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(Retroville, Next Morning)

Naruto let out a yawn as he was awoken by the rays of the sun shining through his window. Getting out of bed the blonde scratched the back of his head with his hand as let out a yawn. After changing out of his pajamas and into another fox skull t-shirt, and flame pattern pants though this time it was black pants with red flames before exiting his room.

The teen then walks down the stairs and as he enters the kitchen yawns with his eyes closed 'Morning mom, morning dad" he says though is puzzled when he doesn't receive a response. Opening his eyes he sees the kitchen empty which is odd though shrugs it off. As he goes to open the fridge and grab some milk for cereal he spots a note on the door "Hey son we have gone on a trip to Florida for an extended holiday, love your parents" he reads off with a raised eyebrow. "Okay that's weird…But not complaining oh yeah home alone for me time to binge some ramen!" the blonde cheers with a grin before putting the milk away and grabbing a cup of instant ramen for breakfast.

(10 Minutes Later)

Naruto exits his house letting out a satisfied burp as he closes the front door behind him and sees multiple teens and kids walking around as if looking for something or someone. Raising an eyebrow at this Naruto just shrugs and walks into the middle of the road where he sees Jimmy and his robotic dog he built Goddard, Sheen, and Carl conversing "Yo what's up guys?" he asks seeing all three of them holding a piece of paper.

"Oh hey Naruto, did your parent's go to Florida too?" Sheen asks with a tilt of his head.

"Uh yeah why?" Naruto replies in confusion finding it a bit strange that Sheen's dad and from the looks of it Carl's and Jimmy's parents also went.

"Hmm strange from the looks of it I'd say a lot of parents are gone" Jimmy says in observation as he looks around at all the teens and kids clearly searching for their parents.

"Wha-Did they all go to Florida?" Carl asks with a bit of a stammer due to the craziness of the situation.

"Maybe they all went to get juice or something. I mean what else does FLorida have that parents would want?" Sheen asks.

"I don't digest pulp well it makes me bloated" Carl states with a slight grin on his face.

"Carl I mean no offense when I ask this but what doesn't make you bloated or have a negative reaction two" Naruto asked his frail friend with a raised eyebrow as it seemed like the teen was allergic to just about everything.

"Goddard scan for Adult life-forms" Jimmy says to Goddard before a small radar dish extends from the robot dog's back and begins spinning around. A panel on Goddard's chest opens up to reveal a small tv screen showing a radar scan of the whole town. "Hmm just as I thought there are absolutely no adults anywhere in the whole city!" Jimmy exclaims in shock.

"Whoa no parents or adults" Naruto states in shock.

"No Parents" Sheen and Carl say at the same time somberly.

Suddenly the teens all perk up and cheer "NO PARENTS!" they yell at the same time as Naruto also yells "PARTY TIME!" before the four run off to do so with all the nearby teens and kids do the same resulting in total chaos throughout the day.

Jimmy rides Goddard who is in a scooter form while Naruto skateboards next to him as the two head downtown passing by kids and teens carry ice cream cones topped with towers of ice cream scoops.

Sheen stops by his house and strips down before jumping into the shower…so that he can pee in it for some reason.

Carl frees a llama from the petting zoo at Retroland and rides it down the road in the boys neighborhood with a cheer.

Teens and kids swarm the mall ransacking the various stores namely the toy stores, video game stores, and arcade.

Later in the day Naruto, Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl regroup outside Cindy's house where Jimmy places his Girl-Eating Fly Trap plant on her doorstep and knocks on the door. The teens hide in the bushes and watch as Cindy opens the door only to let out a scream as the plan snaps at her luckily missing before slams the door shut with a scream.

"Dude that was funny but it's kinda messed up you made a girl eating plant" Naruto says with a deadpan look before the four laugh and run off and head to the Candy Bar where its being ransacked of all its candy, chocolates, and various other sweet treats before a food fight breaks out and everyone starts tossing pies at each other.

As the sun begins to set all the kids and teens gather at the school where the hallways have been flooded and kids are racing jet skis down the halls. The shrunken Ms. Fowl sees this from atop her floating desk as she hides in her makeshift base "No jet skiing in the halls!" she yells in her tiny voice before yelping as the worm from before roars at her as it sticks out of the apple "Don't make me get the protractor Wormy!" she yells pointing a small sharpened pencil at the worm that she seemingly named for some reason.

Outside the school Jimmy hoists a pair of underpants up the flagpole while Sheen, Carl and several kids salute it while off to the side a bunch of popcorn machines create huge piles of popcorn. Naruto stands atop the roof of the school before yelling "BANZAI!" and jumping off into one of the piles with a wide grin on his face.

As night falls Cindy's best friend Libby sets up a dj turntable and spins some records blasting music as all the kids and teens dance as they feast on burgers, hot dogs, and all sorts of junk food while behind the school Naruto cackles like an evil genius as he sets off a MASSIVE collection of fireworks that rocket into and light up the sky.

The kids and teens party well into the night and at one point Naruto grabs a can of spray cheese with a manic grin "CHEDDA WHIZZY!" he yells before spraying his mouth full of the stuff and eating it.

(The Next Morning)

Jimmy groaned as he awoke on the steps of the school where he had passed out the night before and rubbed his head "Oh my head what a night" he says as he looks out at the aftermath of the party and spots Carl.

"Oh I am stuffed I couldn't eat another bite" the glasses wearing teen says from where he lay in a huge pile of cupcake wrappers.

"Huh what a battle were there any survivors?" Sheen says poking his head out of one of the giant piles of popcorn.

"None may enter Fort Chedda Ramen Whiz!" Naruto says deliriously from atop a bunch of empty cans of cheese whiz arranged in a makeshift castle before the whole thing collapses under and on him "...I'm okay" his voice is heard from under the pile of empty cans.

Jimmy gets to his feet and starts walking away from the school he passes Nick who is leaning against a statue with a lollipop in his mouth "I remember my first party, shake it off Neutron!" the 'cool' kid says with a laugh.

Ignoring Nick's remark Jimmy just shakes his head "I gotta get home mom and dad might be back by now" he says slowly making his way home at one point passing by a tv store where it shows a news broadcast made by some of the teens talking about the massive party and aftermath of it.

Arriving at his house Jimmy calls out to his parents seeing if they were home only to get silence as a response causing him to sulk. Seeing Jimmy's depressed state Goddard plays a holographic recording of Jimmy's parents talking to him when the teen snuck out to go to Retroland. As he watches the recording Jimmy's eyes widen when he notices something his mother said "Wait why would mom say she would see me in the morning if they were going on a trip…Goddard to the lab!" he says before running towards the shed in his backyard that is the secret entrance to his lab.

(Later that evening)

Carl and Naruto sat on the ground in Jimmy's backyard as the genius was hastily building a new rocket "So let go over this one more time to make sure I got it all…That toaster satellite you made actually made contact with aliens…Said aliens came to earth while all of us were out at Retroland…While here they kidnapped all the parents/adults in town…and now the three of us and Goddard are going to use your untested and if past experiences are any indication unstable rocket to fly across the vastness of space to fight said aliens and get them all back?" Naruto says with a raised eyebrow.

"That's what I think he is saying" Carl says looking up from his alien invader themed comic book "Also the last time we tried to go into space Jimmy we couldn't even break free of the atmosphere" the teen adds.

"I know but I recalculate the thrust-to-fuel ratio, and adjusted the engines accordingly" Jimmy says finishing up putting the rocket together only for it to fall apart. JImmy goes to same something about it only to be cut off when someone yells "NEUTRON!" causing the three turn towards the house where a mob of teens and kids walk around the house carrying lit bamboo tiki torches.

"Angry mob with torches…Not a good sign Jimmy" Naruto says with a grimace as he had a feeling things were about to go from bad to worse as they see Nick dragging Sheen behind him.

"Okay Neutron Ultra loser here says you know what really happened to our parents so spill it" Nick says with a scowl on his face getting agreeing yells from the rest of the mob.

"Oh hey guys how ya doing? I didn't say nothing about our parents benign abducted by aliens…oops" Sheen says only to realize what he just revealed.

Hearing this causes Jimmy, Naruto, and Carl to sigh as the angry mob got even angrier "Goddard pull up star map 72" Jimmy says before the robotic dog projects a holographic image of said map "Are parents are right about there. Long range sensors picked up these ion trails leaving our atmosphere indicating the departure route of whatever alien intelligence abducted our parents and as you can see they lead to somewhere in the Orion star system, approximately 3-million lightyears away. So we will need to leave by Friday which gives us about 2 days to collect the plutonium, design and test our fusion engines, and build are fleet of interstellar warships…oh and we will also need to bring snacks, any questions?" Jimmy rapidly explains to the mob causing them all to just stare at him vacantly in confusion and shock.

"...Little bit too much info for them I think Jimmy" Naruto comments with a perplexed look on his face.

"...Okay Neutron heres the lowdown. You get us to the parentnapping alien douches, and I'll take it from there" Nick says cockily with a smirk on his face causing the mob to cheer.

"Who died and made him leader?" Sheen whispered into Naruto's ear.

"Just let him think he is the leader for now…I got a box of malted milk balls saying he wusses out first time things get scary" Naruto whispers back.

"You're on!" Sheen says with a grin on his face as everyone went home for the night planning to meet up early the next morning.

(Next Morning)

The teens and kids had regrouped outside Retroland and were in the process commandeering and modifying the various rides at the amusement park. After everyone had met up in the morning Naruto had proposed the idea of modifying already built things to be spacecraft instead of building them from scratch which led them to choose the rides at Retroland.

Jimmy walked through the park overseeing the various construction projects going on "Okay Ben that's it let the engine down slow" he comments seeing gets lower and engine into place in the back of a dragon themed ride. "Hmm tape adhesion is within operational limits" he adds flicking a piece of heavy duty tape helping hold two large engines to a viking boat ride before his jaw drops "Ugh Cindy what did you do to that intergalactic starship!" he asks seeing Cindy and Libby decorating a drilling vehicle themed ship with ribbons, flowers, and a bow on the front of it.

"We thought that the deep recesses of space could use a feminine touch" Cindy replies in a snarky tone with a smirk.

"What do you think Jimmy?" Libby asks with a smirk.

"Yeah it's okay I guess…kinda ruined it though" he replies muttering the last part to himself as he walks off.

However before he gets to far Naruto walks up to him holding a piece of paper out to him "I believe you owe me a ride…with added features that I have specified on here" the blonde says with a grin.

"Really you're choosing now to have me make this? Couldn't you modify one of the rides here?" JImmy says with a deadpan look on his face.

"Okay, first of all 3 things…1 you owe me a ride…2 I was the one that risked my neck sneaking into the nearby military base to swipe the plutonium we need. Side note they REALLY need better security there I mean the password to every locked door, computer, and security system was 'Password'...and 3 there aren't any rides left that haven't been claimed" Naruto replied with a shrug and a grin.

Hering this Jimmy just let out a sigh before taking the piece of paper and looking at it "Really?" he asks seeing specific add-on Naruto wanted.

"Hey we are going into the vastness of space to take on parent abducting aliens I wanna be prepared" the blonde counters before walking off to help with the other construction projects.

Walking a bit further Jimmy sees Sheen standing atop the ride he chose which unsurprisingly was the 'Ultra Lord's Ultra Cycle' ride "Hey Jimmy do rocket engines require fuel rods?" the teen asked holding a small nuclear fuel rod container in his hand.

"No Fuel rods Sheen" Jimmy says dismissively not looking up from the paper Naruto had given him causing Sheen to shrug and toss said rod behind him causing a miniature explosion that destroyed a statue causing him to gulp and look around with an alarmed look wondering if anyone noticed that.

(The Next Afternoon)

As the sun was beginning to set on the second day of construction the teens and kids were wrapping up the building of their spacecraft with Jimmy finishing up his own rocket by spraying on his 'Neutron' emblem before everyone gathered in front of Jimmy. "Great work everyone, we're ready for intergalactic travel!" the genius says with a wide grin getting a cheer from the group.

"Hey Neutron this is going to work right?"Nick asks skeptically with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah Jimmy what if it doesn't work?" Cindy chimes in.

"It will work! I'm 95% sure it will"JImmy says with a slight wince and rub of the back of his head.

"Uh 95? Why not 100!?" Cindy asks her eyes wide.

"Well the other 5% is a chance that we blow up?" Jimmy says causing a lot of the group to gain scared looks "But just a little. Look a 95 is still an 'A'" he adds trying to ease their fears.

"Meh I say we go for it odds are heavily in our favor that we succeed and our parents need us enough said" Naruto said with a shrug of his shoulders causing the rest of the group to begin nodding in agreement.

"Yeah I can deal with a 95%, heck I have never gotten a 95 in my life" Nick adds with a shrug causing Cindy to stare at him dreamily.

"Why does that not surprise me" Naruto mutters to himself with a deadpan look on his face before rolling his eyes.

"You heard the man let's light this candle!" Cindy yells getting a cheer from the group.

"Alright listen up!" Naruto yells suddenly getting everyone's attention "You all know the plan…Us 16 year olds are heading out to rescue all our parents. Everyone 15 and below is staying here. That being said, older kids look after the younger kids while we're gone. We should be back in about 2 weeks tops so stay focused and we will get through this!" he yells getting another cheer as all the older kids head to their ships while the younger ones clear the area.

Naruto then walks over to Jimmy "I take it my ride is ready?" he asks getting a nod from his friend before Jimmy turns around and pulls it out of the bushes before handing it to Naruto. The blonde whistles as he looks it over, it was a near identical real-world replica of the Solar Surfboard Jim Hawking's had in the movie Treasure Planet except instead of have two ini rocket engines in the back of the board it had a single big one "I gotta be honest Jimmy you really outdid yourself" Naruto says with a smile.

"Thanks and just like you requested it has a fold out solar sail to help power it, along with the 'Special' modification you asked me to put in" Jimmy says with a nod of his large head.

"Great, though one thing is bugging me…How are we supposed to breath in space all our ships have open cockpits" Naruto asks wondering if that particular detail was forgotten.

"Not to worry, I have installed miniature life-support generators in each ship that creates a sphere of breathable atmosphere around each ship. Additionally as an added precaution all seats or restraints also have a miniature back-up life support generator should the primary one fail. The only exception to this however is your ship given its smaller size. With that in mind I present to you the Neutron Space Mask and life support backpack!" Jimmy says explaining things before reaching back into the bushes and pulling out a cool looking mask and mini backpack.

Naruto stares at the mask and backpack for a moment before looking back at Jimmy "...Dude, did you make me a replica of Starlord's Mask and a backpack version of Darth Vader's breathing machine?" he asks calmly.

"Well I did use the look of those as inspiration for the designs but gave it my own 'Neutron' flair, what do you think?" JImmy asks with a proud grin on his face.

"I think that these three things are the coolest things I have ever seen and if it wasn't for the fact that I would vomit uncontrollably afterwards I would freaking kiss you!" Naruto says with a calm and blank look on his face before a wide excited grin replaces it.

"Well lucky for the both of us then now enjoy your stuff and let's go save our parents!" Jimmy says before leaving to go get in his rocket.

All across the park the rescue group straps into the various seats of the space ships and prepare to launch "Alright let's go!" Jimmy says as he deposits presses a button on his control panel and the engine to his rocket roars to life sending him and Goddard flying into the air with the others following him one by one.

Nick blasts out of the 'Bat outta Hell' Coaster entrance in one of the coaster's bat themed cars. Several kids fly into the air in the eyeball gondola's right before Libby and Cindy blast off in their drill machine themed coaster carts. The viking boat ride spins around its support beams several times before lifting off into the air as in the background the swing carousel blasts off as well. The egyptian themed roller coaster sails along its track before its engines ignite launching it up into the air as next to it the Octopus-themed flat top ride lifts off the ground. The support beams to the Ferris Wheel fall away as the whole thing rockets into the air after rolling across the ground for a moment. Carl holds on tightly as his butterfly-themed kiddie ride spins around and around before the rocket engine ignites. It then skips along the ground several times before slowly climbing into the air. All across the park more and more of the rides lift off with Sheen's Ultra-Cycle being among the last to take off.

Naruto seeing all this happen has a grin on his face as he puts on the mask and backpack before he steps onto his board "LET'S ROCK!" he yells before stomping on a small lever behind him igniting the engine of his board before blasting away into the air.

Jimmy flies in the front of the group as they fly over the suburbs of the town "C'mon everybody get in formation" he says into the microphone of the communication headset he is wearing as the group begins flying higher into the sky.

"GO COUNTERPART GO!" Sheen yells out as if he was in battle as they flew higher and higher.

Naruto zipped past him on his board weaving in and out of the various spaceships before pulling up alongside Jimmy "Hang on everyone were passing through the Stratosphere!" Jimmy yells out over the comms as the group is buffeted by some turbulence "Now the Mesosphere!" he adds right before heavier turbulence hits the group "And entering the Ionosphere!" he says as massive turbulence hits the group causing a few kids to yelp in right.

"Now I know why they all end in 'Fear'!" Carl yells out in fright over the comms.

"That's it, we're almost there….Engage Pulse Rockets…NOW!" Jimmy yells out as everyone hits a button on their various ships only for all of the rocket engines to sputter and die. The group screams in terror as they slowly begin to fall back to Earth before the engines reignite blasting the kids out of Earth's atmosphere and into space resulting in the group cheering as they rapidly fly through space.

(2 days Later)

The group had been flying non-stop since leaving Earth and were now in the vastness of space beyond their solar system's boundary. As they fly they pass by a shining blue comet sailing through the universe "Look Goddard the wonders of the universe. We're witnessing celestial events no person…or dog..has ever seen" Jimmy says in awe at the beauty of the sight.

"It's incredible" Cindy says, pulling up beside Jimmy's rocket as they see far in the distance slowly being eaten by a Black Hole. Jimmy and Cindy briefly lock eyes before they realize it and turn away each gagging.

Back at the Octopus spinner the kids on that ride groan "Hey Jimmy!, do you think we can rotate ships after a while!"one of the kids asks over the radio while the sound of multiple kids barfing can be heard.

"Hey we'll switch!" one of the kids on the swing carousel replies over the radio before more barfing is heard.

Naruto flies up alongside Jimmy "Yeah we should probably find a place to land briefly soon Jimmy. Both those groups have been intermittently blowing chunks for the last couple hours. If they keep it up we could run out of food and water before we reach the alien planet" he suggests as he had flown back to check on the two ships every so often having a feeling they would be an issue after prolonged flight.

"Alright next place we see that we can land on we will stop and rest" Jimmy says over the radio getting a chorus of groaning cheers from crews of the two spinning ride ships

"Wow this astronaut food is actually pretty good!" Carl says over the radio from his spot next to them as he squeezes a tube of paste into his mouth.

"Um Carl that's not astronaut food, it's toothpaste" Jimmy points out with a wince while Naruto tries not to gag behind his mask.

"Oh…Minty" Carl replies with a shrug and smile before a small flaming rock knocks the tube out of his hand and more small flaming rocks start to pelt the ships "Hey what's happening!?" Carl yells in fright.

Meteor Shower! Everyone take evasive action!" Jimmy yells into the comms before the group starts trying to avoid the barrage of flaming and not flaming rocks.

Several meteors burn holes through the sail of the viking ship spaceship with the kids having to use the ships decorative shields to protect themselves from the rocks. The ferris wheel ship has to spin and roll to avoid the larger rocks given its size having several near misses in the process.

""I do so relish these times of peril" Sheen says dramatically as he pulls his Ultralord helmet down over his eyes only to let out a frightened yelp as several meteors bump into his ship sending him careening this way and that out of control.

The egyptian themed roller coaster snakes and weaves its way through the maze of incoming meteors with ease given its maneuverability. However the same could not be said for the swing carousel which had no maneuverability whatsoever and had to just tank through the rocks and hope for the best which was thankfully working so far though not without a few close calls.

Libby lets out several yells as Cindy pilots their ship around several large meteors and narrow misses "Uh Cindy big rock dead ahead!" she yells in fright as a large asteroid headed right for them with no time for them to evade. Cindy presses a button on the ship's control panel the drill head at the front of the ship spins to life and they plow right through the asteroid safely as Carl whizzes by behind them screaming as he spins out of control.

Naruto weaves in and out of asteroids skimming the surface of a few of them as he maneuvers his board through storm. The blonde's eyes rapidly darted from each incoming asteroid to the next keeping track of them all as he maneuvered. He knew that compared to the rest of the group he was in more danger as it wasn't just the large or even medium sized asteroids he had to worry about as a small one would still be able to tear through his flesh like a hot knife cutting butter. Naruto twists his board, skimming a medium sized asteroid before twisting to the either side to skim another on the opposite side immediately after.

However his eyes widened behind his mask as in front of him were two huge asteroids slowly closing towards each other and closing the gap between them. To make matters worse on every side of them was a field of medium and small asteroids clumped together so tightly there was no way he would be able to maneuver through them leaving him with only one choice. Gritting his teeth as a crazed grin worked its way onto his face Naruto kicked the lever behind him and increased his speed "WELL COME ON THEN!" he yelled out in challenge leaning forward until the top half of his body was parallel to his board as he rocketed towards the gap. Closer and closer he got and smaller and smaller the gap got with each passing second. As he started making his way through the gap he had to lean down more and more to avoid smacking his head into the top asteroid until he was practically kneeling on his board. Finally he was through the gap and in the clear not a second to late as just as the back end of his board cleared the gap the two asteroids crashed together shattering into large chunks from the force of the impact.

"WHOO OH YEAH!" Naruto cheered, standing back to his full height and throwing his arms into the air in victory as he was through the storm.

Jimmy frantically maneuvered his rocket through the onslaught of asteroids nearly crashing head first into one at one point "We gotta find shelter!" he yells over the comms.

"Jimmy, I am clear of the storm. We have a larger asteroid at bearing 236, marked seven degrees. It appears to be stationary or slow moving and is big enough for us to land and rest on" Naruto's voice is heard over the comms.

"Alright you heard him everyone, head in that direction and let's get some rest!" Jimmy yells as the rest of the group manages to link up with him and they all head towards the large asteroid to land following behind Naruto who is a ways ahead of them.

End Chapter 2

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