(Retroville, Early Morning)

A spiky blonde haired, blue eyed teen wearing a black t-shirt with a red fox skull on the front, red pants with black flame patterns running up the legs, and black sneakers let out a yawn as he walked down the sidewalk a book bag slung over his shoulder "Ugh man I am tired, probably shouldn't have stayed up so late playing Shinobi Strikerz last night" the teen says tiredly as a result of how late he stayed up.

Suddenly several sonic booms could be heard causing him to look up to the sky and see a homemade rocket cobbled together out of what appeared to be trash cans and makeshift rocket engines. The blonde teen was barely able to make out a boy with soft-serve ice cream shaped like brown hair in the front seat of the rocket and a portly boy with short red dreadlocks seated behind him as the rocket climbed higher into the sky.

"Looks like Jimmy is making another attempt" the blonde said with a chuckle at the sight before laughing as he saw a squadron of air force fighter jets fly overhead in pursuit of the rocket.

Hearing a screech the blonde's attention was diverted to next to him where the school bus had just stopped with one of the windows opening. "Hey Uzumaki, are you walking or riding?" a blonde haired girl wearing said hair in a pair of pigtails, with green eyes asked.

"And be stuck in a compact space of hormones, not a chance." Naruto said as he liked his sanity.

"What the heck you talking about Naruto?" another voice said as another window opened and a large heeded teen with a spiky flat-top haircut stuck his head out.

'Forget hormones, I feel trapped with this crazy person.' Cindy thought looking at Sheen, the schools crazy boy.

"Don't worry about it Sheen, anyway see you guys at school" Naruto said as he casually resumed his leisurely walk to school. After walking for about fifteen more minutes he saw a yellow bouncing bubble with Jimmy inside it go whizzing by 'Ofcourse.' He thought with a shake of his head before speeding up his pace following a good distance behind the bubble. Naruto winced when he saw the bubble collide with a tree and popped as it bounced into the pointy end of a nearby branches "Bubble travel Version 2.8?" he asked Jimmy, seeing him literally stuck up a tree.

"Yeah." Jimmy said with a small amount of bruised ego.

"Hey Carl." Naruto said waving at his friend who was in the tree hanging upside down via a parachute.

"Hi Naruto." Carl said waving back before covering his mouth as being upside down was making him feel sick to his stomach.

Naruto climbed up and pulled out a swiss army knife which he used to carefully cut the strings for Carl letting him down slowly as Jimmy peeled the gum off his skin and hair after managing to break free from the sticky mess and land on the ground.

"I saw your latest attempt at the whole rocket thing. How'd it go this time?" Naruto asked as the three started walking to school together.

"Much better as we didn't explode this time" Jimmy says with a smile while next to him Carl shudders as he had a flashback to the last time they tested Jimmy's rocket. "We managed to make it to the Ionosphere but the pulse rockets still wouldn't work. We did manage to launch the deep space communication toaster into space though!" he adds excitedly.

"Still not sure what to think of the whole trying to contact aliens thing Jimmy. For all we know they could try to invade and conquer us or use our bodies to incubate their young or something" Naruto says with a shake of his head as while it would be awesome to meet aliens…and a secret fantasy of his to meet a hot alien girl…the potential of said aliens being hostile was just as likely as them being friendly.

"Ugh you sound like my Mom about the whole not talking to strangers thing" Jimmy says with a sigh.

"Well I mean she technically has a point in this case…" Naruto says and is about to say more when they near the school and hear the bell ring "Crap we're going to be late!" he yells as the three start running to school not wanting to be late.

(Several Hours later)

"As you can see my Fossil to Chromosome ratios clearly indicate that the female dinosaurs like this plesiosaurus model next to me were the stronger and smarter of their species. But what else is new?" Cindy says as she finishes giving her presentation for her extra credit project in front of the class getting a few chuckles from the class

"Excuse me, but the mandible crest of Cindy's alleged plesiosaur actually belongs to a male megalosaurus as defined by last week's World Congress of Paleontologists!" Jimmy says butting in.

"Those findings were inconclusive and up to speculation and you know it Neutron!" Cindy snaps at Jimmy angrily.

"Ugh Miss Fowl what is the standard for research on these extra credit reports as clearly Cindy has slacked off in regards to hers" Jimmy snaps back by bringing the aged female teacher into the argument.

Naruto was internally laughing as Cindy and Jimmy were always in a constant battle of the sexes and EVERYONE thought there was some underlying feelings or that they truly wanted to kill the other

"Um yes well let's move along to show and tell now shall we?" the aged teacher says in her shrill voice causing multiple students to sweatdrop as they were nearly in High School yet she wanted them to do show and tell. However, before Miss Fowl could pick a student to go first, Sheen suddenly rushed up to the front of the class and pulled out an action figure in a sealed box.

"This is Ultra Lord!" Sheen says excitedly causing the class to sigh in annoyance.

"Sheen this is the Seventh show and tell in a row that you have shown Ultra Lord in class" Miss Fowl said pushing her glasses up her beak like nose a bit.

Naruto still shuddered as Sheen's obsession went a little far as he remembered when Sheen wore an actual Ultra Lord thong once much to his and everyone's horror one day in the gym locker room 'It's also pretty messed up that we have done Show and Tell seven times this school year' he thinks finding it pretty sad they they still had Show and Tell.

"This one is different, it's a super ultra rare version with, purple power fist and nuclear knees that is in never before seen condition!" Sheen excitedly says excitedly.

"If its never before seen how do you even know it's in the box?" Cindy asks with a raised eyebrow and side smile.

Sheen narrows his eyes at this before opening the box and pulling out the action figure inside to show her "Ha see!" he says triumphantly.

"Um Sheen" Naruto says pointing between the box and the action figure causing said teens eyes to widen in horror before he let out a yell of anguish causing the class to laugh. The blonde then gave Cindy a look as that was mean given how much of a fan Sheen was as he made it no secret.

Jimmy meanwhile just sighed at this before going back to working on his drawing for some blue-prints for a modification for his robot dog that he built called Goddard.

The class's laughter stopped as the door to the room opened and a teen with slicked back black hair, a golden necklace around his neck, wearing a blue high collared jacket over a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers leaned against the door frame with a lollipop in his mouth.

"Nick!"Cindy said in a dreamy tone with a matching expression on her face that was mirrored by most of the girls in the class upon seeing the "Cool Kid" arrive.

Nick just walks in ignoring Miss Fowl's inquiring of why he was late and if he has a show and tell project before sitting at his desk with his feet up on it. His rebellious actions causing multiple girls in the class to swoon and sigh dreamily while the boys namely Naruto, and Jimmy just shake their heads at the display.

"Jimmy!" Miss Fowl's voice is heard snapping the two out of their thoughts "We eagerly await one of your show and tells" she says with a smile that seems just a bit forced given said boy's history of show and tells causing mayhem.

"Right!" Jimmy responds before heading to the front of the class and reaching into his backpack to pull out what looked like a modified tv remote with some small antenna on it "Behold my Shrink Ray!" he says dramatically.

"What's the matter, Neutron aren't you short enough already?" Cindy says with a chuckle getting chuckles from the majority of the class as well.

Naruto had to admit Cindy had a point as Jimmy always seemed to be lacking in height no matter how much he grew 'thank god I had my growth spurt.' he thought as when he was younger he was barely taller than Jimmy.

"Very funny Cindy but this device is more suited to shrinking something as vast as space itself…so how about we test it on your mouth!" he says with a grin before flipping through several settings on the remote and selecting 'Ant Size' before pointing it at Cindy only for the device to spark and short out ultimately not working.

"Help me I am so tiny, just like Jimmy's brain!" Cindy says as she pretends to shrink down causing the class to laugh again just as the bell rings signifying the end of the day.

Sighing in defeat and embarrassment Jimmy put his shrink ray back in his back as Naruto and Carl walked up next to him "Darn it worked this morning" Jimmy mutters to himself.

"Forget what Cindy said Jimmy, it's probably just a small error of some kind that prevented it from working" Naruto said as he patted his friend on the back.

"Yeah you're probably right, most likely a programming error of some kind" Jimmy says as the three exit the class unaware that the shrink ray goes off and hits Miss Fowl, shrinking her down to the size of an ant on her desk. The woman looks around in confusion before seeing a worm come out of the apple on her desk. The worm seems to look at the woman before its mouth opens revealing a gaping maw of row after row of teeth much like that of a sea beast.

"Ah back Leviathan!" Miss Fowl screeches as she grabs a nearby toothpick and jabs at the creature in a fight for her life.

(Downtown Retroville)

Naruto, Sheen, Jimmy, and Carl were walking down the sidewalk with Jimmy still being a bit down from his failure in class "Ah come on Jimmy cheer up after all some of the greatest inventors of all time started off as complete and total hopeless failures" Carl says trying to snap the teen out of his funk.

"Ouch Carl" Sheen says with a shake of his head at the unintentional burn.

"Thank you Carl I feel so much better…I think" Jimmy says in an unsure tone given the way Carl worded his remark.

"Listen, the important thing is you get back up again after each failure." Naruto said downing his shake that he had gotten after the four stopped at the local candy shop called the 'Candy Bar'.

"Hey guys!" Sheen says stopping suddenly as he sees a poster on a telephone pole and causing the others to turn towards him "Retroland theme park is finally opening!" he says excitedly.

"I got my ticket already." Naruto said with a shrug as he prepaid to make sure he was able to get a ticket.

"It says you can meet Ultra Lord LIVE!" Sheen yells nearly fainting after reading that given his love of Ultra Lord.

"Oh cool, the state of the art bone warping gravity ride is opening as well!" Jimmy adds seeing a portion of the poster showcasing a new roller coaster called the 'Bat outta Hell'.

"And there's a petting zoo!" Carl says with a smile as maybe there would be a Llama he could pet given his love for said animal.

"Guys we have got to go to the grand opening tonight" Naruto says with a smile excited to go to the amusement park.

"Yeah!" The three other boys say before their smiles fade "But there is no way our parents will let us be out that late given it's a school night" Jimmy says in disappointment as the realization sinks in.

"So just sneak out" Nick suddenly says as he skids to a stop next to four teens on his skateboard.

"But my parents sort of told me…" Carl stammers nervously.

"Parents? What do you guys do everything your parents say? Are you going to do everything they say for the rest of your lives? Grow some balls and sneak out besides what your parents don't know wont hurt them" Nick says with a mocking laugh at Carl's response.

"But sneaking out is barbaric" Jimmy counters causing Naruto to give him a deadpan look.

"Whatever Neutron but there's only one opening night and anybody who matters is gonna be there" Nick says with a shake of his head before hopping back on his skateboard and skating off.

"What do you guys think?" Sheen asks looking between the other three teens.

"I don't know" Carl says nervously as he fidgets in place due to his nervousness.

"Meh might as well sneak out, what's the worst that could happen?" Naruto says with a shrug.

"Hmm, provided we give our parents incentive to let us go to the grand opening, theoretically they should allow us to go so let's go. Now if you will excuse me I must go acquire a suitable gift" Jimmy says before pressing a button on his backpack straps causing two small rockets to come out the side of said backpack and blast him into the air bouncing off several buildings before he gains control.

"Well looks like he still needs to work the bugs out of his Jet-pack Backpack as well. Anyway talk to you guys later tonight in regards to when we leave for Retroland" Naruto says watching Jimmy's exit before giving a two-fingered wave to Sheen and Carl as he starts heading home.

(One hour later)

Having taken his time to walk home, Naruto was just arriving at his family's modest house as he walked through the door "Mom, Dad I'm home!" he announced taking his shoes off as he closed the door behind him.

"We're in the kitchen kiddo" Naruto's dad is heard saying from said kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen Naruto sees his parents at the kitchen stove working together to cook dinner. Much like him, Naruto's father has blonde spiky hair, and blue eyes. His mother however has long crimson red hair that falls down to her mid-back, and violet colored eyes.

"How was school son?" Naruto's dad asks chopping up some vegetables for the cooking pot that his mom is stirring constantly.

"Same old same old, Ms. Fowl once again had us do Show and Tell for some reason. Cindy did a report on male vs females once again this time centering around Dinosaurs. Jimmy pointed out the flaws in her report leading to yet another argument, and later on Jimmy presented his Shrink-Ray though it didn't work" Naruto says with a shrug as he walks over to the fridge and grabs a can of soda and pops the top.

"Geez those two just can't get along can they?" Naruto's dad says with a chuckle as he adds the chopped vegetables to the pot.

"Now Minato-kun they may just be arguing due to hiding their feelings for each other" his mom counters with a chuckle.

"Kushina, surely you're joking? I mean they are like oil and water" Minato says with a deadpan look on his face.

"Yeah I gotta agree with dad. There is a higher chance of some kind of sentient eggs trying to conquer earth than Jimmy and Cindy dating" Naruto adds with a deadpan look on his face.

"Now don't be so quick to deny it as I have a feeling they will end up dating, call it a mother's intuition" Kushina says with a giggle as she continues stirring the pot "Anyway dinner will be ready soon so go and set the table" she adds ceasing her stirring.

Naruto and Minato go about getting dishes out and setting the table as Kushina goes about finishing getting food ready. After a few minutes the family of three were sitting at the dining room table eating dinner and after swallowing a mouthful of food Naruto looked at his parents "So um tonight is the grand opening of Retroland and I was wondering if I could go?" he asked, suddenly causing his parents to turn towards him.

"I don't know son afterall it is a school night" Minato says with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I agree with your father on this as it would be a really late night for you which could affect your schoolwork tomorrow as don't you have a test coming up? Also don't think I didn't notice how tired you were this morning after staying up so late last night playing video games" Kushina says with a pointed look as she points her fork at Naruto causing him to gulp.

"But the guys and I were planning to meet up and all go together…" Naruto says trying to convince his parents to let him go.

"I'm sorry but the answer is no Naruto" Minato says with a shake of his head getting a nod from Kushina and causing Naruto to sigh in defeat as the family continues eating dinner.

(In Space)

The toaster satellite that Jimmy and Carl launched earlier that day floated through the vastness of space before suddenly stopping as a green light hit it, freezing it in place before pulling it towards a large chicken shaped spaceship from which the beam was emitting from. Upon entering the ship the toaster was picked up by an alien who brought it to the command bridge of the ship "Your highness we have found some kind of alien transmission device" the alien says to the figure sitting in a spinning chair above the bridge crew.

The chair spins around to reveal a green-goo alien with two eyes inhabiting a golden robotic egg-shaped body complete with an ornate crown on its glass dome of a head. Said alien was petting a pinky little ant-eater looking alien which cooed at the touch before he suddenly tossed it into his suits robot mouth and ate it. "Tell me when did it become acceptable for the lower class such as yourself to approach my throne let alone unannounced!?" the alien king yells with a glare.

The alien holding the toaster gulps at this "Oh yes of course my king a thousand apologies, I assure you-SPACE HIM!-...Wait what?" the servant alien begins to say only for the King to yell an order interrupting him. One of the bridge crew presses a button and the servant is sucked into a tube before being jettisoned out into the vacuum of space where he promptly splatters on the bridge's viewport in a gooey gory mess.

"WAIT!...Dang I missed it" another alien, this one in a purple suit with a small purple crown on its head says disappointedly before turning to look at the King "Oh please brother can I space another?" he asks.

"No Ooblar" the King says with a roll of his eyes.

"Oh please, oh please, oh hey what do we have here?" Ooblar says before spotting the toaster that the now dead alien tried showing the king "As the King's personal assistant I am the official checker of new things to be checked" he says causing the King to tiredly rub the side of his glass dome in annoyance. Ooblar begins messing with the toaster only for a slice of toast to pop out and land on the floor "Hello! What galaxy are you from? Where is your Leader and take us to him or her" Ooblar asks the piece of toast thinking it's an alien.

"Ooblar stop it, it's just toast and a woman leader who in their right mind would let that happen" the King says with a sigh at his brother's stupidity.

Ooblar's eyes widened at this "Oh…Hello toast! I greatly admire your ship!" he says smacking the toaster several times before the side of it pops open and startles him.

"Beginning transmission from earth" a robot voice coming from the toaster says before the toaster begins projecting a video recorded by Jimmy on the viewport of the spaceship.

The king and his brother watch as Jimmy introduces himself and goes on about the mutual exchange of scientific knowledge and universal brotherhood "Oh my what a big head he has" the King states blandly finding the size of the 'Human's' head rather large. Both aliens watch on in boredom as Jimmy goes over various things before the King's eyes widen "FREEZE THAT IMAGE!" he yells before one of the bridge crew freeze the video message.

Floating over to the viewport the King stares intently at Jimmy holding up a picture of his parents "They look…delicious" he says with an evil look in his eye "The search is OVER! Set course for Earth!" he commands before starting to laugh maniacally as the fleet of chicken shaped spaceships engage warp speed and head towards Earth.


After finishing dinner Naruto had gone up to his room and was currently doodling in a notebook to pass the time. He was broken out of his musings when he heard a ringing coming from a walkie-talkie on his desk and picked it up. Pressing a button on the side of the device causes it to flip open revealing a secret phone "Yo Jimmy whats the word?" he asks speaking into the device.

"Meet us outside Retroland in 20 minutes we're sneaking out" Jimmy's voice is heard saying from the device.

Hearing this causes Naruto to raise an eyebrow "Well look at you going all barbarian, alright see you guys in a bit" he says with a grin before turning off the hidden phone. After getting his shoes on the blonde stealthily tip toes out of his room and peeks down the stairs to see his parents in the living room watching television. Figuring it would be too risky to try and head out the front door he sneaks back into his room and opens his window before climbing out onto the roof. However as he fully exits the window he slips on a loose shingle and slides down the roof before crashing to the ground with a loud bang "Aw crap that hurt a bit" he says shaking the cobwebs out of his head.

"Yeah, that definitely looked like it hurt are you alright?" a woman's voice is heard saying.

"Yeah I'm all good thanks for asking…wait a minute" Naruto replies only to freeze and turn his head to see his mother standing in the doorway of their open front door "Aw crap baskets, I'm busted aren't I?" he adds with a blank look on his face.

"Oh yeah young man…However I am rather impressed that you managed to actually sneak outside the house this time. So as a reward for your stealth skills getting better you can go to Retroland tonight…But if your schoolwork suffers tomorrow there will be big consequences young man" Kushina says with her arms crossed over her chest with a sly smirk on her face.

Naruto's eyes widened hearing this before he hopped to his feet and brushed himself off "Thanks Mom!" he said with a grin before running down the street to meet up with Jimmy and the others causing Kushina to just shake her head with a chuckle and head back into the house.

(15 Minutes Later)

Standing outside of the large theme park Naruto watched people pour into it as he waited for his friends to arrive. After a few moments of looking at the park he hears someone calling his name and turns to see Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen running towards him "About time you guys got here" he says with a grin "I still can't believe you guys actually snuck out" he adds.

"Well yeah all our parents told us we couldn't go and we couldn't miss the grand opening." Jimmy says with a shrug as Carl and Sheen nod their heads in agreement

"...I got permission" Naruto says with a deadpan look to the shocked faces of his friends.

"You got caught trying to sneak out didn't you." Sheen stated after a moment not buying that the blonde actually got permission.

"… Yeah, my mom was impressed I actually got out of the house so she just let me go." Naruto said with a sigh before grinning "That being said…what you got to offer in exchange for me not snitching on you to your parents given you three snuck out" he adds causing his friends to deadpan.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Jimmy says in protest at what was essentially blackmail.

"Jimmy you still owe me one for that whole exploding gum incident last month" Naruto says, narrowing his eyes as said incident was the reason his hair was no longer shoulder length given how the explosion not only singed but also lodged gum into his hair..

"Ugh fine what do you want in exchange for not telling on us?" Jimmy asked with a sigh.

"I want a rocket surfboard that can also run on solar power as a backup power source," Naruto says crossing his arms.

"...You watched Treasure Planet again didn't you?" Sheen asks with a deadpan look knowing how much Naruto enjoyed the underrated movie..

"Don't you judge me Mr. Ultralord Everyday!" Naruto retorts with a pointed finger at Sheen.

"He has a point" Carl chimes in with a nod causing Sheen to give him the stink eye. .

"Fine I will build you a rocket surfboard with a solar powered backup power source" Jimmy says before Naruto lets out cheer and fistpumps the air. Clearing his throat Jimmy then gained a smirk "Gentleman this shall be an evening we shan't easily forget" he says in excitement.

"I have no idea what shan't means but let's go!" Sheen says before the four friends run into the park.

The four friends look around in amazement at all the rides in the park. Multiple different types of roller coasters, flat-top spinning rides, a cable car ride where the cars are the eyeballs of against screaming human. The four quickly rush to get in line and ride as many rides as possible. While Naruto rides an egyptian themed coaster, Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl ride an Octopus themed flat-top spinning ride only for Carl to vomit as a result of the intense spinning. Jimmy and Carl then choose to ride the eyeball-cable car ride getting a better look at the park while Naruto is keeping an eye on Sheen who was meeting 'Ultralord' only to faint after getting a Ultralord themed mask causing the actor to look around "Is this kid with anyone?" he asks.

"Yeah I got him" Naruto says with a shake of his head as he begins dragging the unconscious teen away.

The boys then meet up and head to the petting zoo where after some encouragement from the others Carl manages to pet a Llama much to his joy. Afterwards the boys are walking around when Sheen spots another coaster "Whoa now that's a ride!" he yells in excitement pointing to a bat-themed coaster called 'Bat outta Heck' before all four teens run to the coaster.

As they ride the ride in separate cars they eventually meet alongside each other on the various parts of the track "This is way beyond Awesome!" Sheen yells in excitement.

"And just think if you dorks listened to your parents you would be home in bed instead of riding this monster!" Nick says suddenly as he appears in a car above them inverted to them before they all separated going different ways on the track.

(Naruto's House)

Kushina and Minato were sitting in bed reading some books before they decided to head to bed. "I still think it wasn't right that you let Naruto go to Retroland after he tried to sneak out," Minato says with a shake of his head.

"Oh lighten up Minato, he has been doing great in school, and it was actually fairly impressive that he managed to get all the way outside the house this time before being caught. Besides, it's not like the two of us never snuck out at night when we were his age, or are you forgetting our 4th date?" Kushina counters with a raised eyebrow and sly grin.

Hearing this Minato sighs in defeat as it was kind of hypocritical of him to admonish Naruto for sneaking out when he himself used to do it "Maybe you right Kushina, and like you said he has been doing well in school" he says before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Of Course I'm right" Kushina says with a smirk before a clang is heard in the kitchen causing the two to narrow their eyes "Given how Naruto isn't due back for at least another hour it seems we might have an uninvited guest in our house…shall we go say hello?" she adds with a hardened gaze before reaching under the bed and pulling out a frying pan with spikes on the bottom, and the words 'Old Painless' engraved on the side.

"Well it is the neighborly thing to do," Minato says before reaching under his side of the bed and pulling out a pair of spiked brass knuckles with the word 'Pain' engraved on one while the other has 'Pleasure' engraved on it.

The two make their way downstairs and into the kitchen before the sounds of fighting are heard accompanied by screaming "For the love of Poultra call the king for reinforcements; these two humans are crazy!"before several zapping sounds are heard and the volume of the fighting increases. There is suddenly a barrage of zapping sounds followed by Kushina and Minato letting out gasps before everything goes quiet. Moments later a large green beam can be seen hitting the house as the frozen forms of Minato and Kushina are lifted up towards one of the chicken-shaped spaceships. However they are not alone as countless other beams are hitting other houses as what looks to be every adult in the town is abducted into the armada of chicken-shaped ships. Moments later the fleet of ships blasts off into outer space, their objective having been achieved and with everyone left none the wiser.

(Naruto and the others)

The four friends were making their way back to their houses still pumped up from all the exciting stuff they did at Retroland. "That was so cool!" Carl yells with a wide smile on his face.

"Totally mind-bending!" Sheen also yells jumping up and down spilling his leftover popcorn all over the street.

"Kickass to say the least" Naruto says with a grin as the trip was insanely fun.

"Yeah and my pants are almost dry now" Carl says with a snort leaving the implication open to interpretation "Hey Jimmy I never thought I would say it but that Nick isn't such a bad guy" he says praising the cool kid for his idea.

"Are you kidding he is a genius like the biggest genius ever!" Sheen yells causing Jimmy to raise an eyebrow in question "Oh um no offense Jimmy!" he quickly adds not meaning to having insulted his friend.

"None take, I actually find his insights on how to deal with one's parents quite refreshing" Jimmy says as he finishes his leftover soda.

"Yeah wouldn't it be great if all our parents just disappeared for a while?" Sheen suggests with a grin.

"Oh yeah that would be fun…Hey a shooting star!" Carl says before looking up to the night sky and seeing a greenish colored shooting star whiz by before disappearing.

"Aw lucky you get to make a wish" Sheen says in a jokingly jealous tone.

"Oh um what should I wish for?" Carl asks, panicking a bit as he tries to think of something to wish for.

"I know what I would wish for. I would wish for no more parents that way we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We would be free and could have fun all the time!" he exclaims, getting a cheer from the other three teens as they resume walking to their houses.

"I mean yeah it would be cool to have no parents for a bit at least, too bad it won't ever happen" Naruto says with a shrug.

"Yeah" the other three teens say at the same time with a depressed sigh.

"Anyway see you guys tomorrow" Naruto says before splitting off from the other three to head home. After arriving at his he goes inside and heads up to his room before flopping down on his bed and falling asleep quite tired from all the fun they had at Retroland.

End Chapter 1

End Author Note: Yep a new story and a pretty fun one to given how its Naruto x Jimmy Neutron.

My plan for this is to cover the movie first before continuing into the show. Now I will say that Naruto WILL have a pairing but going to keep it secret so feel free to guess.