Chapter 5

"How can you do this to them?" Leo asked the lead Elder, furiously. "This task is too difficult, and even if they could pull it off, they just got their dead sister back. Their emotions are whack, and then you're just gonna take her back again? It's just cruel!"

The lead Elder adjusted his white robes calmly before replying. He knew Leo brought up all good points, but the fact remained: the Charmed Ones alone could manage the job, and even they needed help. And the only help was Prue.

"Leo, I understand your concern for the girls, but it is imperative that all 4 of them take on the special assignment. It could mean the end of the world."

Leo respected the Elders, but his anger was getting the better of him. He felt his hands ball into fists as he kept his temper in check.

"Now look," he began through gritted teeth, "I love the girls. Their lives have been Hell, all for you! Look what all they have done! They've even saved your own personal life! Piper is my wife, and teasing her by letting her have Prue back for a while is not something she deserves. She was finally accepting Prue's death and you're dragging her down again."

Leo took a breath and closed his eyes. It was true, the girls' emotions would definitely be screwed with once they found out Prue couldn't stay. But that wasn't his main concern. This ordeal was perilous. It was going to make vanquishing the Source look easy. And that had taken them a long time, not to mention they lost Prue along the line.

The lead Elder simply bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry."

Every ounce of anger Leo had coursed through his body, needing to escape. Without a word, he orbed back onto Earth, into the attic, resisting the urge to smash everything in sight. Instead, he sat down, putting his head in his hands, and gripping his hair.

"Please," he prayed out loud, "please let this work out."