(East Great Falls 1991)

A moving truck drove down the quiet suburb before stopping in front of a modest two-story house that had a reality sign with "Sold" on it in the front lawn. The driver side and passenger side doors of the truck open to reveal a spiky blonde haired man step out of the drivers side, while a woman with long crimson red hair, and a boy with spiky blonde hair step out of the passenger side.

"Well here we are, our new home" the man says with a smile.

"It looks pretty cozy Minato." the woman says to the man.

"Yep and from what the realtor said the schools are great and it's a pretty quiet town, much different from New York. Kushina, did you remember to send the thank you gift to the realtor by the way?" Minato asks his wife.

"Yeah I sent Ms. Stifler a very nice fruit basket and a gift certificate to a fancy spa" Kushina says before turning to the blonde haired boy "Naruto sweetie why don't you go down the road a bit to that park we passed and play while your father and I start moving everything into the house" she says ruffling his spiky hair.

"Sure mom" Naruto says before walking down the sidewalk to the park while his parents begin unloading the truck.

After walking for a bit he reaches the park and sees a few other kids playing in the playground so he decides to walk over and use one of the swings for a bit. After swinging for a while Naruto jumps off the swing as he is at the peak of his swing before flying through the air and landing a good twenty feet from the swing "Ha a new record!" he shouts in triumph at having beaten his own record.

"Dude that was pretty sick" a boy says walking over to Naruto with an impressed look on his face.

Turning to the kid Naruto grins "Thanks been trying to beat my own record of 15 feet for a while now and finally managed to do it, the names Naruto by the way" he says, extending his arm for a hand shake as introduces himself.

The boy takes his hand and shakes it "Nice to meet ya dude the names Oz, you wanna come hang with my friends and I?" Oz says introducing himself.

"Sure would be cool to meet some new people as I just moved to the neighborhood" Naruto says with a shrug before he follows Oz to meet his friends.

(10 minutes later)

"Is Stifler dead?" Kevin asked as Stifler decided to challenge Naruto saying there was only room for one "king of the swings" as he put it and resulting in said boy now twitching a bit as he lay sprawled out on the ground from his botched landing from his jump off the swing.

"I'll check" Jim said grabbing a stick and using it to poke Stifler's body.

"Oi knock it off dork" Stifler groaned out in a tone of voice that had pain laden in it.

"Alright he's alive…so what's everyone want to do now?" Paul aka "Finch" as Naruto had learned the others always called him, asked with a tone of indifference crossing his arms.

"Do I need to hit you, cause I can hit pretty hard to make you stay down." Naruto said raising his fist.

"Will it shut him up?" Oz asked curiously as many people wanted to shut him up.

"...Probably?" Naruto said with a shrug.

"Let's hold off on any hitting as I am sure Finch was just joking right Finch?" Jim says rubbing the back of his head.

"...Right" Finch said after a moment causing the others to deadpan before Stifler finally pulled himself up off the ground and dusted himself off.

"Alright blondie round two!" Stifler says with a grin before everyone started laughing as unknown to them all that was the start of a series of life-long friendships between the boys.

(few years later)

"Do you not learn?" Naruto said as he was in a fist fight with Stiffler in their high school's boxing arena.

"Today's the day bitch, today's the day everyone realizes who's the top dog." Stiffler said with a chuckle.

"I've always been top dog Stiffler." Naruto said getting cheers from the ladies as Stiffler thought it would be exciting to do it shirtless

"Keep telling yourself that blondie" Stifler shot back with a grin as he ran at Naruto and they began exchanging blows.

"Your blond to dumbass" Naruto says with a deadpan look while blocking Stifler's punches.

"So who do you guys think is going to win this time?" Jim asks standing on the sidelines with Kevin, Oz, and Finch.

"Obviously it's going to be Naruto, he always wins in hand to hand competitions while Stifler wins in Lacrosse," Oz said with a shrug.

"I think all the women want to see either of them lose you know all the girls in school think a lot of gay fantasies between them right or at least a threeway with them involved." Finch said to them

"I thought that rumor was squashed when Stifler was caught banging our old English teacher Freshman year before she got fired as a result?" Kevin asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh they did but I may have started a few new ones after Stifler pranked me with that sausage last time" Finch says with a shrug.

"Why do that to Naruto?" Oz asked him wondering if he had a death wish.

"Naruto was the one that supplied Stifler with the sausage. I mean how else do you think Stifler got his hands on a sausage made of dolphin meat?" Finch says with a shrug.

"Who was top and who was bottom?" Jim asked wondering how much detail Finch went into.

"Stiffler was bottom obviously, I mean look at that, no straight man would want to be pinned down as much as him." Finch said as the guys laughed at that. Finch then proceeded to reach into his pocket and pull out a stack of money before he began counting it in his head.

"Whoa how the hell did you get a stack of cash that thick?" Jim asks his eyes wide at the sight.

" Combination of betting pool, selling tickets to the girls, and drawing some gay pictures of Naruto and Stifler that I then sold to a few of the more…thirstier girls" Finch said with a shrug as he continued his counting.

"I want my cut you dick!" Naruto yelled as he had Stiffler in a choke hold and he was currently turning purple.

"Can I ask, just where the hell you got drawings of those two in a gay scenario?" Oz asked wondering what was wrong with him.

"Called in a favor with an art club member" Finch said with yet another shrug.

"Finch…you have a sick mind." Jim said to him.

"Thank you Jim who knows maybe I'll work off your fetish in the future." Finch said as he chuckled as to this day Jim didn't know how or what his sexual desire was however Finch was able to tell based on his friendship with the teen 'don't know if I should be concerned or impressed he's a sub.' he thought as many girls were into that having their way with a man 'I should definitely tape it.' he thought as that could potentially make a lot of money.

"Agh! Uncle! Uncle!" Stifler managed to yell out despite his increasing lack of air before Naruto let him go and he fell to the boxing ring floor.

"Looks like it's my win again Stifler" Naruto says with a grin as his fellow blonde gasped for air and the girls watching cheered at his win.

"Fuck I will get you next time dude!" Stifler shouts, raising his fist and shaking it at Naruto causing him to chuckle before extending his arm to his friend and helping him up "So you coming to the party tonight?" Stifler asks with a grin as whenever Naruto came to his parties tons of hot babes also came.

"Yeah I think so" Naruto responded with a shrug as while fun the parties were always kinda a chore for him given the number of girls that would ask him out, or depending on how much that had drank already offer to suck his dick or have sex with him which was always annoying. That didin't mean that he doesn't appreciate a sexy woman but he was just waiting for that one special girl that he had an actual connection with to come along before he had sex.

"Kickass tonight is going to be wild! Party at the Stiffmiesters ladies and Naruto said he is coming!" Stifler yelled with a grin getting a cheer from the girls in the area.

Naruto just sighed hearing this before opening his mouth to say something only to be cut off by the school's P.A. system announcing "Naruto Uzumaki please report to the Front Office, Naruto Uzumaki to the Front Office" before turning off. Hearing this the blonde shrugged before hopping out of the ring, grabbing his shirt and putting it on before walking out of the gym.

The blonde made his way to the front office where he saw the Principal's secretary waiting for him ""Ah Mr. Uzumaki prompt as usual, good, I do hope I wasn't calling you away from any studying?" the woman said with a kind smile as the blonde was rarely late for anything and had a studious work ethic when it came to his studies.

"No problem Mrs. Waxelplax, what did you need me for?" Naruto asked waving off the woman's concern for his studies.

"Oh we have a new foreign exchange student transferring in today and I am assigning you to be her student guide" Mrs. Waxelplax said before turning towards a door "You can come in now dear" she says before the door to the orientation room opens.

Naruto's eyes widen as she sees a beautiful girl walk through the door. The girl has shoulder length brunette hair, chocolate brown eyes,noticeably lightly tanned skin, and was wearing a white low-cut tank top under a gray revealing overshirt that showed off some of her the top of her perky D-cup breasts. She also had on a short black skirt that went down to her mid-thigh, and black mesh stockings, with a pair of black heels.

"Naruto this is Nadia Novakova from Czechoslovakia" Mrs. Waxelplax says introducing the girl to him.

"Hello." The native girl said her accent having a noticeable foreign hint to it with a kind smile and noticed he seemed different than most guys as he wasn't staring at her like an idiot and in a perverse way.

"Oh um hey it's really nice to meet you." Naruto said being polite.

Nadia rarely checked out the opposite sex, but there were certain appealing things about Naruto, his bright blue eyes, dashing and untamed blonde hair, and his very muscular figure 'very nice.' she thought to herself.

"Here is your schedule Ms Novaova, and I will now leave you in Naruto's strong capable hands" Mrs. Waxelplax says with a grin and giggle getting a sweatdrop for the spiky haired blonde.

They left the principal's office and Naruto began showing her to her classes.

"Motherfucker!" Stifler said as he left class when he saw Naruto with a girl and immediately wanted information.

"LANGUAGE !" Mrs. Waxelplax yelled poking her head out the office door before pulling it back "Ooh a cookie!" the woman was heard saying in joy once more causing Naruto to sweatdrop.

"Hello to you to Stifler" Naruto said with a deadpan look "So what's with the outburst dude?" adds having a vague feeling he already knew.

"The hell is this dude? You get called to the office and come back with a smoking hot babe…what is your luck!" Stifler says throwing his arms up in the air in exasperation.

"Okay, first of all, I have no idea what you mean by my luck. Second, this is Nadia Novakova a new foreign transfer student. Nadia, this is one of my sorta friends, Steven Stifler…Be sure to call him Steven as he hates that" Naruto said with a grin when he saw Stifler's eye start to twitch. Naruto then noticed many girls were leaving nearby classes to come out and see what was happening.

"Oh well it is…nice to meet you Steven." Nadia says with a kind smile towards Stifler before turning her back to him and looking at Naruto "Naruto will you be showing me around now?" she asks

"Yes though I am not sure where we should start" Naruto says rubbing his chin as he sees Stifler mouth the words 'Hate you' to him from behind Nadia.

"You can take her to the showers in the gym." Stifler said but soon went down courtesy of Naruto punching him in the face.

"I'll go into the showers with you Naruto!" a random girl yelled many voicing similar comments. Hearing this caused Naruto to just sigh tiredly as he pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation.

"Does not get easier yes?" Nadia asked him as she had many people desire her for only her body. However a small part of her was wondering if the whole going into showers together was an american custom.

"Tell me about it" Naruto replied with a chuckle "also there are a lot of perverts here, this one." he said kicking Stifler's side "is chief among them." he said to her "After him there is this kid called Sherman…dudes totally obsessed with that Terminator Movie and thinks he is some kind of sex robot sent from the future calling himself the "Sherminator" or something" Naruo says with another tired sigh…god he feels old and he is only 17.

"I saw that movie on the plane, it was ok." Nadia said as she watched many movies and tv shows as a way to learn english a bit better.

"Trust me his act is really bad." Naruto said as at first it was funny then it was just sad.

"While the movie was okay it is weird to think you are part of it like that" Nadia says as the two walk down the halls as Naruto proceeded to show her around the school.

(1 hour later)

"Naruto heard you got a taste for something exotic." Finch said raising his eyebrows "listen we're all rooting for you…but try to get laid on a Friday, I bet that'd be the day you get laid." he said to him.

"...I have absolutely no freaking clue what you are talking about dude…Did you accidently eat one of Jim's dad's Brownies again?" Naruto asked with a confused look on his face.

"Hey my dad made sure to lock those up in his cabinet after that one time…And I think Finch is talking about the rumor about you showing a smoking hot foreign exchange student around the school" Jim says in defense of his dad before explaining what he figured Finch meant.

"It's part of the betting pool. Everyone bet on a day instead of the woman, most bet on the weekend I bet on Friday too." Oz said answering Naruto's question as many people

"Oi no telling him about the bet as it ruins the authenticity of it!" Kevin snaps at the other three not wanting any more information about the bet being leaked to Naruto in fear of it being compromised in some way.

"Not really man cause I think you need the girl in on it too for that to be the case." Finch said not really caring as this wasn't gonna change anything

"Okay this whole thing is giving me a headache. Can we just talk about something else?" Naruto snapped rubbing his temples as he tried to figure out what they were talking about.

"Oh then how about you tell us all about your new lady friend?" Jim asks with a grin wanting all the details.

"She's nice, my mother is apparently hosting her and she wants me to attend dance class." Naruto said as the guys minus Stifler laughed.

"You are having a smoking hot piece of ass LIVING WITH YOU!" Stifler said before yelling the last part

"Stifler remember earlier?...Care for a repeat?" Naruto asked with a twitching eyebrow at his friend's antics.

"Uh I hate to say it, but I agree with the blonde idiot, but he's right." Finch said as living with a woman was like a dream come true.

"Which one?" Kevin asked getting a chuckle from the others minus the two blondes.

"Hey Naruto don't look now but it looks like you got a visitor heading your way" Oz says with a smirk which confuses Naruto.

"Naruto are we to be heading home now?" Nadia asked walking over, drawing the attention of nearly every male in the area.

'Lucky bastard.' the guys thought seeing them walk towards the parking lot.

"Another woman is ensnared by the looks of the blonde adonis." Jessica said as she surprised the guys.

"Jesus Jessica don't sneak up on us like that!" Jim yells nearly falling out of his seat at the table.

"Sorry and also Nadia was checking out his ass." Jessica said as she saw where the girls' eyes were looking and she couldn't judge her given how she had also watched it many times.

"Just because she was checking his ass out doesn't mean she was "Ensnared" by him Jessica" another female voice said causing the group to turn and see a blonde haired blue eyed girl walk over and take a seat next to Kevin.

"Oh please that's total shit and you know it Vicky, I mean so far the only exceptions have been the handful of closet lesbians we have at school and you." Jessica retorts with a smug smirk on her face as Vicky blushes.

"Vick?" Kevin asks with a raised eyebrow in regards to his girlfriend's shocking reveal.

"Okay so I MAY have stared at his ass a couple of times but it means nothing, you're the guy for me Kev." Vicky says quickly before giving Kev a quick peck on the cheek.

"You ever give it a feel I have and it is very nice." Jessica said as she just did it one day and Naruto just looked at her oddly as she did it on such a random occurrence.

"Lady and Gentleman we have found the female Stifler." Finch said raising his cup of soda in a mock toast.

"Please I've touched way more breasts than him." Jessica said as no one had a response to that.

"Your own chest doesn't count" Stifler said with a smug grin.

"I wasn't counting my chest." Jessica said, smiling smugly in return seeing Stifler lose his own smile, while the others just looked at her in shock.

(Naruto and Nadia)

The two walked through the parking lot of the school "Naruto how will we be getting to your home?" Nadia asked as they weren't taking the bus like others.

"Oh I have my own ride, it's just over here" Naruto says before leading Nadia to a parking spot that had a crimson and black Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle, he grabbed a helmet and an extra one he had attached on the side and handed it to the girl.

"I have never ridden one of these before" Nadia says a little hesitantly as she takes the helmet.

"No need to worry, I am a safe driver. Just hold on tightly to me and you will be fine" Naruto says before putting on his crimson and black fox themed helmet and straddling his motorcycle before starting it.

Nadia was nervous and when she got on the bike and held him and couldn't deny she could feel his muscles and she thought they were very nice as if chiseled from marble

"You ready?" Naruto asks over the roar of his bikes engine and startling the girl from her thoughts.

"Um yes." Nadia said still a little hesitant despite having her arms wrapped tightly around his torso.

Naruto started off slow and kick started and kept the speed optimal unlike what he normally did as he could feel that she was still nervous.

Nadia was still a little nervous, but it was less scary than she thought.

Naruto smiled as when he picked up speed she clutched him even tighter. While all the girls that saw the two as he drove by the front of the school thought "Lucky Bitch" at the sight.

(1 hour later)

Nadia was captivated as she watched Naruto exercise in the backyard while she looked out her window 'my god.' she thought seeing him workout the image of his shirtless up half being burned into her mind.

"Knock Knock" a voice said knocking on the door to her room before it opened to reveal Naruto's mom. Walking into the room "How are you settling in Nadia?" Kushina asked a kind smile on her face.

"Fine thank you Ms Kushina." Nadia said politely.

"Please just Kushina, Nadia and we're happy to have you." Kushina said as she smiled kindly.

Nadia felt her looks lacking as she looked at the mature woman as she just radiated confidence and attraction, she wished she could be like that.

"How are you liking the room dear? Is it big enough for you?" Kushina asked looking around the room

"It's perfect but are you sure I can stay in this room? It's so big." Nadia said with a smile as the room was nearly twice the size of the one she had at home and she didn't want to impose having such a big room to herself.

"Nonsense Nadia we weren't using this room for anything anyway. By the way I hope my son has been accommodating?" Kushina asked Nadia not noticing the redhead's smile turning a bit coy and cheshire-like.

"He's been very kind and a real gentleman." Nadia said as she couldn't complain as Naruto was unlike most men.

"He better be, I didn't raise him to be anything but." Kushina said to her with a firm tone as if her son was disrespectful, it would be detrimental to his health "you have dance class soon and I hope it's no trouble taking Naruto, he doesn't know how to dance and I want him to learn." she said as this'd help him long term.

Nadia was impressed Naruto didn't complain as she rarely if ever seen a man willingly attend a dance class without complaint.

"Have fun at practice and make sure to help each other…mostly Naruto, I taught him how to fight, but dancing he'll likely be like his father two left feet." Kushina said as they shared a laugh at that. Kushina then made to exit the room before turning towards Naida with a coy grin "Oh and Nadia…enjoy the view" she says teasingly causing the girl to blush at having been caught.

Nadia was curious how Naruto would fare as dancing was unforgiving to those that didn't work for it. The girl then decided to resume putting her things away…though that didn't stop her from occasionally sneaking a peek out her window to watch Naruto continue his exercises.

'Ah young love.' Kushina thought thinking Nadia would be a good fit for Naruto as she was not a mindless sheep like most of the girls that followed her son wanting a piece.

(1 month later)

"Oh my god!" Nadia said as she was suppressing a major chuckle as they were at a fancy party where Naruto could ballroom dance and in her opinion he was doing wonderfully as she could melt in his arms, but the real thing that caught her attention was Stiffler and his mother "I knew it I knew there had to be a reason that you didn't make jokes!" she said as she laughed some more.

"Hello Naruto." a blonde sexy woman said sensually as she gave him many inappropriate looks.

"Hello Ms. Stiffler" Naruto said back with a friendly smile "...Hey Stiffler" he added with a grin as he noticed Stiffler gain a sour look on his face at his secret having been found out.

Nadia didn't like this woman as she seemed like a worse version of Stiffler except smarter as while she was as horny as he was, she wasn't as…open as Stiffler was.

"...Not a word to the others" Stiffler ground out with his teeth clenched in a combination of suppressed embarrassment and anger.

"You have my word…though piece of advice don't try to prank me again or else my lips might just slip" Naruto replies with a cheshire grin on his face.

"It was one time and it didn't even work but, fine deal!" Stiffler bites back in a huff as he had tried to prank his fellow blonde before by tricking him into going into the girls restroom thinking he would get slapped or something. Instead the blonde had walked out shortly after with a blush on his face and several phone numbers written on his shirt.

"Care to trade partners?" Ms Stiffler asked Nadia having ignored the brief discussion between her son and Naruto.

Nadia suppressed basically every angry and sexually frustrated feeling she had as she didn't want to kill the woman "I apologize but he is teaching me right now" Nadia replied with a forced smile on her face trying to appear nice to the cougar.

"Shame, you should come over more Naruto." Ms Stiffler said to him.

Naruto chose to remain silent and so did Stiffler as this was very uncomfortable, but Nadia's glare intensified drastically at the blatant seduction attempt by the older woman. Taking the lead briefly in their dancing Nadia led Naruto away from the mother and son pair, namely the mother in her opinion.

(Later that day Uzumaki House)

Walking through the front door of his house "Well that was an interesting experience" Naruto said with a sigh as Stifler's Mom was always someone that put him on edge making him feel like he was a helpless animal in the presence of a predator whenever he was around her.

"Yes I don't think I like that woman very much" Nadia said with a slight scowl on her face "It is very inappropriate for her to say such things to you" she added with a slight huff.

"What happened?" Kushina asks walking into the hallway having heard the conversation briefly from the kitchen.

"Oh I took Nadia with me as my partner for my Ballroom Dancing lessons, and we ran into Stiffler and his mom who were also taking the class" Naruto said with a shrug.

"Naruto is leaving out how Ms. Stifler gave Naruto several disturbing looks and made a sexual remark towards him" Nadia added causing Kushina's eye to start twitching heavily as she ground her teeth in maternal rage.

(1 hour later)

"If we let you out, do you promise not to bite, tase, and beat other officers?" a police guard said to Kushina as she didn't have a scratch on her while many officers had black eyes, cuts, and so on.

"So long as they don't get in my damn way." Kushina said moving forward suddenly making the other cops either jump, fall, or pee and shit themselves in fear.

"Wonder if it was a good idea to bail her out." Naruto said as his father chuckled.

"If she spent the night in the drunk tank again she'd be pissed."

"Is this something the two of you do often?" Nadia asked in confusion having tagged along with the father and son to post bail for Kushina after she went and had a "Talk" with Stifflers Mom about her comments to Naruto.

"Lots of older women made passes at me and my dad, my mom responded in kind." Naruto said as she was extremely angry when it happened.

"You should have seen her when we first started dating." Minato said with a chuckle as he remembered the terror she instilled in the other girls that were interested in him was legendary back in Japan where they both grew up before moving to the states.

Nadia didn't know whether to feel lucky she was not on the end of Kushina's wrath or feel inspired that Kushina was laying down the law for the men in her life.

"C'mon lets get out of here" Kushina said walking over to the three while the police officers behind her wiped their foreheads in relief that she was leaving.

"Mom, give me your switchblade." Naruto said as he looked at his mother.

"I left that at home" Kushina said uncaringly with a shrug.

Everyone gave her a flat look not believing that for a second.

Kushina pouted before handing it over "Fine it's not like I was going to use it anyway" she said in a huff.

"Please." Minato said as he rolled his eyes from the blatant lie as Kushina was too much for prison and the police.

"Just for that you are sleeping on the floor tonight" Kushina said with a deadpan look causing Naruto and Nadia to just stare at her while Minato sulked before the four left the police station and unknown to them as soon as the doors closed the police started cheering at her having left.

(2 hours later)

Kushina was standing outside of the Stiffler's House before she pressed the button for the doorbell. Moments later the door opened to reveal Stiffler's Mom "We need to talk Jeanine" she said calmly.

"Sure c'mon in, I just got a new bottle of 18 year old scotch" Jeanine said letting Kushina in and leading her to the drinking room before pouring each of them a drink before they sat in a couple of chairs "you're not gonna try and kill me again are you?" she asked curiously.

"Oh cut the act Jeanine" Kushina said with a chuckle before taking a sip of her scotch "So I hear you made some comments to my son" she added looking at Jeanine who just smirked.

"Oh Kushina you know I was just joking as Naruto isn't even my type...besides I thought the plan was to dangle some sexy prime meat in front of Naruto to get Nadia to make an effort to pursue him?" Jeanine replies crossing her arms over her large breasts

"It is but you came on to strong, we need to finesse this for them to get together" Kushina says crossing her own arms

"Fine fine we will do it your way...I still say we should get them drunk and lock them in a room together would be a lot quicker and you might even get those grandkids you want so bad out of it" Jeanine says with a haughty smirk

"I told you if we do that it would force them into a relationship it has to be natural...besides I can wait a bit for grandkids to spoil" Kushina says with a shake of her head

"If you say so...So can I have a tumble with that husband of yours?" Jeanine asked licking her lips sensually as while Naruto wasn't her type he had inherited his fathers good looks and if what she overheard from her son was true maybe he also inherited a certain size from his father as well.

"For the five-hundredth time the answer is no! God Jeanine no means no" Kushina said throwing her arms up with a look of annoyance on her face as Jeanine was always asking to "Sample" Minato so to speak "For the last time Minato and Naruto are off-limits, got it?" she added with a harsh glare

"Geez no need to break out the crazy mama bear look Kushina I get it and understand...Minato and Naruto are off limits to me" Jeanine says with a deadpan look on her face

"Good, glad you finally understand...so what should we do for our next plan to get Naruto and Nadia together?" Kushina says before the two begin planning once more.

(several months later)

"Jim seriously my friend you need to make a move, there are plenty of fish in the sea." Finch said as he smiled confidently.

"I know I am just you know…taking it slow and feeling out the waters so to speak" Jim said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Dude your parents caught you jacking it into a sock while trying to watch a porn channel" Naruto said with a deadpan look on his face at the hilariously embarrassing situation.

"It was actually an old porno of his neighbors." Oz said as they all got a laugh.

"I don't know how you can talk Naruto, has Nadia let you off her leash yet I mean c'mon it's been almost a year and you haven't tapped that." Stiffler said as he laughed as his friends were all still very much virgins with the exception of Kevin as he at least got oral.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asks taking a bite of his sandwich with a raised eyebrow not getting what Stifler meant.

"Gentleman the King of the school." Finch said with a gesture towards Naruto before giving a mock clap getting snickers from the other guys while Naruto continued to look on in confusion.

"So is everyone coming over to my place for another party tonight?" Stifler asked suddenly.

"Yeah you know it" the others all said with a chuckle as they continued eating their lunches.

(with Nadia)

"Ok listen ladies prom is coming and you need to get some action especially you Nadia watching you and Naruto dance around each other is like watching two animals slowly die of thirst." Jessica said as she and the others were having a small meeting before the party and before prom which was coming up.

"Not again, she doesn't have to do anything like that, this is peer pressure." Vicky said believing sex wasn't so important in a relationship.

"It's only peer pressure if she doesn't want to do it, this is just a friendly push." Jessica said as she winked to her friend knowing she wanted to taste Naruto as badly as every female at school.

"It's ok Vicky I…want to." Nadia said with a blush clear on her face.

"That's my girl." Jessica said as they began to plan for prom as Vicky left thinking she didn't need to "that girl, bet Kevin has never given her a real orgasm yet." she said with a shake of her as she always thought it was sad Vicky never was interested in sex like so many others despite getting further than most while not truly committing the deed.

"So any advice?" Nadia asked as Jessica seemed most knowledgeable female wise on sex 'never again.' she thought as she thought of Kushina and when the topic of sex was brought up she always said how much she wanted grandchildren.

"You could try being a little forward yet subtle with him?" Jessica said with a shrug as Naruto was the type of guy that wouldn't like it if Nadia basically threw herself at him, yet he was kinda dense at the same time so he wouldn't pick up on Nadia's intentions if she was too subtle. Nadia gained a confused look on her face after hearing this as she didn't understand how to be forward yet at the same time subtle as it seemed to contradict itself and would continue to think on what Jessica said the rest of the day.

(few hours later)

"Stiffler word of advice never drink another person's drink and Kevin I don't know what weird kink you and your girl have, but seriously in the beer? Vicky must have some exotic taste." Naruto said as Stiffler was throwing up into the toilet after drinking Kevin's 'pale ale'

"Hey Vicky and I are normal!" Kevin said in defense of his girlfriend and relationship "The only reason I nutted in the beer was because she doesn't want to swallow or have it in her mouth" he added with a shrug seeing nothing wrong with it.

"Too much information dude and with that I am off to get a drink and not think about this anymore" Naruto said shaking his head as he left the bathroom and headed downstairs to get a drink. Walking into the kitchen and weaving his way through the other partygoers the blonde grabbed a beer before heading back out of the kitchen. As he entered the living room he saw Nadia sitting on the couch with a cup of beer herself. Walking over, she sat down on the couch next to her "So having fun?" he asked before he took a sip of his beer.

"Mostly, That Sherman boy did try to hit on me but Jessica drove him off" Nadia said as she took a sip of her own beer.

"Heh lemme guess he tried the whole "Sherminator" thing didn't he?" Naruto said with a chuckle as he drank more of his beer.

"Yes it was quite bad just like you said." Nadia said with a giggle as she continued to drink.

"Ha! I bet he was like "Nadia come with me if you want to live" in that horrible impersonation" the blonde remarks laughing.

"Oh yes he also said that the future of the human race is depending on the two of us "interfacing"" Nadia said laughing herself as she finished her beer and was feeling a little tipsy as a result.

"Oh god that's corny…Nadia come with me, humanity depends on the two of us making out" Naruto said with a grin and in a tone impersonating Sherman's impersonation of the Terminator as he finished his beer and the two laughed at the comment.

"Hey, is something off with those two?" Jessica asked Stifler who had finally finished puking into the toilet and rejoined the party downstairs.

"Nope not that I can see." Stifler said as he went to pick up another cup of beer only to stop as he remembered what happened earlier.

"What did you do?" Jessica asked him seeing the grin on his face.

"Fine I slipped them some of my mom's molly, tonight is my night on the bet!" Stifler said to her.

"You're such an ass…Also you do know if they hookup tonight your win will be rendered invalid since you have them under the influence" Jessica remarked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll split the winnings if you don't tell anyone." Stifler said with a smirk.

"Pass after all my date in the pool is coming up soon and I have a feeling I might just win" Jessica said with a sly grin before walking off.

"...FUCK!" Stifler yelled as he gripped his hair in frustration and actually hoped Naruto and Nadia didn't hook up tonight after hearing that.

(next morning)

Naruto let out a groan as he started to wake up before wincing as the rays of the morning sun shone through a window into his face "Ah shit…What the hell happened last night my head is killing me?" he muttered feeling the throbbing in his head. The blonde went to get out of his bed but found his body pinned down by a weight. Looking down he saw a large lump in the bed sheets causing him to pale "Oh shit" he whispered, having a bad feeling. Pulling back the covers he saw Nadia sleeping on his chest thankfully the two of them were still wearing their clothes.

Nadia nuzzled into Naruto's chest feeling both comfortable and warm.

Naruto smiled as he had to admit she looked adorable and peaceful as she slept and decided to just let her be, but all his peaceful thoughts went down the drain as his mother opened the door and when she saw the position they were in she gave him a thumbs up and left the room 'this will not end good.' he thought to himself..

'That boy, too chivalrous like his father.' Kushina thought with a proud smile as she was glad Naruto could hold his wits about him and still treat Nadia with respect while drunk.

Nadia soon began to stir and when she gained her bearings and realized where she was resting her face lit up and she ran out the room 'I can't believe I slept on his chest…and drooled!' she thought feeling very embarrassed and quickly fled the room.

"So based on how the two of you are still dressed I can assume you didn't make me some grandkids?" Kushina asked with a teasing grin and causing Nadia to blush even more heavily.

"Most mothers don't want to be grandmothers." Nadia said as not many women liked or even admitted to being old.

"I'm not most women, plus I want little blonde babies to spoil…now go make them." Kushina said in an oddly serious tone of voice freaking Nadia out slightly.

"Okay Kushina that's enough of that you're going to traumatize the girl" Minato said walking into the hall having heard the conversation from down the hall.

"Oh quiet Minato, that's nonsense right Nadia?...Nadia? Where did she go?" Kushina says looking at Minato before turning back to look at Nadia only to find the girl gone as she had taken the moment of Kushina being distracted as her chance to get out of the embarrassing conversation.

(few days later)

"Why are you helping in punishing Finch?" Nadia asked Naruto wondering what his motive was.

"Well he's making money off me and not cutting me in." Naruto said as at this point Finch was making him feel like a performing monkey and was being a dick about it.

Nadia felt this was a bad idea…mainly because it was Stifler who started this and she could not help but feel this could all crash and burn.

"He's also been selling posters of us." Naruto said showing her a poster of them clearly copy and paste, but yet Naruto saw the fire in her eyes as she saw how 'suggestive' it was.

"Tell me how I can help." Nadia said as she wanted Finch to burn and ironically said man was feeling a shiver go down his spine before he gained a grin and began whispering what he needed her to do.

(next day)

Naruto enjoyed his work as he perfected Stifler's plan getting him super lax instead of common laxatives, Finch looked to be literally clenching his anus as he frantically ran through the school looking for a bathroom. Seeing no other choice given how all the others were locked except for the girls bathrooms he went into the girls room.

"What did you put in that sushi?" Nadia asked as she arrived outside the girls bathroom, with the cheerleaders, varsity team, swim team, lacrosse team, and pretty much every attractive female club she knew.

"I used some slightly spoiled tuna that was also very oily and masked the rottenness with fish seasoning and spray to mask the flavor . Then for added measure I slipped in some 'Colon Blow' brand super laxative" Naruto said as sushi was mainly protein, but he altered the recipe and used very greasy and oily meat, so when the super lax took effect Finch would be having a very messy situation on his hands.

"You're evil." Nadia said finding it kinda hot.

"Why thank you!" Naruto said with a mock bow "now for the best part." he said as he and all the other girls heard Finch scream.

"What did you do?" Nadia asked in concern.

"I put habanero chili pepper flakes on the toilet paper." Naruto said as that was hilarious.

Nadia blinked for a moment as the magnitude of what Naruto just said sunk in before she paled a bit as something so spicy on such a…raw, and sore area would be beyond painful.

They all watched as Finch flailed on the bathroom floor, his ass literally dripping liquid shit as he screamed.

'Talk about shitting the bed.' Naruto thought as Stifler was laughing with joy as tears went down his face, he took the credit for this which was probably for the best.

"Damn it will be a miracle if Finch can get a date to prom after this" Oz remarked with wide eyes at the scene

"I think it is more likely a miracle if he is able to sit down properly for several days after this" Kevin says not taking his eyes off of Finch.

"...It's like watching a train wreck you just can't look away" Jim says after a moment as everyone just continued to watch Finch soil himself on the floor.

(few days later)

Naruto was giving Kevin a blank look as he was holding the book with many sex positions pretty much every horny douchebag for the past decade was filling 'seriouslly I'm a virgin and even I know I could do better.' he thought as he later stole the book and showed it to Nadia thinking she would find it funny.

(Next Day)

Nadia had not found the book funny but instead had secretly ended up reading the book cover to cover, trying to get the female perspective and she heard how good Kevin got with his tongue 'A book full of sexual acts and nothing instructing a girl on how to please the guy she likes!' she thought in annoyance as that was what she needed as she wanted her first time to be special, but also be good for Naruto.

Having no further use of the book given its lack of the female perspective Nadia got up and walked over to Naruto's room "Naruto you can have the book back it is not useful" Nadia said walking into his room.

"Thanks Nadia I will get it back to Kevin, pretty stupid book huh?" Naruto said with a chuckle as he sat at his desk on his computer working on an essay for class.

"Yes it is pretty dumb…Oh it seems you are having the Email" Nadia replies before noticing a notification pop up on Naruto's computer.

"Huh strange, it's a group viewing session invite from Jim wonder what he is doing?" Naruto says as Nadia walks over just as he clicks on the link and a new window opens up showing Jim stripping down to his boxers trying to be sexy while Michelle lays on his bed in just a shirt and panties watching him "...What the fuck?" he asks in confusion.

"Is that Jim and Michelle? Why are we seeing them in his room and what are they doing?" Nadia asks not understanding what they were watching.

"Yeah it's them alright and I don't know what they are doing. '' Naruto said while having a feeling it should probably kick Jim's ass when he sees him next.

"What do you think of my sexy dance Michelle? Wanna go to Prom with me?" Jim is heard saying over the speakers.

" Hmm that depends on how you perform now get over here" Michelle is heard saying before she pulls Jim to his bed and starts trailing her hand down his chest only to stop as he spasms a bit "...Really?" Michelle is heard asking knowing just what he did.

"No way" Naruto and Nadia say at the same time as they realize just what happened with Jim as well.

They watch as Michelle makes to get up and Jim starts to ask her to stop and that he can still go. Michelle turns looks at him before grinning "Alright lets try this again…touch me" she says as she grabs his hand and begins to trail it down her chest towards her panties. Michelle moves his hand into the front of her panties and Jim ends up spasming once again.

"Again!?" Nadia and Naruto shout in shock before chuckling a bit "Alright I think that's enough of that gotta leave Jim some dignity" Naruto says with a snicker.

"Yes it was quite…embarrassing. Though Jim was also sort of impressive as he found the courage to not only dance for Michelle but also ask her out to prom" Nadia says with a slight tone of respect for Jim's bravery.

"Huh when you put it like that you kinda have a point" Naruto says thinking about it for a moment as he had to admit it took guts for Jim to do what he did.

"Naruto…Would you go to Prom with me?" Nadia asked suddenly, having found her courage to do so after seeing Jim's bravery.

"Who else would I go with?" Naruto said as he thought it was just an unspoken thing between them as he knew there was magic and fireworks in the air whenever they were near.

Nadia's eyes widened before she smiled and threw her arms around Naruto's neck before pulling him into a passionate kiss much to his shock 'let me be yours Naruto.' she thought feeling him ease into the kiss before taking control as his passion was incredible. Nadia's arms unwrapped from around his neck before drifting down his chest and down to his pants "You have made me so happy Naruto let me make you happy as well" Nadia said breathlessly finally breaking the liplock as she began unbuckling his belt.

(Lime Start)

Naruto's eyes widened at this "Nadia you don't need to.." he begins to say only to stop when he feels Nadia's hand reach into his pants and fondle his hardening dick.

"I know I don't need to but I want to Naruto" Nadia says as she continues stroking his dick getting it nice and hard in her hand all the while marveling in her mind at how big and thick it is. She then cups Naruto's backside with her other hand lifting it up off his chair before sliding his pants down over his ass and down his legs where they pool at his ankles. The blonde sat there fully exposed his cock on full display to the girl.

Kneeling down so that she was eye level with Naruto's proudly standing long and thick slab of man-meat, Nadia looked in wonder "It's as long as my head and as thick as my wrist!" Nadia thought in shock. Leaning forward she brought her lips to the head of his penis and gave it a small peck which sent a shiver up his body. Seeing his reaction Nadia proceeded to pepper kisses up and down the length enjoying her he shivered and twitched in the chair with each kiss. The girls hands moved down to fondle his large nuts as he did this before he kissed them as well. Making her way back up his shaft she gave his head another kiss before looking up at his blue eyes "Do you like, am I doing good?" Nadia asked, batting her eyes as she slid her hands up and down his shaft.

"Yeah it feels amazing Nadia" Naruto groaned out his lower body twitching slightly from the pleasure her hands were giving him.

Nadia smiled hearing this "Then I continue and give you even more pleasure" she says before lending towards his dick and giving it a lick from base to head that causes his eyes to widen.

"Holy fuck" Naruto whispers out breathlessly as Nadia proceeds to start taking his dick into her mouth bit by bit.

The girl slowly bobs her head up and down his shaft working her tongue around it as she does so. Naruto groans in pleasure and his hips rise up a bit off the chair subconsciously trying to get deeper into her mouth. Naruto brings her hands back down to his heavy sac and gently fondles it as she continues bobbing her head up and down now taking half of his dick into her mouth. She would occasionally twist her head slightly at random either when coming up or descending to bring him even more pleasure.

Naruto brought his hand down to the back of her head and threaded his fingers through her hair as his hips tried to hump her face and get his dick even deeper. Understanding the intent Nadia decided to go for broke and with a mighty downward thrust managed to get his entire shaft into her mouth with the top quarter of it lodging itself in her throat. The girl suppressed her gag-reflex as she felt his thick meat stretch her throat and twitch inside it.

"Oh shit Nadia! I'm going to cum" Naruto groans out his eyes wide as he feels his climax rip through him.

Nadia's eyes widened as she felt Naruto's dick get even thicker before it started to pulse as it sent rope after rope of thick gooey seed down her throat and into her stomach. The two were frozen in place as Naruto pumped more and more seed down her throat, his hips twitching.

However Nadia was quickly running out of air due to the length of his prolonged ejaculation and had to pull back off of his still cumming cock taking a gasp of air just as several final spurts of seed hit her in the face.

"Oh shit sorry Nadia" Naruto says breathlessly at seeing her face covered with his seed.

"It's is no trouble" Nadia says before she begins wiping off his cum with her hand and then looks at the seed on her fingers before popping them into her mouth and licking the seed off one by one with a slight moan "Mmm tasty" the girl says with a slight moan causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

"Nadia that was amazing…Would you like me to return the favor?" he asks leaning forward and cupping one of her breasts with one hand while the other hand trails down towards her pants.

However before said hand reaches them it is stopped by her grabbing it "No this is how you say the appetizer" Nadia says with a bit of a coy smile "We save rest and more for after prom?" she adds with a slight tilt of her head.

Naruto's eyes widen hearing this before he chuckles and smiles "If that is what you wish then so be it. I promise you though I will make the night spectacular and a night you will never forget" he says pulling her up into his lap and bringing his hands to hold her by her ass getting a moan from the girl that is quickly silenced by him kissing her passionately. Upon breaking their liplock the two rest their foreheads against each other and just gaze into each others eyes with smiles on their faces.

"I will hold you to that" Nadia says with a giggle before bringing a finger up and booping Naruto on the nose, getting a chuckle from him.

(Lime End)

End Chapter 1

End Author Note: Hey everyone Pyrohelixdrago and myself are back with another story this time being as you have clearly seen a Naruto x American Pie Crossover.

Now a little info about what we have planned…

First this will follow the movies American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion with obvious changes and new stuff but thats the movies that we will be having in this so no Band Camp, Beta House, Naked Mile, Ect….Unless we figure something out how to do an original spin for Naked Mile and Maybe Beta House.

However there is a POSSIBILITY of a Sequel of sorts in this story centered around Girl's Rule which will feature Naruto's Son with Nadia as the MC…

Speaking of as you can clearly see this will be a Naruto x Nadia pairing though we have a bit of a surprise in mind planned a bit later