Life Goes On

Or I Love You But I'm Going to Kill You

Ginny Weasley was sitting in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her head resting on her mother's shoulder.

She was in a word, a wreck. Not only had one of her brother's died. Dear sweet, Prankster Extraordinaire, Fred, who had died fighting to defeat Lord Voldemort and his followers, the Death Eaters. She had thought that the love of her life, Harry Potter, had died too.

When the announcement had been made that he'd been killed trying to flee, she had gone numb with denial and it wasn't until she laid her eyes on his body being carried by Hagrid that her heart had shattered.

Her throat was still sore from the scream she had voiced when she had seen his limp body and believed he was dead.

It was shortly after that, all hell broke loose. The Centaurs had charged out of the Forest at the same time as a huge contingent of people from Hogsmeade had come storming through the gates, attacking the Death Eaters from several directions at once.

Under the overwhelming pressure, the Death Eaters had been slowly driven into Hogwarts.

The thing that stood out the most in Ginny's mind was Hagrid yelling "Where's 'Arry? What 'appened to 'Arry?"

To Ginny, those few minutes were the most confusing, bewildering and frightening in her life, and that was saying something considering her disastrous first year and the partial year she had spent with the Carrows teaching at Hogwarts the past year.

All she had wanted to do was to find Harry's body so she could protect it and be able to give him the respect and peace he deserved but fate seemed against her and the crowd of people had forced her into the castle too.

Then somehow she had ended up with Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger fighting the person who was probably the most psychotic woman in the world, Bellatrix Lestrange.

Looking back on the confrontation, she realized that the Killing Curse had missed her by less than an inch and at the time she hadn't cared as she figured she'd be with Harry again.

Then, unbelievably, her mother had pushed her aside and told the other two girls to step back too. For some reason, she hadn't been worried about her mother, seeming to know she was going to win.

Then in her arrogance, Bellatrix had made a mistake that cost her her life. As her body fell, Ginny felt a massive wave of magical energy and she turned to see Kingsley, McGonagall and Slughorn flying through the air from the force of Voldemort's anger.

He turned his malevolent gaze on her mother, a spell forming on his lips as his wand lined up with the Weasley matriarch.

Then unbelievably a voice rang out, "Protego," stopping the Dark Lord's spell.

Ginny's mind spun in denial, not believing she was hearing His voice. He was dead, she'd seen his body herself but then there he was, standing defiantly between Voldemort and her mother, a hard determined look on his face.

He began speaking but Ginny's mind couldn't make sense of his words as she struggled to believe what she was seeing.

"He's Alive!" her mind finally shouted.

For a moment she quailed at the danger he was in, but then just like with her mother, somehow she knew he would win.

"Avada Kedavra / Expelliarmus" rang out simultaneously and she watched as Voldemort's spell rebounded off Harry's, returning to its place of origin, striking down the one who had cast it and the personification of evil fell dead.

There was a moment of stunned silence before the room erupted in chaos as people cheered, some dancing around like they were possessed, others falling to their knees crying in relief and a huge number descended on their saviour, burying him in a crush of bodies as everyone rushed him to congratulate him for his victory.

She'd been furious at not being able to reach him but then her mother had found her, taking her into one of her bone crushing hugs and didn't seem to want to let go.

So there she was, sitting in the Great Hall with the majority of her family, feeling like a prisoner once again, wishing more than anything that she could escape and go find the love of her life.

She felt her annoyance rising as she listened to her brother Percy prattle on about something, though in truthfulness she was tuning him out. She still hadn't forgiven him totally for abandoning their family.

Then out of the corner of her eye she saw the one she was looking for; standing there in the entrance to the Hall was Harry.

She felt her heart soar as she saw him staring their way and she found herself looking forward to their reunion.

Then in a move that made her blood boil, the prat turned away and began heading off toward the stairs up into the castle.

"How dare he!" her mind screamed.

Even though moments before she had been feeling exhausted and didn't want to move, her anger banished her fatigue. She stood, tearing loose from her mother's protective grasp and stormed toward the doors.

"Ginny," her mother's quavering, worried voice reached her.

Ginny ignored it, having something she needed to do.

"Where's she going?" Molly asked desperately, glancing at the other family members sitting there.

Ron grimaced as he took a quick glance at his girlfriend, Hermione, before he looked at his mother. "I think she may have spotted Harry," he said softly.

"But," Molly said bewilderedly as she glance back and forth from her son to her retreating daughter.

"I think she may have a few things to discuss with Harry," Hermione explained with a grimace of her own.

"Oh," Molly replied, her eyes rounding in understanding. Sighing, she sat back down, hoping Ginny wasn't too harsh in her discussion with Harry. After all, he'd had a pretty rough last twenty-four hours.

People were scattering, not wanting to be in the way as Ginny stormed from the Hall. They could see the angry look on her face and they just hoped she wasn't looking for them.

Ginny spotted Harry slowly climbing the stairs, almost to the first landing.

"Oi, Potter," she yelled angrily as she started up the stairs after him.

Harry stopped and spun around, a surprised and somewhat concerned look on his face. While he had been dying to hear her voice, he was shocked by the anger it held.

He watched in trepidation as his ex-girlfriend charged up the stairs toward him with an astounding speed, her eyes blazing and her face contorted with her anger.

He braced himself as best he could against the hurricane named Ginny that was about to explode on him.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Ginny yelled as she got close to him.

Harry winced, recoiling slightly from the force of her onslaught. Any hope he had of his reaction mollifying her was quickly dashed as she continued to yell at him.

"Don't you think I wanted to see you? I mean after all you put me through. Running off for nine months without a word on how you were doing and then making me believe you were dead. Do you have any idea at all how much that hurt?" she screamed, drawing her wand and pointing it directly between his eyes.

"Then I see you standing there looking at us, at me and instead of coming over, I see you turn and walk away," she yelled, tears beginning to stream down her face.

"That hurt just as much as thinking you were dead," she sobbed, the pain so clearly evident in her eyes.

Harry's shoulders slumped as he dropped his gaze, unable to stand looking at her. He felt devastated, realizing everything she had said was true. The thing that struck him the most was seeing her crying. Ginny never cried.

"I thought you cared for me just as much as I care for you," she cried in anguish.

Harry's head snapped up in shock, never even considering that his action could be interpreted that way.

"Well say something," Ginny yelled in frustration.

"I'm sorry," he said softly, his face reflecting his overwhelming feelings of sadness. "I know that's so inadequate to express what I'm feeling about how much I've hurt you, but I do care for you, in fact I love you," he added painfully.

Harry saw most of the anger drain from her face, replaced by one of sadness. Her wand arm dropped to her side as her shoulders slumped.

"Then why didn't you come over to me?" she implored, her eyes filled with anguish.

She saw his face fill with pain.

"You were with your family," he said softly, silently imploring her to accept his answer.

Ginny shook her head in disbelief. "You're part of our family too," she snapped in annoyance.

Harry dropped his gaze to the floor, unable to look her in the eye. "I couldn't face your Mum," he whispered, feeling so guilty about Fred's death.

Ginny could see the guilt in his face and shook her head. "No one blames you for Fred's death, least of all Mum," she sighed reassuringly.

"I do," Harry replied, feeling his chest throb painfully.

"Oh Harry," Ginny cried softly, looking at him sadly. "Why do you keep blaming yourself for everything?"

Harry just shrugged, looking at her despondently.

Ginny sighed, feeling her anger fight with her understanding and she half-heartedly smacked him in the chest.

Harry winced deeply and almost doubled over, his face contorted in pain.

At first Ginny thought he was taking the mickey out on her but when she saw the blood drain from his face and he didn't straighten up again, she realized she had really hurt him.

"Oh Godric, Harry. I'm so sorry," she cried.

Harry straightened up as far as he could, holding his chest, still grimacing in pain. "It's okay. I'm fine," he choked out softly.

Ginny closed her eyes, gritting her teeth while she took in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, trying desperately to keep her anger in check.

"Like Bloody Hell you're fine," she hissed through her clench teeth. "You really need to stop saying that when it's so fucking obvious you're not," she snapped, her eyes flashing dangerously.

Harry flinched at her angry look, he was also surprised by her language. Then he began to laugh at the absurdity of that thought. Ginny had always been a fiery, extremely passionate person and a little colourful language reflected that.

Unfortunately for him, laughing only made the pain in his chest intensify and he doubled over once again, grimacing in pain.

When he glanced at Ginny, he saw her look was anything but sympathetic.

"Hospital Wing, Now!" she growled, pointing emphatically in the direction they needed to go.

Harry nodded his head slowly, not wanting to do anything that would further anger her.

Ginny helped Harry up the few remaining steps to the landing and led him in the direction of the Hospital Wing.

"Really, Harry, what am I going to do with you?" Ginny asked with a shake of her head.

Harry smiled mischievously. "Marry me?" he asked with his eyes gleaming.

Ginny just looked at him in shock, doing a fairly decent imitation of a fish out of water.

Harry gently reached up and closed her mouth. "Not a good look, Weasley," he chuckled softly.

Ginny glared at him, making a low growling noise before she huffed in irritation. "You know, you're kind of spoiling the moment."

Harry stared at her for a moment, his eyes dancing with silent laughter. "Well, if you're amendable I'll propose again in a much more romantic way at another time but I figured I'd find out if you're interested first," he stated cheekily.

Ginny stared at him, one eyebrow arched high but she did have a smirk on her face. "Isn't that kind of cheating?" she asked humorously.

"Maybe a little," he admitted, though he was still smiling.

Rolling her eyes again, she kept a firm grip on his arm as she led him toward the Hospital Wing.

"Not a word," she snapped when she saw his face contort into a grimace as he looked at the doors to the ward.

Harry sighed in resignation, knowing that there was no way he'd be able to talk Ginny out of taking him to the Hospital Wing.

"Well, what have you managed to do to yourself this time?" Madam Pomfrey asked with a frown as Ginny led him through the doors.

"Um, I took another Killing Curse, this time to my chest," Harry explained softly with a cringe.

He heard Ginny's gasp as the matron shook her head as she gave him a disapproving look.

"Let's get you into a bed so I can check you over," Pomfrey growled, her eyes flashing in annoyance.

Harry sighed as he let Ginny lead him to "his" bed, the one that he seemed to always end up in every time he ended up in the Hospital Wing.

He gave her a piercing look when he heard her giggle. He arched his eyebrows when he saw her impish look.

Grinning, Ginny took a quick glance at Pomfrey to make sure she was otherwise occupied. Seeing her totally engrossed in casting diagnostic charms on Harry, she slyly drew her wand and cast a spell.

As the matron bustled off to gather a number of potions, Harry glanced at where Ginny had pointed her wand.

His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the small plaque now mounted on the wall directly over the bed which read simply "This Bed Reserved for Harry Potter".

Unable to control himself he burst out laughing. That turned out not to be the best thing to do as he felt a bolt of pain shoot through his chest and he found it difficult to breath.

Ginny rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Dammit Harry," she growled softly, her voice laden with annoyance.

Fortunately Madam Pomfrey returned quickly. She gave Harry a disproving look as she clucked disparagingly, "Really, Mr Potter."

Harry gave her a small grimace as another jolt of pain pulsed through his chest.

Both the matron and Ginny gasped in shock when the older woman vanished the remains of Harry's shirt, exposing the huge bruise and a new, larger lightning bolt injury that was centred over his heart.

"Harry, does that mean what I think it does?" Ginny asked softly, her eyes full of concern.

"Well, I did tell you I took another Killing Curse," Harry explained defensively.

"I guess it didn't really sink in until I got to see your chest," Ginny whispered, her eyes filled with pain and sorrow.

Madam Pomfrey clucked disapprovingly and scowled as she began to cast the first of several healing charms. After she was done with the charms she grabbed several vials of potions and began to hand them to Harry.

Harry frowned but when he noticed Ginny glaring at him, he began to down the potions, gulping them down as quickly as possible. He couldn't help but shudder and scowl at the bitter taste of each and every one of them.

Ginny's look clearly stated "Don't even think about saying anything," without even having to vocalize it.

Harry huffed in annoyance but wisely remained silent, knowing that he'd only make things worse if he said anything.

He then let out a soft sigh as the potions took effect and the pain in his chest eased considerably.

Pomfrey was just about to tell Harry to change and get back in bed when another person came into the ward, obviously looking for the matron to get healed.

The Matron glanced around and sighed when she noticed all the beds were full.

Harry also noticed Madam Pomfrey looking around and he also noticed that all the other beds were occupied.

He gave her a cheeky grin and the Matron rolled her eyes. "All right, Mr Potter, you may go but I want you to rest. Understand." she exclaimed emphatically, wagging her finger at him menacingly.

Harry nodded his head, secretly planning on doing as he pleased.

"Don't worry, Madam Pomfrey, I'll make sure he behaves himself," Ginny interjected with a grin.

Harry's eyes widened in surprise and he knew he was not going to be able to do as he pleased.

Madam Pomfrey glanced back and forth between the pair, her lips curling up in a knowing grin.

"Okay, Miss Weasley, I'll leave him in your capable hands," the Matron smirked.

Harry gave a scowl that Ginny noticed and she smacked him on his arm.

"Ow, what was that for?" he asked with a frown as he rubbed his arm where she had hit him.

"You know what it was for so don't act so innocent?" she growled.

While he huffed in annoyance, he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut, preferring to let his glare do his talking.

"Don't take that attitude with me," Ginny scolded. "Things are going to be different from now on," she growled.

When it appeared that Harry was going to protest, Ginny just raised one eyebrow, daring him to challenge her.

With a deep sigh, Harry nodded in acceptance, knowing that he'd never get Ginny to change her mind.

Ginny grabbed him by the elbow and began leading him out of the Hospital Wing. "Come on, Potter. I'm taking you to Gryffindor Tower so you can shower before I tuck you into bed," she dictated.

Harry just sighed again, as he let her lead him out into the corridor, though he did glance back at Madam Pomfrey when he heard her snicker at what Ginny had said.

Harry scowled in her direction, not liking one bit the smug look on her face.

In no time at all, or so it seemed to Harry, they arrived in the Gryffindor common room and while he would have rather sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace, Ginny steered him up and into the boy's dorms.

Once inside the door to what would have been his dorm if had returned to school, Harry sloughed off his tattered robes and his equally ruined clothes until he was standing there in nothing except his boxers.

"Kreacher." he called out.

Ginny was taken by surprise when the old house elf appeared with a pop.

"How may Kreacher help Master," he asked as he bowed deeply.

"Could you please bring a clean change of clothing and perhaps something to eat," Harry asked warmly.

"Make that some pyjamas," Ginny interjected with a scowl in Harry's direction.

Harry grimaced but then almost lost it in laughter as he saw the knowing look on Kreacher's face as the elf glanced from Ginny to him.

"Right away, Mistress," the elf replied with a smirk before he popped away.

Harry tiredly pinched the bridge of his nose as he shook his head lightly. "Godric, he's already listening to you over me," he muttered with an amused tone.

Though he had spoken softly, really to himself, he wasn't at all surprised when Ginny responded.

"He knows that I'm only looking out for you," she smirked.

"Merlin, we're not even married yet," Harry protested quietly.

"You're point being?" Ginny challenged.

Harry appeared to start to say something but then he just closed his mouth and shook his head once more, an amused grin on his face.

"Go, shower," Ginny commanded as she gave him a gentle shove in the direction of the loo.

Harry looked back over his shoulder, "You know, you could use one too," he shot back at her, though he was smiling.

Ginny nodded her head in agreement, though she wasn't keen on re-wearing the dirty, grimy tattered clothes she had on.

As Harry disappeared through the door to the showers, Kreacher reappeared. "Kreacher has brought clean clothes for Mistress along with the clothes for Master," he said with a bow as he laid the bundle he had brought onto the bed.

"Thank you Kreacher," Ginny acknowledged with a nod and a smile.

"Kreacher will return in a moment with something to eat and drink for Master and Mistress and then make sure that they aren't bothered while they get some much needed sleep," he explained.

"That sounds wonderful," Ginny smiled warmly, appreciating all the old elf was doing for her and Harry.

Harry had just stepped into the shower when he heard the water start in the one next to his and he was surprised when he looked out to see who it was.

He had a very brief glimpse of Ginny as she stepped into the shower. His eyes popping when he got to see her naked derrière before it disappeared.

He almost said something but caught himself in time, knowing that if he did he probably would regret it. He'd seen the effects of her Bat-Bogey hex and wasn't eager in experiencing it himself.

Shaking his head he went back to washing himself, smiling as the image of Ginny's nude back kept flashing into his mind. The two cute dimples so prominent on her posterior added to its beauty.

He knew it was an image that he would treasure forever.

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