So, this one has been wandering around inside my head and hard drive for a while. I'm not sure how much further it will go—master of Death in the Kancolle universe. Working on Red Castle, so will hold off on this one, but it might be fun to continue.

Born of the Sea

HMS Victory quickly followed her Admiral as her crew carried him below deck. She feared the worst when her beloved took a musket shot from a French Marine high above in the rigging, throwing him to his knees.

But she was not alone. Another ship spirit calling herself Muirgen followed closely behind. She didn't know how or why she appeared on her quarterdeck but was thankful for her presence.

"It's not enough," Victory whispered, the heheart-wrenchingorrow apparent while the two watched the ship's surgeon fervently tend to Nelson's grievous wound.

"Another ship has struck." Muirgen looked off as if listening to the wind. "The San Agustin."

It would not be the last as humans, and as the two spirits listened to the news of the battle for the next three hours, it soon became apparent that Lord Nelson had achieved a great victory.

Muirgen reached over to hold Victory's hand when the great ship spirit could no longer hide her sorrow as Nelson, surrounded by his friends and comrades, started to slip away.

Coughing painfully, Nelson said, "Don't throw me overboard, Hardy."

The Captain was quick to answer. "Oh! No, certainly not."

"Thank God, I have done my duty," he whispered, their eyes locked. Victory knew he could see her standing there in those final moments, and then he was gone.

"Lady Potter, it a pleasure to see you again." Griphook, the holder of the financial keys of the two families, greeted the young witch as she entered the room.

With a sigh, his male form shifted, which had become malleable since the end of the war. To his surprise, the Metamorphus skill had been suppressed, and it only took dying for a second time in the Forbidden Forest for it to unstick. Thankfully, Andromeda, her godson's grandmother, had been there to help him become familiar with the strange skill and even stranger body.

However, 'The Woman Who Conquered' held off hexing the goblin no matter how much pleasure she would get out of it. At least they were discreet; only her financial manager and his superior knew of the odd happenstance. However, the goblins insisted on calling her Lady Potter as if her Harry persona hadn't been real.

"Is the paperwork complete," she queried, taking a seat.

The goblins weren't much for small talk and always appreciated getting straight to the point. Time was money, after all. A parchment was pushed across the desk; she picked it up and started to look it over.

The two spoke for almost two hours, reviewing a checklist of who will get what. Teddy, her godson, would become Lord Black when she finally left. Properties would go to her friends, and money she didn't take with her would be to various charities and the like. However, until then, the account would remain active under the goblin management.

There wasn't a lot left of the Potters, though, mostly the name. Her grandparent's mansion had been burned by Voldemort's followers, and her parent's home was destroyed soon afterward. What little that was left, she planned on taking with her.

As she readied herself to leave, she said, "I had visions of Trafalgar last night, Griphook. I held Victory as she mourned the loss of Nelson."

Since the war's end, Harry's dreams have always been the same, traveling through time as a witness to warfare on the sea from one end of the globe to another, night after night. And many times, she remained with the ship spirits at their last moments, giving comfort as they slipped beneath the waves.

"An honorable death, Muirgen," the goblin added solemnly. "We goblins even heard of his great victory."

Muirgen, that's what they had started to call her with her visions; the meaning "born of the sea" in Gaelic seemed appropriate. But sometimes, she could hear them add 'The' when they spoke as if it was a title that she didn't really understand.

"What I mean is," she started. "I feel like my journey here will soon come to an end. I am unsure what will happen next, though. But I believe this will be the last time we shall speak."

Griphook nodded. "Then safe travels, Lady Potter."

Overall, it ended up being another long and frustrating day. After dropping some papers off at the Ministry, Harry was dragged to a meeting with the Minister of Magic. New legislation was blocked, and they needed his voice.

It seemed nothing had changed; the war's end should have been a new beginning, but it had become more of the same. Sad, but spending time with the goblins was more relaxing than the witches and wizards in the magical world.

"You there, Harry," a voice called from the fireplace.

"Come on through, Hermione."

After setting down 'Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II,' he asked, "No Ron? No, Rose?"

Groaning, the pregnant witch collapsed on one of the parlor chairs. "Still at work. With Angela just giving birth, he's often running the store by himself. I left Rose with Dad and Mom."

He then handed her a thick envelope. "Now, the reason why I asked you for dinner."

"No, no, no," Hermione exclaimed. "I'm not doing this. I will not be the executor of your will. You're not dying."

"I know," he replied with a smile. "But I will be traveling and don't know when I will be back. Come on; you don't expect me to leave my home in the care of the Sackville-Baggins and find myself in the middle of an estate sale when I return."

"I should have never made you read those books," she said with a sad smile, then sighed. "You're giving us the beach house."

Harry looked through the parlor window to the ocean beyond. He moved to the home on the Isle of Wight across from Portsmouth shortly after the war, leaving Grimmauld Place to Andromeda and his godson.

"Well, it's compensation for all the work. I trust no one else to speak for me. And, although the goblins will keep the Ministry honest, I still need an official Advocate until Teddy's majority. You and Andromeda have the same packet, so come to the table, let's go over your responsibilities, and you can vent to me later."

Dinner afterward allowed the two to catch up, and their conversation was soon filled with stories about their friends and family. Harry was happy to see Ginny was doing well as a Chaser for the Harpies. George and Angelina were getting used to being parents. Molly was looking forward to more grandchildren. Everyone, their friends included, was moving on from the war.

"I spoke with Hannah at the Cauldron yesterday. She was relieved to see that the new Revitalize the Alley tax failed to pass. I am guessing that Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes should benefit from it."

His best friend gave him an odd look, which he returned with an innocent one.

"Did you?"

Harry shrugged. "I know they all work hard, and it costs me nothing. The legislation was ridiculous, and letting it fail didn't just help Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes but other shops from having financial problems."

"You hated using your fame."

"Can't say that I like using it now, but because I didn't back then, people died." Harry raised his hand. "Don't argue with me, Hermione. It's true, I would have hated it, but I could have done it. It would have saved lives. Now, I'll use it to ensure my friends and family are happy."

"But not you."

Harry set down his utensils. "You know I'm busy with my charity work. I get pulled into meetings at the Ministry of Magic. My days are pretty full."

"But you planned on being an Auror."

"Too much paperwork; Ron complained enough about it."

"What about marriage?"

"What about it, Hermione?"


"I wish you and Molly would stop trying to push the two of us together. We make better friends than lovers. It didn't work out, simple as that. Plus, she is having too much fun as a Harpy to settle down. Anyway, I am going on my journey. Do you want to see the list of what I am taking with me?" Harry asked, pulling a piece of parchment from another folder.

"You're changing the subject," she growled, then sighed. "Fine, give it to me."

Humanity had hardly ever been at peace for long, and warfare on the seas was as old as civilization, so Harry continued to dream. But last night was different.

Ron was getting ready for the day; he had already fed Rose and set her back in her crib, allowing his wife to sleep a little bit more, but he was surprised that a somewhat familiar face appeared in the fireplace.

"err, Muirgen?"

But this was not the familiar face who answered but his other half. Ron had never been totally comfortable with it, but whatever the gender, he was a mate.

"Ron, whose calling us this time in the morning?"

He heard his wife ask as she slipped on a housecoat.

"It's Muirgen."

With a frown, she looked at the flames and could see something wrong.

"Jutland," the female form of Harry announced.

With a nod, Hermione turned to her husband and kissed his cheek, "Go ahead to work, luv. She just needs someone to talk to."

Now alone, the two sipped tea in peace before Muirgen began, "It's been almost a decade, you know. In my dreams, I have stood witness to so many battles. Truthfully, I have become professionally detached from the horrors of warfare."

Hermione gave her a look.

"All right, I am not that immune. If I don't dream of battles, I tend to have nightmares about them. But you know, it's better than the ones I used to have of dead students at the Battle of Hogwarts. But Jutland was a nightmare from beginning to end. So many dead, and it's going to get worse."