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Night 1: The awkward encounter

– Duff Killigan's Castle - Evening–

- So, Can I count with you tonight KP?

- Yes! I'm free the next two nights! My parents contracted a poor nanny for the tweebs.

- Boo yah! Cinema night!

- I know! We were… Wait a minute.- Kim launched herself into the air for strength, managing to land a big kick on her angry foe's exploding golf ball. - Sorry, we were waiting so long for the second part of Mental Games Saga.

- Yes! and now the beautiful Scarlett Johan is the female main character! Can we go now?

- Positive, we finished here! Too easy to be honest.

- Too easy! - The little pet of the team agreed.

- Well team, let's go to our airplane!

- What airplane, Ron? You know that we don't have one.

- Let me dream please.

– Possible's House - Kitchen - Evening -

- We are free now! See? With extra 15 minutes. - The leader of the team smiled triumphantly while opening the fridge looking for a water bottle.

- Yes KP, I admit, you win, but let's go! If we don't hurry we will lose the movie trailers.

- I'll go change my Mission Outfit, "Mr Hurry", I'll be right back, on time again! I promise! - She went upstairs trying to defeat her own record, ran into her closet, found her favorite clothes and looked at the mirror, proud of herself. - In time again! Now it's better that I go before Ron gets nuts or the nanny finds out how the tweebs really are.

She almost opened the door when the kimmunicator sounded. - What's the sitch?

- Hey Kim! Did you defeat Killigan? Sorry for not answering you. - Her genius friend said.

- Oh don't worry Wade, we solved it, like always, you know, Killigan is a low threat.

- Perfect! And now we know why he stole all those alligators?

- Not really, but Ron ensures that is for a new hole and… - A big Ron's scream interrupted her call. - Oh no, that sounds like "Mr Hurry" in trouble, I've got to go Wade. - She ended the call and ran fast to the living room where her sidekick was tied up, hanging from the ceiling.. - What's happening here?

- It's happening that Ron Stoppable it's a traitor! - Jim said, his blue eyes shone in hatred.

- I'm not a traitor! I'm innocent! I didn't do anything!

- You stole my girlfriend!

- What? He… what?

- He conquered my girlfriend while we were on a dating.

- Oh poor of my little brother, "Ron is a casanova".

- Sister, get away or you'll pay for it!

- Sure, like Ron could be interested in a little friend of yours from…

- There you are Ronnie! I cooked for you! Are you hungry? - A tall girl with dark hair and big blue eyes appeared in the scene, with a lot of food on it. - Twins, what's happening here?

- Is nothing Mel, we were playing with… Ronnie. - Tim helped his brother, unable to wince. girls were still uninteresting terrain for him.

- But… but she is… so older like us!

- Oh… guys, can someone free me?

- I'll do it handsome! She managed to anticipate Kim's moves, releasing "her beau" and catching him in her arms. - Ready, you are free now!
- And… Thank you! - He said totally nervous. One week ago, he and his best friend ended her fake relationship, but he sometimes felt that they were still a thing.

- I'll look for some soda, I'll come back pretty man. - She smiled and put Ron on the floor.

- Ron, please, explain to me why my brothers aren't contemplating their phrases, and who is she?

- Actually my old friend… I don't know. I was only here, waiting for you, and one second later she was on me.

- So, you'll tell me that you aren't interested in a beautiful, sensible, brilliant genius and cheerleader from High School? - The little boy said.

- Is she all that kind of thing?

- Ron! Focus! And why is she here… OMG, is she the nanny, right?

- Yes, but it was part of Jim's plan.

- Yes and it would have worked if it weren't for that busybody and his naked mole rat.

- Hey! - Rufus said angrily.

- Ok, enough. We just have to talk with her and…

- I came back my Ronnie baby! Are you ok? Do you like the snacks?

- Are good, but I'd prefer a Naco or something from Bueno Nacho.

- Bueno Nacho?

- What? You don't know what Bueno Nacho is?

- Not really. Is it important? - She looked for answers in the Possibles, but two of them was totally in a jealous attach and the other one was trying to understand the situation,

- Important? It's only the best place in the universe, like my real home. Their food is delicious and has amazing promotions, for example, the Naco tomorrow it would be 2x1.

- Naco? Sounds interesting! Ok Ron, it's a date! - She took his cellphone from his pocket and clicked some numbers. - Here is my number, call me later! Oh your parents are here! See you tomorrow Ron and Rufus. - The smiling girl made a big jump and went to greet her bosses.

- Holy Naco… I've a date… with a cheerleader. - The blond guy and Rufus were totally shocked. Their lives have changed in only 35 minutes.

- Is not only a "cheerleader", is the most intelligent girl in Upperton and a specialist of robotics and engineering.

- And she is interested in me? Wow…

- I don't understand why it's so special, I mean, you spend your time with a cheerleader every single day! - His best friend said.

- Yes KP, but you are my best friend, and she is… a girl, never "a girl" asked me for a date.

- Yes "Ronnie" But she WAS my girl first and you stole her!

- Brother, please, let it go, I know, we better go finish our new rocket.

- Yes… the rockets are not treacherous.

- Now I fear for my life.

- Easy, just cancel "your date" and ready! I mean, you aren't interested in her… right?

- No, no, no, she was the one who fell under the charms of The Ron.

- Sure…

- Well, see you tomorrow.

- What? What about the movie?

- It's too late, and your check in it's at 10 pm, your dad was very emphatic with that.

- But I… Huh! He has gone… Maybe to write his breaking up speech… because… the only one interested was that girl… right?... Wade! - She screamed looking for her friend in her kimmunicator.

- What's happened? I'm here.

- I need a little investigation about Melany from Upperton, the cheerleading leader of their High School, apparently.

- Sure! Why? She is our new suspect? Did she commit a crime?

- Is not exactly a crime, but a big problem here between the tweebs and Ronald the heartbreaker.

- Here is your information: Melany Lillian Keller. She is the only daughter of the famous Doctor Keller in Upperton, he is cardiologist and her mom has a Ph.D. in advanced robotics.

- A genius family huh? But they are… real?

- Sure, they have very interesting careers, they are working on a special gadget to help the human heart to…

- But what about her? Maybe she's a robot or something like that.

- Actually, no. She is a human like you and me. Here is her birth certificate, see? And all her grades from school, she's very intelligent.

- In other words, she's perfect. Cool!

- There is a problem? A "green" problem? - Said the genius with a mocking tone.

- No, everything 's ok, it's only that, all the girls that we have known always rejected Ron and now this "miss perfect" appeared from nowhere and is totally excited about him. Is… suspicious.

- I don't know Kim, Ron has his thing, and what he said?

- He was totally shocked, but he isn't interested in her. He was very uncomfortable.

– Stoppable's House - Ron's room - Night –

The blond was lying on his head in his house, trying to find answers to his confusion, while his little companion listened to him in an armchair and took notes.

- I don't know Rufus, a girl like that one doesn't appear and ask for a date, to me! I mean, every single girl that I have known before, well, can resist my charms, but she…

- Strange, yes, strange.

- I've to talk with her and explain, I don't know, I broke up with Kim recently, and I know that she was interested on me for that stupid control, but…

- But?

- Erase that last one. I'm ok with that, she is my best friend and it's ok in that way. But talking about Melany again, I've to be honest. - He took her cellphone and send a message from her:

Hey Mel, it's Ron here!

Can we talk a little before the Bueno Nacho?

A few seconds later the girl answered:

Hey Ronnie! Sure I can enjoy extra time with you.

Where can we talk? Can be at 6pm?

Before I was helping my parents with a robotic heart.

He smiled a little awkwardly and continued his message:

A robotic heart? Yes I know, sometimes I help my parents with that too.

See you tomorrow at the park.

- Man, that girl is from another world!. - His pet and naked friend nodded, sharing his sentiment.

Day 2 - Morning: The rarities continue

– Possible's Kitchen -

- Where's your clon? - The teenage heroine was looking for some food in the fridge while her little brother was reading a book.

- He's obsessed! He's trying to finish that mechanical heart before The Kellers do.

- And what will he win?

- Only the satisfaction to know that he won. What about Ronmeo and Meliette? Are they on their date?

- Oh no, it was a terrible mistake, he didn't want to date her.

- Sure…

- And that sarcasm, why?

- Because… point #1 I'm a man, a young one, but a man, point #2 Ron likes Melany.

- That 's not true!

- Oh yeah? Where is he? He always watches Saturday cartoons with us, and I haven't seen him since last night.

- Well, maybe, you know how he gets so nervous about talking to girls and maybe he had some trouble breaking her heart. - She took a big sip of orange juice.

- Or maybe they are kissing each other right now… - When the boy finished his poisonous phrase, her older sister nearly choked on her drink.

- Oh Tim you!

- Relax girl, I just say, I have known Ron since forever and I recognize when he is on a crush with a girl, that's the reason for Jim's anger.

- Well, I knew Ron before you, months before you were born, so I know him better than nobody!

- Yes Kim, just for now…

The teenager's expression darkened, somehow her younger brother's words had managed to worry her, or even hurt her, so she decided to do what she did best, get to the root of the problem and solve it.

– Bueno Nacho - Entrance –

- Ok Kim, you have to do it girl, it's not so difficult, only go inside and demonstrate to yourself and to the tweebs that you were right all the time! When I go inside, I'll see the same Ron of always, alone with Rufus and eating a naco, and chimiritos and… well, a lot of food. easy!

Her nerves calmed down and she entered the restaurant that had become her second home. Upon entering she saw her best friend and his little rodent, like every day, her moment of calm was interrupted when she saw a female intruder occupying her seat and chatting pleasantly with Ron, in what seemed like a... date?

- So… be honest… what do you think? - His brown eyes were opened in a big suspense.

- Well… to be honest with you…. It's…

- Yes?

- The most delicious food that I have ever eaten!

- Really?

- Yes! I swear! Now Naco it's my favorite food!

- Cool! Now a little confession.

- A love confession? - She took his hand, making him totally nervous, and making furious the redhead girl who decided to watch the scene from a distance.

- Eh… no, actually it's a chef confession.

- Oh no… did you?

- Yes, I created The famous Naco… One beautiful day last year.

- Awesome! You're a culinary genius.

- Oh, please! - the annoying cheerleader rolled her eyes.

- I don't know if I'm a genius but…

"His girlfriend" cut his talk with a small kiss on his cheek. From her hiding place, Kim watched as her best friend began to blush, an act that made her leave angrily and interrupt the situation before it got worse.

- Ron! Melany! Rufus! Where are you been?

- Hey Kim, we, huh,

- You what, Ron? - More than a question, it sounded like a scolding, the blond guy merely lowered his eyes and played with his straw, the black-haired girl spoke for him.

- We were at the park, later we played some video games at Arcade and then we were hungry and we decided to eat here, the fabulous Naco!

- So, you, a cheerleader, a sporty girl and daughter of a doctor, actually eat those things?

- Sure Kim, all with balance it's ok for me.

- Cool, you're an open mind- girl! - Ron added and Kim took him from his arm.

- Can we talk a little, come on. - They walked 3 tables away to have some privacy. - Ron, what happens to you?

- What? I think that sometimes you're so strict with yourself and your diet…

- No! I mean, I know that you love to make new friends and everything, but you don't have to pretend to be dating her. It would be worst for her.

- What are you talking about?

- I'm talking about you being gentle with her because you don't want that she won't take care of the tweebs again, don't worry, we…

- Oh I understand, don't worry Kim, actually… I'm not pretending…

- What? But you said that she was the only one interested.

- Yes and it was true, but… when I went to the park, to explain her the situation, I don't know, we talked and I realize that she is funny, clever, sweet and we have a lot of common things, I didn't plan it, but my breaking up talk turned to a… date.

- A… date?

- Yes, and I don't know… Mely K is awesome and strong…

- Hey, hey, wait a minute, Mely K?

- It's my nickname for her, she calls me Ron Ron and…

- Too much info. I got it. Are you sure about this? You don't know her for real.

- Yes, but I want it… I like her…

- Oh… but…. What about Jim?

- I know that Jim is clever and he'll understand, I hope. We're friends.

- So, have you decided?

- Yes, finally happened Kim, The Ron found his girl. - He returned to their table and smiled at the girl.

- I can't understand… he was totally indifferent to her last night, what happened there? Maybe this is an evil plan of some villain. - She took her kimmunicator and talked. - Wade, did you find something more about… Melany?

- About Ron's new girlfriend?

- They aren't a couple, they are only… friends.

- Sure. - The boy genius said. - I don't know who is having the worst weekend, if you or Jim.

- Wade, I don't know what you are talking about. Ron's my best friend and I'm happy for him, it's just that was so strange, she appeared from nowhere and now they are a… couple, it's not normal!
- Kim, friend and colleague, it's totally normal. Is the way that relationships are born. Maybe you're…

- I'm not jealous /worried. - Kim and Wade said at the same time, when Kim realized what she said, her face turned red.

- But I never said…

- Just forget it Wade. - She turned off the call and looked sadly at the new couple. - I'm Kim Possible and I can deal with… Ron's girlfriend… sounds gross…

Day 4 - Monday morning: S.O.S. We lost Ron

– Middleton High School - Hall

- He didn't text me! No one single call, an email, he didn't take breakfast with us! The first time in 12 years that he was absent from our breakfast table.

- I'm sorry Kim, but you know, the first month is the "honeymoon stage" and you'll have to be patient. - Her best friend said while closing her loker.

- Yes I know but… when I was dating guys I never put him aside.

- Oh yeah? Because I remember that when I got here, he said the opposite.

- It was different, I needed a female friend in my life.

- Sure. Kim, are you pretty sure that maybe this "insecurity" is not… jealousy?

- jealousy? about what?

- You always were the only girl in Ron's life and now he has a new girl that would be more important than you.

- Melany Keller will never be more important than me!

- Yes, but maybe in Ron's schedule…

- I've chemistry, see you later. - She walked faster looking for her classroom and her best friend, luckily for her, Melany lived in Upperton, so in the school Ron was hers…

- Hi Ron!

- Oh, hey Kim!

- Kim? Why Kim?

- It's your name. - He answered her while he continued texting.

- Yes, but for you always was "KP" or your girlfriend didn't give you permission.

- Sorry I didn't notice it.

- Ok, and you were absent from yesterday and today's breakfast… Where have you been?

- Yes sorry, Mely K invited me to eat at the hospital with her parents, it's like a Keller's tradition.

- Ah, now you are part of their traditions.

- Not officially but maybe someday, Rufus loved their pancakes.

- Yummy pancakes. - The little naked mole rat appeared from his pocket.

- Students, Mr Hank was in a terrible accident with a skunk in his last camp, so, I'll give you the class of today. Now put on my desk your homework. - Mr Barkin said.

- The Essay! I didn't…I totally forgot about it! Why are you so relaxed?

- Because Mely helped me with that yesterday after breakfast. Have I told you how brilliant she is?

- Yes, unfortunately.

- It's a good Monday for The Ron! Rufus give my homework to Barkin!

- Yes! - Rufus jumped and put the paper on the desk and returned happily with his owner.

- Yes, a wonderful Monday! - The girl exuded sarcasm.

– Middleton High School - Hall

The leader of the cheerleaders of the crazy dogs was terrible, she forgot her homework, she had problems with the teachers and what bothered her the most, her friend was practically sunk in his cell phone, it was really turning into a nightmare.

She sighed in annoyance, trying to find calm, which disappeared when her books fell from the locker.

- A bad day, huh?

- It's worse than this Monique… I don't know what is happening with me!

- Maybe you've to be honest… it's time.

- Honest?

- Ok, friend, I never believed that you would be so stubborn and blind but, see the facts! You are jealous about Melron.

- Melron? What is that?

- The name of the couple of Melany and Ron.

- OMG sounds so stupid!

- I know, but that is not the point here, it's time to face the big and blond elephant in your room. A week ago you were dating him, and with or without scientific apparatus, you were happy and Ron, pff looked like a stupid!

- But it was for an enemy intervision…

- Yes I know, but… you were together for so much time, and you hate when he tries to date someone and he gets nuts when you talk about other guys, maybe you…

- Oh no, we are just best friends, maybe we are a little possessive but…

- Friend, I hope that you can be honest with yourself before you have lost him. - She walked to Cafeteria, leaving the confused heroine behind.

- Losing… Ron? - For the first time she felt afraid of something genuine, somehow, despite the danger, she knew they would be okay, but this time it was out of her hands, there was a real chance that someone would take him from her. She walked to Cafeteria, took her horrible food and went with Ron, who was phoning with "that girl".

- Sure Mely K! I can go to your house, I know I hate it and Rufus too!

- Hey Ron! I'm here!

- Oh, wait a minute. - He apparted the phone. - Hey Kim! ready for the… thing I suppose that is food.

- Yes I suppose. Are you talking with… Melany? - She forced a smile.

- Yes but she has a class, we finish to talk.

- Yei! I mean, I'm happy that you could talk with her…. Ron… are you sure about this Melany stuff?

- Pretty sure. You know? When you started talking about boys and dates, I didn't know, I was worried about it, I always thought that no girl would want to date me, but Mel, she's different and she said that not but… she is a popular girl dating a… Well, a loser like me.

- Ron you're not a loser, you're awesome! You are sensible, funny, brave, strong, loving and protective, the girl that will date you, will be lucky…

- Oh thank you, you never said to me something like this… but now… I'm sure.

- Of course… about what?

- I'll ask her to be my official girlfriend!

- WHAT? No! I mean, it's so early, don't you think, isn't it?

- No Kim I'm 100% sure! Thank you! I'll talk with her.

- But Ron, wait… - She tried to achieve him, but it was impossible. - Wade, please, tell me that you have something, whatever!

- Sorry Kim, it's a very boring Monday! No a single message for you.

- Just like my phone!

- What's going on there?

- It's about Ron… he will make a big mistake!

- In chemistry again?

- No, a girl mistake…

- What?

- I mean... - She was running and dodging all the people and things around her, trying to detect Ron. - a bad decision about a girl. He'll make the "question".

- "The question?"

- O come on Wade, you've to go outside from your room more often…. Sorry, I'm just…

- Frustrated, I understand. Don't worry, just so you can see that I'm playing your side and personally, I think Ron only picked her because she's just like you, she's two blocks to the right.

- Thank you Wade! But… Why did you say this? - She changed her trajectory.

- In the last months I saw some "differences" in your behavior, in the way in which you are treated and spoken.

- I don't think there are.

- I disagree Kim. When you were controlled to love him, you and he were totally happy, and when he dates someone else, you… get nuts…

- If he likes me, why did he break up with me?

- Because he was scared about losing you for a relationship that doesn't felt natural and he was right. But now that you are…

- Free and I control my feelings… we can talk now! Thank you Wade, you're a genius! I've to find him!

- My pleasure and don't worry, you are almost there. See you! - He disappeared from the screen.

- Ron! Please we've to talk before you…

Kim was frozen, petrified, watching how the boy, who had just discovered that she loved, kissed his official girlfriend, while the rodent handed her a bouquet of flowers.

- You make a mistake...

A painful tear slipped down her cheek, she tried to speak to him but no one listened to her voice, suddenly, everything turned dark and she opened her eyes suddenly.

-Ron! - She screamed. - It was…. a nightmare? - Her breathing was too fast. She took her phone and called the number, the first number that she learned.

- What? - A sleepy Ron asked the phone.

- Ehm… Ron… everything is… ok?

- KP? What happened?... wait… a villain! Do you need our help? - The boy suddenly woke up worried.

- Yes I'm KP! Oh no… It just… we are…

- Dating? For my luck, yes!

- Oh.. I see…

- Wait a minute… it's 3 am… Did you have a nightmare about me? Kim Possible worried about not dating Ron Stoppable? Really?

- Why are you surprised?

- Because you're "The Kim", the brilliant, beautiful and perfect girl with me… hey babe, my conquest went against all odds.

- Hey please, please give yourself more credit, I'm lucky too… I dated some guys in the past but no one was so special, cute and brave as you are.

- Are we talking about me?

- I'm sure… It's so late… thanks for answering me.

- Hey is part of the job as a sidekick, and a new best friend promoted with honors like boyfriend.

- See? You're the cutest guy! Good night… I… love you Ron.

- I love you too KP.

She sighed quietly, looked at the photo of the dance from a week ago and smiled at what was turning out to be the best summer of her life.

- See? That guy is her weakness. - A voice from the shrubbery said.

- Perfect, now we know how to stop Kim Possible!


Hi guys! I've to confess that I never watched Kim Possible because my pay tv package didn't include disney channel, but now that I've Disney Plus... OMG I'm in love with the cartoon and specially with Ron! So I decided to write this story and I hope that you liked. If I made a mistake sorry, I'm a mexican girl trying to increase her English. See you in reviews!