Chapter 14: Sword Vs Dragon:

On the private plane of Team Excalibur, lies all four members of the powerful team. Most teams would be probably be celebrating their victory right now, but for the EU Team, this was something they didn't have time for. Victory came naturally to them. And there would be time for celebration after they won the World Championship.

While Julian sat away from the rest of the team, typing away on his computer at his desk, Klaus, Wales and Sophie sat around a small table in the middle of the plane having small talk amongst themselves.

"So it's time," Wales started, "The A-Block finals is finally here."

"So it is..." Klaus added. "Does our opponent GanGan Galaxy...are they? Are they going to give us any trouble?"

"Right Klaus, you missed the Festival Of Warriors, so you really don't know, do you?" Sophie along with Wales began to bring Klaus up to speed, more so Wales than Sophie.

"They're nothing at all. They didn't stand a chance against Konzern's Gravity Destroyer, that's for sure." Wales' arrogance was still as present as ever.

While Sophie knew deep down that defeating Gingka and GanGan Galaxy would not be an easy task, she still had high confidence in herself and her team. Their price and self confidence was evident. "They won't stand in the way of our victory."

Suddenly, "Granted. But we still shouldn't take our enemies too lightly." Klaus & The Jewels turned and looked at Julian with shock. "I expect a complete and total victory. But did you forget that Cetus's joint special move was broken by them in that battle? I think you'd remember that."

This garnered attention from Klaus. "They broke Grand Deucalion?"

Sophie wasn't bothered taking a trip down memory lane. "It doesn't matter." She confidently states. "We won't make the same mistake again."

Wales added on. "Anyways, You won't get a turn in this next battle either Konzern. The two of us and Klaus will take care of it. Mark my words, Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy will bow down before Excalibur, they'll soon join Team Wang-Hu-Zhong in Excalibur's personal pit of despair."

Julian formed a strong smile on his face. "Is that so my friend? Which means the hopes of the Italian citizens who are looking forward to seeing me battle will once again be short changed."

While Wales and Julian continued to talk about the upcoming war against Team Japan, Sophie took the time to mentally prepare herself. She took out her White Cetus and continuously stared at her Bey for the next two or three minutes straight. I promise you mother, father, I'll make you proud. Your legacies will not be forgotten. Your wise words and teachings will not be forgotten. Me and Team Excalibur will make sure of it. We'll all be sitting atop of the throne soon...just you wait.

Klaus caught wind of Sophie's sudden silence. He knew exactly what this was and her staring at her Cetus signified his suspicions.

"You're thinking about them again? Aren't you Sophie?" Klaus knew exactly who was on Sophie's mind.

"Yes Klaus." Sophie paused before continuing. "It's like mother and father's presence is felt everywhere I go. They truly revolutionized my life in a way that was never seen. I just hope I can make them proud."

"Nonsense." Klaus began to comfort his friend. "They'd be happy to see how far you've come, not only as the heart of Excalibur, a Blader and as an EU member, but as smart and mature young woman. I know if Miss Karagane was healthy right now, she'd be very proud of the little girl she worked hard to raise. And if Mr Karagane was still with us, he'd be proud and jumping with joy at the little warrior he helped raise."

Sophie felt very moved and touched by the wise words from Klaus. She normally was very touchy and reclusive with the subject of her life growing up and her family, but here and now, she felt very comfortable and relieved. Klaus may seem like an intimidating brute to others, but deep down Sophie knew that he was a gentle giant when he needed to be.

"Why thank you, Klaus. I very much needed this time to talk." While Sophie was immensely loyal and close to be Julian and Wales, she never could sit down and have a conversation with either of them about deep things like this. Klaus was almost like an older brother to her in a way.

"No problem, and if it makes you feel any better." Klaus formed a small smile. "I'll grind em down to dust with my axe," he added, in a joking manner.

Sophie merely chuckled quietly. "I see your will to battle is still intact."

"Of course, my axe is always ready to chop down any pesky trees in our way. But there's still one more thing I must know."

Sophie was curious. "Oh?"

"Just how in the world did you end up with all of that Pale Blue hair of yours? Your mother's hair is mint green?"

Sophie merely smiled. "That my dear Klaus will remain a mystery among us all?"

Suddenly a ding was heard throughout the entire plane and Excalibur's personal pilot came on the intercom. "Please fasten your seatbelts, we are landing shortly."

As the plane was approaching the runway during its descent, the team could already notice that there were desperate Italian paparazzi with their cameras and microphones ready to hassle them and tones of children scattered all over the place hoping to get an autograph from their country's representative team.

Once the plane landed and was secured in the runway, the female flight attendant opened the door and out stepped a stoic Julian Konzern with his briefcase. He did not look happy at all.

Regardless of this, the paparazzi wasted no time in snapping photos of the young heir to the Konzern Family fortune. Those white flashes played a harsh tune in Julian's mind.

The first of many other reporters wasted no time in asking the young Italian a question. "Welcome back Konzern. What are your thoughts on the Wang-Hu-Zhong battle?!"

"Can you share some of your ideas about the upcoming final?!" Another shouted, as Julian ignored them all.

Julian walked up to his personal servant with an annoyed expression. "What is this nonsense?"

"I apologize sir, the reporters insisted that they wanted to hear Master Konzern's words directly from him and no one else. And the children are here hoping for an autograph from whom they aspire to be like."

"Hmph, freedom of the press is that right? Hmm if it's an interview from my fans, no problem. And autographs are Sophie's thing, she'll attend to our dear youthful fans autographs."

"Ah yes." The servant went on. "But unfortunately we are too rushed sir. We must make up for the lost time in your schedule while you were in France. We are very much behind."

Eventually Sophie, Wales and Klaus finally emerged from inside of the plane to see the press bombarding them.

Julian turned his attention to his three comrades. "Okay you heard what he said, I'll leave the rest to you." And with that, Julian and his loyal servant walked through the crowd of citizens ignoring them in the process.

"Well, he's busy as always I see?" Wales said at the joking expense of the press.

"Well he is the heir to the Konzern family fortune so it's not surprising." Sophie added.

As they watched Julian walk through the seemingly endless crowd of reporters, journalists and fans, one of them managed to catch up to the Emperor. "Please just answer one thing! Why BeyBlade and not hopscotch?"

This surprisingly caught the attention of Julian, whom stopped in his tracks turned to the reporter. "Excuse me?"

"Is it a way for your family to make more money?"

Julian responded. "Don't be ridiculous." The reporters and journalists were baffled. "BeyBlade is very unique. As you know, it's gaining attention from people all over the world, it's hugely popular. Therefore I intend to win the first ever World Championships. I believe that'll be the greatest achievement and honor than an athlete can attain. This is why I'm involved in BeyBlade, and that's why I'm going to win, you can quote me on that."

"Konzern!" While Wales and Sophie were caught off guard by their leader's statement to the press, the paparazzi wasted no time in quoting Julian's comments. This would truly give them something to go crazy about for a while.

Julian wasn't done yet. "As a competitor, I wanna be the best. That is what BeyBlade is all about, plain and simple. Please don't ask me such silly questions in the future." After Julian finished, he turned to enter the terminal to attend to his Italy business.

"Wait, Konzern!" Multiple reporters attempted to chase after the hometown hero, but were instead greeted by Klaus leaping off of the airplane's staircase and into the center of them, blocking their path to Julian.

The Axe Of Destruction growled as if he were a wild animal. "That is enough."

Wales then stepped in. "Konzern said that he was leaving us in charge, got it?"

"From now on please direct all of your questions to us." The press seemed more intimidated by Sophie's presence. The way she commanded respect and order was truly remarkable and impressive.

The younger fans who wanted autographs, still had faces full of hope. Excalibur were their heroes, and getting an autograph from them would make their days, maybe even the rest of us their lives.

Sophie saw these looks and immediately went to attend to the young fans. "Now, if you'll excuse me, you all are purposely ignoring and stepping over the innocent children, if you want to personally ask me questions, you'll have to wait until all of the children have their needs attended to, excuse me."

Hearing this caused every single one of the young fans of Excalibur to cheer loudly while the press remained stressed and saddened. Wales & Klaus attended to the annoying crowd of paparazzi and journalists while Sophie got to work preparing to sign autographs. One of the flight attendants ran back inside the plane and had a table and chair set up for Sophie so she could start signing autographs.

For the couple of minutes she continued to make happy and memorable childhood moments for all of these kids. Those minutes began turning into hours. Sophie was extremely proud of her actions. These kids were truly the best part of her day outside of her Excalibur duties.

While signing all of the Excalibur and European Union Memorabilia of these kids, Sophie thought back to her own childhood, half of which was taken from her by force. The female Blader began experiencing a flashback of an all too familiar moment of her childhood years ago:


"You'll become stronger on your own, Sophie, you'll carry on your own journey in life, you'll carve out your own path, your own destiny, and remember this my dear baby girl, Only one star in the sky can shine the brightest, your hear me, ONLY ONE STAR CAN SHINE THE BRIGHTESTTTTTTTTTT!"


Sophie quickly snapped out of her reminiscing. She felt her heart beating so fast she thought she wasn't even in the real world. She felt like everything was falling apart in front of her.

Suddenly, "Excuse me?"

"Huh?" Sophie quickly regained her composure as she saw a little girl, who looked no older than ten or eleven years old standing before her. She was dressed in a traditional white and blue schoolgirl outfit. She had blonde hair in a twin tails style.

"Are you okay?"

Sophie quickly responded. "Yes, I'm fine. What's your name, little one?"

"Satomi." The girl replied. "Satomi Akiyama."

"Lovely name." Sophie politely answered.

"Thank you! My first name is Japanese for wisdom and beauty, and my last name is for autumn and mountain!"

Sophie noticed the young girl had a picture of Sophie posing with her White Cetus. Judging by the looks of things, Sophie must've guessed she was a really big fan of her. "May I sign that for you?" She politely asked. Satomi eagerly gave Sophie her photo of herself and Sophie proceeded to sign her signature on the picture.

"Thank you, this means a lot to me Sophie!"

"You're most welcome, little one." She politely replied. Sophie was happy that she once again made another child's day.

Before Satomi walked away, she had some more things to say to Sophie. "You know Sophie, I really hope you and Team Excalibur win the BeyBlade World Championships, it'll mean alot to me and everyone back home, we're all rooting for you Sophie. Especially me."

This drew curiosity from Sophie. This kid was quite an interesting person. "Thank you, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?"

"Itali Village."

Sophie's eyes widened. She was all to familiar with that village. That was the village she, her mother and her father had grown up in before they began living in Paris, France. She and her mother had always stopped by Itali Village for occasional visits and even brief stays when they had the time. The last time she visited was just before the beginning of the World Championships, and an occasional visit there with some down time away from the tournament.

"Really?" Sophie asked with interest. "I haven't been around in quite a while, Itali Village is where I grew up as well, I'm really glad that their support for me is as strong as ever."

"Me too!" Satomi said, "I've gotta go, my grandfather is waiting for me, next time you come back to visit the village, be sure to come visit me! Okay? Bye." And with that, the young girl took off with her signed autograph, leaving behind a relaxed Sophie.

Sophie on the other hand, was already beginning to plan just exactly what her next trip back home would be like. For now, she had to focus on winning the upcoming battle against GanGan Galaxy. Too much was at stake for her. She couldn't afford to lose, she just had to win.

Very later on into the day, Excalibur was in the middle of some special training to prepare for the battle. Klaus was having a friendly soaring battle vs Sophie and Wales.

"Go now, Grand Cetus!" Yelled Sophie and Wales.

"Hit them back, Grand Capricorn!" Yelled Klaus. "Claw Of The Storm, First!"

Upon the command of Klaus, Grand Capricorn began charging directly at the two Cetus beys. By the looks of things, Capricorn was gonna cut down White and Blue Cetus.

"White Cetus!"

Immediately, Sophie's infamous whirlpool appeared and covered the entire stadium.

Now it's was Wales' turn. "Special Move, Cetus Grand Fleet!"

The Blue Whale Beast of Blue Cetus emerged from the massive whirlpool and leaped into the air.

Now it was Sophie's turn. "Special Move, Cetus, Grand Victoire!"

The White Whale Beast of White Cetus emerged from the Whirlpool and leaped high into the air alongside Blue Cetus. Now it was time for Wales' and Sophie's joint Special Move.

"Joint Special Move! Cetus Grand Deucalion!"

Both Whale Beasts dived ferociously back into the whirlpool, causing a massive tidal wave to form. Capricorn was swallowed by the waves and was helplessly sent flying out of the stadium, landing at the feet of Klaus. But Klaus wasn't fazed by this sudden defeat. He instead commemorated his teammates impressive ability and their joint special move.

"That's why you're called Konzern's Twin Jewels, you won before I could even make my second strike."

Both Sophie and Wales caught their beys back in their hands with ease. On the other hand, there was something that was bothering Wales since they were on the plane. Or rather someone. "Hmm, there's still that guy, you know, the one that managed to cut through our tidal wave last time."

Klaus was intrigued. "What guy?"

Sophie began to bring Klaus up to speed on who this 'guy' was and a possible game plan to combat him. "Oh yes, GanGan Galaxy's lieutenant member, Masamune. If your attack is an axe that mows down everything in its path, than the attack Masamune's Striker delivers is a sharp lance that can pierce at any point."

Klaus formed a mischievous smile on his face. This Masamune fellow sounded like a promising opponent. "Hmm, the axe and the lance huh? That sounds pretty interesting."

Wales reminded the team of another factor that could complicate things. "But that all depends on the order they choose to battle us in."

Sophie then added in another factor. "True, we all know the main battle will obviously be Gingka Vs Julian, as Gingka will most likely want another shot at Konzern, but I'll hold my breath for now, it all depends on the order they decide to fight us in."

Before the conversation could progress any further, they were halted by the elegant sounds of a piano's tune. The knew firsthand this was just Julian cleansing his mind.

Sophie smiled. "He's plays the piano beautifully as well."

Wales shrugged. "You need a lot of skills to be apart of that family." Wales then took a moment to let it bask in. "He truly believes in the honor of BeyBlade. He's committed to being the very best and to winning the world championships."

"It's great to know that he feels the way we do." Sophie added. "BeyBlade is everything."

"Yes." Wales simply remarked.

Klaus added on. "We will stand at the very top of the BeyBlade world along with Konzern."

"In order to do that, we must win the next battle." Said Wales.

"We have to win." Sophie paused before continuing. "We can't let Konzern down." And I promise I won't let you down either mother. By the time you get better and healthier, I along with Excalibur will be standing at the top of the world. While Sophie did want to see the goals and dreams of Julian to come true, her main focus was on making her out of commission mother and her deceased father proud. If she wins the World Championships, two birds with one stone will be tackled.

The three teammates began staring out of the window and into the distance at the Konzern Family Estate, which was just over on the other side. The piano in the background, combined with the peaceful and beautiful sky made this the perfect night to relax.

Meanwhile inside the Konzern family home, lied Julian whom was peacefully having a piano recital with himself and mentally preparing his mind. BeyBlade was just another step in making the Konzern family earn more riches and expand their ever growing wealth. And Julian was the heir to it all.

Through the European Union, I have already captured the hearts of all of Europe's Bladers. If I go to stand at the top of the BeyBlade world, the Konzern family businesses will make even more money. Starting with Europe, I will use the BeyBlade network to open the door to a new era. That is how I've come to stand at the top of the heap. Winning is the only thing. That is the destiny of one born into the Konzern family. In the end, BeyBlade is nothing more than a way for me to conquer the world.

Coincidentally, Julian's perfect piano melody finished just as his inner thoughts concluded as well.

Just then, Julian saw a Japanese promotional poster of Gingka and the rest of Team GanGan Galaxy hanging up on the other side of the room. Julian saw some darts nearby. He decided to have a brief moment of fun. He grabbed one of the darts and perfectly threw it at the 'Gingka's' head without even damaging the rest of the poster.

"Sooon, very soon, you will bow down before me just like the others, your time is coming...Gingka."

Even later that night, inside a grand hall somewhere in the city, Julian was just getting ready to finish an amazing performance in front of hundreds of people. His melodic style was amazing for such a young man. While he was playing, he could hear the whispers and endless praise coming from the older adults in the crowd.

Julian in his mind thought he was the perfect man that everyone should aspire to be. He had conquered them all. Education, The Arts, Sports, you name it. How many people could say that they've done all there is to do in life? How many could call themselves a conqueror? More importantly, how many people could call themselves an emperor?

Julian could...

Once his performance wrapped up, he began to bask in all of the endless glory. People should always bask in the glory of Julian Konzern. All of this just came natural to him. The spotlight never left him; because HE IS the spotlight.

"Ahhhhhhhhh." One adult exclaimed.

"Bravooooo."said another. "Young Konzern truly is a remarkable young man."

"Take the crown of the BeyBlade World Championships to!" Another man shouted.

As Julian bowed down and showed gratitude for his praise, he did not know that he was being watched and stalked from above by an all too familiar all too familiar Eagle Blader was watching Konzern from above and stalking him from the shadows...

Later on, as Julian had just arrived back home, he stepped out of his limo and was greeted by his loyal servant.

"Welcome home, sir."

"Today's meetings are all complete, correct? We should have made up for the lost time as well."

"Ahhh yes, thank you for all your hard work."

Julian wasn't playing any games. There was still personal business he needed to attend to outside of his public appearances. "Give me Gravity Destroyer immediately." He asked bluntly.

Julian's servant was taken aback. "But-"

Julian cut him off. "I said give me my Bey, understand? I need to practice."

His servant began trying to make Julian call it a night. "Right now sir? But Master Konzern, since you came back from France, you've been working day and night. Wouldn't it be better to get a little rest?"

Julian continued to be blunt. "People will not follow those who are lazy in their work and interests. A good Emperor must know that."

Eventually the Butler gave up trying. "Ahh yes. Please forgive me, Master Konzern. Your Gravity Destroyer will be delivered to you shortly.

"And please ready Antonius for me as well."

"Yes my young Konzern, both your Bey and Antonius will be ready for you soon."

A short while later, Julian had received his Bey from another one of his servants as well as his personal horse, Antonius. Konzern had decided that he'd ride around the estate for a bit and then hammer down some practice time with Destroyer. One would have to admire how dedicated he was to his craft. There wasn't a single flaw that Julian didn't work hard to eliminate from his self.

As Julian rode around on Antonius and his family's horse racetrack, he mentally thought back to what his personal servant/butler/assistant had said to him. To get some rest. Resting was for the weak.

I do not have time to rest. I must show everyone my power and earn as much trust as I can. That is how one moves the people.

For another twenty minutes or so, Julian had raced around the track on Antonius so many times. Many people would think he was being hard on his stallion, but that wasn't the case. Like he would for himself, he expected nothing but the best from Antonius. Antonius wasn't just any old horse, he was the greatest animal companion anyone could ask for.

Julian always made sure that Antonius would receive that best horse care treatment that his money could provide. Not a single thing that he purchased for Antonius wasn't state of the art. He and Antonius had always trained until physical perfection.

After a little more riding around with the stallion, Julian decided that it was time to start up his Bey training and for his horse to call it a night.

Suddenly, Antonius became very distressed and nearly launched Julian off of him.

"Woah! Woah woah! What's wrong Antonius? What's wrong boy?" As Julian was calming down his stallion companion, he could see just what was making the horse distressed.

A person, standing and hiding in the nearby forest, hiding in the darkness like an evil presence...

The person emerged from the shadows and revealed himself to be...



"Julian Konzern...battle with me now!" Tsubasa held his Earth Eagle in his hand to prove his point. He wasn't leaving this estate without his request being met.

"You are...Your name is Tsubasa." Julian couldn't believe it. Tsubasa, one of GanGan Galaxy's best members was standing before him on his own property. He had recalled seeing Tsubasa back at the Festival Of Warriors. He had originally thought that based on his demeanor, that Tsubasa was the civilized one of the Japan team.

"That's right..." Tsubasa felt a sharp pain in his chest and a loud beat coming from his heart, but quickly brushed it off. "Battle with me right here and right now!"

Julian got off of Antonius to stand toe to toe with the antagonistic Japan Blader. "I wasn't aware that it was Japan's style to launch a surprise attack before a competition."

Tsubasa could feel his heartbeat pounding and getting louder by the minute. He could feel the agonizing dark presence within him, like it was standing there next to him. Tsubasa came here for one purpose and one purpose only.

"I will defeat you and prove my strength! Get ready!" Uncharacteristically, Tsubasa launched Eagle with alot of force and aggression.

Julian in return launched Destroyer with no hesitation. "Destroyer!"

The two beys collided with a lot of force. The collision was so severe, it caused a massive explosion of purple energy that was for sure to alert anyone in the vicinity.

Destroyer was managing to push Eagle back, much to Tsubasa's fury. His eyes were glowing red and his rage and desperation was beginning to take hold over him. Dark energy began emitting from his body and his voice became distorted. "Do it right!"

"Huh?" Julian said, much to his own confusion.

As the Dark Power began taking over Tsubasa he revealed what his true intentions were. "I want you to use reverse rotation." His evilly distorted voice asked.

"Say what?!"

"What's wrong? You can do it can't you?" 'Tsubasa' had a menacing grin on his face. "I want to face the strongest version of you UNDERSTAND?!"

"You do huh?!"

Both Julian and 'Tsubasa' called back their beys in order for Julian to switch over to reverse rotation. This definitely wasn't apart to Julian's preparation for the final battle, but it would have to make do.

"Shame, and I thought you were the only civilized person on your team of animals." Julian switched to reverse rotation. "You will regret making me angry, Tsubasa."

'Tsubasa' was more than pleased as he put Eagle on his launcher. "Yes that's it! That's just fine! That's what I've been waiting for my friend!"

Somewhere on a nearby hill, the dark power's energy coming from its possession of Tsubasa could be seen from afar. One familiar Blader saw this and took amusement at the thought of this pathetic kid's birthday party claiming itself to be the Dark Power.

"That's all then huh?" He had amused smile on his face as he began his descent towards the source of this power.

"Go Eagleeeee!" 'Tsubasa' launched his bey into battle.

"Gravity Destroyer!"

Just as Julian was about to launch his Bey to collide with Eagle, he was caught by the surprise of two familiar Beys cutting him off and blocking Eagle from attacking Julian.

"WHAT NOW?!" 'Tsubasa' snarled.

Julian turned around to see the source of the mysterious Beys.

Sophie and Wales alongside Klaus coming to his aid.

"Wales, Sophie, Klaus." Julian was practically baffled by how fast they made it here. As soon as they reached him, they had to make sure their leader was safe.

"Are you alright, Konzern?" Asked Klaus.

Wales and Sophie turned their attention towards the possessed Tsubasa. "This guy isn't worthy of being your opponent!"

"if you want to battle Destroyer, you'll have to get past our Cetuses first, understand?"

'Tsubasa' looked more irate than he had ever been in his life. He was growling in frustration like a predatory animal that had just let his prey escape. Deep down, Tsubasa was fighting to gain back control of his body, he never intended to pick a bloodthirsty fight with Sophie and Wales, all he wanted to do was test his own strength against a worthy opponent.

Sophie firmly threw her hand in the air. "Whirlpool now White Cetus!"

Immediately, Sophie's Whirlpool appeared and engulfed the entire battlefield.

"Toss him now, Blue Cetus!" Wales began making a tornado out of a proportion of Sophie's Whirlpool, much to 'Tsubasa's' concern. He gritted his teeth so hard that it felt like he would break his teeth with one false move.

Eagle was spun around by the tornado of water and sent flying back towards the ground, wobbling.

"Let's decide this now! Sophie!" Yelled Wales.

"Yeah! Let's go!"

Together Blue and White Cetus jumped out of the tornado and began a vicious barrage of double team attacks. The attacks were so intense and fast that Eagle couldn't find an opening to escape.

'Tsubasa' on the other hand was getting more intense and angrier with each attack. These two clowns were getting in his way. He was only here for Konzern. These other two nuisances needed to disappear right now.

"You're getting in my way!" His eyes once again began glowing red with rage. His voice became horribly distorted again. "Don't mess with me...don't mess with me...don't mess...WITH MEEEEEEE!" 'Tsubasa' suddenly emitted a large burst of Dark energy from not only himself, but his Eagle as well.

Eagle created a massive tornado of dark energy that easily pushed away the two Cetus beys. Eagle had metamorphosed into its 'Dark Eagle' form. The Dark Eagle beast appeared and like the battle with Yu, Demure and Benkei, it began wreaking all sorts of havoc all over The Konzern family estate.

Its first order of business was to attack the two Cetus beys that interfered with his battle with Julian. The Dark Eagle beast was having fun as it began tossing around the two Cetus beys.

"No way!" Wales and Sophie were beyond shocked. They had never been this manhandled in a battle before. Julian on the other hand sensed there was something wrong with Tsubasa. While he didn't know much about him, he knew that something was making him rampage like a psychopath.

'Tsubasa' began making a statement. "I will not lose to you." His distorted voice sent chills down everyone's spine. "I will not lose to anyone. DO YOU HEAR MEEE?!" More dark energy began emitting from Tsubasa's body. This time the force was so powerful that it made a wind storm that began to blow leaves off of healthy and thriving plants and trees and began swirling around various pieces of debris from the chaotic battle. "I will win! I WILL WINNNNNNNN!"

All of Team Excalibur, minus Julian were absolutely bewildered by what they thought was Tsubasa's hidden power. This guy was on a completely different level. All of the destruction he brought upon with a mere demonstration of his power was unreal. Sophie had wondered why Gingka would even allow such a monster to be apart of his county's representative team. Maybe she was wrong about the ethics of Gingka? She didn't want to assume, after she and Wales took this guy down, she would get to the bottom of this. The next time she saw Gingka, she would have a private conversation with him regarding his decision to recruit this guy on his team.

"Each and every one of can just disappear! DISAPPEAR FOREVER!" The Dark Eagle beast began raining down upon them once again. It wasted no time in attempting to destroy the two nuisances that interferes with its plans. It attacked White and Blue Cetus with a force so powerful, it sent the two Beys flying back a great distance.

'Tsubasa' began cackling and laughing like a maniacal monster. He didn't care who you were, friend or foe, if you were in his way, you were getting destroyed, point blank and period. "Yes my beautiful Eagle! Go wild! Go wild! Go wildest! Do you Hear me?! Don't stop! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"What...what is that?" Klaus asked, not believing what his eyes were seeing. "What is he? This...this thing?"

Julian looked firmly as Tsubasa and immediately knew what it was. "An evil presence..."

As 'Tsubasa' continued cackling, screaming and destroying everything in its path, deep inside his conscious, the real Tsubasa was pleading hard for this creature to stop. "Just stop it! Stop it! This is not the power of my true self. I just wanted to test my own power against the best in the world!"

The Dark Side began speaking to Tsubasa. "Tested you say? Are you still trying to fool yourself like that? You wanted results more than anything remember? You just wanted to win, isn't that so? That is why I am here for you now. I am telling you now, that I'll lend you my power!"

"No! I don't need you, understand?! I want to win as Tsubasa Otori, using only my own power!"

"We're the same, I am you and you are me, because I am another Tsubasa that you created in the darkness of your heart. I was born to help you win, to take everything for us!"

"No I didn't, I didn't!"

"Just give in now, you want to win, right? Or actually, you're afraid right? You're afraid of losing. Everyone has darkness within their hearts. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Stop pretending to be a good boy all the time and let your true nature show itself why don't ya?"

The real Tsubasa fell to his knees, no matter what he did, he just could not end his own suffering. The darkness that surrounded him just would not go away, no matter how much he fought and resisted against it. A part of Tsubasa contemplated just ending it all so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

"Stop it, stop it please..."

"STOP IT RIGHT NOWWWWWWW!" 'Tsubasa' began emitting so much dark power that it began dispersing all over the place. To Team Excalibur, it looked as if Tsubasa had just lost his mind. They also noticed that Eagle began releasing Dark Energy and spinning rapidly all over the place. Julian was baffled as he saw Tsubasa's out of control Earth Eagle rampage uncontrollably. It smashed apart rocks, boulders, trees and other debris that was in its path.

Seeing that this was a good opportunity to end this nightmare, Wales turned over to Sophie. "Now's the time Sophie."

Sophie still somewhat shocked and even horrified merely nodded. "Whirlpool now! WHITE CETUS!" Like before, Sophie's whirlpool formed once more. Together, she and Wales were gonna put an end to this psychotic creature's madness and rampage. The two of them them prepped and got down to business.

"Joint Special Move! Cetus Grand Deucalion!"

The white and blue Whale Beasts leaped high into the air. Not even a second after they came diving back down into the whirlpool with sheer force, creating a massive tidal wave that would engulf Eagle. Tsubasa growled and gritted his teeth.

"You're toast!" Said both Sophie and Wales.

"It's all over." Klaus added, with a smile as no one could escape the dead Deucalion.

Just as Sophie and Wales were about to finish off Tsubasa and Eagle for good. A massive lightning bolt struck the scene.

"This is pathetic..."



Everyone turned in the direction of the voice. Everyone present saw an infamous man walking menacingly toward them all with a meteor shower raining down upon them. Somehow, none of these flaming meteors were even touching him. Talk about a grand entrance.

Tsubasa knew this Blader all too well, intact, he was the reason he was even in this predicament in the first place.

Everyone felt chills seeing his body aura glow red and the malicious smile that naturally fit on his face. Sophie now wondered just who was this guy? And what does he want?

"I CAN'T BE!" Tsubasa snarled. "RYUGA?!"

Team Excalibur was stunned. The only one who was really familiar with Ryuga was Julian, he had watched the Battle Bladers tournament from start to finish and saw how Ryuga had effortlessly defeated and destroyed everyone in his path to to the Battle Bladers finale where he went on a complete rampage and was defeated by Gingka in the end.

Ryuga broke the silence and asserted his dominance over all who oppose him. "You call that children's show the dark power? Don't make me laugh!" Ryuga threw one hand in the air and on his command, a massive meteor came hurdling toward the battle ground, completely annihilating and destroying Sophie's iconic whirlpool. There was a massive red and orange beam an energy that shot into the air following this.

A massive hole was left in the ground following Ryuga's meteor shower. Smoke and flames could be seen in the middle of the makeshift stadium.

Tsubasa as well as the rest of Team Excalibur were absolutely stunned by the sheer force of Ryuga's apparent newfound power.

The Dragon Emperor ignored the rest of the crowd and immediately turned to Tsubasa. "This is only a small piece." Said Ryuga. "The last fragment of it remaining in this entire world. It is nothing compared to the real thing. That being said I have gotten my hands on a new power that makes the old Dark Force look like a toddler throwing a tantrum."

"You what?!" Tsubasa couldn't believe what he was hearing? A new power? One that wasn't the Dark Power? A new L-Drago? Just when did Ryuga obtain this new power, and just how did he manage to destroy the Dark Power contained inside of him.

Eventually the smoke and fire in the crater dispersed and revealed Ryuga's reborn L-Drago. The Dragon Emperor wasted no hesitation in showing every last one of the World Class Bladers why he reigned over this world. "Go Meteo L-Drago!" Immediately L-Drago exited the crater and began charging at anything that was in its path. Eventually the infamous Dragon beast of L-Drago appeared roared ferociously.

Unfortunately for Sophie and Wales, they were going to be the first victims of Meteo L-Drago. The beast wasted no time in charging after the two helpless Cetus Beys. Wales and Sophie could do nothing but watch in horror as L-Drago began bullying and dominating their Beys.

"No Cetus!" Sophie looked absolutely horrified as she watched the massive Dragon beast toss around White Cetus and Blue Cetus like they were mere soccer balls. But then Sophie looked dead into his red dragon like eyes. She suddenly saw a quick resemblance to the 'monster' she had asked Gingka about back at the Festival Of Warriors.

That's when it hit her; to her horror, she realized she was standing before that same monster; Ryuga was the monster she saw Gingka defeat back then!

Ryuga was chuckling as he was having fun tossing around the Twin Jewels' beys. "That's not enough! Roar louder L-Drago!"

The Dragon beast did just that, as L-Drago continued brutally beating and tossing around the Cetus beys. Sophie was frozen in fear, while Wales was refusing to believe what he was seeing.

"Cetus!" Shouted Wales. Unfortunately the Dragon circled back around and sent Sophie and Wales flying, completely knocking them down.

Ryuga couldn't believe that these two clowns had actually managed to defeat Gingka of all people at their pathetic little festival. Ryuga on the other hand was also disappointed that Gingka would even allow himself to be defeated by these three overly entitled clowns. The only reason Ryuga was annoyed by this was because of his own personal loss to Gingka, he felt these Gingka losing to these worms was disgraceful to the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor was taking complete joy in terrorizing Team Excalibur. "So what's the problem? Is that all you've got? This is my first battle in a long time, so could you try and make it a little more fun?" As Ryuga began to do his trademark cackle, an Orange aura appeared around his body.

Tsubasa on the other hand desperately wanted answers from Ryuga. "A new power that is not the Dark Power? What do you-" He was cut off by the sharp pain in his chest. "What do you mean? What is it, tell me now."

Ryuga began to make his point clear. He still couldn't believe that Tsubasa still did not understand after all of his hints and clues. "Once upon a time, a star fell from the sky my friends."

"Huh?" Everyone asked.

"There were two fragments of the star. The first fell in the birthplace of BeyBlade, the town of Koma Village and became Pegasus."

Sophie and even Julian realized that this guy obviously must've been talking about Gingka's Pegasus.

"...And the other was passed down amongst powerful people who burned with ambition, making its way through the world's greed and eventually becoming L-Drago. The true form of the Dark Power was really the ambitions, angers, desire and greed by humans that were absorbed and increased by L-Drago throughout its long history. However in the end, it was only a power really created by human beings themselves...And if it's a power created by humans, then there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to overcome it. Through rigorous training, I freed myself from its control. I became one with the vast power of the cosmos that that fragment of the star originally held for the first time."

"The power of the cosmos?" Asked Tsubasa.

"Don't resist it." Ryuga further elaborated his lesson. "The more you resist, the more it will control you. You cannot fight it, trust me. You must become one with it, understand?"

"Become one with it?..." Tsubasa began thinking to himself.

Unfortunately, Sophie and Wales were back on their feet and irritated. "Enough!" Wales yelled. "What are you doing talking nonsense?!"

"Go now Cetus!" Sophie shouted.

Ryuga wasn't even fazed or moved by the two beys charging at he just continued finishing his speech to Tsubasa as if Sophie and Wales weren't even there. "Falling under the control of the Dark Power was my biggest disgrace. However, because of that mistake I was then able to be reborn...ALONG WITH THIS BEY, METEO L-DRAGO!"

L-Drago began charging directly for White and Blue Cetus. The Dragon beast appeared once more. The Dragon sent Wales and Blue Cetus flying, completely eliminating them from the battle. Blue Cetus became embedded into a nearby Boulder while Wales was slammed into a tree.

"No Wales!" Sophie was horrified by how easily Wales was manhandled.

"Since this is Meteo L-Drago's very first battle, I'll need to have you entertain me to the very end."

Julian's eyes widened. Ryuga's powers were truly impressive, but he was the heir to the Konzern family fortune. The Emperor of the BeyBlade world. He would not be fazed and intimidated by anyone, even the fearsome Ryuga.

Ryuga then turned his attention to Sophie. His mysterious powers allowed him to sense and detect the source of any power he had desired. He could feel a deep hidden power inside this girl that was not yet brought out all the way. She hadn't yet been able to reach her fullest potential, and she didn't even know it.

Ryuga formed a devious smile on his face. "You look like you'd put up a fight." Sophie, although frozen in fear, turned over to Ryuga and looked him dead in the eye. "I can feel and sense a power that is buried beneath you, I want you to bring that power out RIGHT NOW!"

The rest of Excalibur were stunned? There was a hidden power within Sophie? They couldn't believe it, or maybe this guy was bluffing? They would have to wait and see later down the line.

L-Draco's Dragon Beast emerged and began charging with deadly force towards Sophie. The Dragon Beast nearly was about to destroy Sophie. The White Cetus owner could do nothing but scream in fear as this massive Dragon was about to completely destroy her. Out of instinct, she put her arms to her face in a hopeless attempt to shield herself.

Suddenly a Bey came flying into the battlefield, completely halting L-Drago and killing all of its momentum. Sophie looked down and was relieved.

It was Gravity Destroyer...

Ryuga snarled and growled out of anger.

"I will not permit any further destruction here tonight!" Julian showed no fear and looked dead into the eyes of Ryuga.

The Dragon Emperor wasn't intimidated either as he locked eyes with Julian. "How interesting. That's a pretty nice toy you've got there my friend."

Julian growled. "A toy you say?" My Destroyer is nowhere near a toy.

"Just remember this, there's one reverse rotating Bey that may exist in this world, only one!" Ryuga formed a devious smile. "This Meteo L-Drago alone!" He showed off his L-Drago to let Julian know that he and L-Drago reigned over this world as the strongest.

Julian formed his own malicious smile. "I don't think so."

"Okay fine then...eventually you and I will settle this..." The Dragon Beast Of L-Drago appeared one last time and roared loudly to show its dominance.

Julian wasn't gonna back down, in response, the beast of the Legendary hero Destroyer rose, held up its sword in its hand and summoned purple lighting through its sword to show off its own power and strength. Ryuga and Julian glared at each other. Nothing but pure hatred was seen in their eyes.

Sophie, whom had just regained her own composure, had realized;

This was the beginning of a new chapter, and the start of a legendary and fearsome rivalry...

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