Warning:might contain blood,death,suicide,murder,abuse, torture,bad words, cringe

Anna POV:

I was sitting at the couch watching my marbles roll on the map of Shizume City asking them to find out if Mikoto was still alive as they didn't really respond it wasn't helpful I knew it my powers weren't gonna help me find out I knew he was gone but I didn't want to accept I hated no I didn't hate it I DESPISED the fact Mikoto the person I saw as my father, as my best friend was dead I didn't want accept it everyone else in HOMRA left us I only had Rikoio & Misaki but Misaki seemed more distant then he used to be I could feel his pain I was worried his pain kept on getting worse especially on the arms until his pain had faded it was numb,dead,lifeless, broken "oh" I gasped when I felt numbness when I tried to feel if his pain was getting worse like usual but all I felt was numbness so I got up running to his room up the stairs and saw it a pile of empty Happy Pills,"?!" I was shocked when I saw what looked like 60 empty Happy Pills and when I heard Misaki giggling I got real scared I started to walk getting a shiver down my spine I was scared then I saw Misaki pouring a bottle of Happy Pills into his mouth I got really anxious seeing this and screamed "MISAKI!"

Rikio POV

I walked into the bar to take Anna out for ice cream and heard her scream "MISAKI!" I got worried and ran up the stairs to Yata's room "Yata Anna!" I yelled hoping nothing bad happened and what I saw was shocking I quickly grabbed my PDA to call 911 "911 what's your emergency?" A women on the other line asked "umm my friend he's over dosing on happy pills please help" I pleaded for help I got shivers down my entire body when Yata kept on laughing from Anna crying and trying to get him to stop and me trying to get him to the ER

At the ER (Rikio's POV)

"Ok so he'll be ok...but he'll have to be under supervision unless your ok with him going to a asylum" the Nurse told me "ok" I said sniffling

1 hour later (Anna's POV)

"Nnh" I heard grunts coming from the bed "uh" I gasped after looking at the bed I was sitting next to he was waking up "Misaki?" I asked "mmh ng nnh" Misaki kept grunting until he opened his eyes "your up!" I exclaimed "the light" he whispered in a horse voice "what about the light?" I started thinking he was talking about the hypothetical light people see when they die "the light" he kept on repeating I started to think he was gonna die until..."it's to bright" he said when I realized he was staring at the light on the ceiling "oh let me adjust it" I said


•Volume 2 coming soon•