A Generals start

[ Humphrey—once all the cheering from me proposing died down I decide to speak. Everyone I need your attention please, now that we are all here, I must tell you there is a war coming and in am going to lead it. I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth if we are not ready we will all die and we are not the only one who will be fighting there will be more wolves who will join us but we must be ready as I was told we will be facing a very formidable enemy and they will not go down easy.]

There were murmurs amongst the wolves there once Humphrey finished his speech and it was Winston who spoke up first

[ Winston – look Humphrey you know you sound like a crazy wolf right. Not to throw shade your way but you can't even fight you are an omega how are you going to lead an army?]

[eve – I agree with Winston even if you are right about a war there is no possible way you could lead a army.]

As everyone was talking and arguing amongst each other they didn't see Humphrey stand up and walk to the exit of the den.

As Humphrey was sitting hearing there somewhat hurtful words he walked out as he was leaving he was being followed buy Kate as she did believe him but wanted to know more after a few minutes of walking they made it down to the bottom of the hill from the alpha den. Once they were alone kate spoke up begging Humphrey to stop walking and talk to her.

Angry Humphrey stopped and yelled { I don't have time for this what you want to laugh at me too think I'm crazy huh} Kate stood there stunned that he snapped at her like that. With tears it her bright amber eyes she spoke.

[ Kate – no I'm not laughing I love you I would never think you are crazy I just want you to tell me what you need me to do I want to help you but I cant if you wont let me]

[ Humphrey== look I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell and make you cry I'm just worried they are right what if I'm not good enough , you can help buy getting the whole pack and your mom and dad there too so I can explain everything while you do that I need a while alone please I promise I will make it up to you ]

Humphrey walked up to Kate and embraced her In a hug then he pulled away and gently pressed his lips to hers and shared a passionate kiss with his love without a word he broke the kiss and walked into the woods leaving Kate alone.

Kate sat alone stunned that was amazing she had never felt so warm like she did in his embrace. Once she was no longer stunned she got up and walked to the valley where there were a lot of wolves lingering around with a nervous gulp she howled loudly calling all wolves within hearing range and waited for everywolf to show up to the area after about ten minutes most of the pack was there and her parents were just arriving as they approached Kate all she could do is hope Humphrey had a plan otherwise she will be in severe trouble.

As Winston approached Kate he asked what the problem was and looked furious that there was not an emergency but before he could yell they heard a great rumble from the lower valley as they looked on they say a grey wolf approaching them it was Humphrey and he looked different somehow but before they could speak to him there was a deafening sound from behind then it was a stampede before anyone could get hurt Winston yelled to run to safety everyone except one wolf made it to the sides of the valley it was Humphrey he was not running he stood there like an oak tree all alone no fear in his eyes even though his heart was beating faster than he had evet felt it had to be done for him to be taken seriously so as the caribou was about fifty meters away he charged toward them at full speed. Everywolf gasped at the sight before them Humphrey had ran head-on into the Frey and was devoured in the dark ominous cloud of dust and rubble from the stampede. All wolves waited with baited breath as this stamped felt like a train passing through the valley finally came to an end and minutes later as the dark looming clous started to fade away they could see the carnage that was left behind after the chaos was gone. There was many dead caribou coved in blood and dirt it was a horrific sight there was blood, gus , and bone from the dead caribou. There was twelve dead ones on the valley floor and at the end if the destruction there he stook unfazed Humphrey was standing there covered in blood , dirt . when Winston seen Humphrey he understood that Humphrey was proving a point to him and all thos who said he was week or feeble and low rank it was a statement saying he was not lying about the war.

Before Winston could finish his thought Humphrey started yelling.

[ Humphrey—everywolf here listen to me the leaders wont believe me but I will not withhold information from you there will be a war and I am building an army per request of Emerald the white wolf or the world for those that do not know she it a god and I was specifically recruited to lead a army against the most fearsome wolves you will ever see I will fight but the leaders didn't believe me and i want your help If you want to join my army and fight for Honor, Glory , GOD, Country, and for your Family I will be here all day come talk to me, that's all I got to say what happens next Is up to you.]