Author's Notes: Well, look here, I made the fic I said I would make six months ago. I just had to get this one out, after all, I know how much people like Kaworu x Asuka; looks at how Discussion and Fornication has the lowest views, favorites, and alerts out of all my Fics. -COUGH- Anyways this is a sequel to that fic about everyone's favorite couple and yada yada this is a lemon so viewer discretion and what not and it took me a bit, but I like it, so here we go. Also, I just realized that today is Asuka's birthday, so this is kind of appropriate, kind of.

Anger was an all too familiar sensation to Asuka Langley Soryu. Childhood companions one could say. And it was Asuka who could confirm how apt a descriptor fire was for Anger. They truly acted as such. It could be started by something as small as a spark of annoyance, it's easier to put it out here, but some fail to do so. This spark begins to fester until it finds fuel through irritation, from there it grows. It gets hotter and brighter, sizzling under the skin. It will only continue to grow when kept inside, until it starts to seep and eventually burst out. Sometimes, the fire would fizzle out into cinders that could reignite if left alone, other times, it simply shrunk to a flame waiting to be stoked.

Asuka wasn't one to bottle up her anger, letting it out whenever she feels it, whether that be through complaints or violence. It was a vain attempt at having control over her anger. Though despite the lack of gratification it usually gave her, she still often kept the fire alive. It may seem idiotic to do so, but the redhead preferred the heat and hunger that was anger over the other cold sensation that always lingered not too far behind. Loneliness.

Unlike anger that felt like a growing inferno, loneliness was much like a growing hole. And it had plenty to grow off of. Asuka was literally from a different country than the one she was in, where she had to speak a different language, where she only had a few people that she could truly call friends, and as much as she may dislike some of the conditions in the fatherland, Japan just did not have the same feeling of home as Germany.

But why let that make her feel lonely, when she can use it to make her angry.


If it wasn't for the stupid Angels, she would never have had to come to Japan.

She wouldn't have had to spend all her time training to be an Eva pilot, instead of making friends and having a childhood.

If it wasn't for Eva, her mom wouldn't have gone crazy.

If it wasn't for that doll, her mother might've still been alive.

If it wasn't for her idiot of a father, she wouldn't have a stupid stepmother who tries to act like her mom.

If it wasn't for Misato's meddling, she wouldn't have to live in the drunkard's apartment.

She wouldn't need to go to school when she already has a high school degree.

If it wasn't for that drunk, she wouldn't need to deal with that stupid idiot Shinji.

If it wasn't for that idiot Shinji, she wouldn't have to have doubts surrounding whether she's the best.

She wouldn't need to be one upped by the bastard, even when he acts like an idiot and nearly gets himself killed.

She wouldn't need to feel conflicted.

She wouldn't have to pay mind to her, the first child

If it wasn't for her, she wouldn't be reminded of that damn doll.

She wouldn't have to be the second child.

She wouldn't have been humiliated in front of their whole class.

She wouldn't have to feel inferior.

She wouldn't have to feel pitied.

She wouldn't have to doubt.

She wouldn't have to win.

She wouldn't have to be the best.

She wouldn't have to be herself.

She wouldn't have to yearn for 'him'.

Asuka grunted as she punched the door of the utility closet again, her knuckles stung slightly. But it was a distraction she welcomed. The anger she initially used was starting to flicker and fade as she could feel herself getting tired. The dying fire only served to illuminate the hole trying to grow within. She wanted to punch and kick and gnaw, but her energy was starting to burn away.

She slammed her head on the door. Growling as her mind was intruded by seeing the two of them together. One of her hands fell to her side, and she could feel it through her skirts pocket

The drunk had given it to her and teased her. The girl grits her teeth as she remembered how she was mocked about how she was spending time with 'him'. And it made her angry that she had still kept it afterwards.

She doesn't even know why she'd have it on her person normally, why would she need to use it, let alone when she was going to see that idiot. She shouldn't have even decided to come to see him at all.

It was stupid of her to have felt guilty in the first place when that idiot Shinji was the one who decided to act cocky, she should've just stayed in her room. What would she have even said to him? Sorry? But why would she need to apologize? And it's not like there's anything else to talk about.

She must have deluded herself. They weren't friends, hardly even acquaintances.

Besides, she was there. She should've expected it really.

Of course, wonder-girl would be with her keeper, that idiot was always saying he was going to visit one of his stupid friends, but she knew the truth, he was off to go play House with his doll.

But what really pissed her off was that she couldn't get them out of her head.

She shouldn't care about those two idiots or what they do.

They shouldn't bother her. They shouldn't be able to get to her damn it!

She numbly notes a faint rhythm getting closer, but she's still focused on those two.

It disgusts her, the thought of those two acting so lovey-dovey.


Why can't she just forget about them? Why dammit?

She already came to terms about those two idiots being a couple, no matter how much she'd rather not think of them. So, why does seeing them do this to her?

Why does it rile her up so much?

Asuka sucked in a breath. Whatever, she just needs to distract herself with something else. Anything really.





The voice pulled her out her mind. Turning her head to look over her shoulder, the German girl saw that the one who called her name was 'him'.

"... Kaworu…" The girl acknowledged the boy, as he stood right behind her. He looked her in the eyes, his red was not nearly as bad as hers.

The pale boy didn't say anything as his eyes shifted to look at one of her fists that were still resting on the door of the utility closet. Following them, she could see that he was looking at her knuckles that were red with irritation, one was even starting to bleed lightly.

Moving his hands gently, Kaworu moved to her side so he could reach her wrists. Pulling them lightly, he turned her to face him, lifting her hands so he could look at them.

"Hmm… what has gotten you so upset?" He asked with a calm expression as he gently brushed his thumb over the back of her hand.

"..." Asuka didn't respond as she remembered the targets of her ire. Kaworu took in her silence with a breath.

"It was because you saw her there with him, wasn't it?" He questioned in a steady tone as his eyes shifted up to her face, but the redheaded girl looked away slightly.

"...shut up…" she murmured, but her bite was dull.

"You know… it's okay to be upset Asuka," The silver haired teen told the fiery girl, "... but it'd be better if you didn't end up hurting yourself".

He emphasized by gently tugging her wrists.

"...Hm" Was all she replied with, not really having anything to say. The boy then took one of her palms and grasped it.

"Here, we can go back to mine, and I'll get you some ice for your hands," He said, using his other hand to turn her to face him, "If that's alright with you?"

"Fine…" She said before allowing him to tug her hand to follow him as the pair started to walk through the gray halls.

Asuka had begun calming from her rage, but now she felt odd.

He always seemed to make her feel like this. As if she was both in control and had no control over the situation. Kaworu seemed to just know what buttons of hers to press, and yet, would cease everything he does if she were to tell him to stop it.

She feels weaker whenever she's with him, like none of her defenses will work against him. But she also feels like she doesn't need to be so worried about that around him.

It made her feel weird inside.

But lighter.

Either way, it felt better than anger.

And she knows…

If it wasn't for him, she really wouldn't want to feel.

Kaworu lived at the Geofront in one of the many apartments in the housing wing of Nerv.

Unlike the boy however, every other occupant who also lived down here in the Geofront was one of the many staff members. While certain areas of the Geofront tend to feel empty of people, the truth was that thousands of people worked here.

Though a majority of the staff were there to keep the entire place functioning and maintained, but of course Nerv is famous for its technology and science, and as such, they have a large research and development that focus on the Eva's and technology to combat the Angels, then there's obviously the many technicians who were stationed in the command center to aid the Eva units in their battles against the Angels, which of course requires maintenance crews for the Eva's, and finally there was Section-2 that dealt with the intelligence and security of Nerv.

With the nature of Nerv being a paramilitary organization that focuses on scientific advancement and the protection of the world against Angels, it had a very busy schedule for its employees. Thus of course, they made on site housing for their employees to take residence at.

A good portion of the staff had permanent residence in the Geofront, though some of them still had homes and families on the surface to go too. Most though, didn't have anything to go to on the surface.

Kaworu was different from the other pilots in that he didn't go to any school. He already had a high school degree, and unlike Asuka, didn't have a guardian who enrolled him into school. He also didn't have a guardian to stay with in Japan. Though, like the first child, he was listed as under Nerv's care.

Asuka couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the boy, more so at how he was lucky to not have any overbearing guardian making him retake school.

But she didn't voice her thoughts as she followed the boy into his apartment.

She had seen it once before and it didn't leave any remarkable impression on her.

It was bland. The apartment being a small affair. And what that means, is that it was one small room with one small bathroom. If two people were to stand apart and stretch their arms out they would be able to grab each other's arms and touch the walls of the room.

Upon walking into it one could see that half the room was taken up by a bed only big enough to fit two laying down barely, and a small trashcan next to a square desk past the head of the bed with a chair, lamp, and a little portable tv. There was a door on the side of the other wall that was next to a shelf built in the wall that led to the bathroom that would only be big enough for a toilet. There was no need for individual showers or kitchens with the cafeteria and showers Nerv already has.

Asuka slipped her shoes off and allowed herself to be led by Kaworu to the bed where he sat her down on it.

"I'll go get some ice," He said to her as he made to leave, "I'll be back in a minute"

The boy then walked out, closing the door behind him, leaving the redhead on his bed alone.

Looking around, there wasn't anything to note in the room. Other than a calendar next to the desk, and the shelves that had some of the boys' clothing folded neatly, the room just consisted of the same bland gray walls that made up Nerv Headquarters.

She didn't really know what to do, so she just sat there with her arms at her sides.

As she shifted slightly, she could still feel it in her pocket.

Should she use it with him?

She was on the fence about that idea.

It would be unbecoming of her to stoop to such a level of debauchery. She's supposed to be the best, to be above others. A part of her mind whispers to her about how she's already fallen to that level before, and how she savored it. She'd be lying to say that the thought of doing more things like that doesn't excite her, and she's mature enough. Though such things really shouldn't be done with just anyone.

But Kaworu isn't just anybody, is he?

They've known each other for a while now. Not even a year that is, but she hasn't known a lot of people here for a year. She's only known Hikari for less than a year, but she'd be willing to call the class representative her best friend. She was always willing to listen and take her side, and also just understood her better.

Kaworu was... somewhat similar. He listened to her and would take her side if she wanted, and seemed to understand her, though sometimes he'd push topics even when she didn't want him too, but in the end, she'd usually feel better when he did push instead of making her have to be the one to do it herself. Yet she was always hesitant to trust him.

Not that she didn't trust him at all, but she worried that he had a motive or wanted something.

Because why?

Why does he act so nice to her? Why is he willing to challenge her perspective, yet also hear it out? What does he want? Because he has to want something. Why else would this boy go through the trouble?

With the shower incident, she thought that his motivation was his libido.

Yet, he hasn't tried being as forceful as he was then. Even the day after when they ended up going to see a movie together before going back to her apartment, he was gentle when he touched her, and never asked for reciprocation.

The girl didn't even really know what to call her relationship with Kaworu, it was more than friends, yet she hesitated to call it romantic. She's not quite sure if she would want this to be a romantical relationship, though a part of her still wants to try it, another is weary. She's also somewhat anxious of what will happen if she were to accept it as such, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to try it.


It would help her to forget about everything else, at least for a bit.

So maybe…

Taking a deep breath, she'd just wait to see how things played out right now.

The door then opened to the apart as Kaworu walked in, throwing the door closed behind him. In one hand he held a slightly drip napkin bundle, presumably with ice in it.

He slipped out of his shoes before he went up and kneeled before her, taking her hands and placing the bundle on a set of her knuckles. The cold of the ice was soothing to her sore knuckles.

She didn't say anything as the boy then alternated hands, putting the ice on her other knuckles before moving her hand to rest on the bundle, then removing his own hands away so that she was icing her knuckles.

The boy then got up and sat down next to her.

"...Thanks." Asuka murmured as she alternated the ice between her hands.

"Of course," he replied, "Though… Do you want to talk about what happened?"

"No," She said without looking at him.

"... I don't want to make you feel pressured, but I do think it would be better if you did talk about it and let your thoughts out" The boy put his hand on the edge of her skirt as he scooted close.

"What's there to talk about?" The redhead questioned, "They just pissed me off…"

"Well yes, but why did they upset you?" He was looking at her, she could tell without seeing.

"She just had to be there, always trying to be around him like a damn puppy and acting like it's not obvious" Her voice had an edge as she spoke of the other girl.

"...So, you'd rather she wasn't there when you went to visit Shinji?" He asked her placatingly.

"Tsk, I shouldn't have even bothered wasting my time with him," Was all she responded with.

"Well, it's alright to be concerned for someone you know, especially after what happened with the Angel-"

"But I don't! That idiot shouldn't have acted like dummkopf, he tried to show me up and nearly got himself killed, that wasn't my fault!" Asuka huffed as she still refused to look him in the eyes.

"Your right," he told her, "Shinji did let himself get cocky and paid the price for it, that wasn't your fault, though you did egg him on, it was ultimately his decision to act arrogant"

Asuka didn't reply to that as her shoulders slightly untensed, something the girl didn't realize.

"But just because it was their own fault, doesn't mean you can't still worry when something bad happens to somebody you care about," Kaworu continued. The girl's grip on the ice tightened as she bristled.

"I don't care about him at all." She denied indignantly.

"... we both know that's not true Asuka" He looked at her pointedly.

"Shut up, it is true stupid," The girl angrily spat.

"-sigh- we can stop talking about this if you want, but it's still quite telling how you feel when you get so mad" The pale boy told her. She wasn't dumb, she knew that it was a trap to respond, her replying to him would mean she doesn't want to stop talking, but she had already opened her mouth.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well," The boy immediately started, knowing she fell for the ploy, "you essentially said that the only reason you got so angry was because Ayanami was already there when you were going to see Shinji, so then…"

Hearing her name made Asuka twitch, and she only got a worse feeling as Kaworu continued.

"'re jealous." He finished.

She gritted her teeth, "Why the hell would I be jealous of those idiots?!"

"... Because you wanted to be the one with Shinji,"

She took a breath as her grip still tightened despite the wet napkin in her hands leaking water.

"... don't be ridiculous, why the hell would I want to be with that idiot? It'd be embarrassing to be seen with that spineless wimp. I already have to deal with him enough, but to have him clinging to me and dragging my reputation down? And the thought of kissing him makes me sick, more so the idea of him touching me. So why would envy that stupid wonder girl if she has to put up with him and be his little doll? Tsk, besides aren't… we supposed to be a thing or whatever? If so…, why would I need to be jealous, seriously, are you insecure or something? Well, you don't need to worry, like I'd want to be that idiot" The redhead girl defended as she crossed her arms.

Kaworu deadpanned and blinked at the girl.

"Asuka… it's natural to be jealous," he began.

"I'm not jealous!"

"It's a natural thing, and it's okay to be so"

"It doesn't matter because I'm not,"

"But if you don't acknowledge that it exists, then you can't hope for it to go away,"

"You're the one who sounds like you're jealous, are you scared that idiot Shinji's gonna take me away or something," She mocked.

"-sigh- Asuka, I don't care that you like Shinji" The pale boy said, "I know that you like him, Asuka, of course you do, you've both been living together since you've arrived in Japan, and you both pilot Eva's and go to the same school. It's natural that you'd start to get a crush on him, Asuka. And of course, you'd get upset and jealous when he ended up dating another girl. That's alright Asuka. But it doesn't feel alright to you, and that's natural. It hurts, I know, but it will continue to hurt if you try to act like everything is fine. I like to think that we are a thing Asuka, but that doesn't mean that I expected all your feelings for Shinji to disappear, and neither should you. I only want to try and make you feel that way for me as well. Maybe if I could do that, it won't hurt when you see Shinji anymore. But the only way you're going to be able to get over this, is if you acknowledge that there is something to get over."



"...why?" She finally responded, "Why are you so… so… understanding? Why aren't you upset? Why am I upset? I shouldn't feel like this. Not for him. Not with you. So why?"

She didn't notice the slight wetness in her eyes.

"...Because your human Asuka," Kaworu told her as he put an arm around her shoulders, "humans aren't perfect, and that's a great thing. Because you're able to be yourself, be whoever you want to be. I like you the way you are Asuka, and you wouldn't be you if you were some perfect being, nobody would be who they actually are if they were perfect."


"... and... you don't need to be the best either Asuka... you don't need to be the best pilot, the best person, or the best anything really…" The girl turned to look at him trying to see what point he was trying to make.

"... because you're already the best you." He concluded with a smile as he looked into her eyes.

She turned away with a light blush,"...dummy"

"I'm being serious though, Asuka, you'd be boring if you were the best at everything, I rather like you as is" he told her as he reached to turn her face towards his, "And while that means you'll struggle at some things, you don't need to face those challenges alone. All you'd need to do is ask me, and I'll help however I can with anything you need"

"... you just say that because you want to get into my pants." She told him with a straight face. To the boy's credit, he didn't lose his composure, but it was a near thing with her suddenness, with a blush coming to his cheeks.

He cleared his throat, "-cough- -cough-... a-hem, I say this, Asuka… because I love you,".

Now it was Asuka's turn to lose her composure as she blushed furiously.

"Ah-um, what?!" She sputtered and pushed his face with one hand as she looked away from the boy, "Y-you can't just say things like that, you stupid dummy!"

The flustered girl put a hand on her face to hide its crimson color. The pale boy just had the audacity to chuckle into the hand she had on his face. Prying it off, he just looked at her with a smile.

"I don't see why not. I mean it's true, so why not just say it outright?" He questioned, and she knew he was wearing a cocky little smirk.

"Because! You just-! You can't-! Not like that!" She tried to explain but really didn't have a good reason.

"Well, how should I have said it then?" He asked genuinely.

"I-I I don't know?! I wasn't expecting you to say that it all!" Asuka answered honestly.

"Oh? Well, it doesn't make you uncomfortable, does it?" Kaworu looked a little concerned.

"W-well… I mean, n-not really, I just wasn't expecting it..." She turned to look at him, before looking down slightly.

"I see, but I really do mean it Asuka, I have come to love you, and I'll do whatever I can to support you," He reiterated.

The girl wasn't as flustered this time, but still blushed. It was weird to hear that being said to her, and she knew he was being genuine. It made her chest feel weird. But it wasn't unpleasant. Though she really didn't know what to say or do in response, it was very nice thing to hear after the day she had and made her feel like she should really do something.

She then thought back to the contents of her pocket.


It is not that she doesn't want to, but should she?

After what he's said, why not. Maybe it'll help her move on from that idiot.

A childish part of her still swoons for Mr. Kaji, but she knows that the drunk already has sunk her claws in him, and that her fantasy with the man is not going to happen. This was probably the best she could get at this time really. And she really wants to stop thinking about that idiot. And at least Kaworu treats her nice, so…

"Screw it…" She mumbled quietly.

"Hmm? What?" The boy asked.

"You said you'd do anything?" She questioned as she turned to look at him

He blinked, "Yeah, I'll do anything I can to help you".

"Then…" The redhead said as she put down the now soaked napkin onto the desk before reaching into her and presenting the contents to the boy with a bright blush, "w-we should do this."

Kaworu's eyes widened when he saw what was in her hands. It was a condom. She was asking him-

"D-do you want to have sex?" He looked into her eyes as he too sported a blush.

The German girl couldn't meet his eye as she replied, "W-whatever, y-you said you'll help m-me, so h-help distract me then"

"I'm not so sure if you should really want to have your first time be a distraction, Asuka" He told her as he took the condom in his hand, "but, if it's really what you want…"

"W-why does it matter anyways, it's just sex, it's not like I'm having sex with some stranger." She told him, "A-and i-it's not like we haven't done other stuff"

"W-we have, but this is quite a step up," Kaworu commented, "I-I want to know you're sure before we do anything irreversible"

"I-I'm sure dummy, I wouldn't have suggested otherwise." She said as she crossed her arms.

"A-alright then," he said, looking at the prophylactic device, then looked back at the girl, "So um, how do you want to do this?"

She then stood up, "You got to get undressed first, and put that on, and don't tear it, or I will kill you."

The redhead then walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Kaworu just blinked before doing as the girl instructed him with slight anticipation, stripping off his shirts, both the white button up and the orange t underneath, before then removing his pants and socks and placing the clothes on the floor next to the bed.

He then removed his underwear, at which point he noticed his member was already aroused from the knowledge that it will be having sex. At least that makes this next part simpler. Grasping the condom, he ripped open the seal before pulling out the device.

It was certainly strange looking, being a near translucent off-white color. He inspected it, noting no tears or anything wrong, until he found out which is the right side to insert himself in. Taking it, he placed it on his tip before unraveling it down his shaft. It was lightly lubricated and felt strange but not uncomfortable.

Sitting back down on the bed the door to the bathroom opened to reveal the now nude form of Asuka as she kept an arm holding her a10 nerve clips over breast as her hair was let down and her thighs close together.

Kaworu didn't waste any time in taking in the full sight of the girl's body. Still finding it a very pleasant view to look at, what with her smooth white skin, slim figure, and red hair whose carpets match the drape.

The girl was getting flustered at the way he stared at her, but she took a deep breath before standing straight, resting her hands, sore knuckles forgotten, on her hips, and puffing up her what the boy assumed was a c cup size chest, though he could be wrong.

She then strutted up to in front of him before telling the boy, "L-lay down, I-I'm going to be on top"

The silver haired boy immediately obeyed and laid on his back, moving the beds blanket to the side, his member standing stiff as he did so.

Asuka eyed the appendage before huffing, reaching over and putting her clips on the desk. She then moved to straddle him by the thighs, throwing a leg on the other side of him before sitting on his legs.

The girl's heart was beating fast as she looked at how close the boy's penis was to her own genitals. The inevitability of what is going to happen made her both apprehensive and somewhat exhilarated.

He, however, couldn't help but gulp as he soaked in the image of the German beauty straddling him without any clothes on, his member unconsciously twitched.

The redhead was hesitant for a moment but took a few breaths before shifting herself forward so that she was hovering her nether lips over his tip. She rested her hands on the boy's chest as she steadied herself. She found herself suddenly more nervous than previously before. She attempted to calm herself with the fact that she had gotten herself aroused while prepping in the bathroom, and that she had played with herself before. It slightly assuaged her nerves, enough so for her to take the next step.

Lower her hips she met resistance initially between her genitals and his. The boy moved his hands to help, but she stopped him by quickly grabbing his shaft, an action that made the boy wince and back down. With her hand steading him, she continued to lower herself.

Sucking in a breath, she felt his tip enter her. It felt foreign to her, as it is. She tried to take some more, but the shock that went up her spine only let her get a little over half his member before she stopped and sat there.

"Ar-Are you a-alright?" Kaworu asked in concern despite the strange pleasure developing his lower appendage, which was minorly dulled due to the rubber he had on.

"M' fine" Asuka breathed out as she took in the situation. Her virginity was no more, she was now a real woman, a fact which gave her a little gratification.

Steading herself, she then lifted her hips slightly, making the pale boy beneath her suck in a breath at the sudden stimulation, before she moved her hips back down. She then repeated this action, again, and again.

Falling into a rhythm, she leaned forward to keep herself upright. An almost trembling sensation filled her loins as she moved the boy's member into and out of herself.

Though she'd rather not, she couldn't help but pant lightly as she kept moving her hips, it was pretty tiring to keep doing. However, the enjoyment she felt was slightly greater than the discomfort, and so she continued, as she wanted to stay the one on top and in charge.

The silver headed boy below was finding himself to be quite susceptible to his partner's movement. Quite sure he would have already finished by now if it was not for the condom's slight reduction of sensation, though despite that, it was still a challenge to not finish prematurely. He would like to make the girl reach her orgasm, but isn't certain whether he can last long enough, still he'd try.

Noticing the panting of her breath, he realized she was doing all the work. Quickly, he moved to alleviate her efforts. Resting his hand on her hips, he helped to keep her waist moving.

Asuka was silently grateful for the aid, closing her eyes as she kept herself moving into the pleasurable stimulation. As she lowered herself down, she slipped further and bottomed out, taking the entire genital in her. The jolt that was sent up her back in response made her go stiff and stop for a moment. Leaning over him, some of her hair slipped over her shoulder to rest on the boy as she caught her breath above him.

Meanwhile Kaworu was both somewhat tense, wanting to resume, and a bit thankful that they stopped for a moment before he couldn't hold back anymore.

This moment of rest was short lived as the girl would then proceed to start grinding her hips into his. The boy's head fell back as he took in the sensation while she would bite her lip as the voice of her pleasure bubbled in her throat.

He groaned as she started to get a little faster and started to shift up and down slightly as well. Looking up at her, he could see the pretty white face of his partner contorted slightly as if trying to endure the pleasure, he could see her pink lips tremble, all while her red hair continued to grow more disheveled and unkempt with movement.

One word came to his mind,


Propping himself up on his elbows, Kaworu then leaned up to Asuka in order to catch her lips with his. Her eyes opened in surprise at the sudden kiss, but she leaned back into it, her movements returning to grinding into him.

Massaging her lips, he gently started to slip his tongue into her mouth while she also did the same. The two became engrossed in one another, his hands rubbing up and down her lower back while she ran hers around his chest.

She moaned into his mouth as he lightly thrusted into her.

Asuka's legs started to feel weak as she started to feel her loins tremble more and more. She started moving quicker, trying to get herself over the edge.

"H-hah, Asuka…" Kaworu breathed out before he bit his lips and groaned as he tried to keep himself from climaxing. He thanked God that he had a strong will as she continued.

"K~Kaworu~" Was all she was able to get out as her voice as she

Never had he felt more relief than when he felt her quiver around him as she couldn't stop the moan that came out of her mouth while balling her hands on his chest.

The pale boy let go of his continence and almost immediately started to ejaculate in the condom, letting out a breath as he laid his head back.

The redhead followed suit as she leaned forward, the boy's member slipping out of her, and laid herself on top of him, panting as she did so, feeling exhausted from their activities.

The pair stayed unmoving in their afterglow for a minute, until Kaworu moved his hand that wasn't under Asuka to remove the used condom from his now limp appendage. He tossed in the trash can between his bed and desk, grateful for it landing inside and not on the floor.

"~sigh~... so that was sex," he stated aloud as he thought about the previous event.

"" Asuka acknowledged, though still clearly tired.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked the girl as her head rested on his shoulder and in the crook of his neck. Kaworu got the sense her face was deadpanned as she lightly shook her head.

"M' glad," he replied, and it was true, "Well… do you feel better than earlier"

"... yeah" she quietly said as she again shook her head.

"That's good" The boy then ran his free through the hair that was running down the girl's back.

"Mm…" She found it enjoyable how he stroked his hand through her hair.

"You look really beautiful with your hair down," He told her, "But it's still beautiful when you have it up as well"

"...dummy" The girl whispered quietly.

She felt tired, but content.

Sex was strange, but in a good way. She didn't regret it.

And right now, her mind was too exhausted to worry about anything more than what was happening now. It was comfortable in a way. No burning anger filled her, but neither did that emptiness. Just a content acceptance for what has happened.

She found the pale boy's chest to be quite warm and cozy. And there was a gleeful feeling inside of her as she rested her head on Kaworu. Her knuckles didn't sting, and her heart didn't ache.

Dimly Asuka couldn't help but think that perhaps if she sticks around with Kaworu some more, she might be able to become familiar with this warm happy feeling. Though she didn't bother to ponder much on this as her eyelids felt heavy and started to close.

"I'm guessing you'll be staying here tonight" She heard his voice ask, and she just shook her head and closed her eyes.

Kaworu, seeing her shake her head, just reached over to the blanket tossed aside before he draped it over.

"Love you Asuka," he murmured as he stroked her hair.

He was happy to be her, and to experience new things, but he couldn't help the small amount of guilt in his heart.

Numbly, he noted that he kind of had to use the restroom, but he was distracted at the little voice in his head that thought back to before he found Asuka in the hall, at the conversation he had, and it yelled at him hypocrite.

He didn't want to hurt her, but he was scared he might just do that. But he'd try his best, for her. To ease her pain and make her happy.

So, he'd savor these moments, when all seemed to be right in the world.

Author's Notes: Took me half a year to get around to doing it, but I did it. I got hit by the usual procrastination, then got distracted, then got writers block, then got busy, then got sick, then had to make up my work, then got sick again, until I got bored and decided to just write the damn thing, then I had to spend like an hour trying to think of a title that fits the dumb format I chose, but here we are. Remember when I said it might take a week or a month, that was lie. Anyways I just finally got around to making this. Dunno when the next fic will be out, or what it will be about. Maybe I'll make another story before 2023, or during idk. Maybe I'll make a Wattpad account or something. Until then, I still got to post this on Ao3.