Before we start, I want to answer the reviews. Also, I kinda forgot to answer the ones from the last chapter before posting the epilogue, so whoops. I'll answer them here.

"Styx can go to hell" -Velin63

She does kind of live there, so…

"Right in the feels man. Great story and can't wait till your next one!" -GonkDroid3000

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it. I'll look out for you on whatever's next!

"If you're gonna write Pertemis next time please...please make it a happy ending... please" -Jarie

It probably will be. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

"I hope that Artemis gets her revenge on styx for what she did and I like how you did this story very well done" -Ryan Fowler

I don't think she will. She'll just live as she had before, now with the memory of love with her.

"Well, it was a kick in the balls from behind, no doubt. But surprisingly well managed, of course I'd have preferred a happy ending but a nicely craftee bittersweet one isn't half bad. However I wished we could have seen the hunters hang out a bit more with Percy and Artemis" -8MexicanJaeger

Thanks man. I really hoped that the ending would have an impact, and the general consensus is that it did. I love a good happy ending, but sometimes, that just isn't what life doles out. Yeah, I feel like if I showed that more, it might have made their deaths more impactful and really driven home the point of Artemis losing almost everyone.

"ow, whys the snot out of her nose? Also what's the next idea for your next story? Not gonna lie, I really expected it to be a long fic, though it's good. Also if you want some ideas for the next Percy fic then you can ask me!" -KryptonWrites

Have you ever cried hard dude? Snot leaks out of your nose like a damn waterfall lol. As for the length of this story, I have to say it's actually one of my longer ones. As someone who started with one shots, then graduated to multi-chapter fics, I think this is good improvement. Most of my stories (multi chaps) are about fifteen chapters long. The word count of this one is like, ranked third longest, at 51K words.

As for ideas for my next story, I have a lot of them. I have one where Percy is a cowboy in the Wild West, one were he's a retired hitman a la John Wick, one where he's in an arranged marriage with Artemis while also having dueled the Devil and becoming the king of Hell by an ancient Law. I have too many ideas lmao. I'm probably gonna (try) finish my WIPs. I have four right now.

"Why should Dennis be a mortal? He was part of Artemis, when she has been made god again. So he should received godhood too, no?" -Enias

The same way that demigods born from Goddesses aren't immortal. I don't think it really works that way. If a demigod is the cells from the Goddess, they should also be immortal as they are part of her body. My advice, don't think about it too hard, a lot of stuff crumbles lmao.

Now onto reviews from the epilogue.

"sad but fitting" -Hello1894

The nature of a tragedy.

"Awwww! That was cute! Well, hopefully you start on a new story soon!" -KryptonWrites

Thank you. Like I mentioned before, I'm going to try and focus on my WIP's now. Namely Return of the Disgraced Archangel and On the Seas of Destiny.

"I was already lonely before reading this now I'm sad" -nasapeepolover116

Me too.

"Are you looking for an idea of Pertemis fic? I have one." -Jarie

I have too many ideas, but what is it?

"Hi great story though just wondering how did styx cause the death of Percy when it was chaos who took his mortality for Artemis immortality?" -shinobinoyami16

Thank you! So, basically, yes, Chaos did take away Percy's immortality. Usually, it wouldn't affect the person that much. Think about how Artemis would take her blessing away from people who left the Hunt and they were still able to live out the rest of their lives. Styx then killed Percy right after, making his body rapidly age up. Hope this explains it, because I'm totally bullshitting right now lmao.

"so, to the ToA thing, my stance on the books is personally I rlly like the books and I got hooked onto then more then I did with some of the HoO books, but the original percy jacksin books are indeed easily the best ones, also its been a bit I haven't been in a reading mood, I am back thooo" -allisonj1008

Hm. Yeah, like I said, the first ones are the best, however the TOA aren't bad. Welcome back!

"Loved this story. Really well written. I know people are annoyed at the short end to this fic with the tragic ending but it does capture the theme of Ancient Greek heroes. Do you plan on writing any more fics in the coming future?" -SpiritsOfTheWorld

Thank you! Yeah, I think it fits with the norm of those stories. As for future fics, yes, I do. Not for a while hopefully, since I have some WIPs I want to finish first.

"Your story is really a decent, relatively well writen, longshot. Thanks for posting this in a subcategory of the fandom where 99% is shit. it,s nice to see that there." -skotos07

Thank you. You're welcome!

So, where do I begin?

You might think that this story started from my desire to write a Guardian fic, and you'd be wrong. It actually started from my desire to write a tragedy. I've wanted to write a tragedy for the longest time. Something about having the ending being tragic from the beginning really enticed me. I've had sad endings before, don't get me wrong, but most of the time, the story started, and I got the idea for the sad ending like halfway through. I wanted one where, from the beginning, the ending was going to be sad, and I could foreshadow it as early as I wanted.

It wasn't until I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep when the idea to make the tragedy a Guardian story hit me. (I seem to get most of my ideas when I'm trying to go to sleep. Fuckin annoying if you ask me.) I plotted out the thing in like thirty minutes in my notes app on my phone.

That was two and a half months ago. This idea was so prevalent in my mind, that about two days later, I started to write it. I ended up telling Zaeng_ about it during class and asked if she wanted to look over it for me. She accepted and I started to send her the chapters as they got completed.

For these two months, I have focused solely on this story. And now it's done.

Like I mentioned before, Percy was going to die from the start. If you paid a keen eye, you would've noticed that I outright told you that he was going to die in chapter two. (When The Fates cut his string).

Like I've said a lot by now, this is a tragedy, though, I don't really think it's Percy's tragedy. I think it's more Artemis'. I think a great tragedy happens when the bad things that happen are the direct consequences of the character's actions. And by Artemis's actions, she ends up losing her lover, her Hunt, and is left to raise a child by herself.

One thing that I always say (in my head) whenever I see people questioning why people like Pertemis, is the Forbidden Romance aspect. I love a good forbidden romance. The most famous being Romeo and Juliet. Which we all remember from English class, is a tragedy, not a romance. I think that argument might have subconsciously helped decide why I chose this story for this the tragedy.

Obviously the biggest reason for this story's existence was the fact that I wanted to write a Guardian Story. Call me a lunatic, but I don't think the trope is bad. Oversaturated as hell? Yeah. But bad? No. After all, behind every trope and cliche is a great idea. Because it started with one story and someone liked it enough to use it in their own story, and it snowballs from there.

But now the cliche is just that, cliche. So I wanted to try my hand at one, just to prove that it's not a bad trope. All it needs is just a different plot.

I plan to do a Chaos story at some point, where I focus on what Percy does while serving Chaos. Showing him rise up the ranks in the army. Showing how he earns his accolades and stuff. I also want to use that story to work on world building. I had a little bit, like a very small taste, when I was describing the surroundings of the Orphic Egg in this story, and I enjoyed it.

I'm off topic though.

Percy and Artemis's relationship. Ima be honest, I have a problem when writing relationships, that being, for the longest time, I couldn't write the buildup. Which is why whenever a story started, the pairing was already together. But I couldn't do that with this story. While I've gotten better at building a relationship up, I definitely think this has been my best attempt thus far.

I wanted it to be that Percy caught feelings for her during the times of the Gigotomachy, but he didn't say anything out of respect for her. Something that he stuck by, until Artemis literally had to tell him otherwise.

Artemis' side is more of not realizing that she had feelings for Percy until seeing him after four thousand years. From there, it was just build up until she decided to act on them. I had to walk the fine line of making so Artemis obviously had feelings, but not being a lovesick schoolgirl cliche.

Next thing is the decision to make Artemis mortal. Mortal! Artemis is a personal favorite trope of mine. While Apollo being mortal is cool and all, I really like the idea of a more "down to Earth" and serious God being turned Mortal and how they would handle it. Enter Artemis. I feel like since she spends the most time around mortals compared to the other Gods, she would be able to navigate the mortal world pretty well. I don't know, I just enjoy it.

Zeus is a dick in this. That's all.

My decision to make Apollo a good brother was an unconscious one. It started with his first appearance in chapter three. When I sent it to Zaeng_, she really enjoyed how chill he was. So that led to me adding him into more scenes. So we got to more, rather than just the one. And I'm glad I did that. I know the two argue a lot in canon, but I think that they have moments where they genuinely have a sibling bond. (The whole, 'I would give you my kidney but not my fries' really applies to them).

I also made Artemis pretty based in this story. Usually in stories, she's this misandrist sexist asshole who beats men into a bloody pulp because they are men. But that really isn't who she is. She is naturally distrusting of men, sure, but she doesn't necessarily hate them. Making her Hunters be people who misunderstand her teachings was kind of a meta moment, like they were stand-ins for the other stories.

I think that about covers that.

Before I say good-bye though, I just want to talk statistics. This story was a little over 51K words, by lowest count.

This story is almost my most popular on FFN. With almost 50,000 views. It absolutely blows my mind that this story has been looked at that many times. Crazy! I'm glad people enjoyed it. This is probably my favorite story, if I'm being honest.

Last thing, I'm submitting this story for my GT Passion Project this year, so if you wanna leave like a review about your final thoughts overall that I could use in my presentation, that'd be cool. No pressure though!

If you enjoyed this story, I do have other ones. I'd recommend The Sea's Storm. One of my favorites. My most popular on other platforms is Perseus the Disgraced Archangel. I'm currently working on it's sequel, Return of the Disgraced Archangel. I also have a bunch of Pertemis one shots, if you wanna check those out.

Anyways, it's been nice serving y'all, and I hope to see all you new people out in my future endeavors!