Izo was tired. Ace had gone the entire day trying to murder Pop's, and he was about done with the boy. Thatch and Marco had even tried to restrain him in one of the rooms, but he escaped by making a hole in the wall, pissing off most of the 7th division. And Ace not only had tried to murder pops the entire day, but he had also been grouchy and even attempted to bite and attack some of the other crew members. This caused everyone to be on edge around him and steer clear of him. The only people who didn't were Marco and Thatch, who had to give him his food after every meal.

It was getting on everyone's nerves, and most, if not all, avoided being out in public areas where Ace would most likely be. But everyone was wondering where Arrow was. Arrow had been missing since early morning, and nobody had seen her. Most of them tried to look for her but came up empty, and whenever they asked and Ace was in the vicinity, he would instantly get mad and attempt to challenge Them.

They all rolled their eyes before walking away, not wanting to deal with the child's tantrum. Izo was one of the people that ended up walking away from Ace after he started throwing a tantrum about not being able to kill Whitebeard. There was no one there to heal him because Arrow was nowhere to be seen, and he seemed cranky every time he attempted to kill pops. He had finally gotten so annoyed that he ended up closing himself up in whatever corner he usually hid with Arrow.

As Izo made his way to his room, he saw that all the other commanders were huddling around each other outside of the rooms. He ignored them and continued to his bedroom, where he opened the door and started getting ready for bed in the bathroom. He could honestly deal with the paperwork tomorrow and an angry Marco tomorrow. As he was getting ready, something smelled off. It wasn't too noticeable from his usual smell that stuck in his room, but it was mixed in with a light strawberry smell with vanilla. It had just barely gotten his attention when he was washing his face. But when it did, he sniffed more to see where it was coming from.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a lump on his bed; all around it were other people's belongings. He sniffed the area first before slowly approaching.
When he got to his bed, he gasped slightly before slowly backing away and back into the bathroom.

Arrow had built her nest in his room. Out of all the places he imagined she would make her nest, he never imagined his room would be one of them. His Alpha purred loudly before he shut himself up. He didn't want to wake her up and have her Panic on him. He quickly gathered some of his things before rushing out of the room and into the hallway, where everyone was still there.

"Are you okay, Izo" Haruta had asked when he came out of his room? Izo gave him a confused look before looking all around him at the commanders now looking at him.

" yes!" he shouted before he cleared his throat and nodded his head " yes yes I'm sorry I am fine," he told him.

" then why is your makeup not done? "Haruta asked with a confused look. He was right Izo would instead be caught dead without his makeup 100% on. Izo just shook his head before swallowing some saliva that had built up.

" I'm fine I was just getting ready for bed what's going on," he asked, changing the topic.

" someone was in everyone's room... And Marco is mad because someone took his blankets and pillows," Thatch said " he yelled at me right now cuz he thought it was me but I cleared my name." he had laughed. Izo gave a glance back into his room before glancing at them again. Thatch seemed to catch on to his look before shouting, "it was you wasn't it. You finally prank him and you blame me for it. I don't know whether to be proud or angry with you" Thatch shook his head.

" oh shut up it wasn't me," Izo said before he walked away to look for Marco before he made a mess looking for his blankets and pillows. Finding him took little time because he was making a mess of his room looking for extra bedding, but he came to see none.

Marco was growling in anger. He had yelled at Thatch for a good 30 minutes before he shut himself in his room. His room had been clean of any bedding, and he was honestly very annoyed. His rut was coming in soon, and he did not want to deal with this. A knock on his door got his attention, and he just rolled his eyes before ignoring it.

" don't ignore me," Izo said as he slammed the door open. He had some of his belongings in his hand, which confused him, but he continued to ransack his room. " I know where your blankets are," Izo said as he placed his stuff on the desk. Marco looked over at him, expecting him to tell him where his things were so he could get them. " it seems like the Omega has finally gone into heat," Izo spoke, shocking Marco out of his anger.

" what... Does that mean..." Marco started before his face started to turn red. The Omega liked his scent so much that she took all his belongings.

" yes she does have all of your blankets and pillows... And she decided to build her nest in my bedroom so..." Izo stated as he looked everywhere but him. " and as it turns out I was correct she is a prime Omega."

" are you for real" Marco exclaimed as he shut up from where he was sitting on the ground. " how did you know."

"Well, for starters it doesn't seem like she's having a normal Omega heat," Izo had spoken as he looked at his brother. " her scent wasn't strong like most Omegas. I barely noticed it when I walked into the room."

" damn... Was she okay" Marco asked as he sat down in the chair next to Izo, leaning against his desk.

" she seemed fine just very tired. I ran out of there as soon as I saw her... It's weird normally Omega's ask for attention when they're in heat." Izou thought as he thought back.

"She is a prime, though. It might be different for Primes, so we don't know. There's hardly any research done at all about Primes since they're so rare." Marvel explained to him. " either way I have to go tell pops right now that she is in the middle of her heat."

" yes, I understand that, but... I don't know. It just seemed very odd." Izo started again " it seemed like she didn't even ask Ace to be there."

" we'll figure this out right now. Let me just go tell pops and have a room ready for you to sleep in." Marco said as he nodded to his brother. " make sure you lock your room in case anyone goes in there looking for you and ends up finding her" Izo just nodded before heading to his room leaving his stuff in Marcos room
Everyone had cleared the hallway and had gone to bed or to do whatever they needed to do.

Again he entered his bedroom and suddenly shut the door as he prepared to get more of his things. As he did, he turned his head to look at the Omega. The blanket covered her, but he could tell she wasn't wearing any clothes under it; he quickly covered her up more with Marcos's blanket before getting more of his things. As he did, she let out a whimper.

He looked over at her again and found that she had turned slightly. Her blonde hair covered most of her face, but he could tell she had a look of pain; her scent was hardly there, which was bothering him the most. It was normal for Omegas. During their heat, they let out more of their scent to alert Alphas that they were ready to be bred, but she didn't seem to give out her scent as much. Quickly he shook his head before finally grabbing all his belongings and running out of the room, locking the door behind him. He would have loved to stay with her and comfort her, but they were not that familiar with each other, and he didn't know how she would react if she woke up.

It had been a couple of hours later. Izo was sleeping in the second division cabin while Arrow was sleeping in his room. He, of course, quickly cleaned it before falling to bed and, in the morning, promptly did his makeup before rushing to the 16th Commander's room, his room. While there, he saw that the door was still locked and let everybody know how to get in. he had dreamt that somebody had gotten in there and had hurt the Omega in the worst possible way while she was asleep. He shook his head before walking away to find Marco to see what Pop had said the day before.

" he said just to leave her alone and that if she needs an alpha then she will come to us," he had said.

" very well," Izo had agreed.

" he even told us to tell Thatch to leave a tray of food outside of your door to make sure she stays healthy during her heat," Marco stated as he went to grab his meal with Izo. " I told him this morning and he just went to go drop it off."

" hopefully he doesn't make a fool of himself" izo rolled his eyes as he went to grab some eggs.

Marco rolled his eyes at that comment before agreeing, knowing their brother would likely make a fool of himself. They had talked and wondered what would come of this; most likely, everyone would know by sundown, thanks to Thatch's Big Mouth. That was almost 100% going to happen. They had yet to see Ace or hear of his assassination attempts. Meaning, most likely, he was hiding out until Arrow was out of her heat.

As they talked, Thatch joined them along with the rest of the Commanders. They were all talking about the Omega and were wondering who she would most likely choose as a mate. Most of those comments were either ignored or whispered amongst the Commanders. Everyone knew that, most likely, it would be Izo or Marco because of the placement of her nest and Marco's sudden disappearance of his bedding. Everyone had connected the dots a while after word got around.

After everyone was done with breakfast, Izo walked by the Commander's doors, and as he did, he saw the tray of food that Thatch had laid out in front of his door. He didn't think much of it and thought that maybe she was still asleep and continued. As he did, he passed Ace, who seemed to be angry. He watched him go, and it seemed like he gave a longing look to his door before continuing.

Confused, Izo gave a glance again but continued to ignore it as he continued.

Later in the afternoon, he again passed by the Commander's room and saw the same tray outside the door. He looked confused before taking out his key for the room and unlocking the bedroom door. As he did, he poked his head in knocking before him, but he didn't seem to get a response. When he saw that the Omega was still in the same position as before, she was deeply cuddled into the blankets, seemingly comfortable but uncomfortable at the same time.

" Arrow, are you all right" he had asked her. She didn't respond, so he decided to walk closer to her. When he was at the edge of the bed, he knelt down and quickly gave her a small Shake " Arrow you have to eat dear" he spoke kindly to her. She didn't even seem to stir as he tried to wake her up. " come along there, you have to wake up," he said as he shook her again. This time she let out a whimper before slowly turning to face him. She looked exhausted as she opened her eyes. She slowly set up and held the blankets up to her chest before looking at him and letting out another whimper. " I'm not here to hurt you, dear; I'm just here to make sure you eat," he explained to her as he brought in the tray. She let out another whimper before slowly trying to get up from her nest. " no, no don't get out of your nest. I'll bring it to you, but you must eat," he told her as he rushed to tell her not to get up. She let out another whimper as his hand made contact with her shoulder. A tear seemed to come to her eye as she looked up at him before nodding her head sluggishly,

" I am not going to invade your space, but I was the only one available to give you your food right now. If you want, next time I can have a Betta bring it in," he told her. She shook her head and attempted to take the tray from Izo, but her hands were shaking too much. She did look exhausted. She'd look like she was ready to knock out any moment. When she grabbed the plate of food, she almost dropped it on herself, but before she could, Izo grabbed it, taking it away from her. Again she let out a whimper and raised her hand to cover herself even more with the blanket.

" I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," Izo spoke again this time; she seemed ready to burst into tears as she backed away from him. Izo quickly backed away from her, not wanting to scare her even more, leaving the food tray on the little table next to the bed.

She seemed very frightened as she stared at him. She was backed up into the corner by the bed and covered herself even more. She growled and whimpered at him, asking him to leave, and Izo, without question, went as quickly as possible he didn't want to scare her even more. He locked the door before rapidly rushing to Marco and Haruta.

When he made it to Marco's room, he quickly rushed him to Haruta's room. Once there, they both gave him a confused look, asking what this was all about. Izo promptly explained what had happened when he went to deliver the food to her before explaining to them that he did not even attempt to court her or touch her in any way.

"We believe you Izo you don't have to worry about that... But what do you mean she backed herself up into a corner," Haruta had spoken. " what was her scent like? Was she distressed, or was she in a haze" he asked.

" it smelled completely normal... Just like her regular vanilla strawberry mix. I didn't even realize that I had upset her because of that," he had spoken.

" and you're thinking she might have been abused," Marco asked him

" there's no other reason that she would have that kind of reaction to me." Izo confirmed, " all I was trying to do was give her her meal but she seemed completely at edge the moment she woke up. She couldn't even hold it right."

" this does seem like a problem. I don't know about prime omegas but whenever and Omega is about to drop because of abuse or because of mental strain this is usually that reaction... But it normally never happens during heat." Haruta spoke as he went to his private library to get some of his Omega books. " normally when an Omega is about to go into a drop they cannot enter their heat at all."

"It's not just that... Something about her reaction and how she just feels weird and completely off about her," Izo spoke, " some of my division members have come to me with concerns over her."

" you're not the only one. Other divisions have voiced concerns about her and her place here on the crew after Ace joins."

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