Chapter 1 The Return

Opening his eyes, a young man finds himself in an alleyway, mind in a fog and body aching to the bone. His dark green jumpsuit is damaged, missing his right gauntlet, in fact the whole right side of the suit is shredded, revealing his muscular physique and his multitude of battle scars. The suit can be repaired, hopefully his handler won't rip him a new one. He slowly stands up and inspects his body, making sure no bones are broken, the problem is that he's cold, something that his power, Agnikinesis can remedy. His mind slowly becomes clearer and remembers that he was fighting a very dangerous villain. He runs his right hand through his dark green hair as memories of the battle flash in his head.

A city on fire... Laid to ruins...

Buildings leveled...

A mad man bone chilling laugh...

Dark purple spheres devouring all...

A defeated villains last gamble, launching a large sphere.

His comrades calling out his name...


He remembers everything. He is Izuku Midoriya, he's a twenty-two years old, born on July 15th near Shizuoka Prefecture. His parents are Inko and Hisashi Midoriya. His code name is Dekiru, a nickname given to him by a very good friend of his because of his determination.


A five year old Izuku laid on the dirt of the playground, bruised and aching all over. A girl with Spiky ash blonde hair and red eyes glares at the young boy, angry at him.

"You dummy! I didn't need your help!" The girl shouts.

"But Katsumi, hitting girls is what bad guys do..." Izuku argues weakly.

"Life's not like those stupid battle manga's Izuku!" She offers him a hand. "Now get up loser!" Izuku takes her hand and is lifted up. "How can you think you can be a hero when I'm stronger than you?" Katsumi teased. The young boy pouts.

"Then I'll get stronger!" Katsumi gets an idea to help her friend.

"If you're gonna be a superhero then you'll need a superhero name!" Izuku beams when he hears this idea.

"Yeah! I'm thinking of a few names, but do you have one Katsumi?"

"Your superhero name should be Dekiru! It because you never give up!" Katsumi said.

"I like it!" Izuku smiles. "Thanks Katsumi!"

"Kacchan." Izuku tilts his head. "Call me Kacchan."

"Okay Kacchan!"


"Hey D-lister! You look like shit. The hell happened?" Izuku is pulled out of his memories at the sight of a young teenager with spiky ash blonde hair, red eyes and is wearing school uniform. right behind him are two other students that look to be his friends. "I asked you a question you D-lister, what the hell happened?"

"Kacchan...?" The resemblance is uncanny.

"The hell did you call me?" The boy snarls. Izuku brings up his hands.

"Sorry about that! You look like my best friend. The both of you have the same style of hair and eye color, heck you even have her colorful language!" Izuku chuckles. The teenager's anger dissipates slightly. "My name is Midoriya Izuku."

"You need to get your eyes checked moron cause I'm not your girlfriend." Izuku blushes. "The name's Bakugou Katsuki."

"She's not my girlfriend! It would never have worked out. Katsumi is more like a sister than anything else." One of the Katsuki's friends asks a question.

"So, she's single?" He asked hopefully. Izuku gives the boy a stern look.

"She would beat you to an inch of your life." The boy's complexion goes pale.

"Whatever. Look Midoriya, you look like you got eaten up and spat out. Since I'm going to be the number one hero someday, I'm gonna make sure your D-list loser ass gets to a hospital." Izuku is confused by the last part, number one hero? Was he determined to be the strongest hero?

"What are you talking about?" Katsuki and his friends look at him incredulously.

"Are you a moron or just concussed? The top hero in all of the world, the number one hero! I'm gunning for UA high school, the best hero school in the world!" Hero school? Izuku remembers that idea being purposed by the government, there's no way they got the planned school buildings constructed that fast.

"With your quirk you'll make it to the top in no time!" One of Katsuki's friends said.

'Quirks? Don't they mean meta-ability?' The name does sound unique and different, better than just calling them meta-ability.

"Check this out D-list loser." Katsuki blows up an empty soda can with an explosion. "Badass right? My quirk makes me a cut above the rest."

"It is powerful." Izuku agrees. "But that explosion doesn't come from nowhere, if I were to guess you produce an explosive substance."

"Well what do you know, your smart for a bottom tier loser. Yeah I sweat nitroglycerin from my palms." Katsuki explains.

"Just your palms?" The teen nods.

"Yeah, just my palms. Even if I could use it anywhere else it would destroy my clothing."

"Probably a good thing. Nitroglycerin is highly flammable. Being covered in it would be a death wish."

"No shit Sherlock, I know how my quirk works." The teen scoffs. "With my quirk I'm going to defeat any villain dumb enough to challenge me!"

"You know, being a hero is more than just defeating villains." Izuku said.

"Whatever! Beating villains is what's important! Only the best heroes win!" The young adult disagrees.

"The best kind of hero is the one who can win without throwing a single punch." Hearing this made Katsuki laugh.

"What, you a Dekiru fanboy? Don't get me wrong, he's cool starting the whole hero gig, but he's not All Might!" Several alarms ring inside Izuku's head.

"How do you..." Before he could continue, he saw an amorphous blob rise and shift behind Katsuki. The teen turns around and looks at the slime in horror.

"You got a powerful quirk; you don't mind if I borrow your body, do you? It will be some forty-five seconds of pain and then you'll feel nothing at all!" The slime monster gurgles and lunges at Katsuki. Izuku pulls him away from the creature just in the nick of time. "Who the hell are you!?"

"Someone that's not about to let some slime ball kill an innocent kid!" He takes up a fighting stance. "You three! Get out of here now!" He commands. The three run out of the alleyway with Katuski giving a reluctant glance before running away.

"Great... I hit the jackpot, then some dumb hero gets in the way! What's with you heroes! I just want to do what I want!" The slime growls.

"What you want to do is wrong!" Izuku argues and points at the villain. "Stop and turn yourself in or face the consequence!"

"Like hell! I'm gonna kill you!" The slime lunges toward, trying to suffocate the hero. Izuku rolls under the villain's lunge and grabs a dented can. "What are you going to do with that!? I'm invincible with my gelatin body!" The villain laughs. Izuku throws the can and it hits the villain straight into one of its eyes. "GYAAAAH! MY EYE!"

"I guess you're not invincible! Now surrender or I'll go for the other eye!" Izuku warns. Becoming angry, the slime lunges at Izuku.



Today has been a good day for Toshinori Yagi, that was until a villain decided to rob a store. The walking skeleton of a man began to change, feeling his body protest as his quirk transforms his body into a goliath of muscle and righteousness that is... The number one hero, All Might! The pro hero gives pursuit and catches up to the villain in no time. The villain was attacking a boy but for some reason the sludge villain stood still, doing nothing with a vacant look in his eyes. The boy has bags under his eyes that could rival Eraserhead and a mop of unruly purple hair. He introduced himself as Shinso Hitoshi and watched the hero detain the villain in a soda bottle. Once he finished capturing the villain the boy asked a question.

"Can someone with a villains quirk be a hero?" All Might answers the question automatically.

"There is no such thing as a villains quirk young Hitoshi, what is your quirk?" The boy looks away in shame.


"There's nothing to be ashamed about. It's a fine quirk, well suited for underground hero work!" Shinso's eyes widen.

"Y-You think? I plan on going to U.A but my quirk isn't flashy or strong." All Might nods.

"There's more to being a hero then just a flashy quirk! A Hero must lay his life on the line to save others! U.A will be very difficult young man. If you can't get into the hero course through the exam then you'll have to transfer from General education. A good show at the sports festival will be your best ticket. Also, it doesn't hurt to exercise and train your body! Just look at me." All Might strikes a pose and flexes. "I didn't get this body by sitting around you know!"

"Thank you All Might..." The boy bows.

"And thank you for the support!" The number one hero jumps into the air.

"He's a good kid. I hope I'll see him at—WOAH!" Not paying attention, the hero flies into a large flock of pigeons. "Sorry birds! I better land." Once he's far enough away he lands on a rooftop and reverts back to his weakened form. "Well... I have only five minutes left... I better get you to the police station..." He opens his pocket only to see nothing.

"Oh crap..." The bottle must have fallen out of his pocket when he flew into those pigeons. Now a villain is on the loose somewhere, what a rookie mistake! "Hopefully the villain didn't escape the bottle. I'll just retrace my steps." What he really wanted was transform and search as All Might, but with five minutes left he wouldn't be able to do much.

Leaving the building, Toshinori makes his way to tatooine station, only to see that it's blocked off by the police. A crowd of citizens are standing at the blockade watching a villain battle.

"Hey, wasn't that the villain All Might was chasing? A civilain asked.

"Did the villain escape All Might?" Toshinori feels absolutely horrible.

"Maybe... Wait, who's the hero fighting the villain?" This catches his attention. He looks and sees an injured hero with dark green hair and a damaged suit fighting the villain. "He kind of looks familiar?"

"Some hero paying homage to Dekiru?" Toshinori has heard of that name. Back in his school years in hero history class he learned of the nation's first hero, a young boy by the name of Izuku Midoriya who laid down the foundation for heroics in Japan. He disappeared after four years of service when he battled a villain whose quirk could let him erase anything and anyone. The nation believed he died and was honored as the Japan's first pro hero.

The battle is going well for the hero. One of the slime villain's eyes is damaged. The damaged eye effects the villain's ability to fight, he's flailing blindly, trying to grab the hero. The young man dodged the attacks and counters with blast of compressed air. The attacks connect and makes a hole in the sludge villain.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" The slime villain charges at the hero. The hero brings his fists together and fires a stream of warped air at the villains. The young hero continues with his attack, the stream becomes a full blast of super-heated air, encompassing the villain and making it bubble.

"GYAAAAH!" The villain screeches in pain.

"Give up! Or I'll really start to bring the heat!" The hero shouts.

"You think some hot air is gonna stop me hero!?" The sludge villain shouts. "This... Is... NOTHING!"

"Fine, if that's how you feel." Dekiru opens his closed fists and fires stream of flames from his palms. The fire engulfs the villain, but doesn't spread anywhere else.

"Stop! I give up, please stop!" Dekiru snuffs out the fire and the villain melts into a puddle of steaming sludge. Just then, heroes led by Death Arms and the rookie hero Kamui woods arrive on the scene.

"Stand down sir, we'll take it from here." Death Arms commands.

"Do you have a way to contain the villain?" The young hero asked. Another rookie hero, Mount Lady arrives on the scene. She approaches the hero and gives a flirty smile.

"You betcha. How about a quick break?" Mount Lady comments.

"I'm okay. I can do this all day." Suddenly the sludge monster reforms and lunges forward with a fist of hardened slime aimed at Mount Lady. Reacting quickly, Izuku pushes Mount Lady out of the way and takes the full force of the punch. The attack sends Izuku soar towards the crowd, hitting the ground and tumbling to a stop just in front of them.

"NO!" Mount Lady shouts.

"God, I love messing with you heroes and your 'better' nature!" The sludge villain taunts. "It's so easy!" It looms over Mount Lady. "First I'm going to hijack that bastard's body and then," Its tongue licks its gross lips. "Have some fun with you..." The sludge said menacingly.

"That won't happen, why you ask?" A voice booms. "BECAUSE I AM HERE!" All Might arrives. "TEXES SMASH!" The number one hero grabs hold of Mount Lady and punches the vilain, the wind pressure makes the villain burst, ripping him apart and sending his slimy body everywhere.

"Whoa..." Death Arms feels a drop of rain hit his shoulder followed by more. "His punch changed the weather..." The punching hero looks at the number one hero in awe. All Might releases Mount Lady and she rushes to the Dekiru copycat.

"Oh god please be alright..." The young hero tries to move. "Don't try to move." He has a gash on his forehead right above his left eyebrow and several fresh scraps and scratches. Kamui Woods makes his way to the rookie hero, worried as well.

"How is he?" The wood hero asked.

"I'm okay..." Izuku slurs. "I've taken worse than this..."

"I can see that..." Kamui looks at all of the scars and is shocked. He looks to be around his age but he already has so much more scars. "Here, let us help you up." They helped the Dekiru copycat into a nearby ambulance. Once inside the ambulance drives off, leaving the two heroes.

"So, do you really think its him?" Mount Lady asked.

"That's impossible, he died two hundred years ago, there's no way he should be alive." Kamui Woods answers. A police officer approaches the two heroes with Death Arms in tow.

"We found something that belonged to injured hero." The officer shows them a plastic card. "It's his hero license!"

"Well at least he's licensed. It wouldn't sit well with me if he gets jail time for taking a punch for me." Mount Lady comments.

"Look closer at the license rookies." They look at the license. The design is old. The Heroic Public Safety Commission changes the design of the Hero license every twenty-five years. But it wasn't the design that Death Arms was talking about, he's talking about the date the license was issued. It was issued two hundred years ago.

"Oh my god..." Mount Lady gasped, floored by the revelation. "It can't be him can it? You said it yourself, he died two hundred years ago."

"The world thinks he died, but his body was never recovered and the villain he was fighting died just after Dekiru's disappearance." Death Arms explains.

"You don't think that villain had a time manipulation quirk, do you?" Mount Lady wonders. Kamui Woods scoffs at the fellow rookie.

"Quirks back then were mundane and simple. There were only a handful of first-generation quirks that were powerful and none of them had the power to manipulate time." Many conspiracy theorists believed that Dekiru didn't die but was teleported to an alien world or he faked his death and joined a cabal of secret peacekeeping heroes. Many believed that his motto was fact, that he could best the most fearsome villain by not throwing a single punch or using his quirk.

"Looks like we need to cut this short. Here comes the press." A horde of reporters swarm the Pro Heroes with their microphones at the ready.

"Was that really Dekiru?"

"Wasn't Dekiru reported KIA?"

"Is that his hero license?"

"The police don't plan on seeking out charges, do they?" The reporters fire off question after question with no end in sight.

"That's enough! You can't just charge through a police barricade! If you have questions, they will be answered in due time!" Death Arms shouts at the reporters. Many of the press look guilty and fall back.

"Say, did All Might take off, maybe he knows more?" Mount Lady wonders.

"He left, said that duty calls." Death Arms answers. He takes back Dekiru's license and hands it to the officer. "We need to know if this is real or fake." The officer salutes.

"Right away!" The officer takes the license and leaves.

"As for the rest of us, we still got work to do." Death Arms comments.

"Yes, and be sure to write up a report!" Kamui scolds Mount Lady.

"I know, I know... I just want to go home and take a nice hot shower..." Mount Lady sighs.


Inside a barely lit room, a man attached to life support machines watches the monitors. On screen is a report about the return of Dekiru, Japan's first hero. It has been ages since he heard that name. The hero managed to stop his human trafficking, his unethical quirk research operation and announced it to all of Japan during his campaign when he was running for Prime Minister. Thanks to his actions the villain had to go into hiding and had to gather quirks through different methods.

Dekiru proved to be a dangerous enemy, a threat to his empire of evil and like all threats he had him removed, only to be replaced by his foolish idealistic brother, a mistake that he corrected. Little did he know his brother did had a quirk, a quirk to pass his quirk to someone else.

A door opens, revealing the villains ally, a portly doctor who has helped the villain gather quirk and has watched over the villain in his ailing health.

"So, it seems that Banisher failed after all." The doctor comments. Had the doctor been around when All for One began his reign, All for One would be ruling the criminal underworld as a god.

"Not true. The Banisher's goal was to keep Dekiru away from me as I consolidate more quirks. If we fought back then I would have lost." The villain said. "He has a refined mastery of his quirk; his fighting prowess are no joke and mix with his keen mind he could have brought an end to my reign if I didn't have him removed from the board."

"Now he's no match for you. I have no doubt you would end his life, even with your debilitation, Dekiru is no match." The doctor comments. "You can simply take away his quirk and make him quirkless." The villain scoffs, were it so easy.

"Making Midoriya quirkless would not stop him, All Might's heroic spirit pales in comparison to Dekiru's." He'll give credit where credit is due, surrender isn't in Dekiru's vocabulary. "I did not get to where I am today by underestimating my enemies. I made my fair share of mistakes, but that's in the past." The scarred villain smiles. "I have to say this was unexpected. I welcome you back Midoriya, let our endless conflict resume."


A day has passed and the hero world is in shock. Dekiru, one of the Japans first pro hero has reappeared. Everyone who is a part of the pro hero community is debating on what actions to take. Inside a conference room, a group of Pro heroes are all sitting at a U-shaped table. All at the table sits teachers of U.A high, the best hero school in the world. At the head of the table sits a large rodent with a scar across his eye and dressed in a suit. Next to the rodent sits a woman with long blue hair with red eye mask and dressed in a skin tight suit, knee high boots and a corset.

"Well now, this is something..." Nezu said as he watched the fight with the sludge villain.

"Didn't he die two hundred years ago?" The rated R heroine Midnight comments.

"People thought The Banisher did him in." The sharpshooting hero Snipe said. "At the time, no one really knew the power of that varmint's quirk."

"Perhaps his quirk has different effects on living people." The space hero Thirteen wonders.

"No one learned anything from the Banisher." The blood hero Vlad King said as he reviews old villain data on the Banisher. "He died the right after he sent Dekiru into the void."

"Do you have any theories Aizawa?" Cementoss asked a man dressed in baggy black clothes with a scarf around his neck. The underground hero is watching the poorly recorded video of the fight that was uploaded online.

"He hasn't lost his touch." He comments. "If he hasn't fought in two hundred years, he should be rusty."

"Not to mention what floating around in a void of nothing would do to his mind." Present Mic comments. "That guy would've been driven insane."

"I heard stories about this guy." Hound dog comments. "I heard that his determination and willpower is the stuff of legends. If anyone can survive floating in a void of nothing it's this guy."

"Most of that stuff is just hype and memes." Present Mic said. "I mean, he's a cool cat but he's only human."

"We'll have to wait for the results from the HPSC about the license Midoriya had on his person." Nezu looks at Midnight. "How is everyone outside taking it?"

"Dekiru reappearance has cause a major upheaval." Midnight said. "Many believe that this Dekiru is fake and are demanding that he be incarcerated. However, the Hero historians' forum is having a field day. They truly believe that he's the real Dekiru. They've gone so far as to compare this Dekiru to photos from the past."

"Social media is exploding too. Sites like FriendLog and Chirp are completely blowing up." Aizawa groans, he really doesn't like social media.

"They seem to think he is the real deal. If this Dekiru is a fake then he would be using a different quirk." Present Mic said. "The records said that his quirk is called Agnikinesis. The ability to manipulate fire and heat."

"It's not rare for people to be born with the same quirk." Vlad comments. "I'm sure there's someone out in the world with a quirk like mine." The heroes hear a knock at the door, interrupting the meeting.

"Yes. Who is it?" Aizawa asked.

"This is Yokumiru Mera of the HPSC..." The voice said in a drawl tone.

"Come in!" The tired man enters the room. "So, what are the results." Yokumiru makes his way to Nedzu and lays a manila folder in front of the principle.

"It's a Meta-ability operator license. These operator licenses allowed people to freely use their quirk." Yokumiru yawns. "Meta-ability operator licenses were given to vigilantes that met certain criteria and were willing to work with the government."

"So, it's a proto pro hero license." Cementoss comments. Yokumiru nods.

"Once the HPSC was founded, the operator licenses were discontinued in favor of the pro hero license."

"What will happen to Midoriya?" Midnight asked. Many heroes, including those in this very room looked up to the young hero, despite his short-lived career. While All Might is the symbol of peace, Dekiru is the example hero, the very definition on what it means to be a hero, every trait that one needed to be a truly successful hero.

Including self-sacrifice.

"Well... First, we need to confirm that he is really Dekiru, then after that he'll have to undergo a performance review. They didn't have training back then and only learn through trial and error. Once he's clear, we'll give him a pro hero license." Yokumiru sighs. "To be honest, I just want to give him his license. Dealing with performance reviews are such a pain." He complains.

"Why give him a chance when he might be fake?" Vlad King asked.

"The boss thinks he really is Dekiru. She's a bit of a history buff when it comes to heroes." Yokumiru said. The government worker points to his neck "What gave it away was the electrical burn around his neck." The temperature of the room drops. "That was caused by a tampered quirk suppression collar. The normal purpose of this collar was to ensure people don't use quirks by sedating the wearer, sometimes it would deliver an electric shock if they were immune to the sedatives." The excavation hero Power Loader clenches his fist.

"Those things were a human rights violation the moment they were made." The hero hissed. "Who in their right minds would increase the wattage of the collar."

"The True Sons of Humanity." Nezu stated.

"True Sons of Humanity? Now that's a name I haven't heard of since my days here studying history." Midnight comments.

"Weren't they just an anti quirk group?" Thirteen asked. Aizawa shakes his head. The True Sons of Humanity was more than just simple quirkist.

"They were group of quirkist that enslaved people with powerful quirks and killed people with weak ones." Aizawa explains. "Their mission was twofold. One, to ensure the purity of humanity and two, protect who they deemed as 'true' humans."

"They were backed by many politicians who had anti quirk agendas, some wanted to deem quirks as assets, things to be bought and used like a gun. Over time, The True Sons atrocities became public knowledge, thanks to Dekiru. It could be said that it was the first step in the history of pro heroes." He continued

"He's done a lot to bridge the gap between the quirked and the quirkless. What really cemented his heroism was exposing the crimes of Gokei Shukenja, a hopeful Prime Minister with a strong anti-quirk stance who turned out to be in charge of quirk trafficking operation and experimentation." Nezu finishes.

"Who would have guessed." Mera remarks. What Mera and the public at large doesn't know is that Gokei Shukenja died before he announced his run for Prime Minister. His image used by the world's greatest villain.

All for One.

"Back on the matter of the True Sons." Hound dog changes the subject. "Their presence of the can still be felt today. The Creature Rejection Clan is a group that's been inspired by the True Sons." Hound dog growls. Many mutant heroes, including himself have clashed with many villains who follow the Creature Rejection Clan's dogma. Discrimination has become one of the greatest enemies the world of quirks has ever known.

Sadly, it has proved to be invincible and more powerful than any villain or quirk.

"Is that all?" Nezu asked.

"Yes, everything about Dekiru is in that folder." The principle opens the folder and reviews the contents.

"Thank you for your time Mr. Mera." The HPSC employee bows his head and leaves. As Nezu is reviewing the contents of the folder he gets a call from Recovery Girl. He answers the phone. "Ah Recovery Girl! How's the legendary hero?"

"He's recovering Nezu. The staff took a sample of his blood, we'll get the result in two days." The youthful heroine reports. "We'll have to wait and- oh my, he's waking up."

"That's good. I'll be making my way to the Musutafu general hospital. Will we have any problems getting in?" The principle asked.

"I'm afraid so... There's a sea of reporters outside." Recovery girl sighs. "Also, our newest teacher has arrived."

"I see. Thank you for the warning... Good bye." Nezu hangs up. "Aizawa, Kan. We're going to pay Midoriya a visit.

"Understood!" Vlad stands up straight.

"Alright..." Eraserhead sighs.

"Aww... I want to meet him too..." Midnight pouts. "No fair."

"You would just flirt with him." Present Mic jabs. The three heroes leave the room. It was time for a meeting of heroes.


Katsuki is sitting on the couch watching the news. Every news channel is talking about the Dekiru. The explosive teen didn't believe it. There was no way that guy was Dekiru, he should be dead. His mother use to tell him stories about how his great great great grandma knew the first pro hero of Japan. It's one of the reasons why he wants to be a hero, next to surpassing All Might. He stared at his mother who looks shocked, he can't blame her, he's surprised himself.

"We're going to the hospital." Mitsuki Bakugo announces, sounding resolute. Masaru looks at his wife, worried.

"Now hold on honey. We can't just barge in. You saw the crowd; it would be a miracle if we get inside." The husband tries to dissuade his wife from making a rash decision.

"Screw the crowds! He was basically family!" Mitsuki shouts. "Don't you want to meet him brat!?" A part of Katsuki want to meet with Dekiru, to learn everything from him. Maybe even with his help he'll be able to surpass All Might. There's just one problem.

"This guy is going to be villain bait." Katsuki realized.

"What do you mean? Only a special kind of dumbass would want to kill Dekiru!" Mitsuki remarks.

"Some villains are just that stupid." Katsuki said. "They'll want bragging right on who killed Japan's first pro hero." Mitsuki grinds her teeth.

"Son of a bitch I hate it when you make a good point brat." Mitsuki concedes.

"We'll get a chance to meet him and tell him Kasumi's last words." Masaru soothes his wife.

"Yeah…" She decides to change the subject. "So, brat. How was school."

"It's fine…" Masaru frowns.

"Do you still blame yourself for what happened? You saved that young boy's life." Katsuki clenches his fists.

"I wouldn't have needed to if I had helped him in the first place!" Katsuki snarls. "If those stupid braindead teachers did their effing job then he wouldn't have thrown himself off the goddamn roof!"

"How is he doing Katsuki?" His mother asked.

"From what I heard he's at a hospital. Kid's parents are going to sue the school for encouraging bullying and discrimination."

"They have a case?" Masaru asked, looking hopeful.

"Stupid shits forgot about the CCTV cameras. You don't need to worry about me. I never bullied the kid, he was in a different class." Katsuki said.

"That's good." Masaru said.

"Can't wait to see that garbage school to burn." Mitsuki said. "Why the hell did you want to go there anyways. It was a subpar school. We could have sent you to a premiere junior high school."

"Stupid hag! If I didn't go then that kid would have died!" Katsuki shouts. Memories flood his mind.


"So bakugo. What are you doing after school? Want to hit the arcade? I think someone beat your high score on Mighty Smash." One of Katsuki's friends said.

"Really? Who the hell can beat a two million score?"

"I think it was that quirkless kid in one of the other classes." The other friend said.

"There's a quirkless kid that goes to this garbage school?" Aldera wasn't known as one of the best schools in the area. It was known to be normal, full of inadequate teachers and troublemaking students. Katsuki is indifferent to the quirkless, he's never seen one in his life. Then again, no one is going to announce that they're quirkless in this day and age where quirks are everything. "What's his—"

"Holy shit! Guys look!" On the edge of the building stands a young boy with messy black hair covering one of his eyes. "Is he going to jump?" He asked fearfully. The teen takes a step off the building.

"Oh god, he's going to kill himself! What do—" Katsuki already jumped into action, blasting himself towards the falling teen. He makes it just in time to catch him with one hand and using the other he stabilizes his descent. The landing is sloppy but he manages to save his life.

"Bakugo!" His friends run towards him. "That was an awesome save!"

"Hell yeah!" The black-haired kid looks like he's in shock.

"Call a goddamn ambulance!" Katsuki orders. One of them pulls out his phone and calls for help. When the ambulance arrived, the teachers were confused, was this a prank from one of their students? The truth would come to light when Katsuki, his friends and the jumper would arrive.

"This guy jumped off the roof. I caught him in time, I think he's in shock." Katsuki hands him off to the paramedics. They start to treat the young man, much to his confusion.

"Isn't that the quirkless kid in class 3-5?" One of the students wonders.

"Yeah… I guess he decided to end it all. I don't blame him since he's quirkless."

"Who caught him?" Another student asked.

"It was that guy in class 3-1." A young teenage girl points her finger at Bakugo. "That guy right there." Katsuki makes his way to the paramedics.

"Think I can come along. I want to make sure he's okay." Hearing these extras was making Katsuki angry. Before the paramedic could speak, the principal speaks up.

"Absolutely not!" The principal is a fat bald man with skinny arms and legs. "Everyone here must return to their classes now!" The vice principal, an older woman in her fifties looks at the principal, with thinly veiled disgust.

"Sure kid, you can come." He looks at the principals disgusting and angry face before he hops in to the ambulance.

"Why…?" The young boy asked.

"Don't need a reason to help someone dumbass." Katsuki scoffs at the thought of needing a reason to save people.


"Katsuki. Are you okay?" His mother asked. Her son looks at her and nods.

"Yeah… I'm going to go to my room. I'll be back down for dinner." Katsuki goes up to his room to relax.

"Maybe we should have him go to therapy?" Mitsuki shakes his head.

"He'll just say no. But that doesn't mean we won't try." The mother said, determined to help her son.

"It's been a trying time for Katsuki." Masaru said. "First that quirkless suicide attempt and then being nearly killed by a villain all in the same month." Mitsuki smiles.

"I told you if you marry me, it will be a wild life."

"Wouldn't trade it for anything." The two adults' smile.