This story alternates between Inu and Kag's POV. Pure smut, don't read if you're a minor.

Inuyasha POV

My hands felt like they were on fire. Kagome had ridden on my back countless times, it was second nature to be wary of my claws around her fragile human skin.

But recently I'd been aware of her skin in other ways ...

I couldn't stop looking at her. I thought about her all the time, and even more recently, but especially when she left me to go back to her time through the well.

This time, since she'd gotten back ... something felt different.

Her smell had always been unlike any other woman I'd ever met. Her constant nagging to slip into any river or spring spotted on our travels had first led me to believe her a water nymph of some kind. But I'd later learned this was some strange hygiene ritual her era practiced.

But she always smelled of water, damp sea moss, water lilies, and lavender. Sango smelt similar since they often bathed together, but her sweet virginal smell had long been claimed by the Monk's musky scent of temple incense.

My smell hung on Kagome like a cloak, close around her - but she remained unclaimed by me. It was probably why that damned Koga still lurked around staring at her legs, as if I hadn't noticed.

Suddenly those legs squeezed around my waist and thankfully I was mid air or I would have fallen from the trees we were racing across.

"Inuyasha," Her mouth was pressed under my jaw, aiming for where a human ear would be. I shivered and tilted my head back more, feeling the softness of her skin against the coarse silver hair that had only recently started stubbling my jaw. "I have to go to the bathroom, I've been trying to hold it."

She squirmed against me, her core against my lower back. My knees buckled on the next landing and I just barely righted myself. I waved up to Sango and Miroku riding with the others on Kirara high above.

"You don't need to wait to tell me stuff like that." I huffed as she ducked behind a tree. My hearing easily picked up the sound of her urinating, and I tried to focus on what the others were saying as they landed in the little meadow.

"I think I'll relieve myself too." Miroku stretched, heading off into the woods while Sango and Shippo shared water from one of Kagome's clear containers.

I thought about Kagome's thighs in my hands. They'd definitely gotten fuller, both with muscle from our adventures and from the weight that naturally settles on the hips of women when they become ready to mate.

Thinking of mating and Kagome at the same time set my face aflame. Shippo caught my scent and sent me a confused look.

"Are you alright Inuyasha? Your face is all red-" I shoved him off my shoulder when he pressed his nosy little face into mine. The runt reeked of Kagome, and I grew increasingly jealous of how he got to share a sleeping space with her every night.

Kagome reappeared and joined Sango with a resting Kirara. They gathered on a blanket and as Kagome reached for her bag a gust of wind flipped her short kimono up.

"Ah!" Kagome yelped and quickly hid the strange pale purple loin cloth with images of strawberries dotted on it. "Be careful Kagome, what if Miroku saw you!" Sango laughed and Kagome squealed with shyness at the thought covering her face in embarrassment.

What about me? I had seen.

I saw the little strawberries, and the way the bands cut into her fleshy backside. Her bottom looked soft, I'd never seen it so bare before.

"I saw." I said, blurting it out defiantly. Annoyed she wasn't paying attention to me. When both girls looked at me I scowled, but I was sure my cheeks were as red as Kagomes.

She spluttered and waved her hands in front of her face to break our eye contact.

"Yeah, but you're not like Miroku, you don't think about dirty stuff." She laughed falsely and quickly changed the subject.

Of course I thought about that stuff, I wasn't as obvious about it as Miroku. People were disgusted enough with me already, Kikyo had been the only woman to every show attraction to to me. Nobody wanted a lowly half breed. But that didn't mean that those thoughts didn't come up, and recently they'd been coming up a lot more around Kagome.

I huffed storming off into the woods to where I heard Miroku.

"Hey, will you hurry up-" Miroku had his forearm against the tree and he'd disrobed down to his waist. He was half haunched over, and sweat beaded on his forehead as he rapidly stroked his-

"Inuyasha!" Miroku cursed, and quickly hid his throbbing penis. He glared at me as he righted his robes.

"Can't I have a moment of privacy." He spat, more annoyed than embarrassed at the interruption.

"What the hell were you doing?" I asked, honestly confused. It looked almost like he was hurting himself, but the smell he was giving off and was anything but unhappy. Miroku looked at me like I had suddenly grown a second head.

"What?!" I snapped.

"You've never," Miroku cleared his throat. "pleasured yourself?" He asked with a raised brow. I froze, staring at him.

I knew what mating was, or as the human called it sex or fucking. But Miroku wasn't doing that, he was doing it to himself.

"Only a pervert would do that." I still wasn't sure, what exactly "that" was. But I'd be damned if I admitted that to him. He gave me a disbelieving look before shrugging.

"Well if you don't mind, if I'm expected to keep my hands off the lovely Sango for the reminder of our travels then you'll let me finish what I started." He shooed me off and I returned to the girls, even more wound up than before.

Kagome had gotten out a damned red candy that she was licking at. I wonder what it tasted like in her already sweet mouth. I groaned, falling onto my back and rolling away from them.

Damn it all to hell.

It was a few days later, we were gathered around the fire. Shippo was fast asleep with Kirara, and Miroku was staring into the fire. The girls had gone off to a nearby hot spring that I was planning to use after.

"Well, I'm in need of a little privacy so ..." Miroku got up, and I caught his robe. He wasn't in the least bothered by what I'd caught him doing.

"Are you uh-" I swallowed and released him. "Are you going to do that again?" Miroku leered at me, swiftly taking a seat near me.

"Why Inuyasha, you do know what it is that I was doing, right?" He asked lowly, raising a brow at me with mischief. I snorted, looking anywhere but him.

"Of course I do, demons just-do it differently." I lied. Demons just took what they desired, or used human women when the urge struck them. It was a disgusting and vile practice that I had never partaken in.

"Hmm, Well self-pleasure is perfectly natural. Especially for young men our age." He nodded sagely, like he wasn't talking about sinful acts. Self-pleasure?

"So uh ... how do you humans do it?" I mumbled so low I hoped he didn't hear it. But from his lecherous smirk I could tell he did.

"Well, first you must find somewhere private. Then of course it helps if you have something slick, although mine produces a sticky substance after one or two strokes." He stated proudly. I groaned, trying not to visualize what I'd seen him doing against the tree. But I was also suddenly burning to try.

"Then you grab your ... sword." He snickered at his own joke before continuing. "Then you hold fast to a delectable image of whatever you desire, before repeating the motion until you reach nirvana." He sighed, as if he was able to recall the feeling from memory. I thought about what he said.

"What do you mean by, 'delectable image'?" I asked, and that pervert smiled with genuine glee.

"My dear Inuyasha, I thought you'd never ask."

Next thing I knew we were crouched behind some boulders at the hot spring. The night was cool and the spring was warm, so billows of fog made it hard to see the girls clearly.

But Gods, what I did see.

It was like a veil had been drawn over them. My focus was purely on Kagome, her slick back and narrow shoulders were turned from us. Her hair curled down her waist in a way Kikyo's pin straight hair never had.

"Even scarred she is the most beautiful woman I've ever gazed upon." Miroku whispered. I looked at Sango then who was facing us. Her breasts were full and her waist taunt and hardened from a life of a warrior. Her arms were slim but muscled in a way Kagome wasn't, when she turned I saw the starburst scar knotted at the center of her back from where Kohaku had tried to take her life.

Sango was a beautiful woman, but Kagome took my breath away.

My heart raced just from seeing her back. She began to turn and I was able to see the side of her breast and barely make out the dusky pink-

"Whose there?! Show yourselves!" I had leaned over the boulder and knocked some rubble into the spring trying to get a closer look. Miroku cursed and tried to scamper away but Sango was on us in a second.

"Miroku! Haven't you learned?! -Inuyasha?" She blinked, staring at me in shock as I quickly looked away.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome repeated with a gasp of disbelief, peeking around a boulder she'd hidden behind. My embarrassment overwhelmed me, Miroku laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Now ladies, you could hardly blame us for wanted to gaze upon your heavenly bodies-" Sango struck him, and I ran into the woods.

I ran until I was far enough away to still hear them if they needed help, but also far enough away for some privacy.

Kagome's look of disbelief kept replaying in my head. The damp curls clinging to her sweet face, her cheeks flushed from the heat of the spring, her eyelashes wet and dark against her clear bright eyes. I groaned burying my face in my sleeve in embarrassment.

I was nearly morning by the time my embarrassment subsided enough for me to return to camp.

Miroku had been banished from sleeping near the girls or the fire so he slept against a tree away from them. I was about to climb into the tree he was under to get a few hours sleep when I felt someone's gaze. Kagome watched me from her sleeping bag, damned Shippo nuzzled against her breasts.

I froze, the embarrassment swelling in body. Kagome smiled shyly before closing her eyes and burrowing deeper into her cloth cocoon.

I couldn't stand it any more.

It was hot, so hot that all the humans I traveled with had removed most of their clothes. Miroku had stripped to only his loin cloth as he lay fanning himself in the shade of the small hut we had found abandoned in the forest.

We had all been coy all week and the air had been tense since we'd been caught peeping at the girls at the hot spring. Even I had taken off my robe of the fire rat and my inner shirt.

Sango too had taken off her slayer outfit and lay in normal clothes fanning herself with a fan Kagome had brought.

Kagome was the only one still in her clothes. Her little kimono was so short she might as well be wearing nothing at all. But the sleeves of her white shirt had gone sheer with the damp sweat beading on her body.

I sniffed the air around her greedily and Shippo shot me a knowing and disgusted look.

"Inuyasha's being gross." He whined, and even Kagome looked too warm to deal with this childish behavior. Kagome wore strange pink cups to cover her breasts. They lifted them up and pushed them together like little bowls. I wanted to bury my face in them and lick ever drop off sweat off of her body.

The wind changed and I suddenly got the scent of water nearby.

I told the others and we hastily found the watering hole.

The heat was so immense that the humans quickly forgot their embarrassment and were frolicking in the water. It lifted something in me, I felt happy, a foreign and sometimes still overwhelming emotion for me. The more time I spent with Kagome and my friends, the more frequent this feeling became.

"Inuyasha, come swim with us!" Kagome laughed, she had changed quickly into a striped cloth that covered only her most intimate areas. She called it a bathing suit, Sango attempted to construct something similar with her under garments. Miroku had jumped in in his loin cloth, so I did the same.

We took turns tossing Shippo around the pool. Kirara stood in the center and Kagome and Sango would climb on her back and jump in, trying to make the biggest splash. Miroku took it a step further and climbed a tree that over hung the watering hole and jumped from its branches into the water sending the girls into giggling fits.

Their joy was infectious and soon I was using my strength not to battle demons but to throw my friends across the water in the deepest part of the pool.

"Me next, Inuyasha!" Kagome laughed, tossing her arms around my neck with such familiarity and comfort that my heart skipped. I meant to scoop up her legs and toss her in a ball like I had the others, but as soon as my hand touched her bare lower back I pressed her wet body against mine.

Her breath gasped against my lips and she looked down to where her breasts pushed against my bare chest. Her arms were still around my neck, but my eyes were focused on a water droplet on her upper lip begging for me to kiss it away.

I felt her eyes on me, I moved to kiss her, I'd tried a few times before and she always pushed me away. I hesitated for a moment, and Miroku's snort broke the moment. I glared at him over Kagome's shoulder and she slipped out of my arms.

Miroku was smarting from a slap from Sango. I huffed, looking at him from over my shoulder where I laid half reclined. We'd been back in Kaede's village for two days now while Kagome got supplies and went back for one of her stupid "tests".

"Why do you always stroke her? You know how it's going to end." I asked, honestly confused as to why he kept subjecting himself to the humiliation of being denied by the woman he obviously cares for most in this world.

"Oh Inuyasha, don't you see? It's a game, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I stroke her thighs to see if she's interested in more, but mostly it's to show her how much I want her." Miroku nodded to himself. It didn't really make sense to me. But I had been vibrating for weeks now, constantly on edge around Kagome. I was keenly aware of every move she made, she left because she started her monthly bleed. She preferred the comforts of her era during these times and I usually obliged her, for her comfort and because her smell drove me wild.

I breathed deeply, missing her scent being near to me.

"I'm going to get some air." I grunted heading off to the well. When I got there, her smell lingered faintly. I circled the well once, then twice before sitting near where her smell was strongest.

I wished she'd come back.

Sometimes I really felt like a dog the way I pined for her like a pup whenever she was out of my sight. Whimpering softly I stared down into the blackness of the well. I sniffed, and blinked.

Kagome must have settled her most intimate area on this ledge of the well before crossing over. I inhaled more deeply, the pungent smell was faded but enough to send electricity down my spin. I throbbed, my dick swelling as it been more and more. I thought about the feel of Kagome pressed against my back, the way her smooth thighs fit perfectly in my hands.

I gripped myself through my pants and gritted my teeth. This pain was infuriating. I tried a few rough rubs through my pants but felt no pleasure and only more frustration.

How had Miroku done it?

He'd mentioned something slick coming out. I opened my pants and stared at myself. It had been getting bigger this year as I finished my youth and developed into a mature demon. My penis was the source of my frustrations. I tugged at it again and hissed, it didn't feel good.

Sighing deeply I laid my cheek against the well ledge. I inhaled her smell again, and my cock stiffened.

How would she touch me?

Her hands were smaller and weaker, and she'd be more careful and unsure. I closed my eyes and imagined how Kagome would react if she were here ... watching me do this.

Would she help? What would her hands feel like? Soft surely, not the rough calloused touch that my hands held. Still the callously snagging sort of felt good.

I blinked my eyes open. I was doing it, I was haunched over the well, stroking myself to Kagome's scent and image. My cock twitched, it's usual pink color was now flushed an angry red and the tip beaded with pre-cum.

"Fuck," I cursed. This was kind of gross, my hand was covered with my own fluid, but it was starting to feel incredible and some of the pain that had been building for weeks was giving way to pleasure.

I remembered something about Miroku talking about heavenly bodies, and my mind conjured up the teasing image of Kagome veiled in the fog of the hot spring. I imagined if I was brave enough to step into the water, to press her naked body against mine.

I thought about the glimpse of her dusky nipple, glistening in the moons light. I grunted, trembling as a spasm of bliss racked my body. I squeezed the base of cock, spilling my seed over my knuckles and on to the well that I had been sniffing at like animal.

Breathing heavily, my body slumped with relief. It felt like the beads of subjugation had been weighing me down for months and they were suddenly lifted off my neck.

Once the warm nirvana began to dissipate, I was left disgusted at the mess I'd made. Had I whimpered Kagome's name as I climaxed? Had I licked the well were she had pressed herself?

Embarrassed, I wiped my hand on the grass and tried cleaning myself up.

This human girl was going to be the death of me.

I was getting addicted to this "self-pleasure" Miroku had inflicted upon me. I wanted to blame this new perverted inclination on my lecherous friend, but I was beginning to sympathize with his behavior.

I was also determined to try this "game" he described with Kagome.

Kagome POV

Was I imagining things? The past few days Inuyasha's hands had felt ... different.

Things have been weird since we caught Miroku and him spying on us at the hot springs. Inuyasha wasn't a pervert, but he still was a guy. He'd never shown any interest in me sexually, the couple of times I thought he was leaning in for a kiss it had been inspired by a lingering desire for Kikyo that I rejected. But Kikyo was long gone, and we'd confirmed for the most part that our feelings for each other were reciprocated.

So this was only natural right? That Inuyasha wanted to see me naked, and was staring at me like that's all he could imagine lately.

But this- I was suddenly hyper aware of his hands on my legs. He had always hooked his hands politely beneath my knees, but today his hands were higher. Gripping my outer thigh and holding me closer to his body so every time he touched down my body rubbed against his back.

I wiggled in his hold, and I heard him let out a low growl. I gasped, my thighs involuntarily squeezing at his waist. I heard him curse and when he landed on a thick tree branch while the others continued on.

"You alright back there, Kagome?" He was smirking in a way I'd never seen before, his amber eyes had melted into a honey that had me dizzy. I had always found Inuyasha beautiful, but for him to direct a cocky fanged smile my way was almost unreal.

Was he ... flirting with me?

I blushed and shifted against his back again. He breathed deeply through his nose and shut his eyes.

"No, no, I'm ok. We should catch up with the others." I nodded into his hair, hiding my face and embarrassment.

I let out a shocked noise as his large rough hands shifted higher up my legs, his thumb scraped against my inner thigh sending a quiver through me that I couldn't hide.

"Really? Cause' you're smelling a little ... wet." His voice was pitched low, and rumbled out of his back, sending vibrations up my spine. My initial reaction was to smack him, but my shock and desire stopped me. I was still hiding in his hair. Inuyasha always smelt good, his musk was masculine and reminded me of the woods.

"Y-You're embarrassing me." Was all I could stutter out, trembling against him like a child. I'd wanted this, I'd wanted Inuyasha to love me for years now. I knew he did, and I even knew that this was the next natural step in our relationship.

But I was still absolutely terrified of being vulnerable with him. I still felt insecure about his relationship with Kikyo even though he assured me it was more guilt than love that had spurred his dedication to her.

He stopped his teasing touch, and remained frozen for a few moments before setting off after the others.

Inuyasha POV

Damn it all to hell, she'd rejected me again.

I cursed as I released my seed against a tree, thinking of her little kimono flipping up in the wind to reveal her round backside to me. A deep growl rumbled from my chest in frustration as I imagined going to her and pulling the strawberry cloth aside and slipping into her, claiming her like a bitch in heat.

I flushed at my thoughts, sickened how my desires had been growing more intense and vulgar towards the innocent human girl. A girl who went pink with only her legs being touched, surely if she knew my thoughts she'd never speak to me again.

I sighed cleaning myself up again. I'd been pleasuring myself sometimes twice a day in attempt to tamper these growing desires. I was even beginning to consider joining Miroku at the next village to see the Geisha and see if some cheap pleasure and relief can be found there.

Kagome was obviously uninterested in me sexually.

I sighed, I wouldn't do that. I was still a virgin and I didn't know how I would react to having sex. I went back to my group, more on edge after my release.

"You've sure been running off a lot these days, Inuyasha." Miroku smirked knowingly and I shot him a look. Kagome was turning some fish on the fire, while Sango cleaned them.

"Mind your own business, Monk." I huffed, dropping down to recline by him as I watched Kagome cook. The fire warmed her face, and the stupid smell of cooking fish hid most of her smell from me.

She really was beautiful, the childishness of her face was melting into something more refined and womanly. A droplet of sweat slid down her temple, past her ear to curve down her jaw. I imagined tracing it's path with my tongue, licking up her throat, down her back.

"You're staring my friend." Miroku whispered, clearing his throat. I blinked snapping out of my perverted imaginings.

"Goddamnit!" I shouted, jumping up and storming back into the woods to relive myself again.

Kagome POV

"What's his problem?" Sango laughed as Miroku sighed.

"Poor fellow, his own body is betraying him." Miroku tsked and settled against the tree as he waited for dinner to finish smoking. I stood up, wiping my hands off on a wet towel.

"I'm going to go check on him." I said, following the general direction Inuyasha had stormed off too.

I searched for a good five minutes, about to give up when I heard him call me name.

"Gome'-" He had gasped it out, like he was in pain. I hurried to where his muffled voice had come from.

Inuyasha's back was to a tree, he sat at the base with his legs spread. His shirt had fallen open to reveal his heaving chest. His eyes were squeezed shut almost painfully, and his lips were parted sending out gasping little pants.

"Kagome, hmm, fuck-" He bucked into his hand, and then I saw it. He was jerking off! That pervert. My disgust quickly changed when my name came from his clenched lips again.

He was saying my name? Not Kikyo, but me? That in itself made me flush with pleasure.

But then I was reminded of how truly handsome Inuyasha was. The muscles in his stomach shuttered as he thrust into his his own fist with powerful strong little movements, the veins in his hand and forearm bulged as he roughly gripped hisself.

He groaned, throwing his head back and grunting roughly as he came all over his stomach. The sound of his pleasure made a flood of desire ripple through my body. I shivered, feeling dampness grow between my legs and my nipples pebble against my bra.

Inuyasha looked gorgeous. The sun shining through the tree's canopy to catch his wetness against his hard body in its last light. His hair was disheveled and he was still breathing raggedly.

His gaze was like molten lava, sucking me in and consuming me. His gaze?!

"Come here, Kagome." He demanded, his voice as rough and raw as gravel. I took a step forward, and saw his wet semi hard cock twitch bad to life.

Inuyasha suddenly looked too hungry, like he'd devour me if I came any closer. I was sure if I went to him I would not leave the tree with my virginity in tact. I wanted Inuyasha to be my first, but in the forest after I just caught him jerking off wasn't how I'd imagined it.

I took a hesitant step back, and ran back to the camp and protection of our friends.

Inuyasha wouldn't stop staring at me. At first I'd been flattered, but now he was getting on my nerves. Miroku and I had exercised a minor demon and we were all staying in a fine lodge that had a hot spring.

Shippo had found some human children to play with, and Kirara was already asleep on my sleeping bag. Miroku was leering at Sango, and she was blushing in a way that told me she'd give into his advances tonight. I blushed at the thought of what the two of them got up too. Sango had only alluded to the things she let Miroku to do her when they were alone.

"Kagome, I need to talk to you." Inuyasha said suddenly, standing and pointedly heading to the door, expecting me to follow. I did, slipping on my shoes as we stepped down into the garden.

I heard Sango squeal, and knew we wouldn't be able to go back to the room for awhile.

We walked in silence deeper into the garden. It was a nice night, the air was cool and smelt like flowers. A gust of wind played with the edges of our hair as I followed Inuyasha silently.

Once we found the large hot spring he turned to me.

"You know you're really pissing me off." He glared at me, arms crossed in his red sleeves. I snorted and crossed my own arms. He wanted to pick a fight?

"And why's that?" I shot back, glaring at him. Just because he was suddenly a total horn dog didn't mean it was my fault.

As if reading my mind he gave a short hard laugh before pulling me closer roughly. My hands splayed on his chest and he had somehow maneuvered us against a tree so close to the spring I could feel it's heat wafting up against us.

"You're smell," He buried his face in my neck and breathed deeply. He was boxing me in with his arm, and I was both annoyed and turned-on by his aggressive behavior.

"You're teasing," He growled at the pulse on my throat, sending my heart racing. "Wearing this damned little kimono so every male in the vicinity can salivate over these legs." His tongue was hot and wet against my throat, sending me trembling just as he gripped my thigh and hiked it around his hip possessivly.

My hands against his chest couldn't decide on whether to push him away or pull him closer. His hand rubbed my thigh, the other knotting in my hair to pull my head back and reveal more of my neck to him.

"Let me have you," His voice was half demand, half pleading. I couldn't think, I could barely hear him over the loud beating of my own heart and the sudden pulse in between my legs where Inuyasha was pressed.

He breathed deeply again, his face moving to kiss at the tops of my breasts.

"You smell ready, why do you reject me?" He asked, I couldn't answer touching his hair and accidentally brushing the fuzzy ear on top of his head that brought out a deeply savage noise from him.

He kissed lower, pushing up my school shirt to kiss my stomach. I blushed and spluttered, suddenly too embarrassed to continue whatever it was we were doing.

"Inuyasha!" I yelped as we slide down into the roots of the tree. My legs were open and to my horror Inuyasha was sniffing at my panties. Humiliation washed through me like a wave, I hadn't yet bathed today and we'd been on the road all day! I pushed at his shoulders, but he was beyond reason.

"Oh! Mom the waters perfect!" An older woman and her mother were barely visible entering the other end of the hot spring. I saw Inuyasha's ears twitch but instead of backing off he shoved his nose right up against me. I squeaked, soft enough where the women couldn't hear. He inhaled again and my embarrassment vanished when I felt his tongue press against the wet cloth.

His low growl vibrated through my entire being. Suddenly he was on me, folding my legs up over his shoulders as his tongue lapped at the soaked cotton. I gasped his name, tugging at his hair and spasming against the sudden intense pleasure he was igniting in my body with his mouth.

He lapped at me almost animalistically, making deep growls and of pleasure that only penetrated my body pushing me deeper into a pit of pleasure.

My hands were gripped in his hair, and I was starting to move lewdly against his mouth as he tongued the cloth, pushing it aside so he could taste me fully.

"Inuyasha-" I moaned his name into the night air, and he rumbled his approval as I melted on his tongue. The light stubble on his jaw scraped my thighs in a devastating burn. I could smell the sweet scent of my pleasure and Inuyasha's sweat mingling in the heat of the hot spring.

"Did you hear something?" One of the women said. I whimpered as Inuyasha's hand clamped over my mouth, I squirmed against his tongue, his other hand held my hip firmly against the tree as he licked inside me as if he might find a treat.

Inuyasha's hands was a little firmer than he'd ever been with me and I was shocked and embarrassed by how much I liked it, knowing he would never be so rough with me if he was aware of himself.

But Inuyasha was beyond reason, whatever humanity he had seemed to have left him as he ate me with beastly behavior. The noises he made were inhuman and the vibration agains my most sensitive spot had me gasping against his hand and creaming on his tongue over and over.

He nipped at my thighs, cleaning me with his tongue after I came for a third time. I sagged against the tree, embarrassed to see that Inuyasha had been touching himself while he licked me and had spilled his own desire onto the forest floor.

"I see, so you're only ready to receive pleasure still." He smirked, his lips and mouth glossy and his smile devious.