.

"He meant it in the way how kids and younger teens get this second sense of danger. Grown-ups don't have it since we matured out of it, but it's their fight or flight response with kids and teens."

"And what does that mean," Seth asked as he jumped over a fallen tree and continued to run next to Paul.

"What it means is that you know how I go into things without thinking," Paul asked, bringing up his anger issues. "How sometimes it takes me a minute to calm down after I get angry."


"Well, that's my fight or flight thing." Paul stated as he followed Jake threw the river leaving Seth slightly behind "yours tells you to run while mine tells me to fight, and our wolves intensify our feelings, making it feel much worse than normal."

"Oh, I think I understand," Seth nodded, "so what sam said was that I was helping more by having the second sense of feeling danger."

"Exactly" Paul nodded as Jake and Jared started to slow down. That's when Paul stopped their private link and joined group one.

"Stop," Sam said through the link. They all stopped and waited for his order as he sniffed the air around them before doing so on the ground. " I don't smell anything out of the ordinary, but I feel this pressure," Sam said. Jared did the same and agreed that he also felt that pressure before going to Sam's side. "Paul, you come with Jared and me. Jake takes Quil and Leah and handles the north part of the river. Embry goes with Seth to inform the elders that we will be taking longer on patrol because of this." Sam ordered. Everyone agreed threw the mind link before doing as told. Sam and the other two follow him as he walks threw the woods. "Be careful no one sees you. We are close to the road here," Sam said as they walked. Paul was looking around when Jared stopped.

"Hold on," Jared said as he raised his head. He sniffed the air before his ears raised taller. "I hear something," he said

"What is it," Sam said in the link before raising his ears.

"Over there coming from the road," Paul said as he looked over. "It's a girl," he said, confused.

"What is she doing out here at this time." Sam asked, "is it one of your classmates."

"No, I've never smelled her scent or seen her before," Jared stated, with Paul agreeing with him. "She's running, look," he said before running after her but out of sight. Sam and Paul followed after him as they watched her run. They noticed as she ran she seemed to be crying as she ran barefooted. They were about to run into her path to stop her or at least scare her back into her home when they saw a car approaching. It was driving fast in the girl's direction, only to go past her and stop just a couple of feet away.

The wolves stopped running as they watched a man leave his van with a mask covering his face and watched as the girl changed direction towards the woods where they were. They silently let her pass without being seen and watched as the man chased her.

"Everyone to my location. Embry, Leave Seth at home and get over here with the truck. We need you to act as a witness now," Sam snapped threw the link. Everyone started questioning him as the three watched as the man chased her. They could smell the blood coming from her as the man tackled her. They rolled for a few seconds before the man got on top of her.

"Get off me!" the girl cried as the man put his hands on her and started to punch and choke her. The pack members stood shocked as they watched the man choke her.

"You've been a very naughty girl," the man said as they all could tell he was putting more pressure on her neck. Paul Growled and was about to attack him, but Sam stopped him.

"Don't, you might hurt her," Sam said as the girl tried to pry the man's hands from her neck.

"But sam"

"Wait," Sam snapped threw the link.

"And you know naughty girls get punishment," the man stated as he reached for something in his pocket. The wolves watched as the man took out a spray can and pointed it at her face. They listened to her cries of pain as the spray hit her face.

"Get off me, please." she cried as he squeezed harder. The man growled and got on her fully, putting more weight on her to make her stop breathing. "Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she cried as he shook her.

That's when Leah appeared threw the tree line stepping on a stick and getting the man's attention. The man looked around as he brought the crying girl up to his chest, holding her in a headlock. Leah growled and ran around him to avoid being seen, just as the man looked around into the surrounding trees. That's when Sam made his appearance. Sam watched as the man froze and could see the terror in his eyes threw the man's mask.

"get out of here, get out of here, you stupid mutt," the man growled out at Sam as he held the girl tighter. The girl let out a whimper as he held her tightly. Sam, Hearing this growled and gave the order to go around the man. The rest of the pack approached more, allowing the man to see him as they barked at him.

"Let me get him," Leah said threw the link. The rest of the pack started to snap at each other threw the link wanting to get the girl away from that crazed man.

"No, you all could injure the girl or frighten her more. She is already in danger. We don't need to add to that," Sam snapped at them as some members tried to take a step forward. He looked them over, making sure they didn't make a move before he looked back at the man and girl just as the man threw her to the ground in front of Paul, whose eyes widened as he watched her stumble.

The girl stumbled to Paul's paws, leaving a trail of blood with every step she took. Paul sniffed her to see if she was hurt by the fall and waited as she tried to whip away the thing sprayed into her eyes before she looked up and almost screamed as Pauls's face was right above her.

Paul looked down at her before he paused as he looked into her eyes. From there, the rest of the pack got the images of him and her together, their future, and the bond they would have later on, and they felt Paul's Gravity shift from the earth to her as he imprinted on her.

"Paul, are you OK," Jared asked. He knew that shit was about to go down. The girl was an Imprint, and an Imprint has always been protected from vampires or humans. He knew he had to Protect Kim from Bullies at school all the time and even got suspended for fighting someone in the hall for Kim's Honor.

Paul just shook his big furry head as he tried to shake away the after feeling of Imprinting for a couple of seconds before he stopped. The girl looked afraid as she stared up at paul with her small doe eyes. He sniffed at her in a way to ask her if she was OK, but she just tried to back away from him.

"get out of here, you stupid mutt. You're in the way," the man snapped as Leah blocked his path from returning to his truck. She was the first to snap out of it from Paul's imprinting, and she noticed how the man tried to make a run.

"Oh no, you don't, you fucking son of a bitch." she growled as she jumped in front of him growling. Jake came behind her and growled at the man standing much taller than Leah herself.

Paul looked at the man along with Sam and Jared, who started growling. Paul looked at his Imprint for a second and watched her try and crawl away as he took a step and looked at him with so much fear. It broke his heart to see that expression on her face, but when he walked over to her and towards the man, he just felt her shocked expression as Sam started to lead them to the man, ready to attack him. The man started yelling inraged as he began to curse at all of the pack. He is a rage and starts charging at Sam spraying his spray at him. Sam, angered by this, snapped and growled at the man before jumping at him and going for his shoulder. This signaled everyone else to attack as they charged at the screaming man. He didn't get that much of a sighting chance as Paul went for his head. After that, it only took seconds for him to be dismembered and for them to back away... Behind most of them, they saw and heard Quil let out a howl. Paul looked over and found his Imprint gone. He instantly started to head in the direction the bloody footsteps were headed and caught up to her just as she made it to the road. Jared came up to him, ordering him to calm Paul before he could interact with the girl, but Paul just stood frozen as his Imprint fell to the ground crying as she dragged herself through the road. He took a step forward but was stopped by Jared.

"Stop. Paul Embry is almost here with the truck. If you go out there now, you might scare her even more," Jared reasoned with Paul.

"She needs me," Paul spoke.

"I know she does. But think about what you are just showing up from the same direction her abuser came from. She is going to think you are him and will hurt her," Jared stated logically. Paul let out a whimper unwillingly as he watched Embry's car pull up. They saw her try and reach for the car, but she looked just about dead as Embry jumped out of the car.

"Hi, are you OK," he asked as he ran to her. "What happened? Can you hear me" he asked her as he finally reached her. Paul let out a sigh in his head as he watched Embry check her over.

"Help..." she gasped out threw her cries. Embry then lifted her head to check over her head to make sure she didn't have any head injuries. "Please... Help," she said as she tried to reach for Embry.

"Hi, don't strain yourself; you could end up hurting yourself more." He tried to tell her, but she kept crying. Paul and Jared went around to change behind Embry's car just as the rest of the pack appeared threw the tree line and had already changed back. "Guys over here," he called as they hurried over. The girl let out a whimper making Embry turn to him as Paul came around the car. "His you're going to be OK. We are going to take you to the hospital," he reassured her. She looked around at them, trying to take in their faces as they started to surround them.

"What happened here," Sam asked, trying to make it seem like he just got here to trick the girl as he ran to her side and started to inspect her. He looked her over and moved to her feet, where he knew most of the damage was, and his eyes widened, not expecting it to be that back "everyone move. Get in the care. We have to get her to the hospital now," Sam yelled at everyone and then at Paul telling him to get in the car. They all nodded, and the pack got in the back as Sam carried her to the back seats and placed her head on Paul's Lap.

"don't worry, you're going to be OK. We're going to take you to the best of the best," he told her as he wiped away her tears and the hair that fell on her face.

"base… basement… help…" she started, but she couldn't continue before she fell limp in his arms. Paul's eyes widened as he tried to keep her awake.

"what? Hey, wait, hold on, don't fall unconscious. Come on, do you have to wake up "the man cried, but it was too late. She was already unconscious. "Come on, hi, please wake up," Paul said as he tried to shake her.

"Don't shake her, paul. You could make it worse," Sam said from the driver's seat.

"Hurry up," Paul said as he looked at her weak form. Sam just pressed on the gas to the hospital "it's OK, you're going to be OK, come on, just don't die," he called as he looked at her unconscious body.

Line Break.

It took them a couple of minutes before they got to the hospital, and in those couple minutes, Paul felt like he was dying. Not only did he find his Imprint, but she was dying in his arms as they drove past the speed limit. Sam was trying to calm him down as Embry turned into the emergency room entrance trying to avoid hitting Somone.

"You can't be here. This is for emergencies only." a nurse said, yelling at them. Sam jumped out of the car and opened the back door as he saw Carlisle appear from the hospital doorway.

"Hurry up, Carlisle, we have a girl who looks around 14 or 15 years old," Sam yelled as Paul got out of the car with the girl hanging over his arms. Carlisle went over with a bunch of nurses who took her from Pauls's arms to a medical bed and left Carlisle with the men outside.

"What happened," Carlisle asked.

"We were on patrol when we saw this girl running away from a man who tackled her and started to beat her and choke her." Sam stated, "we killed him, but the girl ran; we didn't get a name or anything. She could only say a couple of words before she fell Unconsuas." Sam said, "we need to call charlie and let him know."

"Any other injuries I should know abouT before I go in there," Carlisle asked.

"Yeah, he sprayed something on her face before we got involved." Jared jumped in

"And Emry told me he found many bruises on her stomach and back when he checked her over.' Sam stated Paul looked distraught as they talked, having never noticed the bruises. "That might have been her father. He did speak of punishment, so there's that, but something seemed off. I'm going to take the pack to look around. I'll leave paul and Embry here in case charlie needs a statement." Sam nodded at Carlisle, who agreed and nodded at the two boys to follow him. Paul was frozen and needed Embry to push him inside and force him to sit down. Sam left with the rest of the pack to investigate the area, ensuring they dealt with the truck or waited for a cop to get to the crime scene.

"Paul, I'm going to go check on her. Are you alright not to Phase here" Carlisle asked him. Paul only nodded as he sat down next to Embry, who was calling Charlie on his privet line. Carlisle walked away as Paul listened to the phone ring.

'Swan residence.' he heard Charlie throw the other end

'Charlie, we need your help. This is Embry, one of jakes friends' Embry started

'What's going on? Did something happen with Jake or billy' Charlie asked, confused.

'No, Jake and Sam told me to call you. We are in the hospital now with a girl we found running in the woods. A man attacked her, but the wolves got involved.'

'Hold on, hold on, what do you mean you. found a girl in the woods." Charlie asked. "And what happened to the man."

"We don't know. We think the wolves got him since we heard howling. But I saw them from my car and pulled over with the guys. We were going to help her against the man who was choking and punching her, but she ran away, and we saw him run back to the other road across the Treeline, where we saw his truck. We were going to go after him, but Sam told us to check on the girl first before we did anything too crazy." Embry stated as he paced.

"OK, and tell me what happened," Charlie asked as they both heard muffled sounds in the background. "I'm on my way to the hospital. Tell me everything." Charlie said as they listened to a car door slam shut.

"Well yeah, that happened, and Sam made me Drive him, Paul, and the girl to the hospital after we caught up to her. Sam took my truck back with everyone else to check out the guy, and they said they would call me back if they found something.."

"No, call them and tell them to clear the area." Charlie said, "do you know what happened to the man."

"Yeah... We heard him scream, but Leah and Seth got scared, so we left the area... and Jared got the license plate number written down. If you want, I can pass it to you now."

"No, I'm going to the hospital. After I'm done here, I will call it into the station now. I want you two to call your friends and have them wait in the nearby house that your friends live in." Charlie said, " they might accidentally tamper with evidence or destroy something important. And we also don't know if that man is still out there."

"OK, I'll give them a call and let them know. We will be waiting here," Embry said as he looked at Paul, still in shock.

"OK, stay put. I'll be there shortly. Have your friends call the station and have them give their location.

"OK, bye, we will see you here," Embry said as he hung up the phone. Embry let out a Sigh as he slumped on the chair next to paul and gave Sam a call, who told him the story they would go with. They stayed silent for what seemed like an eternity. They were waiting for less than 20 minutes before the emergency room doors opened, and Charlie walked in and flashed his badge at the Receptionist.

"Alright, what happened," He asked as he got in front of them. Paul stayed silent before getting up and rushing to the bathroom, not wanting to have this talk now, especially since Charlie didn't know about imprints. Charlie was about to chase after him, but Embry stopped him.

"Wait, Charlie," he called before the man could enter the bathroom. "He was the one that helped her the most when..."

"When what," Charlie asked.

"She begged us for help. He promised her that she would be OK but... He was the one that was closer to the man when Sam called us back."

"Oh..." Charlie nodded" I see he feels responsible for what happened to her" Charlie placed the thoughts that he thought ran threw Paul's head. And in a sense, he was right. Paul did feel responsible, but it was ten times worse when he heard her beg for help and cry, knowing he couldn't do anything for her as she blacked out.


"Alright, now please start from the beginning. How did you find her? What led you to her."

"Well... The guys and I were hanging out at Sam's house like always when Paul and Jared wanted to go to Forks to buy snacks for a movie they wanted to see. So we took the long way since we all just wanted to relax before going into town." Charlie nodded in understanding. "And as we drove, Paul was looking out the window, and he said he saw something and told me to stop driving. I asked him what, but he yelled at me to stop, so I did. We were having such a good time, and I didn't want to ruin it by making Paul angry.

"Yeah, I heard he has some... Anger management issues" Charlie nodded as he took notes.

"Yeah, well, I stopped, and he jumped out of the car with Sam behind him to make sure everything was OK. We all got out after him, and we looked in the direction that he was looking in, but we couldn't see anything, so I'm not sure what he saw, but we heard her scream... she sounded so scared and Terrified. Sam told us to head back to the truck so he could investigate, but Paul ran into the woods before Sam could stop him with Jared, Jake, Leah, Seth, and Quil."

"And who stayed by the truck."

"It was just me by myself. Sam told me to stay in case something happened and they needed to get away fast..." Charlie shook his head at him before letting him continue. "I waited for a couple of minutes as I listened to the girls screaming. And then it was silent, and the guys came back. They told me they were wolves in the area, so they had to come back, and they told me to start up the car and that Sam would call the police when we got to a safer place. I was just about to drive when I saw a girl on the ground dragging herself. She was bleeding so much and looked so fucked up like so fucked up I didn't know what to do other than break. The guys yelled at me, but I jumped out of the car to see if she was OK, and she didn't respond. She only begged for help," Embry said fast as tears started coming from the corner of his eyes. He was crying not because of his incredible acting skills, even though Quil would say otherwise, but because he felt terrible for paul, whose mate is currently fighting for her life. He had seen cuts and bruises on her body along with the marks that told so many stories that he would like to ask her, and the blood, so much blood.

"Hi, it's OK. You don't have to relive it." Charlie spoke as he got down and made Embry look at him "she is still being looked over, so we have some time before we can get her statement. In the meantime, please stay here with officer Riles while I go and investigate the scene. Embry nodded and followed Charlie to his cop car to give him directions to Jared's house before going back inside.

Time Skip

It was about 3 hours after they had brought the girl to the hospital. Charlie had left, and Embry and Paul still hadn't heard anything from the pack about what was going to happen or what the police believed happened to the man, meaning they were still being dealt with. It took everything in Paul not to leave and phase and get his mind off everything that was going on. He can't comfort his hurt mate and can't leave to clear his head, so he starts to get angry as the Police officer tries his best to keep calm.

"Officer," they heard Carlisle call as Paul got up to snap at the police officer who nervously stood over the two teens. "The girl is out of surgery and will be under constant supervision. We couldn't find any information on her. We are testing her blood to see if we have any matches here and her fingerprints."

"Alright, I believe that I have to take you both home now." the officer stated

"It's alright. I know both boys personally," Carlisle started smiling at the officer. "I'll make sure they get home safely, but my wife wants me to bring them over to ensure they are OK with her own two eyes."

"Are you sure?" the officer said as he looked at the boys. " I have to come back here and make sure I can get a statement from her, so dropping off the boys and going to talk to the chief would be"

"It's fine, no worries, we have all the security we will need here. I'm sure you need to report to Charlie about what I just said, so don't worry about the boys getting home. I'll take them myself." the man just nodded before leaving. He turned to them and told them to follow him into his office. Once there, he looked over at them with a shake of his head. "It doesn't look good," he said before taking out his phone and calling Sam, who was at Quil's already having been interrogated by Charlie.

"What does that mean," Sam asked "is she going to be OK," he asked.

"You imprinted on her, didn't you?"Carlisle asked Paul. He just nodded his head once and let Carlisle continue. "This is going to make it much harder for you to hear-"

"Just tell me will she e alright," Paul asked.

"Yes, she will be fine. Eventually, but right now, that's the least of our worries," Carlisle started. "From the looks of it, she has many broken ribs along with bruising that could have been made months if not years ago. She is also very Malnourished, like she hasn't eaten a proper meal in months. We also ran a rape test, and I can confirm she was sexually assaulted at least multiple times in the last couple of months or years." Carlisle stopped as Paul growled and started pacing the room. Carlisle waited a moment but listened to Sam, who told him to continue. "From the looks of the bruising on her stomach, I can say that her assailant tried to stop her from getting pregnant, but it's hard to tell right now since I haven't gotten the results back from the lab. But from the looks of it with my vision, that may have been the most likely thing that happened." he finished as he could see Paul getting angrier as he snapped and started shaking. "I need someone to claim her as a temporary guardian so that we can discuss any medical help she will need. If not, she will be placed under hospital care-"

"I'll take her in," Sam said over the phone, having stayed silent for a couple of minutes. "I have the space, and the guys can help me if anything, you know that."

"Yes, but it's a lot of stress, and abuse victims like herself don't react well to being around men after any kind of assault, much less after."

"That's the thing, though, and I doubt that she would want to stay in the hospital, and before you offer, I will not let you take an imprint into your home filled with vampires," Sam growled at the word vampire.

"I understand, but you have to-"

"I have to go... We will discuss this later when I get to the hospital; they found something in the man's truck." Sam said before he hung up the phone leaving behind an angry Paul, confused Embry, and a concerned Carlisle.