Generation Nine is upon us. …and, given some of the stuff I've seen of Scarlet and Violet so far, I… really wish that we had gotten Legends DLC and that Gen 9 would be 2023. Heck, one of the new Pokémon in Paldea looks like it would fit in perfectly into Legends in my opinion, being the new evolution of Bisharp. It seriously looks like it was gonna be in Legends, but then they had to put it into Gen 9 instead.

Anyway… sorry for the wait for this follow up. I have been off and on working on some stuff for a while, but other projects have just taken priority on my to do list for a while. Plus, when I did finally get the game, I was still doing college stuff, so that had to be more important. I am somewhat on a job search, which has been going slow, so that's part of why I'm allocating time to this.

I will say that I haven't played Legends in… several months. I've been meaning to get back to it, but have gotten busy and sidetracked with many other things. Not totally sure how I've been able to spoiler dodge for so long, but… I have. So, I basically consider anything that is after the "Hisuian. Final. Starter. Evolutions" video to be a spoiler to me as that was the last trailer to release before the game came out. And, in spite of all the time gone by since then… I still haven't actually read about what happens in the plot.

The only sort of spoiler I am aware of is that you can actually get Snowpix in the game, which makes me really excited. …and even more so given that it's not in Scarlet and Violet for whatever stupid reason. I vaguely know the final boss is high 60s because of someone giving a warning, but I don't know who or what it could be. And I at least heard that Cynthia being partners with Giratina in Masters has aged "interestingly", heck if I know why. Please do not explain it to me.

The only new Pokémon spoiler that has slipped to my attention is not really the fault of anybody I know, unlike what happened with Alolan Geodude's existence, but rather happened because I play (well… played and will play in the near future) Pokémon Go. One day, uh… *checks* July 29th of this year, there was this day where I happened into a Pokémon that I didn't recognize and tried to catch it because I was so confused and it turned out to be Hisuian Qwilfish. (sarcastically) Thanks for that spoiler, Pokémon Go.

*sighs* But, yeah. I have no idea what other variants or new evolutions are in the game. I… think I've heard people say something about Ursaring, but I have no idea if that is true or not. I still don't know what the heck the three starters are gonna turn into because I haven't looked… still don't know if there's a Hisuian Electrode or not… and I still think that the idea of a Hisuian Sneasel sounds stupid. Gen 4 was where Weavile was introduced. If there was something else that Sneasel turned into, why didn't we discover that first?

Regardless, let's see if this can get done and dusted soon. It's been a while in the making, and I want to try to finish it sooner rather than later.

There will be at least one new Pokémon that was introduced in Scarlet and Violet in this installment. However, it is not major to the plot and is simply just going to be a background element. The name will be mentioned, but that will be it.

Disclaimers: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc, etc.

Akari stared out a little bit as she just let her words echo for a moment. Her Shinx and Cyndaquil both gave her a somewhat confused look. The girl just giggled a little bit before she headed on down from the cliff she was on…

"They say that this legend was forged through hard work, courage, and cooperation…"

A few days had gone by and Akari was slowly fulfilling some requests for the people of Jubilife Village. She, Shinx, and Cyndaquil had become a bit well known in the village as a result of their teamwork, and Akari's occasional persistence at trying to convince people that they shouldn't need to be afraid of the two.

One day, Akari had returned from a field day and handed off a Pokéball that contained a Wurmple that she had been requested to catch.

"Uh…" Akari spoke, crossing her arms as she tried to think of a nickname for the Wurmple, then recalled what the person who had given her the request had said about wanting it to evolve into, "...Beaugene?"

The Wurmple gave narrowed eyes in response to the idea, but the new person who would be taking care of the Bug-type seemed happy enough.

Akari soon sat by the pastures that contained the extra Pokémon that she had caught while out in the fields that she had decided to not use long-term. Several of them were caught for tasks, some were for research, and others were just sort of heat of the moment. Her eyes fell towards Cyndaquil and Shinx, who were in the middle of doing a bit of practice for combat. She proceeded to jot down some notes of the moves they were using so that she had the names down for future reference.

"So you're the new girl, huh?"

Akari let out a small gasp and stumbled back in surprise. She then looked to see a man that was about in his late 20s that was wearing a beanie of sorts, a lab coat, and other such clothes. Akari calmed down upon seeing the Galaxy Team's symbol on his outfit.

"Oh. Sorry if I startled you," he quickly apologized.

"No need to worry about it," Akari quickly spoke as she got up, "Everything alright?"

"I just wanted to talk to you and get to know the girl who has been causing quite the spectacle around here. Come back to the headquarters and we can talk a bit more."

"Oh, ok."

A short while later, Akari returned to the HQ and soon saw the man with a relaxed smile as he waved towards her. She smiled back and approached him, with Cyndaquil and Shinx following along.

"It is nice to meet you, Yuna-san," the man greeted Akari, offering his hand to shake Akari's. Akari simply accepted it with a smile and shaked back, "My name is Laventon."

"Nice to meet you as well. Please, just call me Akari," the girl requested.

"Well, it is nice to meet you, Akari-san," Laventon responded.

Akari just shrugged off the 'san' part and proceeded to follow Laventon for a bit.

"I've traveled much of this world since leaving my homeland of Galar. This region, however, is the one I would say that I know the least about…" Laventon admitted as he and Akari entered his office, "So, I am hoping to document as much of this region as I possibly can for the sake of research."

Akari just nodded her head a little in interest of what he was saying.

"I know some of the Pokémon that have their origins in this region, so I'd at least be able to give you advice if you do need any of it."

"Appreciate it," Akari smiled, with her Cyndaquil gently jumping up and down in joy.

Laventon smiled a bit and then Akari soon noticed some other Pokémon that were sitting in the room. Akari recognized Rowlet and Oshawott from earlier, but then saw two more Pokémon that were around as well.

"That is Rookiedee, and that is Charcadet," Laventon introduced.

Akari observed the two Pokémon a little bit out of curiosity. Rookidee seemed a bit calmer and willing to relax on a perch, while Charcadet was roaming around and looking a bit restless. Akari gently nodded her head, then looked over to Rowlet and Oshawott, who were both presently fast asleep.

"So, you were the one who gave them to the commander?" Akari asked.

"Indeed I was. I had brought them with me so that anyone who needed a new partner would be able to get it," Laventon informed.

Akari gave a small nod of her head before they both heard the door open up.

"Ah, here is Yuna-san," Cyllene spoke as she entered Laventon's office, "I'm still not the biggest fan of a 12 year old being a part of the team, but if the commander has deemed you worthy of helping us, then I shall treat you as a member fully."

"I've already been doing tasks, so~..." Akari spoke.

Cyllene just sighed a little bit, rubbing her forehead for a moment, "...your recklessness knows no bounds, Yuna-san."

Akari just nervously giggled in response, which soon got both Rookidee and Charcadet to laugh a little as well. Cyllene turned her attention towards the two for a moment, then she let out a small sigh.

"Please keep your personal Pokémon from leaving the buildings and mingling with the Pokémon outside," Cyllene spoke to the professor, "The last thing we need is for another invasive species to make the region even more dangerous."

"I know, I know," Laventon assured.

"What does invasive species mean?" Akari soon asked.

"Pokémon that were not originally from the Hisui region that were brought in by outsiders that threw the ecological balance of the environment out of control. A good example would be the Pokémon known as Stantler. It is not supposed to be found in this region, but was eventually brought in from people from the Johto region after the founding of the Hijoh Settlement. It was able to grow stronger as a result and caused other Pokémon to need to go into hiding or be less commonly found."

"...well… would humans count as an invasive species in a sense, given we sort of dislocate the Pokémon?" Akari couldn't help but ask.

"...I am not dignifying that question with a response…" Cyllene stated.

"...don't you technically do by saying that?"

" to my office for assignments when you're ready. That is all."

With that said, Cyllene headed off. Akari couldn't help but give a bit of nervous laughter in response to the exchange they just had before she followed.

"Since you have already undergone tasks, I will simply tell you to go about as you have been. Do not strain yourself or your team," Cyllene soon told Akari.

"Got it," Akari nodded, ready to head out for another task.

"Do be careful of the Alpha Pokémon," Cyllene spoke.

"Alpha Pokémon?" Akari asked, turning around.

"You've somehow not encountered one so far? How lucky…" Cyllene spoke, somewhat surprised, before her stern look resumed, "They are larger than the average height of a Pokémon. If you don't know that, then try to spot their eyes. They glow red."

Akari made a quick note of that in the research book.

A couple of hours passed before Akari, Cyndaquil, and Shinx were all back in the field and looking around. The task they had been given was to locate a small, blue and green, Water-type Pokémon from the beach. The trio was looking around, searching for the route that would get them there, when Akari soon heard something. She quickly found some grass to hide in and kept low to the ground, with Cyndaquil and Shinx following after her and laying low as well.

"Shh…" she whispered, earning nods from them both. The trio soon heard something moving around, and other Pokémon were fleeing from the source of the noise in fear.

The girl and her two Pokémon slowly peered up from their hiding spot in the tall grass to see the large Pokémon slowly moving, with Akari managing to catch a brief glimpse of it having red eyes. She made sure her head was back behind the tree before the Alpha would spot her and remained as still and quiet as she could. The Alpha then began to trot away from the trio, having failed to notice them.

Akari quickly jotted down the details of the Alpha as best she could on a clean page, then gave a small 'shh' motion to Cyndaquil and Shinx before the trio headed off in another direction to avoid the Alpha as best they possibly could, while trying to make their way towards the beach.

Eventually, the group had managed to make it to the beach and were quickly searching around for the Pokémon they were looking for.



"Los… los…"

Hearing the noise, Akari approached it and then ducked behind a rock that was nearby in order to remain low and try to assess the situation. She quickly noticed a huge group of some sort of pink Pokémon, then slowly moved towards another rock to get a bit of a better perspective.

The pink group of Pokémon were mostly laughing, while some were on the offensive and attacking a blue and green Pokémon. Akari looked forward from behind the rock, quickly jotting down some notes about the Pokémon in question, then slowly peered up. Her Shinx approached and laid low as well, with Akari quickly starting to form a plan in her mind.

"Okay, Shinx, let's do this," Akari whispered as Shinx slowly looked to the situation, "We need to drive off the pink ones, but not hurt the blue one. Ok?"

"Shi," Shinx nodded.

The two exchanged looks, then made a dash out from their hiding spot. The herd of pink Pokémon gave off a confused 'shell' in shock at the duo's appearance.

"Shinx, use that new move!" Akari quickly spoke.

Shinx nodded, quickly jumping in the way of the pink Pokémon and then kicking using both of its hind legs.

"Follow it up!"

This made Shinx quickly turn around and then unleashed a Thundershock towards the pink Pokémon, which sent them back a bit. The attack seemed to make them flee from the two, giving Akari a moment to check on the injured Pokémon.

"Hi there. Are you ok?" Akari asked as she kneeled down to the injured Pokémon.

"Shell… os…" it weakly responded.

"You're called Shellos?" Akari asked, which earned a nod. Akari proceeded to get out some Oran Berries and motioned for it to try to eat, "Here. You'll feel a bit better if you eat it."

The Shellos looked a bit nervous, only for Shinx to nudge the berry a bit closer to it. The Shellos then nodded and slowly ate the berry a little, starting to perk up. Akari gave a warm and calm smile towards the Pokémon, quickly making a small note about it liking the berry, as it perked up. Before they could do anything else…


Akari, Shinx, and the Shellos quickly turned around to see what looked to be the evolved version of the pink Pokémon. It was very clearly mad at them and looked ready for a battle. The Shellos then quickly jumped up and began to spray some strings at the larger pink Pokémon to keep it away from them.

"Shellos can learn String Shot…" Akari spoke softly, proceeding to jot that down in her notes, "I… don't think anything about it can produce strings, but, hey, that is something unique…"

The blue Shellos quickly made noise towards Akari and Shinx, then motioned back towards where they came from. Akari quickly understood what that meant, recalling Shinx, then picking up Shellos and moving away from the hoard of pink Pokémon.

With the rescue successful, Akari soon returned to the village and reported in towards both Cyllene and Laventon. After a bit of conversation, Akari took the time to show the quick sketches she had made of the Pokémon that were around…

"So… the pink ones are also called Shellos?" Akari asked.

"That is correct. The larger one is what it evolves into, Gastrodon."

Akari wrote that info into her journal, making sure that info was registered in it for future reference.

"The blue ones were more common in the regions that I went to, so maybe the pink ones didn't want it in their territory?" Laventon guessed.

Shellos nodded a little bit at that remark, making Akari take a moment to gently pet its head to try to make sure it was calm. The Shellos happily smiled at her, then rubbed its head against her hand. Akari just giggled a bit and then smiled.

"You certainly have a way with Pokemon that's unlike anything I've seen before…" Laventon admitted, "Well… at least for people from Hisui."

All Akari could do was just shrug her shoulders in response, then Shinx happily walked over and took a moment to check on the Shellos. Shinx breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that Shellos was alright.

"By the way, Shinx used a new move that I wanted to ask you about the name of," Akari spoke, proceeding to hand Laventon the notes she made about it.

"Oh, this is called 'Double Kick'," he informed.

Akari nodded, then made a note of that for her journal, "Got it. Thanks."

Soon, Akari and her team had returned to her quarters and saw that Shellos was still following them and looked excited to head in.

"You want to stay with us?" Akari asked, with the Shellos nodding happily. Akari soon smiled, got out a Pokéball, and let the Shellos catch itself in it. Akari then let the Shellos back out and gently patted it, "Welcome to the team."

It was another new day, and Akari was currently working on crafting up some Pokéballs before she would head out for field work. Shellos had helped her when it came to adjusting the temperature of the heat source, especially when she needed to do the crafting on the field, and things were going well for her.

"Alrighty… just two more…" Akari whispered to herself before she saw Rei walk over, "Good morning, Rei."

"Hey. How much longer will you be?"

"Uh~... just need to craft two more Pokéballs and I'll be good," Akari informed him.

Rei nodded his head a bit and kept waiting behind her, trying his best to be patient. He saw that Akari's Shellos was sitting nearby, helping with the temperature, and he just nervously moved back a little. Akari paid it no mind as she got the next Pokéball finished and was about to start working on the third, when…

"Please! Galaxy Team! There's an emergency!" a person suddenly yelled out.

Akari and Rei quickly turned around to see a man who was in a Ginkgo Guild uniform. Akari quickly recalled her Shellos and finished up the last Pokéball that she had been working on before the two headed over towards him and both gave a quick little motion to indicate they would hear him out.

"The Alpha Fire-type has been in the way of our transport path. And then there was some small Pokémon that was in danger from it and it looked seriously hurt…"

"What was it like?" Akari asked.

"I don't know… it was small… purple… kind of gooey…" the person informed.

Akari quickly nodded, took her newly finished supplies, then hurried off.

"...I will never understand that girl…" Rei exhaled.

Akari was quickly out into the field and searching for the spot where the two Pokémon would be. She glanced around a bit, not spotting them, before she kept on the move. She spent another few minutes looking before she spotted some damaged remains of some sort of carrying container and then followed the trail of damage. She soon got close enough to spot the two Pokémon in question.

'The Alpha Rapidash…' Akari nervously thought, before she was able to spot the other Pokémon that was described and it was very clearly hurt and in a lot of pain.

The Alpha Rapidash let out an angered roar, making the injured Pokémon whimper in fear. It was the gooey Pokémon that the guild member had described earlier, and it was very clearly in a lot of trouble.

Akari looked around quickly for anything that could potentially give her the advantage in this rescue mission, yet there was no clear way to distract the Alpha Rapidash and give her the opening to rescue the gooey Pokémon.

"...oh heck…" Akari mumbled.

Without another moment of hesitation, Akari flung one of her finished Pokéballs right towards the injured one, successfully landing on it. The ball shook a bit before the catch was confirmed. With the injured Pokémon safe in the Pokéball, Akari made a mad dash towards it, managing to grab it, and then start making a run for it.


Akari just kept focusing on getting herself away, taking a moment to look towards the injured Pokémon that she had caught. She quickly ducked out of the way of some attacks from the Alpha, yet kept her focus on the Pokéball for a moment.

"Don't worry, we'll keep you safe. I promise," Akari whispered to the Pokéball.

The Pokémon in it seemed to be a bit nervous, but Akari turned her attention to getting away from the Alpha as quickly as she could.

Twenty minutes had passed, and the chase was still going on. Akari soon finally managed to duck under the cover of some trees. She panted a little bit, but quickly held her breath to avoid making any noises that would allow the Rapidash to locate her. She could hear it slowly approaching, which made her continue to hold her breath and remain as motionless and still as the tree would allow her to be. The shadow of the Alpha grew closer, with Akari starting to turn a bit blue from how long she was holding her breath to avoid detection.


Before either of them could make another move…


The Alpha Rapidash turned around to hear the cry and could see the source of it. It growled in anger before charging towards the source of the sound. Akari took a moment to let herself catch her breath, then looked to see it was a Wyrdeer that had gotten the Alpha Rapidash's attention. With the cover and distraction she now had, Akari started to hurry away as best as she could…

"Dear Sinnoh…" Akari panted, finally able to properly breathe before she sprawled out onto the ground. The area she was in was a fair bit safer and had fewer Pokémon to do anything to her, letting her catch her breath and try to calm herself.

The girl lay sprawled out on the ground for a little bit, just a little short of the entrance to the village, desperately trying to catch her breath for a bit. Eventually, the front gate opened up and out walked Rei, who looked at her and sighed a bit.

"Well… at least you dealt with it…" Rei exhaled before he picked up Akari and began to carry her on his back.

"...I owe you, Rei…" Akari spoke, still panting a little bit.

"Maybe cool your recklessness down a little bit and we'll be even," Rei spoke as he helped Akari back into the village.

After Akari had a bit of a soak to dry off, and then had some water for herself, she brought the Pokémon she had caught to the medical wing and watched as they began to treat its injuries.

"It's really cute. Do you know what it's called?" Akari asked Laventon, who was overseeing this treatment.

"It's called Goomy. It's originally from the Kalos region," Laventon informed.

"So cute…" Akari smiled.

"I'll be honest, I didn't even know you could find Goomy in this region. Makes me wonder if anything about them is different here…" Laventon admitted.

Akari didn't seem to pay attention to that as she looked to the Goomy, who was getting a few wraps put over some of its injuries.


"You're gonna be okay. I promise you that you'll be okay," Akari gently spoke, keeping a calm smile on her face to assure the Goomy a little bit.

The Goomy was soon finished being treated and handed back to Akari, who held onto it gently to try to keep it calm.

"The injuries are gonna need to be wrapped up for a few days. You can't send it back into the wild until these heal for sure," Laventon told Akari.

"Got it. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on the little fellow until they're all better," Akari smiled.


Akari soon returned to her home and set her team members out to let them relax. Shinx looked up to the injured Goomy as Akari set it down gently.

"There's no need to worry, buddy," Akari told the Goomy in a calm tone.

Shinx saw that Goomy looked a bit unnerved and worried, so the Electric-type proceeded to bring the gooey Pokémon an Oran Berry to try to help it calm down a little bit. The Goomy looked at the berry for a moment, then accepted it and tried to smile at Shinx.

"Goo… goo… goo… my…"

Akari slowly woke up as she heard the noise. She glanced around and saw that Goomy was moving around in its sleep, clearly in the midst of having a nightmare. She got up and made her way over to Goomy, gently picking it up.

"Shh… shh… you're okay…" Akari whispered. She then gently rocked the Goomy in her arms, moving slowly and calmly, while gently petting it. The Goomy kept whimpering in fear a bit, but Akari remained calm and gentle as she kept the motions going. The Goomy did seem to start to calm down a bit, which made Akari smile a bit at it.

The following morning, Akari was out and about in the village. She was working on a few tasks that wouldn't require her to leave the village, with Goomy riding on her shoulder and her making sure to check on it every few minutes.

"Don't worry, buddy. We just got another thing to do before I can call in for the day," Akari assured the Goomy.


She turned around to see Rei had arrived. He proceeded to hand her some herbs, "Here. Laventon asked me to give these to you. He said that they'll help with the burn marks."

"Thank you," Akari smiled, tucking the herbs into one of her pockets. She then looked down to her short to-do list and nodded a bit, "Right. Just gotta deliver one more thing."

"Do you ever feel like you're just a giant babysitter and errand girl?" Rei couldn't help but ask.

"...babysitter, no. Errand girl, sometimes…" Akari admitted, "But… I take honor in my work. It's kinda fun to me."

Rei just stared at her a little bit, clearly in disbelief, before Akari headed off to make the delivery. The younger girl smiled as she went about her task, clearly content to work on it, while Rei just exhaled a little bit in her general direction before he headed off back towards the headquarters to finish up.

Once Akari got back, she quickly worked with the herbs and started to make something to apply onto Goomy's burn marks. Goomy looked a little worried, but Shinx remained nearby to help keep Goomy calm.

"Okay… done…" Akari spoke, moving over to Goomy. She slowly moved towards some of the burn marks and gently applied the mix to it. While Goomy did wince a little bit, the marks did start to fade a little bit. Akari then reapplied the wraps around the marks, then gently petted Goomy with her other hand, "You're gonna be all better soon. Promise."

Goomy exhaled a little bit, then smiled a little towards Akari.

A few more days had gone by and Goomy's injuries were now all healed. With it healed, Akari headed back out and began to look around a bit.

"Alright, let's try to get you back home," Akari spoke, carrying the Goomy in her arms.


Before Akari could speak again, they both heard a very loud roar of sorts. They exchanged looks and soon heard a loud galloping.

"Gotta move…" Akari whispered, starting to run to get some distance and to get somewhere she had more of an opening.

After some running, the Alpha Rapidash had managed to locate Akari. Akari got nervous, soon sending out Shinx, Cyndaquil, and Shellos. The bluenette set the Goomy down on the ground and tried to remain calm.

"Goo…" the Goomy whimpered.

"It's okay to be scared," Akari reassured the Goomy, "But the trick is to not let it control you. If I let fear control everything I did, then I wouldn't be here right now."

The Alpha Rapidash let out an angered roar, which made Akari and her team turn around.

The Goomy looked towards Akari and her team as they tried to keep it safe from the Alpha Rapidash.

"I'm not afraid of you!" Akari yelled, a look of determination on her face, raising up her arms defensively, "I will not be afraid of you! I am Yuna Akari… and I am going to leave a legend! I'm not gonna be stopped by anyone or anything until my legend is completed!"

The Goomy looked up towards her, her recent words echoing in the Pokémon's mind…

"It's okay to be scared. But the trick is to not let it control you… not let it control you… not let it control you…"

Akari kept a determined look on her face, in spite of her concerns, and her Pokémon followed suit. The Alpha Rapidash let out an angered roar and was set to charge forward.

Suddenly, the Goomy leaped forward from behind the group and then nailed the Alpha Rapidash with an attack that made it seem to grow somewhat sickly.

'...Goomy poisoned it?' Akari thought, recognizing the expression the Alpha was displaying from some guidebooks she had read.

The Alpha Rapidash began to cough a bit before it pulled away in a hurry, realizing that it needed to recover. Akari stared a bit in disbelief at what just happened, before turning towards the Goomy. The Goomy looked a bit proud, and Akari smiled at the Pokémon.

"Glad that you're safe. You're so incredible," Akari smiled, gently petting the Goomy atop the head.


Akari soon reached a clearing that seemed like where Goomy would live, given the space and the size, and she gently set Goomy down. Before Akari could even begin to turn around, Goomy then crawled up to her leg and snuggled up with her.

"You… you wanna stay?" Akari asked.

"Goo!" the Goomy beamed

This made Akari giggle a bit and then the two started to head off.

"How do you have such a charm to make Pokémon like you?" Laventon couldn't help but ask after Akari reported back.

"...your guess is about as good as mine," Akari admitted with a shrug.

"Still… best of luck caring for the Goomy there. Dragon-types make powerful allies," Laventon told her.

Akari nodded a bit and then headed off towards her lodgings. With Goomy soon set on the ground to play with Shinx and the others, Akari began to write down some notes.

'Energetic, kind. Very soft to touch. Laventon said it was a Dragon-type. …maybe a partial Poison-type? Would explain it knowing Toxic…' Akari thought, while also typing down her thoughts.

Some weeks had passed after Goomy had joined up with Akari and the Pokémon was able to adapt to working with Akari and her existing team fairly quickly. Akari was happy at how things had been going and was happily going along some of the tasks she had been given.

One day, she arrived in the headquarters before she heard somebody rapidly knocking at the entrance. Akari turned around and saw it was a guard who had been at one of the outposts outside of the two villages.

"Hi," Akari greeted.

"The Noble is awakening…" the guard said in fear.


Akari, Rei, and several other Survey Corp members had been pulled into a preliminary meeting. The guards had begun to talk about the Noble Pokémon to some extent, with one thing described being the location, before the commander and Cyllene had arrived.

"Hi," Akari greeted, "They were just telling us about the Noble a-"

"Out," Cyllene spoke.


"Get out."

"...why? I'm just-"

"Absolutely not. You are not allowed to take this task. You are 12. The Noble will kill you for certain!" Cyllene objected.



Akari just groaned a bit in frustration as she exited the headquarters and just sat on the steps to the building in irritation. She looked towards Mt. Coronet for a moment, then her eyes just wandered towards where she had the Jewel of Life stored, with her soon pulling it out to check on it for a moment.

Akari exhaled a little bit before she glanced in the direction of the Noble Pokémon that was described to her and the others. She slowly raised up the Jewel of Life in the general direction that the Noble Pokémon was in, which caused the Jewel of Life to begin to shimmer a little bit. She moved it back in the direction of Mt. Coronet, and it glowed a brighter bit compared to the direction of the Noble Pokémon.


"And now, we need somebody to volunteer to try to quell the Noble Pokémon," the commander spoke up.

The entire Survey Corp went totally silent at that request before the doors flung open.

"I'll challenge the Noble Pokémon!" Akari offered.

"You should not be here! You are 12!" Cyllene argued.

"I am a full fledged member of the Galaxy Team's Survey Corp and have been helping people all over. Besides… there's nobody better at handling Pokémon here than me."

"I hate to say it, but she's really not wrong…" Rei admitted.

"Well, compared to you, that's not saying much…" Cyllene commented.

Rei just sighed in response, while his partner Pokémon that he had somehow managed to catch, being a Turtwig, just chuckled a little bit.

"Alright. If anyone objects, raise your hand," the commander spoke, with nobody raising their hand except for Cyllene, "Motion carried. Yuna-san, you have four days to prepare to battle the Alpha Kleavor. Balms to help pacify it will be provided for you."

"Got it," Akari nodded.

With the approval given, information on the species the Alpha Pokémon was had been given to Akari. It was known as Kleavor, and most stories Akari had heard involving it usually said it was best avoided.

"So a Bug and Rock-type…" Akari mumbled, pulling out the type chart book that Laventon had given to her a few days previously. She studied it a little bit, eventually seeing that such a combination would be weak to Rock, Steel, and Water.

"I do have Rollout with Cyndaquil, but that would be placing him in danger against Rocks. I think Shellos may be able to do a lot, but…" Akari kept mumbling, her four on-hand team members looking towards her for a moment, "Okay… I need to get more supplies…"

Two days had gone by after Akari had placed in her supply order. Akari soon was by the Ginkgo Guild's stand and working on stocking up on some supplies for an emergency and just for some general precaution. As she was double checking the supply list she had made, another person walked over and bought a few berries from the person at the stand. The other person soon snooped over her supply list and then snickered a bit.

"So, you're gonna be the one to go try to make the Noble creature calm down? What are you gonna do? Hug it until it calms down or something?" the person asked.

Akari just rolled her eyes a little bit, then went back to focusing on the supply list.

"You are such a weirdo, you know that? These magical creatures are not our partners or friends," the person spoke, with Akari trying to keep this person from getting to her as she focused, "How do we know you're not just one of those illusionary ones in disguise or something?"

"Alright, alright, alright. You made your purchase. Please let Yuna-san focus," another person responded.

The naysayer soon headed off, leaving Akari to exhale a bit once the naysayer had finally left.

"Thanks, Volo. I appreciate it," Akari responded, finally looking up from her supply list, "I'm glad that there's someone else who at least isn't… afraid… of Pokémon."

Volo's Togepi and Riolu soon popped up from behind the stall and waved to Akari, making her wave back.

"Still, you're going to be dealing with the Noble? That sounds a bit dangerous. If you want, I can let you borrow my Riolu if you need a fifth team member," Volo offered, with his Riolu soon jumping up and down at the prospect of a battle.

"I think I'll be prepared. I am nervous, but I have confidence in the friends I have with me," Akari said in a calm tone, though she did have a bit of a nervous smile.

"Alright. Best of luck with it."

Akari nodded and then got the rest of the supplies she was needing and looked over them for a bit before she began to pack them.

"I feel like you should be aware of something that I've sort of become aware of in my journeys around this region…" Volo spoke as Akari was working on packing the supplies she had purchased, "Real power doesn't come to those who are born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. It comes to those who will do… anything… to achieve it."

Akari just nodded her head a bit, not really paying much attention as she was doing another mental count on the supplies she had requested just to be certain. Volo seemed to realize that Akari was in her own little thoughts, then exhaled a little bit and decided to move on to the next thing.

"Oh, and here are those Technical Scrolls you asked about," Volo spoke, handing some special scrolls to Akari, "Those will be able to teach your Pokémon to use new moves. Could only get a few of them."

"I appreciate it," Akari smiled as she accepted them, "Got another two days to prepare… just gotta hope this'll be enough…"

The last prep days went by quickly. Akari looked down towards her journal about her four on-hand team members. All of them had full health and were primed and ready for the battle to quell the Noble Pokémon.

'Ember, Quick Attack, Rollout, Aerial Ace. Bite, Thundershock, Double Kick, Quick Attack. Water Pulse, Recover, String Shot, Protect. Acid Spray, Toxic, Body Slam, Endure.'

She mentally repeated this a few more times, making sure she had the info memorized and ready for the battle. She recalled all four team members to their balls and got both them and the balms ready.

"I'm not one to question who the commander sends, but aren't you a little young to be a Survey Corp member?" one of the guards asked.

"Yes, yes I am. But I'm still the one they chose."

The guards simply exhaled and opened up the gates. Akari hurried inside before the gates were closed behind her. Once the gates slammed shut, the sound had made the Noble Pokémon start to stir a bit.

"Klea…" it spoke, starting to rise up.

The Kleavor was enormous and had a blazing golden aura around it. It looked to have red eyes, signifying it was an Alpha as well. Akari nervously held onto her satchel with one hand, while getting a Pokéball ready in her other one.


It then lunged forward, with Akari quickly rolling out of the way. She began to throw some of the balms right towards it, which did seem to make the Noble calm down a little, if only a slight amount. With the opening, Akari sent out all four of her team members.

"Alright, Shinx, Cyndaquil, move in with Quick Attack. Shellos, use Water Pulse. Goomy, use Endure!"

All four of the Pokémon nodded and got to the assigned moves. The two Quick Attacks did manage to connect, although it didn't seem to majorly harm the Noble. Shellos moved in and unleashed the Water Pulse, which made the Kleavor stumble back a little bit. With the opening, Akari threw another few balms, and her team members kept on the offensive. Eventually, the Noble Kleavor just yell out a fierce and angered roar that sent Akari's team members back a bit.

"Hang on!" Akari yelled, quickly moving and managing to grab all four of them. She then rolled out of the way of another attack, "You all okay?"

A few nods came in response before Akari had to move out of the way again. Her four team members quickly got off and tried to land another attack, but the Kleavor just kept moving out of the way of their moves. It soon landed a powerful Fury Cutter right on Shellos and Cyndaquil, making them stumble back a bit. Cyndaquil seemed more okay than Shellos.

"Cyndaquil, give Shellos cover! Shellos, use Recover!"

Both Pokémon nodded and went through with it, Cyndaquil firing off a few Embers to get the Kleavor's attention away from Shellos. Kleavor then moved in, with Cyndaquil managing to roll underneath the attack.

Akari looked towards the Noble, seeing that it was just seeming to get faster and faster. Even with the balms to try to calm it and her team members, the Noble was fairly tough and getting harder and harder to hit.

'I need to slow it down, just a bit…' Akari thought, evading another attack. Her eyes moved towards Shellos, who was using Recover to try to heal itself a little bit, 'That's it!'

"Shellos, use String Shot on the Noble!" Akari called out.

"Shell?!" it gasped in surprise.

"Just trust me!" Akari responded.

Shellos then nodded a bit, sending the move out towards the Kleavor. The Noble just looked confused at this for a bit.

"Keep it up!" Akari yelled.

Shellos just kept at it, continuing to wrap up Kleavor's legs as best as it could.

"Cyndaquil, use Rollout on the right arm! Shinx, use Bite on the left arm! Goomy, keep it distracted!"

The three nodded and then sprung into action. Cyndaquil quickly rolled up and managed to strike at the right arm first, while Shinx charged forward and bit onto the arm and flung it down towards the ground. These caused Kleavor to growl a bit, but Goomy flung a few lobs of Acid Spray to keep it from focusing.

"Now! Back off. Then, Shellos, use String Shot to pin it down!" Akari commanded.

Shinx, Cyndaquil, and Goomy hurried back a bit and gave Shellos the opening to unleash more String Shots onto Kleavor's arms. The amount of strings on the Noble had managed to keep it immobile for a bit.

"Goomy, use Toxic!"

The small Pokémon nodded, then jumped up and unleashed the ailment move right onto Kleavor. The Noble Kleavor gave off an almost sickened cough at the attack, which made Akari look at it for a moment.

'The balms should be enough to heal it from the Poison after the battle…' Akari thought before she kept throwing the balms she had, a look of determination on her face. The Noble looked weak enough, making Akari turn towards her Shellos, "Water Pulse!"

Shellos gave a quick nod, then flung off the attack. The attack nailed Kleavor right in the stomach, which loosened it from the strings. The golden glow around it faded away, making it look like a regular old Kleavor. It remained standing for a moment, making Akari get a little bit worried as the Kleavor moved forward a little bit…

"No…" she whispered.

The Noble Kleavor had finally stopped moving, collapsing to the ground. Akari and her team all panted a bit, yet remained ready just in case. Once the Noble had not moved for a few minutes, Akari and her team pulled out of the area and breathed a sigh of relief. Akari took a moment to pull off her hat and wipe away some sweat from her forehead, but then gave off a smile. She placed down a few of the balms before she and her team hurried away from the containment area, allowing the gates to be closed back off.

"She actually managed to win…" one of the guards remarked.

"Impressive…" another added.

Once Akari was alone, she fished out the Jewel of Life and held it up for a moment. Shellos, Goomy, and Cyndaquil all looked in amazement at it, with Shinx quickly explaining what the deal with the jewel was to the three of them. The Jewel of Life no longer had any sort of energy signal coming from the direction of the Noble Kleavor, which made Akari softly 'hmm'. She then put it back away, then she and her team began the walk back.

Akari walked back to the headquarters with a smile and then gave a thumbs up towards her commanding officers. All of them just stared at her in total disbelief that she was fine, with the guards soon corroborating her story about the Noble's defeat.

"...maybe there may be merit to the rumors that she's a Pokémon herself…" Cyllene mumbled to herself.

"Don't be rude…" Rei whispered.

"Congratulations, Yuna-san. Job well done," Cyllene soon spoke.

"Thanks," Akari smiled, soon taking off her hat to wipe away the sweat from her forehead. The meeting went on for a little bit longer, discussing plans in case any of the other Nobles were to reawaken and what their plan would be just in case. After a bit…

"Am I allowed to request a short break?" Akari soon asked.

"Considering all the work you and your team pulled off, I think a break is earned," Cyllene admitted, "Report back before sundown."

"Got it."

Akari gave off a happy exhale as she sat in a barrel and enjoyed the bath that she had been allowed to take. Her hair flowed gently in the water for a bit, the girl just enjoying the moment after the long battle.

"We earned this…" Akari smiled, leaning back a little bit. She just quietly enjoyed the moment before…

"Is Yuna-san here?"

Akari gasped a bit, then heard a knocking at her front door. She exhaled a little bit after she heard the knocking a little bit more.

"I'm sort of in the middle of something. What is it?" Akari asked, making sure to speak up, while lowering herself into the wooden barrel a bit.

"Oh, I won't be very long. My name is Irida and I am the representative of the Pearl Clan."

There was a shove and the male voice spoke next, "And I am Adaman, representative of the Diamond Clan."

There was another shove, "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for quelling the raging Noble Pokémon."

"And I wanted to congratulate you for it."

"We also wanted to add that it is impressive that someone as young as you is part of the Galaxy Team. Kudos," Irida added on.

"Indeed. You are fairly talented for someone so young," Adaman added.

"But we'll be out of your hair. Sorry to bother you," Irida apologized before she and Adaman headed off.

Once they were gone, Akari sat up a bit and then exhaled a little. She then got back to enjoying her moment to relax and, after getting out, drying off, and getting some regular clothes on, she took a moment to pet her on-hand team members and give them some food.

"You all earned a break, you all did amazingly," Akari smiled as she set down some Sitrus Berries for them to enjoy, "Fresh off the market."

All four of the Pokémon cheered in joy before accepting the meal of the berries. Akari just giggled a bit, then kept petting the four with a happy and content smile…

With that, we have reached the end of part two of this mini-series. With the conclusion of this part, it won't be too much longer before I will be able to work on playing the game again. I will say that part of the reason I haven't played it (apart from just being busy) is because I want to limit how much the actual canon of the game is influencing this story. Just want to make sure this idea is unique and cool, while also still looking like something that could feel like it would still happen.

I will go ahead and say that, originally, this was just going to showcase Akari getting Shellos, time skip, then go to her facing the first Noble Pokémon (which was going to be done because it is literally the only Noble I know is even in the game). The reason I went and included Goomy here is because I sort of found out it is in the game, though heck of I know where it even is, and I'll admit that I've never properly used one on a team. Would be kinda interesting to use a pseudo on my team since I've only ever done it… once… I wanna say…? I don't remember that clearly. I think I used the Hydreigon line in Pokémon White, but I could be misremembering that.

I'll be honest, I don't even remember how I found out Goomy is even in Legends. I just know that it is. *shrugs* Side note, the line knows a LOT of Poison moves in spite of being a pure Dragon-type. Odd.

I will also say that I have no idea what I'll be doing with… admittedly… a lot of the characters from the actual game. We'll have to wait and see.

Working on this certainly took more time than I was expecting, but, it is finished. I will say that I'm not sure about my favorite part, but I think it may be Akari standing up to the Alpha Rapidash. That part was pretty cool.

Not totally sure when the next part will be out. I do have more ideas and I can assure you that Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark will be in part three. Just… don't know when I'll get it done. Going to be going through some grieving and mourning because of the end of Dragalia Lost, and then I may have other things to worry about. We'll see in due time, I suppose.

Still, thank you for reading this. Please do not say any story spoilers in the comments.

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