Ace had been the last one of the Spade Pirates to be knocked out after he tried to take Whitebeard's head. It was honestly one of the most straightforward battles Whitebeard had ever really fought in since the boy made it clear what he wanted and didn't allow his crew to join for their safety and for his claims of being the one to take his head. Ace had shown that he wasn't like other pirates and cared about his crew, just what Whitebeard looked for in family members.
Whitebeard wanted Ace to join his crew even before this little encounter. He had seen the newspapers and heard from marines and pirates alike about the boy who would help out those who needed help the most. Whether it was a marine family member or a pirate looking for someone who had harmed their family, Ace and his crew would go out of their way to help in any way they could. And that's what Whitebeard liked about the boy and what convinced him to welcome him into his family. And with a laugh, he ordered his family to take their new siblings to the ship.
"Alright, you heard Pops get a move on." Marco, the one that had been on the crew the longest, ordered. The rest of the crew nodded in agreement and were excited about the new family members that they were getting.
Marco was honestly annoyed. He knew how this would go. Usually, whenever they got a new family member, they would lash out at everyone on the crew or try to escape. They had gone most of that with most of the crew before they realized they were safe, that No one would hurt them there, and that all they wanted was a new family member. He wasn't looking forward to the tantrum Ace would throw when he woke up, especially since he looked very young, about 20 to 24 years old. He didn't want to deal with him so soon, so he walked over to the first mate, who seemed much easier to deal with than Ace.
Just as Marco was about to approach the first mate's unconscious body, he slowly sat up. Marco's alarm stopped, and the men around him took out their weapons, ready to knock him out again. The man just rubbed his head before he looked around. It seemed like he couldn't see clearly as Marco slowly started to approach him again, and he could tell that he was about to fall unconscious just by looking at his eyes.
"Arrow..." the man said before he looked at Marco again, nothing that wasn't who he thought it was before falling to the ground with a yell "ARROW" he called, getting everyone's attention on him; he didn't move again after that closing his eyes once more. Marco looked at Izo, who walked up after the yell and shrugged his shoulders. Again Marco went to grab him, but out of nowhere, he felt pain in his left shoulder, making him back up and clutch his now injured shoulder, Making him back up. He looked over and found that there was an arrow logged in his arm. He looked around and called for everyone to take cover.
From a distance, he could see Thatch had grabbed Ace and was running back to the ship with him. Still, he used his observation Haki to look around his surroundings to see that the person who shot that Arrow was now aiming at Thatch, who wasn't paying full attention around him, trusting that his siblings would cover for him.
"Thatch behind you," Marco called out as he forcefully removed the Arrow from his shoulder, turned into a Pheonix, and intercepted the Arrow that was about to be shot at Thatch. He had made it in time, but he didn't expect the Arrow to explode when he grabbed it from the air, causing him to fall back to the ground. The rest of the crew instantly went to Marcos's aid as a woman with a short white and blue dress fell from the tree line landing over the first mate's body. She had mid-length blond hair with pale skin. She held herself proudly as she took out a sword, bow, and arrows, nowhere to be seen, indicating she wasn't the one who shot or had hidden her weapons. She had a stoic expression as she stared at the pirates. She didn't even bother to check the first mate before she ran straight at the Pirates. Izo jumped in front of everyone and shot at her, aiming for her legs or at least an arm, but she dodged all the bullets and got her sword ready to strike. Before she could contact izo, Juzo jumped in front of him with his sword, blocking her, and his arm made demands to help block her. Even with all of his strength, he still faltered at how much power she had behind her sword, and she still didn't indicate that she was bothered by him blocking her.
Juzo shook off the shock and threw his sword upwards, making her jump back midair and land a little bit in front of him. Before he could react, she had already made a move to attack his waist, almost getting him before he could turn his skin to diamonds. She jumped back, dodging bullets that were aimed at her before bolting to where Thatch was right next to Haruta, who was protecting him and Ace, but the girl disappeared and reappeared behind Haruta and in front of Thatch, catching him off guard, making him fall back with Ace in toe. Haruta turned, shocked, ready to strike her, but again she was gone behind Thatch, grabbing Ace before disappearing with him.
They all looked around, trying to find her Whitebeard himself looked around curiously, trying to spot her with his Haki. He saw her standing next to the first mate and the now-collected Spade Pirates. Marco saw this and instantly placed the pieces together; not like it was hard to do so. She must be the Arrow that the first mate called for. He had never seen her in the paper, meaning she was either new or a hidden ace that they had to in case of situations like this where they were backed up to a corner. She looked at all of the Whitebeards again, lifting her sword and aiming to attack again, knowing she wouldn't be able to get away with the entire Spades Crew.
"Who are you" Whitebeard started, "never seen you in the paper when the Spades made an appearance." Whitebeard laughed. The girl didn't say anything; she just started to run toward him. She jumped up high, higher than anyone expected, and aimed her sword at Whitebeard's head. Whitebeard didn't look bothered as she got closer to him and smiled at her.
Her eyes widened out of nowhere before she turned her body to block talons from grabbing onto her and slashing them with her sword. Marco flinched at the contact before allowing the new scars to heal and hovering himself over the girl who landed perfectly a couple of feet away from him, looking as if she wasn't affected by his surprise attack.
"It's rude not to give your name when someone asks," Marco said with a smirk. This immensely entertained him. He didn't see this coming at all, making this a change of pace from other experiences where they took down their future siblings. Again she didn't respond before she targeted him again with her sword, only to be blocked again by Juzo, who sent her a glare before pushing her back. She didn't look bothered before she kicked out her leg to hit Juzo, knocking him back. She fixed her stance to a ready position. Marco could tell she was annoyed not by her expression or her movements but by his observation haki, which sensed her anger and slight tiredness.
But that didn't stop her as she jumped into the air aiming another hit towards Marco. Marco saw it coming and expected it to have immense power behind it, but he didn't expect so much power that it would throw him back to the ground with her over him, ready to cut off his head. Before she could do so, a wave of haki came behind them, making her stop. Usually, that wave would have knocked every enemy of the whitebeard pirates ou,t, but it just seemed to get her attention to face the source.
"You seem strong. I can tell you will be a great addition to our family." Whitebeard laughed before sending another wave of haki toward her. She prepared to be it by it again and was brought to her knees before she grabbed her sword that had fallen out of her hand and ran at Whitebeard. She glared at him as she jumped into the air to try and kill him, but she was thrown to the ground again by another wave of haki. She growled as she grabbed her head and tried to get up again, her sword lost now a couple of feet away from her. Before she could even get up, another wave hit her, and then a couple more haki waves from the rest of the crew that knew conquerors haki. She grabbed her head as she tried to drag herself to her sword, but she stopped moving just as she reached it.
It took everyone a moment to process what had just happened. Even the ones that used their haki took a minute, still in shock at her will. They only break out of it because of Whitebeard's loud laugh.
"Now that was new," Izo said as he walked up to her. Now that he got a better look at her, he could see that the girl was young, about the same age range as Portgus, 20 to 25 at least. She was much smaller than he had expected, but it matched up to her speed and how she carried herselF. "Didn't expect that from the spades."
"She put a beating into you, hmm, Marco," Thatch asked as he elbowed Marco and laughed loudly.
"Shut up, Thatch," Marco growled before walking up to Whitebeard, who was still laughing as he walked over to the unconscious body.
"She will make a great addition to the family, won't she, son," Whitebeard asked his first mate, who didn't say or move from his side. Whitebeard laughed at his son's expression watching as Marco shook his head at him.
Marco just picked her up, noticing she seemed to be very light and had a smell of Vinnila and flowers mixed with the usual omega smell that always followed unmated Omegas. It was hard to notice the scent at first, but now that he was closer to her, he could get an unmistakable scent with the blocker on her scent gland slowly fading.
"She smells like an omega," Marco said, shocked; typically, Omegas aren't that violent. No, Omegas usually are more about submission than actual fighting like Alphas and betas do. So to find out that the woman who almost beat him one on one was an Omega, he was shocked. Not only that, she was Unmated by her scent, which deeply interested his Alpha, who had never seen an Omega fight, much less with so much skill. "Pops, what do I -"
"Take her to the ship... There is no need to worry, son," Whitebeard smiled at him. "She will be safe with us."
"But pops-" Marco stopped as he saw Whitebeard's look before nodding his head and carrying her to the ship. His brothers and sisters made a path for him, having heard what he said about her being an Omega, and passed around the word. Izo quickly went to pick up her sword and ran next to his brother, who carefully walked to the ship with the small Omega.
"Does she smell distressed?" Izo asked once close enough
"No, but she does feel very light, even for someone her size," Marco said as he noticed how light she was. He had noticed right away that she was too light. She seemed to be 5'3, but she weighed about 90 pounds, which made him worry. Had the spade pirates not been taking care of the Omega, he knew that most of the spades were betas except Portugs and masked Deuce, the second in command, but could they have been so careless about an Omega's needs? Were they using her like a... sex slave for themselves... was she being manipulated to do as they said.
Omegas were treasured on the Moby there; of course, they didn't have any omegas on the ship, but they had many alphas with omega mates on islands they owned, and they were treasured by all of them seen as family and protected as if they were their own.
Marco couldn't understand why this Omega was with the Spade pirates. Was she forced? Was she an enslaved person they rescued, or was she taken by the spades?
"Stop, Marco..." Thatch said as he helped him get on the ship.
"What are you talking about" Marco huffed out as he carried her to the infirmary.
"You're thinking the worst; I can tell by your face," Thatch said. "You keep looking at her in concern and glaring at nothing. I know you, man." Marco just shook his head and told him he would tell him about his thoughts later. Right now, they have to deal with some new 'family' members who will be joining.