"Again!" Yet another strike from the small spear that had come from the small child and unleashed it into a small green slime.

"Good." The ashen warrior said, A week ago The girl had undertaken a series of training and she was to kill as many slimes before the day was over, "Rest."

It was a hard and vigorous schedule, at the late morning she awoke from their shelter and would warm up, At mid-day they would venture to the green plain fields and would kill as many creatures that she could, Any beings that were far beyond her capabilities would be swiftly dealt with by Kratos. Then at dusk they would return back to their shelter for rest and food.

Tch! The girl let out a sound of pain, After the countless strenuous activities her hand had slowly turned red and itchy but it was after the short combat adrenaline that she finally noticed. Kratos noticed it as well, "It will be callused soon, It will lessen the pain of your hand. The callus indicates your experience with battle and training." Raphtalia made a small nod, The advise although being short helped with her morale.

Kratos ripped about a half meter of the bandages on his hand and halved it apart before offering it to the girl. "Wrap your hands with it, It will be less painful." The girl nodded before quickly wrapping her hands with the wraps.

It was about half an hour of rest before they shortly returned to her training.

It was now dusk with the moon shining at their backs as they were returning to their shelter, They were yet again at the wild, untamed forest.

"Who wants to go first, You ill-bred bastards!" Off at the distance the pair heard a shout, they saw a bald unarmored man holding off a squad of bandits with a war hammer. Raphtalia saw the man defending a carriage that was presumably his. It seemed that his horse has been shot with a well-placed arrow shot in the neck. Raphtalia knew that the man would not last long against the great odds.

"What should we do?" Raphtalia asked Kratos,

"We will leave." Kratos spoke with apathy, before turning to find another path to their destination.

"Shouldn't we help the man?" Raphtalia quickly spoke,

Kratos stopped in his stride before advising her "No, it is not our duty nor our business."

"It is yours!" The girl who wasn't even at her teens shouted unexpectedly, before giving a short breath and pausing "You're the shield hero, It's exactly your business." She had known ever since she saw the shield of Kratos


A young, inexperienced bandit quickly kissed the ground with a strong palm leading his skull into dirt, Kratos then pulled the collars of another bandit and swiftly and brutally head butting him. The Bandit being quickly losing the fight and their would-be victim swung his warhammer and smashed the head of a bandit.

An undisciplined bandit in his early-thirties feared for his life and panicked, his eyes darted at the combatants before dropping his sword and fled the scene of the battle before being tripped over by a spear and stabbed below the knee. The man screamed bloody murder before shortly passing out of shock.

Kratos was holding an assailant with better armor than the rest high and choked with but a single hand, After going limp he dropped the bandit at the muddied ground. Kratos heard a bustling from the bushes and saw a bandit retreating but Kratos left him alone.

Kratos and Raphtalia convened, before being approached by the Man that they had saved from the crutches of death. "Thanks, Good Ser and little miss." Kratos simply grunted while Raphtalia simply nodded, The man laughed at their response before offering his name, "Well, my name is Erhard."

A pregnant pause before Kratos and Raphtalia introduced their own, "I'm Raphtalia." Raphtalia said with a shy voice,

"I am Deimos..." Raphtalia looked at Kratos with a puzzled look.

Sorry for the long update, i had a school play and also finished Fallout 3, and New Vegas, i'm also about 24 hours into FO4... also because i'm lazy, I'm sorry for the short update but this is a two-parter at the very least