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"Misaki!" My father yelled at me "yes father?" I said "don't 'yes father' me!" He yelled "w-what h-happened?" I asked "why the fuck would you hit your little sister?!" He said I was shocked "what do you mean?" I looked down and saw my small little sister who had black hair and red bangs and she was crying her eyes out she has a bruise on her eye while she wore a red and pink kimono and pink heart earrings "your so mean Onii-Chan!" She said "I didn't I wouldn't hurt Izu" I said trying to keep my cool "the why the fuck does she have a bruise she you fucking did this!" He yelled at me "get the fuck inside and go to the basement I'll give you your punishment when I get there," he said "y-yes f-father" I stuttered walking downstairs to the basement with tears in my eyes I gulped I was scared really scared I thought of what my punishment would be would he chain my hand to the wall where a fire was set under my hand burning it or would he beat me again or would he try to hang me and kill me then 29 minutes later he came down with a knife and a rope I was hoping he was gonna kill me, " so w-whats m-m-my p-p-p-p-punishm-ment" I stuttered then he unraveled the rope and swung it at my legs "ahh!" I screamed he kept on wacking me with the rope until he went to the closet in the basement he grabbed a baseball bat and walked back to me as I tried to get up he then kicked my stomach and then I started to cry as blood came out of my mouth.

The next day "ngh" I groaned in pain from getting my ass kicked "wake up Onii-Chan!" My lil sis yelled named Izumi her hair was a mix of black and a snowy blond her eyes were hazel and she was wearing a cute Lolita nightgown her gown was blue and pink her two favorite colors out go the twins she was the nicest "yes Izumi-Chan?" She liked it when I called her 'Izumi-Chan' "cousin Maru said it's time for breakfast" she said "oh ok I'll be there in a sec" I said "ok! Onii-Chan" she said cheerfully, I was walking downstairs I saw my cousin cooking eggs and I saw the twins eating their breakfast and I saw my father doing his work at the table I then came downstairs and then my cousin said "Misaki-chan your food is on the counter" Maru said "ok" I told her I walked up to the counter and sat myself down and grabbed a fork "hey Cousin Maru?" I asked "yes Misaki-Chan?" She replied "is it alright if my friend Fushimi comes over?" I asked "sound alright, right uncle Ted?" She said "uh-huh sure" he said clearly not knowing what she was talking about "ok!" I said grabbing my phone to text my friend

Them texting: 'Yo Fushimi! My cousin said you can come over' '...' 'Fushimi?' 'Ok sounds like a plan' 'ok when do want to come over' 'does 2:00pm sound goo?' 'Sounds great Fushimi!'

At 2:00pm 'ding ding' "coming!" I ran from my room to the door "ugh mistake how many times have I said don't fucking run in the house!" My mother yelled while in the couch drinking again..."so sorry mum" I replied, Opened the door "welcome Fushimi!" I said "Hello" he said back I grabbed his hand and said "come on" I walked him up to my room

In my room "hey let's play truth or dare!" I said "hm? Sure" Fushimi replied "ok ok me first!" I said "Fushimi truth or dare!" "Um truth" he said "ok do you have a crush?" I asked he smiled softly "yes" he said "who is it?" I asked curiously "hey you can't ask two questions" he said teasingly "fine" I said pouting "truth or dare?" He asked "dare!" I said "ok umm I dare you to..." he trailed off "kiss me" he said smirking "wha?!" I said "come on do it" he said "fine" I said crawling to him on my bed I cupped his head in my hands and started blushing a lot "my my Mi~sa~ki~ your as red a tomato" he said teasingly and made me super mad "don't say my name like th-" he pressed his lips on mine before I could finish I gulped and tried to open my mouth to breath but he ended up putting his tongue in my mouth

The next day: "Onii-Chan!" Izumo screamed "what is there a fire?!" I yelled back then she said "no but get up you have to get ready for school" "ok ok" she said then she left so I got up and grabbed my clothes and got dressed

After getting dressed: I went downstairs and grabbed a slice of bread and put butter on it and left for school since it was already 7:43am and my school started at 8:00am I started running after I looked at my watch which said '7:56am' 'shit I'm gonna be late!' I thought to myself I kept on running and running and I finally got to the school

To Be Continued

Chapter 2 (Pills of happiness)

"Misaki? Where are you going?" My little sister Izumi asked "just to the pharmacy" I told her "can I go too?" She asked "umm ask dad" I told her "ok!" She said as she turned to go ask her father "DADDY!" She yelled as ran down the hall

When Izumi gets to 's office

Narrator's POV

"DADDY!" Izumi yelled at her father "Yes Izumi?" Her father asked "can I pwease go to the pharmacy wif bubba?" She asked "sure" he said "yay! Fank you daddy! I wuv you!" She said

At the pharmacy

Back to Misaki's POV

"Bubba what are we getting fwom da phwamacy?" She asked me "just some pills" I said chuckling "what pills?" She asked me "just a few to help me with my happy and sadness" I said "and here are your pills" the desk lady said handing me a paper bag "are these them?" I asked since last time they gave me the wrong type