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Chapter 1 The Women who came with the child

Ring, footsteps "hello" a cheerful women who was about in her 20s said at the door "he-" the bartender said "Honami-sensei?" The bartender said "Kusanagi?" The women said footsteps, "come in, come in" the bartender told the women "ok! Anna come on" the women said "Hm? You brought someone? Is it a dog?" The bartender asked since the women had to tell the thing to come in "oh no" the women said footsteps, the man saw a blue bow the white hair going onto the stool then he saw a small doll-like child staring at him with an emotionless expression

Child's design

The doll had long Snow White hair that went to her ass, bangs,a headband that was a blue bow,she had a blue Lolita dress that was a blue dress with white ruffles under the skirt,a white apron with a white bow tied in the back to keep the apron on, a white collar at the shirt with a big blue bow attached to it,long sleeves that had a poof at the shoulder and in the should was a white thingy (not sure what it's called) and white lacing on where the elbow was,she had knee-high socks, & blue heels, her eyes were a bloody red, her skin was pale

Women's design

Honami is a beautiful slim woman with dark brown shoulder-length hair that has bangs swept to the right side of her face and brown eyes.

She wears a button down shirt a blazer dress pant pale skin.

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