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Chapter 36

"You're going to be a dad again."

I stand unblinking without digesting what I have just heard. I even think I'm gasping without being able to articulate a word while a strange sensation gathers in my chest.

Did I hear correctly? Did she say... Dad?

Isabella shows an elongated white item with a blue tip, she shakes it at the screen.

"I'm so scared, so scared," I hear her say, "It's not something I thought would happen until I was in my thirties, because I'm really not ready, I mean, who's ready to be a mother or a father? No one, no. But I also want to have it and I don't want to be a single parent. I want my baby to have a home, a family, I want you to marry me, Edward."

Marry me? I smile internally, really? Isabella wants us to get married?

I raise my palm asking her to grant me to speak, only Isabella can't keep silent. I know her and when she tends to talk too much it's because she's nervous.

"No Edward, no. I don't want evasions because this is your child too, we both made him, and you are as responsible as I am. My baby didn't ask to be here anyway he is, right now I don't know what size, but here he is, growing. The least we should do is give him a home. Marry me, Edward, don't leave me alone. I don't want to be a single mother."

"Isabella…" I'm trying to calm her down because right now she is so upset that she can't stop crying "Honey, please listen to me."

I begin walking around the office. I started to get desperate because I wanted to be with her, hug her, and tell her that she shouldn't worry. That I am not going to leave her and that if it were up to me she would be my wife for a long time.

"I'm so scared Edward, I feel so alone. I don't think I'll be a good mother. And…"

"My love, let me speak."

This time his eyes reddened from crying are fixed on me, he bites his lower lip and nods to listen to me.

I rub my beard. I'm so anxious to be with her.

"Are we going to be parents?" I need her to confirm because I feel my chest warm with anticipation at the anticipation of this wonderful news. Isabella shakes her head in affirmation, causing the corners of my lips to turn up in a big smile.

I'm going to be a dad! I know I already am, but I'm having another child. It's the best news I've ever gotten.

"How many months old are you?" I ask, keeping my excitement at bay and not screaming with happiness.

Isabella shrugs her shoulders slightly in thought.

"I don't know yet, I just took a test," she shakes it in front of me again, this time with a huge smile, "We're having a baby, can you believe it?"

I inhale and exhale, letting out all the air I'm holding in my rib cage. I'm grinning like an imbecile.

A child made by Isabella, and I is the culmination of the dream I've had for months.

"Yes, love, I'm really excited," I accept.

Suddenly she becomes serious and her face contracts into an anguished look.

"You're not going to leave me, are you? Because you won't…"

"Darling…" I interrupt her verbiage again "I won't leave you. I'm traveling this very afternoon and if I can, I'll do it in another hour. We need to talk and if it's possible to get married this weekend or tomorrow, we do it. I just need you to be calm for our baby, do you understand?"

Our baby. It sounds pleasantly incredible to be able to say it out loud and know that it's a reality.

"Please don't be long. I need you with me, my love."

"I love you, darling. Don't forget that. And I will be with you as soon as possible," I promise."

Isabella ends the call and I start my walk around the office again. I exhale noisily before exiting to find Angela in her place.

"I need a private flight to New York, no matter what time."

She looks at me over the top of her glasses.

"Edward, you have meetings scheduled today and tomorrow. We can't cancel."

"What's wrong?" Billy Black approaches.

His tired look makes me pat his shoulder. I'm grateful that since Carlisle left the consortium, Billy hasn't left Jacob and me alone. It is his experience and great tenacity that keeps us on our feet.

"I have to go now. My girlfriend needs me."

He just raises both whitish eyebrows, uncomprehending.

"Isabella is pregnant," my voice sounds a little pretentious as I reveal the real reason. "I need to be with her.

"Congratulations!" Billy hugs me tightly, patting my back with great affection. I'm so glad, Ed," he pulls away, allowing me to pay attention to the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes as he smiles sincerely, "You've done well, eh," this time he pats my chest, keeping his smile. "Go on, son. Jake and I can take over here."

"I heard my name," Jacob says, slapping a folder on my chest, I know it's my pending work. "It's your turn to go over those budgets."

I hold them up without paying attention to him.

"Give me that," Billy butts in, taking the documents out of my hands. "I'll do it. Edward has something more important to see right now."

Jacob's dark eyes watch me.

"Did you talk it over with Bella?" he asks, "did she agree?"

"I'm not going to expose Isabella to anything, especially now that she's..."

"Bella is the key to catching Carlisle," Jacob interrupts. If you explain to her the plan Hale talked about I'm convinced she'll agree.

"She's pregnant!" I snap and face Jake.

"Oh..." he articulates very softly and then smiles. "Hey, congratulations, bro."

He hugs me, slapping my back hard.

"Now I understand why you've been in such a changeable mood," he jokes. "How are you feeling? Ready to run away?"

Billy walks away from us, but not before congratulating me again.

"I still can't believe it," I smile at the memory of his bossy voice. "She demanded I marry her."

Jacob starts laughing.

"The girl does whatever she wants with you, she has dominated you since you two met." He laughs even harder and this time his fist falls on my shoulder. "Look at you, you're smiling more, you look happy now and it's because of her."

I'm faking my worst look as I watch him hard, instead, it doesn't come out and I end up smiling.

"I'm entrusting Pat to you. I'll talk to Tanya to help me with him while I'm away."

"Can I tell Pat he's going to be a big brother?"

"No, you won't tell him anything."

I turn to my secretary. Angela quickly adjusts her magnifying glasses while covering her mouth and hiding a muffin next to the computer with her other hand.

"I need your help Ang" I ask.




"Can you assure me that Bella is all right?"

"Pat. If I had to make an emergency trip, it was for another reason. Isabella is perfect, the only thing is that I might take her back with us, that's all."

"Well, I'll take your word for it. Give her my best, take care, old man."

Old man? Where the hell does he get that vocabulary from?

Without getting distracted I press the doorbell once more. I've been insisting for ten minutes without anyone opening the door and my last option is to talk to Esme's cell phone, I choose her contact.


Mom's voice makes me turn around. I've barely turned around and Isabella's petite body crashes hard into me with such euphoria, I hold her as she clings her arms around my neck and her legs anchor on my hip.

"You're here..." she says with her voice cracking, "you're with me."

"We'd better go in," Esme murmurs, letting us pass first. I do so without letting go of Isabella's body, who is still clinging to me like a limpet.

I manage to reach the couch without losing my balance, Isabella doesn't weigh much either and I'm really worried about her low weight, if she's pregnant it could affect the baby's health and maybe hers.

"What's wrong?" I ask feeling anguish in my chest when I hear her light sobs, she has her face buried in my chest and refuses to look at me, I stroke her long loose hair trying to make her see me, "Isabella, you're scaring me."

She takes a deep breath and lets it show; her face is reddened and so is her little nose as her tears continue to run down her skin.

"We went to the doctor today," she mumbles, "he is so perfect, Edward, our baby is barely the size of a prune, but to me, he is perfectly beautiful."

The anguish fades as I hear that she's fine, instinctively I smile, bringing my palm to her flat belly.

"Why didn't you wait for me? I told you I would come; you should have waited for me." I don't want it to sound like a complaint, although it really bothers me that I wasn't allowed to be with her during her first medical visit, Charlotte never allowed me to accompany her. "What did they tell you? How are you both" doing?

"It's just that your mom insisted on a medical examination to clear up our doubts. I'm ten weeks pregnant, and I'm fine, they only gave me folic acid and iron because I'm a little anemic. Besides, I still need to find an obstetrician to take care of my prenatal check-up, you will go with me" she caresses my face. "Look," she reaches into her small bag and hands me some black and white pictures, pointing to a tiny circle with her finger, "this is our child".

I smile with great pride as I look closely at my child's deformed body with a huge head. My eyes see him as the most perfect new creature on the face of the earth.

"Do you like it?"

I kiss her forehead at her fearful question, how can she be afraid that I don't like it?

"It's perfect, baby."

"We must talk, Edward."

Her serious countenance in an attempt to look menacing makes me tighten my lips, I mustn't laugh at her lest I anger her, yet she looks so adorable looking evil.

"We must talk," I repeat her words. I agree with her, help her up and interlace our fingers. "Let's go for a walk."

Esme is no longer in the room; I know she has given us our space without the need for witnesses. My mother knows me and knows how wary I am of exposing my life to the prying eyes of others.

I know Isabella was waiting for us to leave the building and her surprised face is evident as we see the elevator take us to the roof, we walk down a narrow hallway where there is a clear sign that says, 'no trespassing' and another that says, 'authorized personnel only'. Regardless of the seriousness of these warnings, I decided to open the door, but not before deactivating the alarm.

Isabella gasps when she sees me.

"How did you do that? We're going to get in trouble, Edward."

"Yes. But by the time they figure it out, we'll be back at the penthouse."

Without letting go of her hand I lead her to the edge of the rooftop to witness the sunset shimmering through the glass of the buildings, also feeling the wind threatening to blow us off. Convinced that the latter will not happen thanks to the great wall of almost five feet that prevents a person from falling by accident, I hug her back letting my palms rest on her belly.

"Do you like the view?"

"It's beautiful," the overflowing emotion in his voice makes me smile. "I just feel a little dizzy."

She turns to me, biting her lower lip and still staring at me.

"Edward... I want to…" I lean to her height leaving a short kiss to her lips without allowing her to continue, she sighs "What will happen with us?"

"About what? We will have our baby together, it's okay."

Keeping my face indecipherable I remove a lock of hair that tangles down her neck causing her to briefly close her eyelids.

"I don't want to drag my baby through what Pat and I have been through, I wouldn't want him to go through the same experience," she murmurs, "although I wouldn't want to force you to do anything either, and if you don't want to, if you're not..."

I kiss her lips again. This time in a kiss full of passion, I hold the back of her neck, leaving my other arm around her waist.

"You're not forcing me to do anything," I whisper against her lips, "I love you, baby, and you're making me the happiest man on this fucking planet. Can you be patient and let me do things the right way?"

Isabella squints her beautiful chocolate eyes.

"I don't understand."

I smile as I hear the sound of a helicopter approaching, pointing to it, and Isabella shrugs, holding the skirt of her dress.

"Come with me," I tug on her hand as the helicopter stops on the opposite side.

She refuses as I indicate that we must leave.

"I can't!" she screams, the noisy helicopter doesn't allow her to speak softly, "I'm wearing a dress, I can't go up."

"I'll come after you, I'll take care of you. Just stay hunched over, we can't raise our bodies, got it?"

Her eyes sparkle as she looks at me, but I don't know if it's from excitement or fear.

Gathering her hair over the side of her shoulder to keep it from blowing like a jellyfish in the wind as she continues to watch her skirt, she decides to walk with fearful steps towards the helicopter. Once we are safely in the cockpit I help her put on the headset to mitigate the outrageous noise indicating that we can communicate with each other over the microphone. I also help her buckle her seatbelt as I signal the pilot and he nods.

She squeezes my hand tightly as the helicopter lifts off, her face one of complete terror.

"Relax" my voice is clearly heard through the microphone "Let's go for a walk around the city."

"What?!" her voice breaks, "Why?"

I shake my head.

"It's a surprise."

A few minutes later I feel her relax as she points to the Statue of Liberty with obvious excitement as we pass by, she is extremely excited as she starts pointing to each place without taking the smile off her lips.

"Everything looks spectacular from here," she points out, "I love it!"

She stirs in her seat when she realizes that the helicopter is about to land on another rooftop, her body tenses, and her panicked look is not long in coming.

I give her knee a light squeeze and she sighs deeply.

"Don't lift your head," I explain again, removing the headphones, "although, with your short stature, I don't think it's necessary."

She rolls her eyes making me kiss her cheek.

"Come on, little coward," I tease, reaching down with my hand outstretched for her, she accepts it and we run for shelter from the strong wind.

I hug her protectively as I watch the helicopter take off again.

"What are we doing here?" she asks, still hugging me.

"We have a reservation at the restaurant downstairs."

"You hate restaurants, Edward. Worse if they're fancy, you don't like the hustle and bustle or the loud people."

"Now it's different because we're going to celebrate, but before..." I take out of my pocket the remote control of the drone and start to maneuver until the device becomes visible to our eyes.

"What is it?"

"It's a drone."

"Yes, I understand that, but that thing is carrying something, look" she points nervously "It's coming against us" She hides her face in my chest again.

"Calm down, my love" I get closer when I maneuver the drone leaving it suspended in front of us, I point to the red string hanging from it. "This is for you."

Isabella dares to look and her eyes widen as she notices the ring held on the string. I pull it off easily.

I'm nervous, very nervous.

I don't know how to do it, maybe I should be more romantic.

I inhale remembering that the official thing to do is to get down on one knee.

Isabella covers her mouth when she sees me do it.

"Will you marry me?"

"Yes," she shouts, jumping up and down a little, "I do!"

I slide the engagement ring on her ring finger at the same moment Isabella throws herself on top of me making me fall backward, she makes a trail of kisses on my face, and I can't hide my big smile as I wrap my arms around her body.

"I want to get married this weekend; do you agree?"

She freezes, still lying on the cold cement floor.

"This weekend?" she repeats, muses, and then smiles broadly. "Yes, I agree to make it this weekend. I love you so much, Edward."

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