Usagi sighed, not again. She had gotten another bad grade again. How was she supposed to take this home to her mom? No way her mom would be happy with a grade like this. Usagi sighed again and started walking, she stared at her paper dejectedly. Why did this keep happening to her? Actually Usagi knew. She had chosen to read manga instead of studying. But it wasn't her fault that manga was so much better than studying! It wasn't fair! Uneo gets great scores even when he doesn't study! Why couldn't she do that? Usagi, mourning her grade, was not looking where she was walking, because of this she did not notice her foot getting caught in a crack in the sidewalk, so Usagi fell, and her test flew out of her hands.

Usagi hit the ground face first. Just her luck. Why was she born so clumsy?

"Are you alright?" A voice asked, and Usagi looked up.

Kneeling next to her was an older girl, with beautiful seaweed green curls for hair, and deep blue eyes.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." Usagi managed to say, as she sat up.

The older girl smiled at her, warmly.

"You have such pretty eyes. You must have been a princess in your past life."

Usagi felt her face heat up, from a mix of her being embarrassed, and flustered.

"O-oh you think so? I'm Tsukino Usagi, what's your name?" Usagi asked, feeling a little awkward.

Usagi noted that the older girl looked at her with a strange fondness, as if she was someone very precious.

"I'm Kaiou Michiru. It's nice to meet you Usagi." Michiru paused,

"You don't mind if I call you Usagi do you?"

Usagi blinked,

"Oh. Yeah it's fine." Usagi said with a small shrug of her shoulders.

Michiru's smile grew,

"Alright then, I suppose it's only fair if you call me Michiru in return then."

Usagi nodded, that made sense.

"Oh, I believe this is yours, Usagi." Michiru held out her hand, holding her Usagi's test.

Usagi suddenly felt very embarrassed again, someone had seen it. Someone had seen her grade. Usagi could barely look at the paper and averted her eyes. She knew what it said, there was a twenty eight written in red marker on the front.

"T-Thank you…very much" Usagi took the paper from Michiru's hand, her own hands shook slightly.

"There's no need to be embarrassed about it. Everyone will get a bad grade from time to time." Michiru reassured,

Usagi looked away again,

"Well…I tend to get bad grades…alot…like almost…every time." Usagi spoke trailing off as she spoke.

To Usagi's surprise Michiru didn't laugh nor scold her, she just continued to smile,

"If it would help, I could help you study sometime."

Usagi was taken aback by the kind offer,


Mirichu nodded,

"Yes, I would love to help, but it's up to you though."

Usagi was thrilled, not that she'd ever admit it, because she hated studying. Anyway that wasn't the part she was thrilled about. It was more so that Michiru offered to help, instead of laughing or gloating about her better grades like Uneo did.

"That would be great!" Usagi spoke excitedly,

Michiru looked more excited at the prospect of studying with her then Usagi was herself. Which struck her as a bit odd since she was sure that Michiru didn't need help studying. If she did why would she offer to help Usagi?

Usagi watched as Michiru wrote something down on a piece of paper,

"Do you have a phone at your house?"

Usagi blinked, registering Michiru's question,

"Umm…yeah! I do!"

Michiru smiled and handed Usagi a piece of paper which had a set of numbers on it. Was it a phone number?

"This is the number for the phone at my apartment. Please call sometime."

Usagi looked at the paper,


Michiru stood up,

"I'm very sorry Usagi but I need to go now. I hope to see you later."

Usagi watched as Michiru walked off. Usagi smiled. Michiru was very nice. Usagi wondered if they could become friends or were they already friends? Usagi oddly felt safe around Michiru which didn't make much sense since they only just met. Usagi wondered about this as she stood up to make her way home.

Michiru smiled to herself, and felt a bit giddy as she opened the door to her apartment. What a surprise she had assumed the princess had been reincarnated but she never expected to meet her. Precious Princess Serenity who had always been a guiding light in her life as she stayed in her solitary post in the outer solar system. Princess Serenity…well it was Usagi now. Usagi then, Usagi was sweet, and rather adorable in the way she reacted to things. Usagi, her precious princess, appeared to have no memories, although she looked nearly identical to her appearance in past life. Usagi's lack of memories was a relief to Michiru. Having no memories meant there was less chance of her getting involved with everything. With Mugen, and the Death Busters. The aliens that were lurking within this area. Michiru knew that interacting with Usagi could be dangerous. She knew she shouldn't, but now that she met Usagi she couldn't ignore her. She could protect her, she'd protect Usagi, she would keep her princess safe.

"Michiru?" Haruka called, walking into the room.

Michiru smiled lovingly at Haruka, her beloved.

Haruka was also Sailor Uranus, both a man and woman. While she herself was Sailor Neptune.

Michiru couldn't not tell Haruka because she knew Harkua loved the princess just as much as she did.

"You're later than usual, did something happen?" Haruka asked,

Michiru was quiet for a moment,

"Harkua you know how we always assumed that the princess, and everyone else who died were reincarnated as well?"

Haruka paused and looked at her strangely,

"Well the princess was reincarnated. I met her today. I thought you'd like to meet her as well, because you care for her too."

Michiru stared Haruka in the eyes waiting for a response,

"I…are you sure that's wise?" Came Haruka's response,

"It's fine! It's fine…she has no memories, she doesn't have to know anything." Michiru reasoned, sounding a little bit desperate.

Haruka paused thinking,

"Well I suppose it's alright. If we stay away from Mugen."

"The princess…she has a new name doesn't she? Do you know what it is?"

Michiru smiled,

"It's Tsukino Usagi."

Unbeknownst to Michiru, and Haruka the time of their princesses awakening was near, as in the dead of night a cat wandered the streets.