Godric's Gift


I've read canon at least 20 times. I love this story and have enriched my experience reading the lovely authors on this site. I've grown fond of the Harry/Fleur pairing. I wish to contribute something small. It will begin at the World Cup and end at the end of Book 4. Expect little to no bashing.

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Assume Cannon up until the end of the Third Year.

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Bravery and Stupidity

"Harry, you know divination is useless; why not swap it for something where you can actually learn something," Hermione asked with a gleam in her eye.

This was the fourth time Hermione had brought this particular subject up with Harry since the end of the last term. They sat in the Weasley's borrowed tent, waiting to head to the World Cup Final. Ron was fixing his face paint, allowing Hermione to press her friend once again on his studies. If Harry was honest–her rationale was quite convincing. Harry could not recall a single useful thing he had learned from Trelawney since setting foot in her smokey room nine months ago. Were it not for the events at the end of the year, he would have believed Divination a complete farce, but no longer, and that knowledge haunted him.


Dumbledore had confirmed this prophecy to be accurate, and it had consumed Harry's thoughts in the intervening months.

"You're right, Hermione," Harry stated, stopping the young witch in her tracks.

"Wha–really? You will?" Hermione said, clearly shocked that her "encouragement" was effective.

"Yes, I pushed myself with Lupin to learn the Patronus; that was dead hard, but I'm bloody glad I did it," Harry stated, eliciting a knowing grin from Hermione.

"Wonderful, Harry! What will you take instead? I have notes from last year–I can tutor you and catch you up!" Hermione said enthusiastically.

"Runes, for sure, maybe Arithmancy. I'll write to McGonagall but let's enjoy the World Cup for now. Not every day, a couple of kids from the muggle world get to see it. Harry responded.

Hermione grinned, clearly pleased with the initiative shown by her friend.

"Oi, you lot planning on watching the final or having your chat," Ron said with a grin beckoning Harry and Hermione to join the rest of the crew in the entryway. "Hermione, I expected this from you, but Harry–I'm ashamed."

"Sorry, Ron! We're on our way," Hermione said, getting up from the sofa.

"Sorry, mate," Harry said, jumping to his feet. "Thanks again for the tickets. This is going to be brilliant," Harry said, genuinely excited.


Three mugs of hot chocolate steamed in their hands as Harry, Ron, and Hermione were chatting about the match. The warm liquid soothed their raw throats. Fred and George were gleefully planning what to do with their gambling winnings while Mr. Weasley, Bill, and Ginny were having tea in the kitchen. Percy and Charlie had already gone to bed.

"Krum was bloody brilliant shame he doesn't have a team around him," Harry said energetically.

"No doubt, the coven of Veela ought to make the loss sting less, though," Ron stated, eliciting a smack from Hermione.

"Grow up, Ronald," Hermione said with a chuckle. "Were you able to remove the drool stains from your pants?"

"Oi, I can't help that; their magic gets all blokes," Ron said somewhat defensively.

"Harry here managed to keep his eyes in his sockets," Hermione said.

"Well, Harry offed You-Know-Who when he was one, so he doesn't count," Ron replied, causing the trio to pause before erupting into laughter.

Harry savored the moment. His two best friends seemed to have put their bickering from last year aside. Ron seemed more comfortable in his own skin and was planning on trying out for Gryffindor Keeper this fall. An idea Harry enthusiastically encouraged. Harry was smiling contently when a piercing scream ripped through the revelry in the camp.

In a flash, Mr. Weasley drew his wand and was at the tent's door, Bill hot on his heels.

"Hang tight, kids. I'm going to check this out; I'll be right back. Bill, you're in charge while I'm gone". Mr. Weasley said with an authority Harry had not heard before.

Instinctively Harry reached into his pocket to draw his wand when his heart sank into his stomach. It was in his jacket pocket. How on earth had it fallen out? How could he be so stupid? Taking a deep breath, Harry tried to settle himself and think back to the last place he had it. His thoughts were interrupted by the reappearance of Mr. Weasley; concern etched on his face.

"Fred, go wake Percy and Charlie; there's a dangerous situation, and the ministry may need our help. George, you and Fred take your sister and these three", gesturing towards Harry, Ron, and Hermione, "and lead them into the forest. I give you full permission to use magic if you need to."

While the twins followed orders, Harry searched for his lost wand to no avail; he was terrified of the potential loss, not even considering the danger he was possibly in. Cursing himself, he made for the door with the others.

The older Weasleys were off with a crack as the younger ones made for the forest. Panic was in the air as thick as the smoke bellowing from several uncontrolled fires. Shouts sounded from all around, oppressing Harry's senses. Harry took in as much as he could at a glance. It was absolute chaos. Witches and wizards apparated right and left, those with families shuttling them away from the madness of the campsite. In the distance, he located the source of the shrieks. The campsite attendant, his wife, and his child were being levitated high above the ground below what looked like a group of people in dark robes and masks. Harry could not hear it, but he was almost certain the group laughed at their distress.

Harry noticed Hermione freeze as she saw the muggles, her face marred with horror. Harry grabbed her arm and moved her towards the rest of the group hoping Mr. Weasley and the ministry would be able to rescue them. During their delay, Harry and Hermione had lagged twenty yards behind the rest of the Weasleys, Fred, and George, bracketing Ginny while Ron was walking protectively behind her.

Harry glanced towards Hermione when he saw a blurred mass hurtling towards them out of the corner of his eye. Instinctively Harry pulled Hermione down, dodging the broom-rider in the knick of time. As they scrambled to their feet, they were again knocked aside by a group of panicked bystanders.

"Hermione, are you ok?" Harry asked, pulling her to her feet.

"I'm fine, Harry. Let's keep moving; we need to rejoin the others." She replied, heading towards the forest.

Her words were in vain as the Weasleys were out of sight. Harry's heart accelerated as he noticed that the mob had outpaced them by a distance. They started to move again when they heard shouts and the unmistakable sound of spells whirling through the air. Harry reached for his wand, heart cursing his loss once again.

"Harry, that's close; we need to keep…

"You. Will. Not. Touch. My. Sister. You disgusting pigs," a French voice bellowed out defiantly, stopping Hermione mid-sentence.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other, understanding passing between them, and they immediately changed course. Instead of heading toward the exit, they silently crept toward the shouts of the distressed French girl.

The scene they came upon was shocking. Fire danced in the azure eyes of the most beautiful girl Harry had ever seen. Her blonde hair flowed freely as her wand furiously slashed in intricate patterns dueling four masked wizards simultaneously. She was a blur deflecting their spells and conjuring jets of blue flame, forcing her attackers to shield. It was a different league of magic than Harry had witnessed, and this girl could not be more than a few years older than he and Hermione.

"Aim at the little bitch" One of the men shouted.

A gleam of panic crossed the blonde's face as she saw a spell hurtle past her shield. A girl no more than twelve moved nimbly out of the way. The lapse in concentration was costly as a burning hex slammed into her wand arm, wrenching it from her grasp.

"We gotya now, missy. I think we'll apparate ye away from ere and take you both somewhere safe," the masked man said lecherously, moving closer towards them.

A look of fury crossed Hermione's face as she started to rush out into the clearing. Harry stopped her, saying:

"Hermione wait, there are four of them, and I don't have my wand. I'll distract them, stay here, and fire spells at their backs."

Her protest was lost to him as he raced into the clearing hurtling towards the man pointing his wand at the blonde girl. The man heard Harry and turned around a second too late as Harry smashed into him, sending them to the ground.

"Stupefy" Hermione yelled behind him.

One of the masked me to Harry's right crumpled as the spell collided with his back. Harry had no time to watch as he was grappling the masked man for his wand.

"Oi, I'll gut ya ya filthy rat," the man grunted as he swung his left arm at Harry's face.

Pain gripped Harry as his glasses were smashed into his left eye by a metal-laced glove. Harry crumpled, clutching his face as blood poured from his head and eye. He looked up, fully expecting another blow when a jet of blue fire slammed into his opponent's chest.

Harry heard shrieks from the other two men as they fled from the fury of the valkyrie. He heard several spells whizzing from her wand, and silence overtook the clearing.

"Harry, are you alright" Hermione shouted as she raced towards him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

A grunt was all he could manage as he clutched his eye.

"Zhank you both," A soft voice called as the blonde valkyrie joined the two teens. "I don't know what would ave appended ad you two ad not intervened, please allow me to elp your eye."

Harry balked momentarily, thinking of Skele-Gro but decided he was in safe hands based on what he had seen from the witch.


Harry winced as he felt his eyesocket crack back into place and saw bits of his glasses fall to the ground. His head continued to throb, and his vision was blurry. But he couldn't tell if it was because of the punch or his lack of glasses.

"Zhere will be a mark for a few days, but it should go away," she said as Hermione helped Harry to his feet.

"I'm Fleur Delacour, and this is my sister Gabrielle," she said, gesturing to the smaller blonde.

"Je Suis Hermione Granger et voici mon ami courageux mais stupide Harry"

Both blondes chuckled, and Harry turned slightly pink. Of course, Hermione knew French, and Harry knew enough to put that together.

"Harry, you utter prat, where on earth is your wand?" Hermione said.

"I dunno, Hermione. It must have fallen out of my pocket sometime today. I realized it when Mr. Weasley rushed off," Harry said defensively.

An exasperated look crossed Hermione's face, but Harry was grateful as she silenced whatever retort came to mind.

"Come, we will find my Father, and e will ensure you both get to your family," Fleur said, taking charge of the situation.

Harry tried to ignore the building pain in his head and follow Fleur; he stepped forward and fainted.


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