CHAPTER 1: part 2: Media: (NowThis News)

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The wreckage of the Saga was found hours later.

Wood, crab cages, debris, nets, and bodies floated on the surface of the Bering Sea.

A rescue helicopter flew over the ocean for a long time, but never found survivors.


In the southern states of North America, on a local farm, three small dinosaurs were chasing a little girl.


The child screamed in terror as the Compies nipped at her ankles. Her mother also screamed when one of the tiny carnivores pounced on one of the chickens.

"Hey!" said cried. But too late.

The bird shrieked as the Compy bit down on its neck. Blood splattered and feathers scattered.

The woman yelled in anger and threw fist-sized rocks at the feeding dinosaur.

"Get out of here!" she shrieked. The Compsognathus squeaked in pain as the rocks pelted its small scaly back. It ran off out of the farm with its scared hungry companions.


In another part of the U.S.A., on a highway, people were calmly driving their vehicles down the road when one huge Stegosaurus stomped in front of one car. The man inside panicked and tried to stop and let the dinosaur get across.

He laid on the horn. That was a HUGE mistake.

The Stegosaurus got spooked by the noise and bellowed. It swung its tail and almost hit the windshield of the car behind it. The man inside screamed.

"What? Oh, no! No!" he yelled as he tried to swerve around the herbivore. The Stegosaurus swung its tail at the vehicle again. This time, it's aim was true.

The man screamed in horror as the spiked tail hit the windshield of his car. The impact caused the vehicle to lose control and drive off the road and off the cliff! The man screamed again.

The Stegosaurus jumped at the sound of violent smashing and crashing off the edge of the cliff. It bellowed again and walked away from the new crash site this year. People stopped their cars on the road and called 911 for the hundredth time this month. But unfortunately, when the ambulance and cops arrived to retrieve the wrecked car, they found that the person inside was dead.

In another part of the states, in a lake, a small bunch of fishermen stared in amazement at a Parasaurolophus which drank water on the riverbank.

In the huge oceans, farther from the disaster in the Bering Sea, a shark breached out of the water to catch a helpless seal in it jaws when the much bigger Mosasaurus leaped out of the sea and chomped the now helpless fish in its crocodile-like mouth swallowing both the shark and seal whole!

The HUNTER had become the HUNTED.


Back on land, at an outdoor wedding, a cute couple had just gotten married a few minutes ago and were kissing each other lovingly. In their hands were two beautiful doves. The crowd cheered and clapped when the happy husband and wife released the birds.


A second later, a big Pteranodon swooped down and snatched one of the white doves in its beak!

The crowd and married couple gasped at this quick sight. The pterosaur flew away out of sight as the people stood on the ground, shocked about what just happened.


Well, the dinosaurs were brought back to life (with help from Dr. Henry Wu) in 1982 by InGen, a genetics company once owned by the late Dr. John Hammond on Isla Sorna or Site B, one of the islands of the Muertes Archipelago or The Five Deaths, off the coast of Costa Rica. The 16 species of these cloned animals were well taken care of.

Then a few years later, some of the prehistoric creatures were brought to their new home of Isla Nublar so they could live as attractions for the once-planned Jurassic Park.

It did not go well.

John Hammond's theme park was supposed to open in the year 1994, but when lawyers and scientists came to inspect the island, a tropical storm hit the island during a pre-opening tour, and the dinosaurs were able to breach the electric fences they were housed in. As a result, the herbivores and carnivores escaped. Sadly, several human lives were lost, and plans to open Jurassic Park were immediately canceled.

Investigators suspected that one or more Jurassic Park employees were responsible in some way for this tragic event. (Dennis Nedry)

In 1997, InGen raided Isla Sorna to acquire dinosaurs for the once-planned Jurassic Park: San Diego, under the leadership of Hammond's nephew, Peter Ludlow.

This mission proved unsuccessful. Somehow, several dinosaurs were released within the confines of the InGen camp. Unfortunately, there were numerous casualties, and the camp was completely destroyed.

The surviving members of the InGen team were able to transport an adult T-Rex and his infant to San Diego. The full grown carnivore escaped and was recaptured, but not before causing considerable damage to the surrounding areas and several citizens were killed. (including Peter Ludlow) The bull theropod and his offspring were finally returned to Isla Sorna to reunite with the doe T-Rex, and plans for Jurassic Park: San Diego were abandoned.

After that disaster, the government accepted John Hammond's wish to just leave the dinosaurs alone on Site B. The father of Jurassic Park died later that year.

But his dying wish was not granted for long.

In 2001, a divorced couple made a rescue mission to save their missing son who was stranded on Isla Sorna for weeks.

Though the search party succeeded in rescuing their son, the mission was DISASTROUS! There were several fatalities, (3 men were devoured by the illegally made Spinosaurus, one of the biggest carnivorous dinosaurs.) and the group accidentally let Pteranodons escape from their aviary.

The survivors had to be rescued by members of the United States Armed Forces.

Later that year, the Pteranodons were captured over Canada by a cleanup team.

Then a couple years later, Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Global Corporation, having just acquired InGen, began planning a new theme park on Isla Nublar-Jurassic World-with help from Dr. Wu.

From 2002-2004, Jurassic World was built and more dinosaurs were moved from Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar.

On May 30, 2005, Jurassic World opened to the public. The park was an instant success! In the first year alone, over eight million visitors from more than ninety countries attended. For the first four years, operations were relatively smooth.

As the novelty of the park wore off in 2012, attendance slipped. Therefore, Masrani and some of his operation managers authorized Dr. Wu to create a new hybrid.

That was a HUGE mistake.

Before being put on display in 2015, the new hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex, escaped from her enclosure. Once free, she killed over 30 men, women, and other dinosaurs. The rampage of the killing machine also resulted in the breaching of all the other dinosaurs on the island. About a hundred people perished. (Including Simon Masrani)

After that disaster that shocked the whole world, Jurassic World was closed and left Isla Nublar once again abandoned. All the dinosaurs that lived on the island were released to roam free.

Three years after that, Isla Nublar's long-dormant volcano, Mt. Sibo became active again for the first time since it was discovered in 1525, and threatened to erupt and kill all the dinosaurs on the island.

Though the Dinosaur Protection Group was founded to save the living creatures, the U.S. Congress announced they would not attempt to rescue the poor prehistoric animals, saying they should just be left to die.

Deciding to take action, Philanthropist Benjamin Lockwood, a longtime silent partner of John Hammond and his assistant Eli Mills, funded a rescue mission to Isla Nublar. They arranged for all the transport vehicles and personnel necessary for the dinosaurs to be safely taken to a sanctuary that Lockwood built for them.

But the rescue mission was all a lie.

Instead of being taken to a sanctuary, the dinosaurs that were taken off Isla Nublar were transported to the Mainland to be auctioned off for money.

Rumors are heard that another genetically modified hybrid dinosaur called an Indoraptor, was part of nightly bidding, but the supposedly most dangerous creature ever made was never found or discovered.

And during that cruel auction, all the captured dinosaurs unfortunately escaped into our world.

Now, all kinds of these prehistoric creatures are seen everywhere, every year, everyday.

Most people have reacted negatively to these new events, while others have been fascinated by the animals and posted a lot of videos and pictures on media. All documented sightings of dinosaurs could be found online, especially on a DinoTracker website, where hundreds of dinosaur sightings are uploaded.

One picture was taken of a Triceratops drinking from a lake in the redwood forests of California by a small family. The post was taken in 2018.

Another sighting was captured on video by a sightseeing bus in Peru when a Canotaurus lumbered by chasing a ram. The people watching jumped when the carnivore killed the helpless herbivore in its jaws. That was also taken in 2018.

Another video was taken in the United Kingdom, where a Spinosaurus-like dinosaur called a Baryonyx was lounging peacefully near a local pool. Luckily, people kept their distance away from the sleeping carnivore and called 911. The video was posted in 2019.

Besides DinoTracker's successful online website on media, television broadcasted sightings of these prehistoric creatures in the news everyday. A while ago, one Asian news reporter named Gemma Zhao made a news story for the news network NowThis that got 2,300 likes and 165,000 views. It took place in Big Rock National Park.

Here is what happened.

"Dinosaurs are in our world and in every confrontation, we learn more about this frightening reality." Gemma Zhao said in business-like tone of voice as her lone cameraman recorded her news report.

"How did we get here? It's been three decades since the deadly events of Jurassic Park and we've yet to find a way for these animals to live safely among us. After the devastating eruption of Isla Nublar's long dormant volcano, those who survived were transported to the mainland." she continued.

The NowThis news channel showed clips of recent dinosaur sightings across the earth. Some involving encounters with the Mosasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodons, Compsognathus, and so much more. The video clips also showed footage of the abandoned Jurassic Park Visitors Center, then an overshot of Jurassic World Main Street, then a shot of Mount Sibo, seemingly after it finished erupting, and finally a shot of the Lockwood manor where police cars and officers are shown outside.

Gemma Zhao walked into the trees of Big Rock Forest as she continued talking.

"Many of the creatures were captured." she said looking back at the cameraman. "But some of the remaining creatures scattered here."

The news reporter indicated to a sight far off in the distance: a herd of Ankylosaurus grazing on the forest floor.

"Yes, in Big Rock National Park, 15 dinosaur species have made this place home." Gemma continued.

More clips of the news feed showed the inhabitants of Big Rock: Nasutoceratops roaming the camp grounds, Parasaurolophus chowing on freshwater plants in a river, and pterosaurs soaring from the tall mountains to the treetops. Like Zhao said, at least 15 dinosaur species live in that National Park. Across the globe, other dinosaurs are adapting to other conservation areas.

But then the news report gets a little more serious a bit later.

"While most remained in the wild," said Gemma, as more clips uploaded. "Those who made their way to civilization struggle to adapt to unfamiliar conditions."

The clips revealed a video in Kentucky where a flock of Gallimimus were crossing a road and causing traffic. They were scattering in different directions, startled by honking of horns and the blazing rays of headlights from the vehicles.

Another video showed one terrifying incident in 2019 at Big Rock. A brief fight occurred when a small family of Nasutoceratops faced off with an adult Allosaurus. And after the herbivores fled from the predator, the Allosaurus attacked a small human family who came to visit Big Rock National Park in their small camper van. Adults and kids screamed inside as the dinosaur flipped over the vehicle. It roared in aggression.

Luckily no one was hurt from the attack.

"Local authorities have warned that the animals are unpredictable and when hungry, extremely violent. They can possibly be even DEADLY." Zhao said.

She was right about that.

From the number of 300 dinosaur-related fatalities, 150 people have been killed by these prehistoric theropods for four years. So far, 37 deaths caused by dinosaurs were documented this year. And governments are certain that the numbers will rise as the months of 2022 go by.

People across the world have been given information from conservation programs about how to tell the difference between carnivore and herbivore, how to recognize every dinosaur species, and how to stay safe. Warning signs were placed everywhere about these fascinating creatures.

According to a website on media, the most commonly-known dinosaurs are the Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and so on.

Of course everyone knows what the most popular and recognizable dinosaur on Earth is...

Tyrannosaurus Rex. Or T-Rex for short. (Rexy)

This carnivore has been spotted around the whole country of North America from California, Montana, South Dakota, and some of the big cities of the East Coast. She's been reported as very aggressive and territorial. Multiple people and animals were devoured by the Apex Predator throughout the United States, but she mostly prefers to feast on livestock near local farms. The T-Rex seems to have a liking of Goats!

Authorities in several states have nicknamed the T-Rex "Rexy" while some other people call her "Roberta". Mostly the theropod is just called the T-Rex because she is the only known specimen on the planet, though rumors have cropped up that other T-Rexes are living in other countries.

The T-Rex is recognized for her 40-foot long length and height of 18 feet, and the battle scars from when she fought other dinosaurs.

Her most recent sightings were in 2021, where she wandered through a San Diego neighborhood, which got the attention of a man inside his own house with his dog. The citizen was interviewed for the encounter and he said that this was not the first time he saw a T-Rex, in fact, he swore that he saw another tyrannosaur when he was a kid!

Another sighting of "Rexy" was when she wandered through a campsite and had brawl with a female Apatosaurus. The carnivore was immediately defeated by the larger herbivore who defended itself with its whip-like tail.

Another sighting of the T-Rex was found all throughout Alaska as she migrated across most of America. A video was taken of her traveling through snowy hills and forests, bellowing loudly across the wintery valley.

Another encounter with the fierce predator was when she chased two men in Silverlake, Oregon on a farm silo. Sadly, only one man survived the attack.

For 3 years many conservation officers have been trying to capture the T-Rex all around the country, but every single attempt on catching the most famous dinosaur in the world failed. The closest attempts happened twice in 2021 where they almost caught the predator in a small town, (there were casualties and destruction) and where they chased "Rexy" into a drive in movie theater. (one death and a dozen people injured)

More dinosaur sightings are shown on media as the reporter moves on with her report. Dinosaur pictures and videos are then replaced with a map with dots being dinosaurs as we see them spread across the world.

"As the dinosaurs spread across borders, a global black market has risen." said Gemma Zhao. "The poor animals are being sold for money."

The report reveals more images and videos to prove it.

Inside one pet shop in Asia, different breeds of dinosaurs are tied up and locked in cages. Compies squeak for help, Dimorphodons screech in small birdcages beating their wings wildly against the bars, and a Pachycephalosaurus is thrashing its head around, it's braying muffled by the muzzle on it mouth.

Fortunately, the inhumane store was exposed and the poor animals are rescued and taken to a new safer home. Asian policemen and police dogs surrounded the building and arrested the owners and employees of the pet shop. Unfortunately, the arrested people were not happy.

Gemma Zhao continued her report.

"Across the globe, governments work hard to stop evildoers and protect dinosaurs. Some of the rescued creatures were taken to safer places. But there is also another problem..."

The Asian smuggling incident switches to Canada. A female Pteranodon is seen soaring above the snowy treetops.


A shot rang out, the poor pterosaur is hit in the chest, and she screams in pain and agony as she falls to the white forest floor. The animal lies on the ground, dead. Blood leaks out of the place where the bullet had hit.

A gruff and cold-looking hunter in white camouflage clothing steps out from behind the trees, laughing wickedly. He holds a big white shotgun in his hand.

"Haha! Got one!" he said with a cruel grin. He grabbed the corpse of the bleeding Pteranodon and started dragging it back into the woods, leaving a dark trail of blood behind.

"Poachers are an extremely big threat to these creatures." Gemma Zhao went on.

The gruesome scene is replaced with other images.

"These dinosaurs are hunted for their teeth, claws, skin, and their FLESH." said the NowThis news reporter with a grim expression.

More evidence is shown.

In a European black market, one booth is selling dinosaur teeth and claws, both herbivores and carnivores, for under 100 dollars. Another stand is selling dinosaur skins for clothing, handbags, wallets, and rugs. The cost for each is also under 100 dollars. And in another area, is a sizzling grill covered in dinosaur flesh: drumsticks the size of turkey legs, large slabs of meat, and roasted Compsognathus. (The small carnivores are cooked alive.)


"People are still trying to stop these problems." Gemma Zhao said.

Two more images are shown on media: A Ceratosaurus with a bright red head and white body with black stripes rams it horned snout against the metal enclosure it was trapped inside. It roared helplessly. Somewhere else, in Russia, a hunter is preparing to shoot down a beautiful Corythosaurus with a colorful blue, orange, and white body, while his partners wait on top of a hillside.

"To combat the growing threat of smugglers and illegal poachers, all of the worldwide governments, especially the U.S. Congress, awarded sole collection rights to the global giant, BioSyn Genetics."

(Cue the "BioSyn theme" by Michael Giacchino)

BioSyn's logo appears on screen and the report moves forward to an interview with an old man.

Dr. Lewis Dodgson.

"At BioSyn, we're dedicated to the idea that dinosaurs can teach us more about ourselves." he said, looking at the camera.

The short interview is switched to a video of Lewis Dodgson teaching his students about science inside his laboratory.

"Dr. Lewis Dodgson, the CEO of his company, has been working for BioSyn since the 1980s." said Gemma Zhao. "It's been rumored that BioSyn has been a huge rival with InGen, which hasn't been heard since 2015. But both Dodgson and BioSyn have been trying to prove those rumors to be false."

The lab video is replaced by a video of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

"Dodgson has also created a sanctuary in Italy's Dolomite Mountains where he hopes to study the dinosaurs' ancient immune systems for unique pharmaceutical properties."

The gorgeous overview of the Dolomite Mountains shifts to an X-Ray of a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex showing their veins with the ones from the brain blue and the ones from the heart orange.


Gemma Zhao continues her report.

"While BioSyn believes that we can handle genetic power responsibly, the public around the world remains skeptical." she said, as the X-Ray pictures switch to a chart showing the percentage of people who want the dinosaurs to live and people who want them to die. The chart shows that the percentage of "destroy them" has the most votes.






The chart cuts back to Gemma Zhao who's speaking in front of the camera.

"Some note that these government contracts have led to massive spikes in BioSyn's profits. And rumors persist of a human clone who mysteriously disappeared leading to a worldwide search." she said as the report switched to another photo of two people. Iris Carrol (who unfortunately lost her life to a dinosaur hybrid, Indoraptor, back in 2018) and a young girl.

"Some believe she's genetically identical to Charlotte Lockwood, deceased daughter of Jurassic Park co-founder Benjamin Lockwood." (Who also passed on back in 2018)

The old 70s photograph switches to more dinosaur sightings across the globe as Gemma Zhao finishes her NowThis report.

"Now that we brought these animals back from extinction, can we face the consequences? Are we responsible for them or should they be left to fend for themselves? As we adapt to an ever-changing world, we must find answers to these questions for all of the dinosaurs' well as our own."

As the NowThis news report reaches its conclusion, the last bit of dinosaur photos and videos appear on screen.

A Sinoceratops walking beside a giant metal fence of a Military base in Calliham, Texas. The video was taken by a Tiktoker.

In Africa, cheetahs chase and hunt Compies. A tourist videoed one with a cheetah successfully catching and killing a helpless small Compsognathus.

In India, a Stygimoloch is rummaging through trash on the ground close to a train station. A huge train drives past it.

And finally, in New York City, a humongous male Quetzalcoatlus is soaring above the skyscrapers with his reflection reflecting on the windows of the tall buildings. He landed on top of one skyscraper shook his bright white feathers. The morning sunlight shined on the pterosaur's golden beak and blue crest. Then it lunged its long neck forward and clamped its jaws on the metal rod on top on the building.

And with a (SNAP) the metal rod came clean off the skyscraper. Then the male Quetzalcoatlus spread his wings and took flight into the sky again. A moment later, he found his destination: his home.

On top of the One World Trade Center, a female Quetzalcoatlus had just finished building her nest that was made out of cable wires and metal skyscraper rods. She heard flapping behind her and turned around to see her mate flying towards her. She moved backwards to make room for him.

When he landed on the skyscraper, he dropped the metal rod that he found inside the nest. Then he looked up at his mate. She moved forward and nuzzled her partner for life affectionately. The two lovebirds purred happily. The they spread their wings, lifted up their heads, and roared up at the bright morning sky as a new day began.


(Cut to black)

Jurassic World Dominion's amber logo appears. A growl is heard as the ground shakes and a huge silhouette walks behind the amber logo with a T-Rex skeleton.


The franchise logo explodes as Rexy the T-Rex bursts through the wall.

She roars!


(Cue a music bit of the "Jurassic Park theme" by John Williams)

(Cut to black)

(Cue next scene)