humphreys death alone

it was early light in jasper park canada the supple orange kissed the dark blue sky as dark omonous clouds linger over head with bright lightning and deep thunder but no rain humphrey can feel the brisk wind breeze upon his face as he pulls the log sled up the mountain to jump across the mud river (like the one from the movie humphrey saved kate from) all the omegas knew this jump as THE BIG ONE it was a jump only counqured in ones dreams. but little dose humphrey know that kate did not marry garth and she is searching for him but will she get there in time

HUMPHREYS POV —- out of breath i finnialy make it to the top of the mountain still kind of shocked im about to attempt THE BIG ONE i left a note for my buddys to find so they wont worry when im gone ill miss them but it just isnt wirth going on so as a last great adventure im about to atempt the impossibe knowing im going to fail.

i alighn the sled on the special pathe as i ready myself i take a deep breath and give one last howl to to let this cruel world see it has claimed another.

meanwhile at the alpha den — kate lilly eve winston tony and garth were sitting finializing the changes to the alphas and omegas cant mate as one of humphreys friends salty runs in to the den yelling ''its your fault hes gone you did this hes going fot THE BIG ONE its fucking suicide. after shakeys out burst he explains the note and his anger twoards kate

kate pov—- salty please tell me is there any way to stop him please tell me where he went. i hear salty tell me at the top of the mountain so i take of running at full speed when i heard a beautiful but low sad depressed sorrowful tone that made the fur all over my body stand on end it was humphreys howl its too late

humphrey pov — after i let out the longest howl i could muster i got onto the log . I pushed the log off its stsrting point it didnt take long to feel the log gain speeds greater than i had ever experinced before i can bearly manouver around all the obstalces the further down i get the faster the log gets. im movin so fast everything is blurry i can feel the addrenalin pumping through my viens and hear my heart racing im close to the jump i can see it. there she was standing buy the mudslide looking at me but i will not stop just to have her lie to me and break my heart again i feel my self start to cry as the log his the jump and i go soaring through the air and for the briefest moment i felt like im going to make it across only to feel the effects of gravity kick in again as im falling i look down and see the muddy river of death my final resting place i just hope its quick as i hit the thick dark liquid i cant move and everything starts to fade in to nothingness i get to see my mom again im going home

at the top of the river —- kate lilly eve winston garth and kare could onlr watch as humphrey blew past themm moving so fast he was a blur then he was airbourne it was the most spectacular sight to behold then he started to plummet straight down to the mud slide below they couldnt do anything but watch as he hit the mud with a sickining thud there is no way any wolf could survive that fall much less the impact and the current of the mud as they group turned to walk bact to the alphas den to announce the news of humphreys death there was a small swift ball of light dropping down to the mud below.