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Warnings:blood, flowers, bad language

Chapter 1 "The Girl"

"Hey , ! Are you guys here Saru and I are back!" A small teen yelled out at a empty bar while his taller friend was behind him "Misaki there's a note on the counter top" The taller teen said boringly "oh there is?" The small teen said confused "yes dumbass," the taller said "ok let's see what's on it!" The other said "Yata! Fushimi! Your back!" A taller figure came up "oh! Mr. Totsuke! Your here!" The smaller said "yup anyways how was your mission oh by the way King & are at the store buying more bread Kamamoto ate it all" The brunette said "goddamnit Kamamoto"

With Mikoto & Kusanagi

running* "aak!" "nnh owwie" a small little girl about age seven groaned in pain from smacking into a man "kid you ok?" A blond tall man asked the small girl "uh k-kinda" the little girl replied "ok um what were you running from tho?" The man asked "um a-a man I-I w-was r-running f-from a-a m-man" the small girl replied "what man?" Asked the man the child ran into as he bent over not as intrigued but was a bit worried for the young child "um a doctor from the strain facility" the little girl replied "hm? Your a strain?" The blond said the small child had nodded to the man's question

Child's design

The doll had long Snow White hair that went to her ass, bangs,a headband that had a blue bow in the middle, she had a blue Lolita dress that seemed to have an apron,it was a blue dress with white ruffles under the skirt,a white apron looking thing-a-ma-jig,a white collar at the shirt with a big blue bow attached to it,long sleeves that had a poof at the shoulder and in the shoulder was a white thingy (not sure what it's called) and white lacing on where the elbow was,she had knee-high socks, & blue heels, her eyes were a bloody red, her skin was pale

Back to the story

"Oh well um are you harmed you seem to have a cut on your cheek" the blond said worriedly after hearing the girl was a strain "um im not sure but I am I kinda hurt" the child said "how about we take ya home? You must haven't ate in a while hu? So how about we feed you, get you bathed clean your cuts? And see what to do with ya" The blond said "if it's ok with you and your friend" the 7 year old said "well what do you say Mikoto?" The blond asked the redhead "hm" the man grunted in thinking as well walked to the little girl "uh!" The girl said in surprise from the sudden action of the man picking her up "your dress is all messed up" the man said "?" The little girl was confused "let's go Kusanagi" The redhead told the blond who was still on the floor

At the bar

Ring the sound of the door made the small boy jump into the taller one's arms from the sudden noise " ! Ki-" Totsuke was about to say before seeing the young girl held in the arms of the red king "who's she?" Totsuke was confused why the men would take a young girl to a bar where children shouldn't be at "she ran into Mikoto so we took her home since she was running from someone and she's all dirty and bruised and scratched up and probably hungry" the blond told Totsuke "ok! Little one can you tell us your name? And are you hungry?" Totsuke said to the young girl "Anna, Anna Kushina" the little girl replied quietly "ok Anna are you hungry?" Totsuke asked "mhm" the child said as the man set her down "thank you sir" the girl told the man with her eyes sparkling at him "Mikoto Suoh is his name Anna-Chan" The blond said told the child "ok" Anna said

In the bathroom

"Ok so I don't have clothes that will fit you but I asked Yata if you could borrow some clothes and he has a hoodie and shorts you can borrow until we go and get some clothing tomorrow" the blond told the young girl "ok" "alright let me start the bath for you ok" the blond said, the little girl nodded in agreement "ok all set! Just call me when your done oh and this is the body wash you can use that's the shampoo and there's the conditioner" the man told Anna "ok" she said as he walked out closing the door behind him, once the man left she carefully untied her bow at the back, once it was off she carefully took off her shoes, then carefully tugged on the dress to slip it down, afterwards she carefully took her socks off, then again carefully untied her head band and but it on the counter, then she put her left foot into the tub to check the temperature before going in once she new it was a good enough temperature she carefully slid into the bath, she then sighed from the great bath that she hadn't took in a while "hm, finally it's been a while" she whispered to herself

After her bath

'Wait what was the man's name?' Anna thought to herself trying to remember if he told her his name 'wait! I could yell for Mikoto but what if he gets angry at me?' Anna thought to herself "uh mm" gulps she gulped deciding to take the risk of being yelled at "Mikoto!" She yelled a little scared footsteps, creeeeak "yeah?" The redhead asked "um I didn't know the blond man's name and he told me to call for him when I was done but I didn't know his name so I called for you instead" she explained "ok what do you need?" He asked, she sighed relieved that he wasn't gonna yell at her & for him to be so understanding, "um the blond man said that someone named Yata had stuff for me to wear but I don't wanna go out of the bathroom without clothing" she said quietly "oh yeah let me get him real quick" Mikoto told the young child, while handing her a towel, "ok" she said grabbing the towel and wrapping it around her body as the man left

10 minutes later

Footsteps, knock knock "come in" the young girl said as she heard knocking on the bathroom door "here kiddo" the small boy handed the little girl a hoodie & shorts "thank you" Anna told the teen "your welcome kiddo" the teen replied as the young girl took the clothes from his hand

1 hour

Footsteps, "hey kiddo!" The teen exclaimed to the arrival of the girl "hi? What's your name" she asked remembering she didn't know his name yet "oh it's Yata, Misaki Yata" the teen told the child a bit more quiet then before "ok is it alright if I call you 'Misaki'?" She asked "yea sure since your a kid" he told her "thank you" she said bowing "hey, hey! No need to bow! I'm not even royalty so don't bow!" The teen said "oh ok" she said quietly

At night

Time: 9:00pm- "um where do I sleep Mikoto?" The little girl asked the redhead "mm you can sleep with me 'til I buy you a bed" the man told her "ok" she said as he tucked her and him in the covers

Next day

Yawn "nnh" the little girl groaned as she woke up "tired still?" The redhead asked the girl as he came out from the bathroom "mhm" she said rubbing her eyes "akk!" The girl screamed from embarrassment as she saw the man with just a towel on

At the store (I'm losing motivation sorry)

"Ok Anna we're here!" Totsuke told the younger girl who was still in the teen's clothing "ok" Anna said while gripping onto the redhead's leg "uh!" She gasped after seeing a red & black Lolita dress on display in the window, she released her grip from Mikoto and ran to the dress gazing at it with sparkling eyes, Mikoto looked at her then walked "do like it?" He said bending over her, she nodded "let me check the price" he said 199.99 "Hm it's cheap, only 199.99" he said after seeing the price "Hm it's cheap, only 199.99" rang in the blond man's ears "WHAT?!" The blond yelled at the redhead rushing over there "ITS CHEAP?!" "THATS NOT FUCKING CHEAP! THATS EXPENSIVE!" The man yelled at Mikoto "it is Kusanagi" Mikoto told the blond sigh "do you want the dress Anna?" The bartender asked the pale girl "if it's ok" she said quietly "ok! I'll tell an employee that we'll buy it" the man said softly "uh hey ma'am!" The blond said waving over to a employee footsteps "yess?~" the women replied "I'd like to buy this dress" the man said pointing to the Lolita dress on the manikin "ok I'll get it for you" she said

Dress design

A black base buttons in the middle and on the left of the buttons is a red stripe and an other red stripe on the right, she a couplet that has a dark dress layer in the middle and a kinda light red on the bottom and that same light shade of red on the top a dark red bow in the middle of her couplet, her dress has a neck part on her dress that doesn't show her neck, on this neck part is a small dark red bow, the skirt is black as well with a red layer but in the front middle of said layer is an opening that shows the skirt you can even see the skirts bottom,in the middle on the layer is a dark red bow and on the back is also a dark red bow, she has white socks that goes up her knees, and she wears red heels, on the top ok her head is a mini red top hat the a dark red bow in the front that ties under her chin and on the right is a dark red bow that's connected to the same fabric that ties a the mini hat

At the cashier

"And your total is 199.99 sir" the cashier told the amber eyed man "will that be credit or debit?" The women asked "credit here's the card" he said "um sir you have to do it yourself I can't do it" the women said "oh right" he said beep the machine made a beeping noise after he swiped

Onto the next store

"Ok now we're getting you a bed!"

Im getting lazy so next day (they already put her bed up)

Yawn, footsteps, buckle, tie, footsteps "hi Anna!" The small teen told the small girl who was walking down the stairs "hi Misaki" the child said

Hi me again i have lost motivation for now but to be continued possibly maybe if my dead brain cells have something Sayonara!