Chapter Two

"26-year-old Aimee Shih has been confirmed and reported missing after she had last been seen heading to the Tyne Bridge along with an unknown woman," the newsreader on the telly reported. "Her parents claim that in the days leading up to the disappearance, she had been meeting someone on a dating site for some time, of which the police suspect to have a link or connection of sorts to this possible kidnapping. Areas around the River Tyne are currently under close investigation as of this time, however, police have yet to uncover any leading trace to the whereabouts of Aimee and this mysterious date".

Watching the TV with stern unfazed eyes was the Daywalker himself, Eric Brooks, designated as 'Blade', sitting firmly on a chair and leaning forth intently. Gathered along with him while standing and watching from further back are his mentors Jamal Afari and Abraham Whistler, scientist Dr Karen Johnson, Bloodpack members Nyssa Damaskinos and Verlaine, and Nightstalkers Hannibal King, Bianca Sommerfield, and Abigail Whistler.

"Huh weird," Hannibal commented. "Normally when I try to meet someone for a date somewhere, it's them who vanishes before I even made it there".

"Is he usually like that?" Karen asked Abigail about Hannibal.

"Normally, you'll get used to it without even knowing," Abigail replied with a low volume.

"So you sure it could be one of them? Abraham asked Blade.

Not answering immediately, Blade slowly turned his head to the side and looked up to face him. "Not completely, but it's a familiar pattern, if the predator isn't invited by its prey, then the predator will invite its prey".

"Makes sense," Abraham agreed. "If it's indeed a vampire doing, it would be the first case in quite a while, and a very sneaky one no doubt".

Blade nodded before facing the television once more and its vibrant glow. Even if it had been a long time since there had last been any vampire activity in the city, Blade and his team had almost always kept themselves prepared for anything to come, to expect the unexpected. Especially when even the daylight is completely covered over by an endless sea of grey clouds, blocking out any direct sunlight and enabling vampires to sneak out and blend in to the mortal crowds.

"Let's contact our friends at S.T.R.I.K.E.," Blade ordered as he got up. "See if they managed to spot any leads".

"And better quickly and sooner before anyone else gets plucked by this mystery date..." Abraham added before the team headed off and geared up together.

However, they'd soon discover who it was they'll face...

Meanwhile, soon later that grey cloudy day, within some garage somewhere in the suburbs, a young adult dark-skinned woman spent away the minutes fixing and patching up a motorbike, cranking in a few bolts into it. She was wearing a blue T-shirt featuring a white star on it within an open red hoodie within a denim jacket embedded with Stars and Stripes, along with black shorts and bright-red trainers and fingerless gloves.

Without a hint of warning or anticipation, her ears caught the sudden sound of light metallic tapping, gently disrupting. Setting aside her tools and getting to her feet, she walked over to the metal door to answer the knocking, lifting it up and immediaely seeing a sight that nearly stunned and froze her completely her place.

Standing right before her was a tall woman, majestic, elegant, and almost entrancing, no doubt at least a touch older than the dark-skinned mechanic. A round face with a pointed chin, smooth pale skin, almost as white as her long straight hair, lips as red as blood, and eyes of a piercing icy blue. She wore a maroon and black ombre dress, and matching golden shoulder plates, high-stiletto heels, and bracelet cuffs spiralling around her forearms like tiny serpents.

"Uhh, can I help you with anything?" The dark-skinned girl managed to snap out of her brief daze.

"Just come to visit," the pale-skinned woman replied. "An invitation would suffice?"

"Sure..." the dark-skinned woman hesitated before letting in the other woman, inviting her in.

Stepping in and forth, the pale woman looked around the garage, closely observing all the tools on display, as well as the motorbike itself. Slowly, she gently ran a few gold-nailed fingers along the bike's leathery seat, carefully enough as to not leave a clear scratch upon it.

"Such a lovely vehicle you have here," the pale woman complimented. "Almost as beautiful as you".

"Cheers," the dark hispanic woman greeted back, albeit with slight suspicion. "...and you are...?"

"Call me Mila, Mila Carl," the pale white-haired woman introduced herself properly. "And you must be miss America Chavez".

"Wait, I didn't introduce myself, how would you know my name already?" America lit up as she questioned the other individual.

"I can read through many things," Mila slowly stepped around America, scanning at the other girl. "That and I can imagine from your sense of fashion".

America hummed with scepticism, hands on hips and all, but even she couldn't help but silently admire at Mila's own attire, orbiting around her. "And I imagine you always dress like that for remotely any occasion".

"You wouldn't be completely wrong, my dear," Mila walked about some more in the dimly lit garage. "I can also sense that you're into other women, I can see from the way you look back at me".

"You sure came here 'just to visit'?" America leant back against a nearby table, arms crossed and folded. "And by 'visit', I mean 'wander about and compliment everything and anything, from my tools to my clothes to even my bike, apart from probably me'".

"Which is why I was saving you specifically for last," Mila slowly stepped towards America. "And you wanna know what I think? What I know? I know that you're the most stunning, most elegant, and most ravishing girl I've ever laid eyes upon. It'd be a wonder if no other women have already yet fallen over heels for you".

"Woah, hang on," America briefly objected. "I know you're trying to come onto me, but I already got-"

"Shh..." Mila silenced America with her right-hand thumb placed on those soft, smooth lips. "I know, I can tell you've got quite a few girlfriends for you to pleasure with, so what if I were to give you the greatest pleasures that none could ever provide for you?" She gracefully stroked her fingers along America's jawline before playing with one of those gold hoop earrings and twirling with a few long strands of her curly raven-black hair. "And you in turn can give such pleasures to those you make love with".

America attempted to raise a hand of her own, but Mila quickly responded with her free left hand, holding onto its place on the very edge of the table. Mile's cold eyes pierced through into America's own brown eyes. "Look into my eyes and tell me, tell me you want my pleasures, my touch, my very power".

America could've tried to hard to resist the up-close hypnosis, but her attraction was already getting the better of her. Her eyes dilated, her eyelids grew heavier, and her very breath shuddered. "I want your pleasures, your touch, your very power," she repeated in a rather monotone manner.

Mila's crimson smile grew a touch wider at the submission of her next victim. With that, Mila puckered her own lips, cupped both her hands around America's neck, and the deal was soon sealed with a kiss. Enthralled by such physical charms, America returned the favour by running her hands up Mila's back, gently brushing through that white silky hair and holding on, instantly forgetting about any hint of the world around them.

As their lips locked, their nostrils sucked up the mild roomy air of the garage, almost filling their lungs with cool energy. With their bodies pressing against each other, a hint of warmth soon developed between them. Opening their mouths, Mila and America let loose their tongues to caress each other, the former almost immediately taking the dominant lead and moving in to explore the latter's mouth.

The seductress Mila's right hand then moved downward to slip its way under and inside America's T-shirt, there she felt something quite interesting. A few rhythmic bumps running up and down the skin of the female torso.

"Mmmm, such strong and delicious abs," Mila commented in a deep whisper right up close to America's ear as she stroked her fingers along the six-pack muscles.

"I work out, often," America replied.

"Not surprised that you would," Mila continued, moving up even further to clutch each of the firm breasts. "Good to stimulate the muscles". Her right hand soon moved back down again, this time, for something else, something more. "Now let's see if you stimulate your core then".

Mila's hungry lustful hand snaked down even further just before eventually slipping its way under America's black shorts, immediately reaching the source of all ecstasy. Noticing a hint of wetness, Mila grinned some more as she slowly ran the sharp tips of her fingers around the core, circling like ice-skaters, forcing America's lips to erupt with gasps and grunts, her legs to clench up, and her torso to flinch.

"Have you ever touched yourself down there?" Mila questioned the aroused America. "Or have you let someone do it for you before me?"

Even if America could hear such questions clearly, her mind and mouth were already too bothered to even form a proper answer or two. The relentless teasing of Mila's fingers, rubbing at her very rim but never seeming to enter fully, was already eating at her very soul.

"Don't worry, my love," Mila ensured. "Regardless of whatever your truth or answer may be, I'll make sure this'll be the greatest feeling you'll ever endure in your mortal life".

With that, after a few more seconds of spiralling massages to the folds, Mila finally inserted in not one, not two, but three fingers all at once. A somewhat louder groan was pushed from America's very throat as her hands clutched deeply onto Mila's back with that long array of hair. Exploring and making contact with the inner walls as deeply as humanly possible, Mila soon hooked her fingers and proceeded to pump her fingers outward and inward.

"I wanna see you bend," Mila hissed with dark-twisted delight. "I wanna hear you moan and cry for me, and I wanna taste your special essences, your nectar".

Squirming with overwhelming sensual excitement, America soon began her pelvis and hips with and against those electrifying fingers. So far and so deep in her primal instincts, America could feel her own blood warming on like heat conducting through her veins, and muscles stretching and tensing up. Her legs started twitching and wobbling from the heavy sensation.

"Ugh, oooo ah, oh yes, ah yeah," America managed to speak in between moaning breaths. "Hazme el amor conmigo, por favor, quiero venir, quiero venir".

"Yes, O America the beautiful," Mila responded, gradually picking up the thumping pace. "Sing your praises to me, because I'm about to give you more".

With her single left hand, Mila lifted up America's T-shirt by several inches, just more than enough to unveil those gorgeous six-pack abs. Moving her head down, Mila went to glaze her tongue up, down, and along those shredded dark-toned abs, to be greeted by a warm, salty taste. Still thirsting for more, Mila pulled America's shorts down her thighs with her left hand until they were just above the knees, while her right hand fingers remained firmly latched inside America's clit.

Smelling an all-too familiar scent, Mila went forth once to let her tongue to indulge in America's sex along with her fingers. Feeling her wet greasy folds stretching and leaking at the seams, America's grunts and groans soon gave way to squeaks and shrieks. Her whole legs buckled on like mad, as if standing on tightropes and getting close to losing complete balance. Were it not for the near-stable support of the domineering Mila Carl and the hard table she was still leaning on, America would've likely collapsed already.

"Oh, oh, ah, ah! Ah mierda!" America spurted with vocal pleasure. "Ah keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going!"

Arching as back as she could until her face was practically parallel to the ceiling, America found herself choking on the very air itself, her chest rising and reclining with every shattering breath. She could feel her core swelling out, driving her to sexual craziness. Mila kept on licking, suckling, nibbling, anything to crumble all of America's defences, while at the same time tasting complete and utter glee.

At this point, all of America's nerves and muscles were aching, but even that wasn't enough to sway or bother her in the slightest. The moment she invited Mila Carl, her very fate had sealed, she had already surrendered herself entirely to this strange yet extraordinary mistress.

"I'm abo- ah, AAAHH!" America Chavez hollered outward just before finally releasing and squirting her liquid energies upon Mila's face and hand.

A few more squirts were emitted until both Mila and America seemed satisfied enough. While America eventually eased down from her sexual high, Mila licked up all the bittersweet fluid from her own face and freed fingers as well as America's crotch, groin, and thighs. But of course, she wouldn't be done at all just yet, as she moved back up a few inches to the navel and midriff, purring over the muscular skin.

Unveiling her sharp canine fangs, Mila bit down on the bare exposed waist and sucked up the spicy hot blood. Feeling the hard prick in her gut, America's eyes flashed back open as she flinched and fidgeted, briefly hoping to detach the stranger off of her belly, but to absolutely no avail. Even with an ounce of super-strength, America grew almost limp and weak from quite a bit of blood loss.

But Mila would return such a favour as well, as she stood back up, nibbled on her own index finger until it drew enough dark blood. Then she dipped it straight into America's mouth, slowly drawing it back out until it was sucked clean. As the tainted blood found its way in America's veins and system, she gasped and coughed, the dark bitter taste stuck and running deep in her very throat and oesophagus. It was changing and turning her from the inside.

Then the outside would change as well. Her sight and mind spinning like crazy, seeing almost nothing but blurry red. Her skin changing and greying, but still remaining dark in tone, and between her lips, a pair of fangs sharpened.

Then abruptly, the agonising yet arousing pain ceased, the ritual and transformation had already been completed. America Chavez had become one of them.

The woman who turned her, under the alias of 'Mila Carl', smiled at her next recruit as she sealed it with another deep kiss. "Now go find your girlfriends, and bring them over to us..."

To be continued...