Chapter 2

Paige waited until it was pitch black outside. She no longer heard the voices of her sisters and was sure they were asleep by now. Slowly, and quietly, she crept out of her bedroom, and closed the door as softly as possible. Quietly, she stood by each of her sisters' bedroom doors and listened. All was silent, so she made her way up the stairs to the attic.

The Book of Shadows was in its normal place. She took it over to the couch, sat down, and opened it. There has got to be some way of bringing Prue back. I can't stand it anymore: their sadness, my screwing up... I have to bring Prue back, she thought.

After hours of literally paging through the book, page-by-page, Paige sat back in exasperation. Lying back, she closed her eyes, and spoke aloud. "Please, Prue has to come back. She's needed by her sisters. Why can't you just let her come back?!" Suddenly she realized it was four o'clock in the morning and that if she didn't shut up, she'd wake her sisters. Of course, Paige had no idea who she was yelling to. The Elders? Or maybe Grams. She buried her face in her hands. Once again, she had failed. Of course, this was a slightly harder task; bringing the dead back for good. But be that as it may, she hadn't succeeded.

Suddenly, a large bright light swirled in through the ceiling of the attic and spiraled in the center of the floor like a cyclone. Paige looked up, wide-eyed, and started to run for the door to wake up Piper and Phoebe. But when the light dimmed, she almost fell over. There stood a woman, and not just any woman. It was Prue.