In a place called the Void, A single Person is floating in the endless Black Space of the void The Person had Silver blue hair Pale white skin, and on her teens.

The girl had been in this place For Thousands of years and he had been sleeping here peacefully.

The Figure slowly Opened its eyes revealing Her Golden Eyes that Sims was able to Peirce true The souls of Every being. Yes it is Rimuru Tempest

[Welcome back Master] a voice resounds in his head

"Hey Ciel Did we lose?" the person ask while looking at the endless void

[M...Master, I'm sorry I failed you the second time]

"Its not your fault Partner"

[But master I...]

Before Ciel can Answer Rimuru Cut Her Off

"I told you it's not your fault Ciel dont blame yourself for our lost"

Rimuru said and he started to cry he cried for more than an hour He cried for his decreased Friends for his people that he failed to protect

Seeing this Ciel immediately Offered a solution to this Problem

[Master There's still a way]

Hearing this Rimuru stopped Crying and Listen to Ciel's explanation

"Tell me, Ciel"

[Yes Master Can just go back in time and Fix everything]

"Going back in time does that mean I have to start over"

[YES Master but all of your skills and power will still be intact and this way you can also Save the Shizue]

"I can also Save Shizue, I see then let's do it, Ciel"

[As you wish Master Using Spacetime Control of Void God Azathoth] Y/N


Rimuru's body started to glow and in the next Instances his Vision became dark

In a Room, a person can be seen standing doing and experiments many people called him The ancestor He is a Maniac that created multiple races Like Elves, Dawrf, and so on.

"It's a success my daughter is born"

The girl that was sleeping on his front opened her eyes Reviling a Heterogeneous Eyes One is Read and the other is Blue she had Silver hair That extended to her back.

"I will now give you your name," The man said and stop for a few seconds to think of a name for his daughter

"Ahh yes you will now be known as Luminous, Luminous Valentine," The man said

The girl just stared at him for a moment then, Thank him for The name he gave her

"Thank you for this wonderful name father"

The girl said to The man that she called Father the Man and then immediately ordered his subordinate to Dress the girl And Bring her to her own room.

Unknown to the girl the man didn't create her as her daughter he just wanted to Create a perfect existence one that can stand on the top of the world.

After the servants guide the girl to her own room the room is huge with Sofa a Balcony and a Master size bead Big enough to fit 5 people in it.

(So Ciel Mind explaining this to me how did I become Luminous?)

[Master it sims that there's a Time lock That Yuuki created When he send you to the End of Time And Space to prevent you from coming back to that time where you Reincarnate]

(That daam Yuuki he even thought of that, So why did I become Luminous?)

[When we travel back and tried to Enter the time Lock we Got Send Back Further away from the past and the reason You became Luminous is that Soul in this Time is still weak and due to Unknown circumstances Master's Soul and Luminous soul Merge to one being]

Hearing this Rimuru was speechless He didn't have any words To say. After a few minutes of silent Rimuru then spoke up

(Then what will happen to the real Luminous)

[Nothing Master You are Luminous in this Time]

(Does that mean The Luminous from our Time is also me, wait that will explain why She's into Girl right ciel) Rimuru ask Ciel

[Negative master Luminous on our time is not you and the reason she's into girls is just that she doesn't want any men that is Weeker than her to be her mate]

(Wait mate I heard that right...right)

[It's just your imagination master]

(That answer feels nostalgic, So do I have to do what Luminous did in the past)

[You can do what you want master But if you want To get the same outcome as the last time I suddjest that You won't change any major event such as the attack of Veldora here in night rose]

(Wait this is the night rose that Luminous loved so much)

[Yes Master]

(So the man from earlier is The ancestor?)

[Yes master]

(Do I have to kill the guy like what Luminous did)

[Yes Master its one of the Major events that happen during the past time line]

(I see The Ciel can you use appraisal on me and display my status)

[As you wish Master] Ciel then use Appraisal and display Rimuru or Luminous status


Name: Luminous Valentine

Ep: 96,000,000 (Immeasurable in Battle mode)

Age: 15 minutes (10,0000 in actually)

Sex: Female

Race: Pureblood Vampire

Skill: Void God Azathoth, Harvest Lord Sub-Negurath, Creation Lord Ashura Mazda, Magic breeder reactor, Information King Akashic Records, Lustful King Asmodeus, Battle Mode, True Dragon Transformation(Locked), Evil Dragon Lord Ashik da haka, etc.

Other skills: True Demon Lord Haki, True Dragon Spirit Haki, Steel Trend, Poisonous Breath, Body Armor, etc.

Magic: Elemental Magic, True Dragon Magic, Primitive Magic, Vampire Magic

Resistance: Pain Nullification, All Elements Resistance, Mental attack resistance, Poison Resistance, etc.

"Wow I'm overpowered and where did I get the other Ultimate skill and How did I get a Battle mode"

[While on the void I Manage to Make a few Ultimate skill and also I created the battle mode base on Milim's Battle Mode since the master also want to have those kinds of skill]

(As expected of Ciel-sensei but why did I still have a true dragon transformation? I don't have any connections to veldora)

[Master is a True Dragon Remember]

(Yes I know but if I'm a true dragon then why does my race is a Vampire?)

[It's because you and Luminous Soul haven't Completely adapted to your current Form after a few years master will be able to Use The true Dragon Transformation and don't worry about Velzard and the other True Dragon they won't be able to Sense your Dragon Factor because I already counsel it, master ]

(I see as expected of Ciel-sensei's always one step ahead)

[Praise me more master]

(Yes yes your are such a reliable Partner)

Hearing this the Mana became Happy that Her master dint forsaken her and still trust her despite her failure and she promised to herself that She won't fail again.


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