Earthbound, Unbound: A Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, 5D, ZEXAL, ARC-V, VRAINS or any of their associated characters: all rights belong to Kazuki Takahashi, Konami and all other respective creators. I do not own any other crossover references used in the story: all rights belong to their original creators. I do own any OC Spells and OC Cards that are explained either in-chapter or at the end of a chapter.

Plot: doctor3027's Harry Potter and the Vessels of the Earthbound Response: Centuries ago, our world was almost conquered by an ancient evil. But then, the evil was locked away. But now, the Earthbound rise again to take their revenge, and take the world along with it.

Challenge Information: Long ago humanity was once threatened by ancient mystical beings borne from the world itself. These beings were thought to be unbeatable, till one day the mystics of the great civilizations came together and sealed them away into the very land that bore them. Now 5,000 years later the seals have begun to break, letting few of the souls 'Earthbound' free to be reborn! Here a abandoned child shall soon wake up, and follow his destined path to lead his fellows and bring down the civilization of man. Now kneel before Harry Potter, the first of the old gods reborn!

Requirements: WBWL

James alive

James and Dumbledore bashing

Dark/Evil Harry

(Slight YuGiOh 5d's crossover) The Earthbound are basically the Nazca Lines.

Harry and his fellow Earthbound slowly put into motion events that will cause many casualties.

The world itself is alive and created the Earthbound to reset humanity back to before the stone age.

Modern wizards don't know anything about the Earthbound due to most(but not all) knowledge of them being erased.

Recommended: Harry or any of the other Earthbound can convert a human or wizard into a vessel for a still sealed god.

Voldemort tries to get the Earthbound on his side but fails and pays the price (either killed or cursed).

Harry is the Condor Earthbound (this is optional)

Pairings are up to the author.

Forbidden: Harry/male characters

Light or grey Harry

The Earthbound betraying each other or being controlled by any wizards.

Any magical government being able to control one of them.

Author's Note: So, despite my own wishes to not begin a new story, least of all one with such depth, the thought of a Dark/Evil Harry story with one of my favourite anime/manga/games as a crossover was just too tempting.

Like Snake in the Garden-level tempting.

So, here we are; now, obviously, this isn't going to actually follow any YGO canon; instead, it's one of those kinds of stories where the XOver element – in this case, the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG/Duel Monsters game – exists in Harry's world, so get ready for a LOT of seriously AU elements and, at best, possibly only a cameo or two from our heroes in the YGO franchise – meaning Yugi, Kaiba, Pegasus etc.

Anyway, let the games begin…

Added Note: And, speaking of YGOTCG/Duel Monsters, this story's cards and rules are ONLY going as far as ZEXAL, so there'll be Synchro and XYZ monsters, but no LINK or Pendulum Monsters, partially because I find those ones difficult to write and imagine and partially because this is what I chose.

Also, expect some 'animising' of card effects – what I mean is either cards featured in the anime will be anime effect and not TCG effect or, in the case of OC cards, more based around anime effects than TCG effects.

Finally, like my other HP/YGO XOver, I am dividing the key points of this story between 'arcs/seasons' though it's unknown right now how many. All I can say for sure is that they will, pretty much, take up most of, if not all canon years, so…enjoy.

Recommended Reads: Yugioh GX: Emperor of Darkness and Yugioh GX: Celestial War by YugiohFreak54, Harry Potter and the Duel Academy and Harry Potter and the Tri-Academy Tournament by A Pair of New Shoes, Harry Potter and the Crimson Magic by Matarra, Different Dimension Duellist by The Mad Prince, Death's Gravekeeper by TheSilverboar, Harry Potter GX, Harry potter GX season 2, Harry potter GX season 3 and Harry potter GX season 4 by diamondholder and The darkness returns by craighorner88

Key Pairing: Dark/Evil Harry/Bellatrix/Luna; Jack-OMC/Hermione;

Other Pairings: To be determined

Normal Speech


'Spirit/Shadow Speech'


{OC Card Descriptions}


Chapter 1: The Prodigal Son

Thousands of years ago, long before magic became a more-diluted, paranoia-fuelled bastardisation of its once-former glory, there lived a race of beings so powerful in magic, they could create living, breathing, terrifying demons from the pits of darkest despair. Fuelled by the power of the Underworld, and in possession of Shadow Magic, the likes of which had not been seen since the Dark War with Zorc, these mages formed pacts with dark, ancient powers, offering them the world, if these powers gave the humans power.

And so, the Earthbound Immortals were born: each harnessing the spirit of a beast of great and terrible power.

The Condor.

The Reptile.

The Monkey.

The Giant.

The Whale.

The Spider.

The Hummingbird.

And, worst of all, deadliest of all, most-feared and revered – by those who worshipped the Earthbound as Gods amongst Men – was their leader.


With the Dragon at the head, figuratively-speaking, the Earthbound Immortals laid waste to all who worked against them, ruling the world and dividing the spoils up amongst themselves. Even ancient magical sites, such as Ancient Mesopotamia, Atlantis, El Dorado and even Avalon, the Land of the Eternals itself were not spared from their evil.

Then, one fated day, a single being rose up: a soul born of power and greatness, who decided to amass an army of their own; a legion with which to combat and topple the reigns of the Earthbound Immortals.

Driven by Light Magic, and in possession of powers said to be the antithesis to the Earthbound, these new warriors managed to drive back seven of the eight Immortals, sealing their power, seemingly, for all eternity, within the glyphs known as the Nazca Lines.

As for the Dragon, the leader of the Immortals, he waged a war with the Lightsiders that was so terrible, it sank Atlantis, laid waste to Ancient Mesopotamia and even brought about the fall of his own Empire of Evil, taking hundreds upon thousands upon MILLIONS of souls with him.

And when the dust settled, the heroes embraced the survivors, helping put the horrors behind them.

In time, the world moved on.

It grew.

And the people chose to forget about the Dark Ones, as well as their Master of Death leader and commander, since no power on this earth could ever be used to revive the Earthbound, so that they could have the chance to finish what they started.

Or so we thought…


He didn't understand.


Why had he been left in darkness?

Why had Daddy abandoned him, claiming he was not his son and that Daddy was Daddy no longer?

Did they not love him anymore?

Did they not want him anymore?

He…he didn't understand…

All he knew, all he could really understand, was that he was getting cold, weak, hungry and scared; with no way back to Daddy, no matter how much he screamed for the man to come back and help him, he was getting weaker.

And the night was getting darker.

And the air was getting colder.

Maybe…maybe it was just easier for him to stay where he was.

To lie down, hoping some big, scary monster might come along and end him first, gobbling him up as monsters were known to do.

Maybe then…he could…rest…


Suddenly, in the darkness of the night, two emerald-green eyes, rich with the colour of Death, snapped open.

And, in the darkness of the night, the white sclera outlining those uniquely-bright, empowering emerald-green eyes suddenly turned black, before a cold, ancient, powerful voice broke from between his lips.



Some Years Later






A chorus of abject disbelief, as well as horror, alarm and dread, filled what had, moments earlier, been a quiet, celebration-fuelled campsite as the revellers present at the Quidditch World Cup ran for the exits, tripping over tents, campfires and stalls, whilst knocking past and barging into one another as they ran around like a bunch of headless chickens.

And, all the while, a single chorus of unintelligible chanting, as well as dark roars that seemed to fill the once-peaceful night sky with cries of terror and hunger, caused the fear levels to rise higher and higher as a band of figures, all of whom were cloaked in thick, dark robes, each one of them with masks depicting deformed, altered shapes, moved through the campsite.

And yet, despite the horrors and the fact that there were more victims than there were attackers, not one of the witches or wizards present seemed to notice that something was off with the beings they dubbed Death Eaters.

For one thing, none of them drew wands, and yet, they all seemed to possess the ability to throw plumes, balls and even waves of purple-coloured fire at their intended victims. To many people's horror, when the flames struck a victim, their bodies were immediately consumed by it, leaving nothing, not even a skeleton or a wisp of remains of the burned-up victims.

For another, the Death Eaters usually wore less-flamboyant, terrifying-to-behold visages over their faces – most notably silver skull-like masks that all but obscured their identities – while these beings wore their masked cowls proudly, each of the symbols on their masks shining ominously as more and more fire fed on the bodies and lives of more and more victims.

However, the final thing that was wrong with the picture was the fact that each one of these Death Eaters also seemed to be uncaring as to who or what got in their way.






It didn't matter to them; their flames consumed the victims regardless, filling the air with screams while, in amongst the ritualistic, horrifying chants of the attackers, a single, distorted voice suddenly cried out to the retreating insects.


The speaker, a single, heavily-cloaked-and-masked individual, laughed like a demon possessed as they surveyed the land, looking out across the ruins before, letting out an excited cry of maniacal intent, they pointed to one particular bunch of retreating victims.

"Well, well, well! Lookie what we have here, my friends! Forget the rabble…bring me that weakling's soul!"


Jackson – known as Jack to his friends – Albus James Potter had only a moment to find his feet before he turned when he heard the leader of these odd-looking Death Eaters address him, sicing the lesser-looking Death Eaters on Jack and his friends.

Behind him, Ronald Weasley – Jack's best friend, closest thing to a brother and most-loyal companion, as well as ass-licker – reached out to grab his friend, dragging him along the ruined path. At the same time, Hermione Granger – a girl who Jack and Ron had only allowed to be friends with them because she got them through their classes and, in return, Jack let her meet and study under his Mum, Lily's guidance – let out a scream of terror as a wave of purple fire narrowly missed them.

"What the bloody hell?" asked Ron, ducking under the fire, while Hermione knocked Jack to the ground, earning a very brief look of supposed gratitude from the raven-haired boy with the brightest shade of green eyes in all Magical History.

"Why are they coming for us?" asked Hermione, earning a scoff from Jack.

"Duh, Hermione! It's cause I'm the one that took out old Snake Face!" insisted Jack, unaware of Hermione rolling her eyes as he added, "So who better to target with this freaky Dark Magic of theirs than the Boy-Who-Lived?"

"Oooh!" Laughed the leader of the attackers, earning frightened looks from the teens as they turned to see the unknown individual now advancing on them, rubbing their hands together excitably as their distorted voice asked, "So you are the one, are you? I knew you were important to the Master, but I never would have guessed you were basically His Most Wanted. Come-come Jackie-boy: if you surrender to us, and let me feed you to my Master, I promise. We'll spare your little cheerleaders."

"Expelliarmus!" insisted Jack, earning an alarmed look from Hermione, while the leader batted the would-be spell away without much effort.

"Oh, my!" laughed the seemingly-psychotic individual. "You have a lot of spunk in those shrivelled-up raisins between your legs, don'tcha? Quite a lot of fight in you, Potter; good, I like that!"


Suddenly, even Jack had to look around in amazement and disbelief, before his eyes, as well as those of his two friends, widened in abject disbelief when what could only be described as a burst of white lightning struck the ground, sending the hooded-and-masked underlings flying away in terror.

As for the leader, they turned with a snarl, "Who dares defy the will of my Lord? Show yourself: I'm suddenly in the mood for an appetiser!"

To Jack, Ron and Hermione's disbelief, the interloper and one who defied the lord's will was revealed to be a tall, pale-skinned individual with a hooded long-coat, which seemed to billow out around them like wings, much like the white duster and purple overcoat of a certain KC CEO was known to do. The stranger had one arm raised in a horizontal position, earning curious looks from the teens before, as she stared at the stranger, noticing their stance and the air of certainty that clung to them, Hermione gasped in realisation.


"What?" asked Ron.

"Put on your D-Scope, Ronald!" insisted Hermione, drawing what looked like a small earpiece, similar to a Bluetooth headset, from her left-side jacket pocket. Slipping the device over her left ear, Hermione tapped it three times before she drew herself up slowly as she spoke again.

"Attivare; passcode: Athena's Grace."

Suddenly, the headset lit up with flashing mystical lights before what could only be described as a small visor formed over Hermione's left eye, the visor briefly flashing with the symbol of House Gryffindor – the House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to which the young girl had bene sorted into – before it flickered and sparked with magical energy.

As Jack and Ronald slowly followed suit, speaking their own passwords – Chudleys Rule for Ronald and Mischief Managed for Jack – all three of them gasped in unison when the field in front of them suddenly changed. Where, seconds ago, the stranger might have looked unusual, if not comedic, in their stance, now, with their D-Scopes activated, the trio could see that the newcomer had a long, curved device attached to his arm, with a five-pointed star mounted over the top, as well as what looked like a deck of cards slotted into a space next to the star.

Curiously, however, the masked attacker didn't seem too fazed by it as, instead, they laughed, "So…a new toy has come to play, have you? Aww, and you even brought a pretty little M-Disk to make this interesting? Very well, little boy: Mummy will have her fun with you before she decides to feed on these yummies. Besides, a good old-fashioned Shadow Game is much tastier than a measly Flame Spell."

"Shadow Game?" chorused the trio, though Hermione sounded horrified, while Jack and Ron sounded confused, if not suspicious.

The words were no sooner out of their mouths before their whole world was enveloped by more purple fire, trapping both the leader of the attackers and the defiant stranger in its grip.

As the flames lit up, however, Hermione's eyes widened when, against the glow of the fire, she noticed something about their would-be protector.

Something she couldn't believe…and yet, there was no mistaking what she could see.

Locks of raven-black hair poking out beneath the hood of the rescuer's coat.

Emerald-green eyes that burned with pure malice and determination, neither of which, to Hermione's curiosity, had a D-Scope attached to it.

And there, just visible on one side of his face, a V-shaped scar that looked like someone had let a snake sink its fangs into him, leaving a memorable reminder etched onto his skin. "Jack…"

"What?" asked the Boy-Who-Lived, even as the familiar cry filled the air.

Although even the roar of DUEL couldn't hide the exclamation from Hermione as she pointed a shaking finger at their rescuer…

"I…I don't want to upset you or nothing, but…but I think…I think that's your brother standing there!"

"What?" asked Jack, looking to the figure standing opposite the crazed attacker, before he shook his head defiantly as he glared daggers at Hermione, who seemed to be watching the two combatants much closer than her peers.

"Don't talk rubbish, Hermione Jean Granger: in case you forgot, my brother has been dead for ten years! Dad saw the body himself, so don't make up stories just because you think you can have all the answers! Just keep your mouth shut and watch this duel; maybe you'll learn something about real duelling along the way, not just swotting up on books."

Wow, talk about an intense start, but one also filled with questions: Harry's dead? Jack Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived and, apparently, someone other than the Death Eaters want to bring chaos?

What does all this have to do with that weird scene at the start and, for once, could our favourite brunette be wrong?

After all, how could a dead man rise again? (I dunno; worked for Voldemort, didn't it?)

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: The mysterious rescuer takes on the equally-mysterious and frightening attacker, revealing a few titbits to the teens along the way, such as something that, for one of them, shouldn't be possible, seeing as how they haven't learned about that yet;

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AN: Portrayal

Jack Potter: Daniel Radcliffe

(Harry and his twin are identical twins; I never understand why some make the WBWL look different. Plus, imagine the chaos: a stern, supposedly-lost and trained DR against the immature eccentric we know he can portray in more up-to-date movies?

Talk about a recipe for disaster and fun…)

AN2: D-Scope

Also, for those wondering, the idea for the D-Scope is based on the device from the old Pokemon XD game, Gale of Darkness, on the Gamecube, as well as the Duel Gazer from ZEXAL; weird? Maybe, but a further explanation is coming, so be patient, friends.

Also, the disk that Harry and co duels with is partially based on Kaiba's duel disk from the Dark Side of Dimensions movie; again, an explanation is coming, but, for now, let's just say that these disks can only be seen and activated with D-Scopes.


Well, magic and technology don't mix, but magic, illusions and holograms?