Chapter 1: Enter Sophie:

The sun shines brightly over the country known as Greece, home of its capital, Athens and many ruined buildings. Greece was also home to a bit of BeyBlade history as well.

Greece was home to many tourist destinations as well. A certain fired up team competing in The BeyBlade World Championships...

And the name of that special team of Individuals are Team GanGan Galaxy, representing Japan.

They were currently seeing the sites of Greece after their long and hard fought battle against Team Lovushka in Russia.

That was a hard fought battle, and Madoka decided that the team could have some down time while they were there.

"Wow, look at how beautiful the blue Aegean Sea is! And just look at how elegant the architecture is." Madoka, the personal mechanic and support member of GanGan Galaxy was the only person on the team who seemed genuinely interested in actually looking at the sites.

"I've always wanted to come here." She states enthusiastically. "Greece is like Heaven on earth!"

The same couldn't be said for the rest of Team GanGan Galaxy.

"It's just an ocean full of water Madoka." The voice of Gingka could be heard from behind her. He was the team leader of GanGan Galaxy, who was just itching to get to his next battle opponent.

The voice of his fellow teammate, Masamune followed his as well. "This is boring, there are no Pandas or Koalas in site."

Gingka and Masamune weren't the only ones bored by Madoka and her tourist antics. The voice of their sub member of the team could be heard also.

"Ughhh! I'm tired of looking at old and ruined buildings, can't we just get something to eat already?!"

"Amen to that Yu!" Gingka said

"Now you're talking, let's get some chow already." Masamune replied.

While the bladers of the team whined and complained about getting something to eat, Madoka turned towards them with an annoyed look.

The fact that all they could think about was food, is what was annoying her, so she didn't hesitate to let them know that.

"Guys, you really don't get it, do you? We're in Greece, the home to many historical things and all you can think about is food?"

Masamune decided to follow up on Madoka's question. "Uhhhh yeah, if I'm going to be number one, I've gotta maintain an extremely specific diet." Masamune then threw a thumbs up towards the mechanic's direction.

"You guys are unbelievable." Madoka continued. "Can't you guys feel the romance in the air?"

That's when the Battle Bladers champion Gingka spoke up at what he interpreted was Madoka's nonsense. What Gingka was about to say definitely got his team all fired up.

"HA! BeyBlade is the only romance that I know about!" Gingka's response got Masamune and Yu to agree with him.

"That's right!" Masamune went on. "The only things I love are BeyBlade and being number one! Yea baby. Hey Gingka! And Yu, come on! Let's battle!"

Yu then excitedly shouts. "OH YEA! ITS ON!"

"Is that even a question?! Let's battle Masamune and Yu, I won't lose, that's for sure!" Gingka was ready to have another epic battle.

But before the three could draw out their respective Beys, Pegasus, Striker and Libra, Madoka stopped all of them.

"Guys stop it, Seriously, is BeyBlade are you think about?" Madoka, who growls in annoyance, instantly regrets her question.

The currently present three out of the four members GanGan Galaxy genuinely look confused.

"Ummm yeah, what else is there to think about?" Gingka, Yu and Masamune all say at the same time.

Madoka signs in defeat because of the unsurprising trio's answer. "Ahhh, why did I even ask you guys? My mistake for even asking such a silly question."

As Madoka continues to deal with the childish nonsense of GanGan Galaxy, the fourth and most sophisticated member out of the entire team appears...

And that was Tsubasa...

He returned to his team reading a map, trying to get a sense of how to operate around Greece.

"Come on." Tsubasa says. "We should get to the arena, isn't that why we came all the way to Greece anyways?"

Gingka excitedly remembers something. The main reason they all came to Greece. He was pumped for what was in store.

"Yeah that's right!" The Battle Bladers champion went on. "The Festival Of Warriors!"

Yu then gets excited and jumps in front of Gingka to say his part about the event.

"An awesome and huge event where Bladers all over Europe gather with each other to show off all of their skills!" After Yu finished his sentence, Masamune jumped in with his own piece of the puzzle.

He brings up a good point to the entire team. "I bet that guy from before is there too!"

Gingka then realizes exactly who Masamune is talking about...

Julian Konzern, and his bey, Gravity Destroyer...

"Julian Konzern, he'll definitely be there if he's apart of The EU Team." Gingka puts some more thought into it.

Masamune doesn't think much of the guy, so his opinion on him isn't a good one.

"He's such an irritating dude." Masamune went on. "He has an extremely large ego, but I'll admit, his power and strength is no joke, he's the real deal alright."

Yu and Gingka nod there heads in agreement about his comments on Julian, he was indeed a strong blader. Beating him during the World Championships was not going to be a stroll through the park.

But before they could get a chance to talk about him, Tsubasa buts in and reminds the rest of GanGan Galaxy that Julian wasn't the only thing they had to worry about.

He's not the only person we need to worry about." Tsubasa continues. "We'll definitely need to check out all the other Bladers as well. The European Union is massive my friends. It's an assembly of nations with 27 member countries. The members of the team representing them all are called Excalibur were picked from the winners of all those Bladers and their respective countries. They are truly a force made of the strongest Bladers. Our job right now is to find them and get to know each of them."

The team was now on track thanks to Tsubasa bringing them up to speed on Excalibur and how they came to be. Now they had some sort of a plan on what to do.

As such, Gingka adds in how excited he is about this. "You're right Tsubasa, that's the deal all right."

Yu couldn't hold in his excitement either. "Wow Tsubasa, that's AWESOME!" He went on. "So they're Europe's strongest Bladers? I can't wait until we meet them and see their battle style. It's gonna be so cool."

While GanGan Galaxy, excluding Tsubasa are all getting pumped up and excited about Excalibur and The Festival Of Warriors, Madoka, who still wanted to see the sites, decides to burst their bubble with a reminder.

"But guys, don't forget that the Festival Of Warriors doesn't begin until this afternoon."

Yu and especially Masamune and Gingka are all disappointed and annoyed about this. "AWWWW COME ON!" The three of them yelled loudly at the same time.

Madoka folds her hands together and excitedly has an idea of what they could do until then.

"Why don't we go look at the ocean some more, okay gang?"

Masamune, Gingka and Yu all sigh in defeat as they didn't really have much of a choice on what to do until the Festival started.

Later on in the day at the beach, Team GanGan Galaxy are all there doing there own thing until it was time for The Festival to begin.

Madoka for one, was surely more excited about it than the rest of the group, as she was soaking her feet away in the waters of The Aegean Sea.

Oh wow! This feels so great." Madoka exclaims, come on you guys, get in, this feels great and it's so much fun."

The boys continuously ignore her invitations as they thought she was making a fool of herself.

Gingka looks genuinely curious as to why she's so excited. "Gee you guys, Madoka is sure excited, I don't know what she finds so fun about splashing around in tinny tiny little water."

Yu adds on, agreeing with Gingka's take on things. "Yeah, I guess girls really do like this weird kind of stuff at this place, don't they?"

Masamune on the other hand was still annoyed and hungry from earlier and made sure his feelings were known.

"Ugh, can we just get off this stupid beach already? hungry and want something to eat." Masamune was annoyed and hungry.

Before Masamune could continue his rant, he notices in the near distance and pointed this out. "Hey you guys, look up there."

They see what Masamune was talking about.

On top of a cliff, they a young and very attractive girl with pale blue colored hair dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, holding her sun hat that sat over her long hair.

Gingka, Masamune and Yu all scream in horror before as Tsubasa grows very concerned as well.

"What in the world is she doing up there?!" As Tsubasa says this, Gingka wastes no time in running up to the girl to save her from a very fatal mistake, he's followed very closely by the rest of GanGan Galaxy.

Meanwhile Madoka sees this, and tries to stop them. "Guys wait! Where in the world are you running off too?!"

Masamune points out what they were running to in a very quick manner so Madoka catches the hint.

"Oh no! That's so high up!" Madoka then quickly runs after them to try and assist the situation.

The young and attractive girl appears to be leaning closer and closer to the edge. She was peacefully looking down into the Aegean Ocean on top of the very large and high cliff.

She smiles as if she knew there was something there, but before she could move forward with what she was doing, she turns around in curiosity and sees a young boy, whom she found mesmerizing and around the same age as her running towards her with his friend group.

She had sworn she had seen him in the past before. But Before she could say anything she hears him yelling out something...

His Special Move...

"PEGASUS STARBOOSTER ATTACK!" Gingka launches his Galaxy Pegasus and commands to circle around the girl. As Pegasus spun and circled around the girl, it formed the large circle of blue energy, blocking the edge of the cliff so she could not jump or make any movements.

Gingka and the rest of GanGan Galaxy immediately rush up to the girl. Now that they had her distracted from the edge, Gingka called back his Pegasus as they all grabbed her.

"Do you realize how close to the edge of the cliff you were?! You could've slipped off it!" Gingka yelled.

Masamune followed Gingka's initial statement by agreeing with him.

"That's right!" Masamune went on. "If you fell, you never would've been able to pick up a Bey ever again."

As the girl is still being grabbed by Team GanGan Galaxy, Madoka had enough of hearing the boys and their references of BeyBlade.


Before Madoka could continue chewing out Masamune and Gingka, the pale blue haired girl gently pulls away from the group before laughing.

"Oh my, I had no idea. I'm guessing I got carried away with my examination of The Ruins." She said. She then turns her attention to Gingka, the boy whom 'saved' her as he looked confused about what she could be referring to.

"Yes the ruins down there, I just love seeing them. Those ruins are apart of me in my path becoming an archeologist."

Gingka steps away from GanGan Galaxy so he could be in front of the girl and talk to her. On the inside, he felt kind of nervous about this for some reason, but chose to brush it off. "An archeologist?"

The rest of GanGan Galaxy could sense that something was slightly off with Gingka. But chose not to say anything about it at the moment.

"Ahhhh! So that's what you leaning over the edge was about." Gingka stated before laughing.

The young laughed slightly before clarifying things with Gingka and his friends, she found his antics quite funny and adorable.

"I'm sorry for confusing you and your friends." She said. Before the rest of the team could say Madoka decided to speak up.

Madoka decided to shares her interests of Archeology with the girl. "Archeology sounds really fascinating."

While this was going on, Yu was standing over the edge trying to find the ruins this girl spoke of, he didn't see anything. "Ummm, I don't see anything, there's nothing down here. Where in the world are the ruins you talked about?!"

To answer the sub member's question, she walks over to where he was standing.

"Oh don't worry little one, they're down there alright. They aren't to far below the surface. Slightly below the surface lies an ancient sunken ship of the Greek."

Tsubasa didn't like how this girl was sounding, she sounded all to casual about the life threatening position she found herself in moments ago.

He made sure this was known to her. "So you were gonna die from here just to check it out?" Tsubasa asked in a slightly harsh and commanding tone.

This is when Gingka decided to speak up for her since the situation was well over with now.

He spoke in the usual tone he had when he usually gave his friends and allies motivation and advice. "Yo chill out Tsubasa, she's fine now, and besides, I can relate, after all, I've done dangerous things for a purpose before, Galaxy Pegasus for example was a pain to obtain back in Koma Village."

Gingka pulls our Galaxy Pegasus again to prove his point. Before things could escalate amongst GanGan Galaxy, the girl chuckles lightly.

"Not likely." She continues. "I really don't like getting wet you guys."

Suddenly she pulls out her launcher and Bey, shocking everyone, especially Gingka.

Gingka is now even more excited since it had been a while since he had seen a BeyBlade. "Awesome! She has a BeyBlade!"

Suddenly she then launches it over the cliff and into the water, confusing Masamune and everyone to a greater extent.

"No way!" Masamune yelled. "What are you doing?"

Gingka then adds on to this with his own comments on the current matter. "Who in the world launches a Bey into the ocean with no regard?!"

The simply smiles innocently as she was the only one who knew the true nature of what was about to happen. Suddenly the water below starts spinning as it were a Bey inside of a stadium.

After a few short moments the water is split into two different parts, revealing her Bey and the Greek shipwreck she had spoken about moments ago.

This Impressed Madoka and Team GanGan Galaxy. "WOW! THAT'S AMAZING!" Everyone said at the same time.

The baby blue haired girl looks at everyone with a smile. "Now you see, there's no need to dive and get all wet." While the rest of the team payed attention to this amazing demonstration of her power, Tsubasa was the only one curious as to who this woman was.

"She's awfully powerful, who is she?" Tsubasa was in his thoughts about who she could be, she had demonstrated an awfully great deal of power with her Bey, he thought...could she be one of the European Union Bladers?

After feeling she had seen enough of the ancient shipwreck, the girl decided to command her Bey to put the water back in its place.

"WHITE CETUS! Put the water back in its place NOW!" The girl's BeyBlade with little to no effort let the water fall back down to its original place.

This amazed Gingka and GanGan Galaxy, who was awestruck that a seemingly helpless girl was such an awesome Blader.

After the water was back in its place in the ocean, The Bey she owned jumped out from below and returned to its owner. She decided it was time to reveal her name to the group.

"Now that we've all seen an amazing piece of history, let's all get acquainted, my name is Sophie, and this is my Bey White Cetus!." She showed the group her Bey up close.

Madoka being the mechanic she was, commented on how amazing the Bey looked. "Wow, a Grand Cetus, apart of the Whale Constellation!"

The now revealed Sophie heard this and showed her gratitude for the compliment.

"Why thank you, that's such a nice compliment about my Cetus." Sophie said "And you are?"

"Oh sorry." Madoka continued on. "My name's Madoka, Madoka Amano." Madoka and Sophie than shook hands politely with each other. "It's nice to meet you Sophie."

"Nice to meet you too." Sophie replied.

"Oh I almost forgot." Madoka went on to name all the members of GanGan Galaxy. "This is Tsubasa, Masamune, Yu and the leader, Gi.-" Madoka was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

"I know who you are." Sophie looked at Gingka, who was curious in return.

"Who me?"

"Yes you silly, you're Gingka, the number one Blader in the world, The Champion of Battle Bladers." Sophie said this politely, much to the shock of the group.

While everyone was shocked that Sophie knew who Gingka was, Masamune was more annoyed with the fact that everyone kept acknowledging Gingka as the number one Blader in the world.

"Why does he keep getting my title! I'm the one and only number one Blader in the world!" Before Masamune's rant could go on, Gingka walked in front of him to address Sophie.

Gingka, like the person and Blader that he was, was excited that a fellow Blader overseas was aware of who he was. "Hmph, so you know who I am? Awesome."

Sophie chuckled lightly before replying. "Of course I do Gingka, Your victory at Battle Bladers took the world by storm."

"Why thank you Sophie, that was an epic and hard fought battle." Gingka said. "I had no idea that Battle Bladers would shake Europe as well. Europe has awesome Bladers, and your a prime example of that."

Yu then added in his two thoughts on the current conversation. "Gingky's right, you're awesome!"

Masamune followed this. "Yeah, you are a totally awesome Blader."

Tsubasa remained quiet the entire time, for one he was still curious, there was more to know about this girl. And he was going to find out.

"You're all to kind to me." Sophie was showing her gratitude to the comments about her skills as a Blader. She was getting to know the group a little bit better.

She then remembered she had to go somewhere important. "I have to go now, it was nice meeting all of you." Sophie began to walk away down the large rock and away from the edge, but before she could leave she walked up to Gingka.

"And thank you for...'saving' me Gingka...I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of each other soon." Just as the girl leaves, she touches under Gingka's chin and slowly slides away her hand as she walks away, almost in a manner of flirting.

This shocked all of GanGan Galaxy, mainly Gingka, who didn't know what to feel about this, this girl for some reason was intriguing and mysterious.

Masamune and Yu decide to make fun of Gingka for what had just happened.

"As the true captain of this team, I'm proud of you Gingka." Masamune said laughing at the annoyed Gingka.

Yu then followed up on this with his own teasing of the Pegasus themed Blader. "Gingky's got a girlfriend LALALALALA!"

"WILL YOU TWO CAN IT?!" Gingka yelled as Madoka, Masamune and Yu all laughed at him harshly denying this.

While this was going on, Tsubasa was still standing there quiet and still wondering about this mysterious girl.

"There's definitely something more to this girl than we know about, I just can't wrap my head around it just yet."

Tsubasa continued to think about this...wondering what game she's trying to play at...