Thin Ice

This is not the first time he's stalked this specific hero.

Hell, he doesn't think there's any pro hero currently in this city that he hasn't followed around yet.

But that doesn't change the fact that this is now the second time this one has drawn his attention.

The person in question was someone who used to be among the top ten heroes of Japan.

A list of people he keeps a wide berth from. It wouldn't do him well if he got captured this early in his career.

This one in particular was one that garnered a special amount of caution from him. Skilled, disciplined, and with a quirk that seems at least half designed to fend off someone like him, he was one hero he definitely didn't want to get caught red handed by.

He made every pro hero's life his business. It was only natural that this one, especially since they operated in the same city, was one he looked into.

But he turned out clean. He found nothing on the man that would make him think he needed to die.

Kind, fair, helpful, noble, self sacrificing if the situation called for it, and an all around good hero. A real hero.

Like All Might.

The world could certainly use more of these two.

Not the disgusting, greedy, glory seeking, fame chasing fakes infesting the hero community.

The reason he was stalking him again?

He's heard whispers, rumors, of him and how he was sleeping with his sidekick.

His underage sidekick.

Naturally, Chizome went investigating.

If the hero adhered to the schedule he compiled via following him for the last week then he should be arriving any moment now.

As if Fate itself wanted to congratulate him for his ability to perform basic calculations, it was at that exact moment that his potential target showed up.

The sound of a door opening sounded through the earpiece, and Chizome was quick to adjust the listening device attached to the window.

The sight of the almost seven foot man followed by a much shorter teen made him shift his position, deeper into the shadows cast by the moonlight.

"Peaceful patrol tonight."

The voice of the boy combined with his costume design rang a number of bells in his head. He knows this one. He's met him before.

But where?

"Yes. A very quiet night."

Gang Orca's already somewhat deep and silky smooth voice was a few octaves lower than usual, causing the boy to visibly shiver.

The first red flag.

"But you won't be."

A second and much larger red flag.

He could feel his knuckles pop as he clenched his hands into tight fists.

That's a kid you bastard!

The boy, face flushed a deep red, was up and on the table with his legs spread as Gang Orca approached.

He took a very close note of the fact that the boy's expressions and body language did not fit someone being forced into a sexual relationship.

No, the boy was far too reciprocating for this to be involuntary.

He reached up and adjusted the ear piece.

"You've been doing such good work as my intern."

Gang Orca stood between the legs of the teen, a hand falling on the younger male's lower back and pulling their pelvises flush together.

"I think you deserve a reward."

The hero's other hand cupped the boy's jaw and tilted his head as far up as it would go. The size difference between them was so great that the hand could have eclipsed the entire front half of the boy's head.

Gang Orca's mouth slipped free from his unbuttoned collar and brushed the intern's lips.

The kid jerked forward, trying to seal his human lips with the other's much thinner, rougher ones.

The orca man pulled back.

"Kugo-sensei, please! I need you!"

Definitely not what a victim says. Or is currently doing.

The boy, ironically enough, seems to be more thirsty than the orca. Especially with how handsy he was getting.

The pro hero's dress shirt and suit jacket was completely unbuttoned, the amusingly tongue themed pink tie having already fallen.

Green clad legs were around the larger man's hips as hands roamed a muscular torso mostly hidden beneath it's clothes.

"Eager tonight. Aren't you, Izuku?" The voice of the man was accompanied with a playful chuckle as the teen dry humped him.




The hero kid with an unhealthy obsession with the color green.

The hero kid who bravely stood between him and two of his targets and announced that he will not stand idly by and allow him to kill them.

A real hero.

Under different and more normal circumstances he would have felt some slight amount of satisfaction watching two real heroes being involved with eachother.

Unfortunately this is not one of those circumstances.

He was still debating with himself whether or not Gang Orca had to die.

On the one hand the hero was performing an act of pedophilia on his intern on the regular. And that alone would warrant an extra painful and gruesome murder.

On the other hand the underage intern in question is very obviously into this and was definitely not forced into it.

It's wrong because the intern isn't legal but not as wrong because he's consenting.

And it's not like Gang Orca preferred his lovers young, it's that he preferred Deku specifically.

This is a serious moral dilemma that he needed to think about.

He better get out of here before they start fucking. Or worse, exchange mushy I love you's.

Until he comes to a decision he will turn a blind eye to this... disgusting display.

Gang Orca better watch where he steps.

Because he's on thin fucking ice.

He leapt off the building.

Kugo removed his leathery lips away from Izuku's reddening neck to turn towards the windows, his arms curling protectively around his smaller lover.

His beady eyes scanned the shadows. Looking for something, anything, out of place. He could have sworn he saw moveme-

"Kugo-sensei, what's wrong?"

He didn't immediately answer, his attention still preoccupied with the shadows cast by the overhanging moon. "Nothing." He turned back to the boy and gave him the best attempt of a smile his orca mouth could provide. "Nothing at all, love."

The way Izuku smiled and flushed was so enticing he actually began calculating the possible ramifications of sneaking him into his apartment and back out in the morning.

They couldn't stay here and finish.

Something's not right.

I can already hear Miruko mocking me about how my "orca senses were tingling".

Not that he would ever tell her about this.

He likes not being in jail.

"Izuku~" He began rebuttoning his shirt. "Let's take this somewhere more private. My place will do."

Izuku watched the older man bending over to pick up his discarded tie with wide eyes and an agape mouth, the tip of the tent he was sporting darkened with liquid. "But...we just got here..."