PROLOGUE part 1: Cretaceous Period (65 Million Years Ago)

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The young sun arose from its nightly slumber from behind the treetops.

Light glistened against the traveling water currents in a flowing river.

Plants bloomed to life as the sun rose higher and higher into the early morning sky from behind the trees and mountains.

As the sunlight hit the ground below, on the forest floor of the sleepy landscape lay a huge 40 foot-long animal snoozing peacefully.

Tyrannosaurus Rex. Or T-Rex for short.

One of the most powerful creatures to ever walk the earth.

While the dinosaur slept on, a small fly came buzzing in the air. The tiny insect landed on the T-Rex's snout to rest.

The giant predator snorted in her sleep, air coming out of her nostrils. The little fly flew away.

The T-Rex growled as she slowly opened her eyes. She let out a big yawn which echoed across the land. The theropod growled again as she got up to her feet. She was ready to start a new day.

Another small fly landed on the dinosaur's light feathers.

The T-Rex shook her head in annoyance, causing the insect to buzz away. The dinosaur snorted again, then walked away from its sleeping spot. It's every footstep made the ground tremble.

Once the T-Rex had left, another creature awoke from its long night.

A giant locust, with long, pointy, spiked legs, yellow, green, brown, and red color markings, & big leathery wings, emerged from a small bush. It made a buzzing sound as well as a chitter & made a rattling noise with its wings. It was about a foot long and had an omnivorous diet.

The big insect took off into the sky.

A moment later, the locust stopped to rest on a huge tree stump-or so it thought.

Not only did the tree stump feel soft, but when the arthropod fluttered to what looked like another tree stump, it twitched and started to move up.

What the insect thought was a mere pillar of wood actually was a leg of a Titanosaur.


One of the largest sauropod dinosaurs and terrestrial vertebrates known.

The giant behemoth bellowed as it strode forward across a muddy swamp. The earth shook as the the humongous dinosaur walked to the lake where other sauropods bellowed back. A Dreadnoughtus herd was drinking from the lake and grazing on small plants on the wet ground. The big long-necked dinosaurs bellowed at each other each one seeming to enjoy each other's company.

While the ginormous Dreadnoughtus herd was hanging out together by the lake, the sky was filled with all kinds of different birds and pterosaurs flapping and soaring in different directions. Several Pteranodons fluttered down to investigate a rotting carcass of a juvenile Dreadnoughtus that was previously killed by an unknown predator. The pterosaurs started picking at the dead body of the young dinosaur, until several humongous pterosaurs flew down and roared down at the smaller Pteranodons.


The biggest flying creature on the planet.

The giant pterosaurs steadied themselves for ground contact. Smaller Pteranodons scattered as one of the Quetzalcoatlus landed on top of the Dreadnoughtus corpse. The giant flying creature snapped aggressively at the pterosaurs causing a few of them to retreat back into the sky. The Quetzalcoatlus shook its light feathers as more big pterosaurs landed folding their humongous wingspans. As the sun shone behind it, the enormous Quetzalcoatlus roared up into the bright morning sky.

Far off in another part of the landscape, a small herd of Ankylosaurus started drinking from a small watering hole. Their reflections shimmered in crystal-like water. One of the armored dinosaurs lifted its head out of the pool with its mouth dripping with fresh water, snorted water out of its nose, & bellowed softly at its companions.

Farther away, on some cliffs, more Pteranodons were flying around and squawking at each other. Some of the flying reptiles were sunbathing in the bright and warm sun. Others dove into the water below to try and catch some fish. One male Pteranodon caught one medium-sized fish and brought it to his mate. She accepted the food and the two pterosaurs nuzzled each other's beaks affectionately, purring.

Further down the landscape, in a deep and dark cave, one small, but sneaky feathered dinosaur was hunting for food.


Name meaning "egg thief".

And he was thieving eggs!

The Oviraptor chittered softly and looked around to see if there were any mother dinosaurs nearby. Then he cautiously walked over to one of the nests which had four dinosaur eggs inside. The feathered dinosaur looked around again. Then he seized the opportunity to start cracking open one of the eggs. Blood and egg yolks started oozing out of the the shell as the Oviraptor started eating, bucking like a chicken.

A roar was suddenly heard inside the cave causing the egg thief to jump. The mother of that nest was coming back and she sounded angry!

Back out in the beautiful sunshine, a big female horned Nasutoceratops bellowed as she walked out of the jungle. Her infant walked beside her bellowing softly. The two dinosaurs were at the back of a migrating herd that was now crossing a river. Several of the Nasutoceratops were cooling off in the cold water. Some of them ceratopsians splashed in their relaxing pool.

Meanwhile in a big valley, the female feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex was still trying to look for some food. The dinosaur went to one of her favorite territories. She growled and sniffed the air. Her strong sense of smell was rewarded with the sight of an Iguanodon that was peacefully grazing in a meadow next to a small cliff. The theropod growled again and slowly started to creep up on the eating herbivore.

Not far away, a very small feathered Moros Intrepidus, a tyrannosauroid, was feeding on rotten flesh that was on the teeth of a sleeping dinosaur.

All of a sudden, a rumbling and loud growling erupted from the resting dinosaur's mouth. The Moros Intrepidus jumped in alarm and ran off squeaking.

And that small dinosaur had a good reason to flee. The sleeping dinosaur had just woken up from its nap.

The T-Rex noticed the unknown creature and stopped in her tracks. She growled softly in anger to see this dinosaur in her territory.

The Iguanodon that was feeding on tall grass heard the ominous growling and looked up at the approaching Apex-Predator. The herbivore bellowed at the dinosaur.

But this wasn't just any dinosaur.

It was a Giganotosaurus! Or Giga for short.

On of the largest-known carnivorous dinosaurs ever discovered!

The Giganotosaurus roared back at the Iguanodon.

The Giganotosaurus had large crests running from the top of its brow and down half of the skull. On its back was a row of spines beginning at the top of the head to its neck and running down the back until its hip region, where a hump-like collection of spines abruptly rises and then lowers back into the low spines and continues to the end of the tail. It's teeth were quite similar to a crocodile. The skin was pale-gray with dark gray markings on its head and turning into rough stripes down its back. The huge carnivore was 20 feet tall and 50 feet long.

The Giganotosaurus snarled down at the small Iguanodon, glaring at the herbivore with its green eyes. The Iguanodon bellowed at the hungry theropod and tried to back away from the carnivore, but the dinosaur kept coming. The Iguanodon had only one method of defense against this predator.

As the the Giganotosaurus bent down to attack the herbivore, the giant theropod was smacked on the face by the Iguanodon's large thumb spikes. The Apex-Predator bellowed as the claws dug into the skin. Then the herbivore whacked the Giga with her tail.

But then the Giganotosaurus fought back. It rammed the small herbivorous dinosaur's side with its pointy spines on its head. The Iguanodon roared in pain as the spines made a big bloody gash. Then the Giga opened its jaws wide and chomped down on the herbivore, making it roar in pain and die from its wounds.

The Giganotosaurus roared in triumph and started to eat its first kill of the day. But then it sensed, heard, and saw another dinosaur approaching. It stopped eating and growled.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex growled back and tried to have a bite of the dead Iguanodon, but the Giga snapped at the predator and growled in aggression.

The T-Rex growled back. As if saying that this was her territory.

The 2 Apex-Predators glared at each other and started to circle around the carcass.

The T-Rex snapped at the bigger carnivore's tail.

The Giga snarled.

Then the T-Rex roared. The Giga roared back.

These two dinosaurs were preparing to fight to see who would claim this place as it's territory.

The 2 Apex-Predators charged at each other.

The T-Rex tried to bite her opponent's neck, but the Giga rammed the smaller carnivore with its spiky spines on its head. Then the two predators wrestled each other to the ground. The T-Rex tried to push her enemy off the cliff, but the Giga regained its balance, rammed the dinosaur again, and bit down on the carnivore's neck. The T-Rex roared in pain. The bigger theropod rammed its opponent into the cliff side and pushed her off the cliff.

The T-Rex roared in pain as she landed on two spiked rocks, sticking out of the water, which impaled her as she fell to the bottom of the cliff. The female dinosaur moaned and collapsed as her heart stopped beating.

A mosquito, inquisitive, hovered on top of the deceased Apex-Predator. Landing on feathered face, still trickling with blood, it took its chance and started to sucking the blood. Once it was done, it flew away from the dead Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Above on the cliff, the Giga growled down at its dead victim. It had won the battle to the death and had claimed its rival's territory as its own. Then it picked up the dead Iguanodon with its jaws and walked away as the sun shone brighter in the sky.