A child ran up the stairs of the stone house. His pajamas showed that it was almost time for him to go asleep. The moon outside shone with the light of a thousand suns. Every star in the sky was alight with white flame.

A woman followed the child. Her footsteps were almost non-existent as she walked up the stairs. She followed after the boy, entering his room.

The boy was climbing into his bed, which was almost too tall for him to get into. He jumped lightly as he pulled himself up. He wormed under the covers.

The woman sat on his bed. The serene night was quiet, the silence only broken by a stray tweet of a bird outside.

"Are you all ready?" The woman asked her son softly.

The boy nodded and pulled the bedding up to his chin. The mother leaned forward and kissed the boy on his forehead, before pulling away.

"Goodnight Dennis." She said, standing up. She walked to the door. She turned the lights off.

The door was almost closed when Dennis spoke up. "Mommy."

The woman opened the door and leaned into the room. "Yes?"

"Can you read me a story?"

The woman smiled. "Sure."

She walked back into the room, turning the light back on.

There was a bookcase next to Dennis' bed. She knelt down and studied the selection of books. She reached a hand out, before pulling it back. She picked out a different book and sat on the bed.

"Here we go."

"What's this story, mom?"

"It's called, The Last Guardian."