I Can Help If You Let Me In - A Fosters Fanfiction…

A/N - I have been rewatching fosters lately, and this idea popped into my head. I refuse to watch Fosters past season two because Jake T Austin no longer plays Jesus, and he was one of the reasons I watched the show. So I thought I would write this story set in seasons 1-2. Jake T Austin currently plays Jesus in this story! I watched it more and noticed very few stories between Jesus/Jude. I honestly thought there would have been more. So yes, this is Jesus/Jude, a fourteen-year-old and a twelve-year-old together. Don't like don't read it; you've been warned.

I decided to tell it from Jesus's side, so I am trying to represent the character justice. I need to do more research on ADHD since his character has it in the show. I will be displaying it here as well to help spread awareness. Note: This story will sort of follow the show episodes, but things will be changed here and there since it is Jesus/Jude and not Brandon/Callie. Criticism is welcome; anything to help me improve my writing for you all. I hope you enjoy I am excited to see where I go with this! Thanks!

Summary: What if it was Jude and Jesus instead of Callie and Brandon? Watch as Jesus gets over his resentment, steps up, and tries to help Jude overcome his issues and welcome him into the family. What if Jude stepped up and was able to help Jesus overcome his ADHD? The two may even grow closer into something more than just siblings. Even though it's forbidden, Jesus Foster can't help but let his feelings grow toward Jude as he explores his sexuality. Join them as they face everyday challenges and work towards being accepted in society. (M/M)

Rating: T-M (Just in case)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fosters

Chapter 1
The New Member

The first time fourteen-year-old Jesus Foster saw him was when he returned home from school on a Monday. Inside the kitchen, Jesus saw his mom (Stef) and his Mama (Lena) working on getting dinner ready. His older brother Brandon was setting the table while his twin sister Mariana was filling the water filters for the fridge. Jesus made eye contact with the twelve-year-old boy that sat at their table awkwardly before he moved passed him and started settling himself in from a long day; Jesus started getting himself some water.

"So, how was everyone's day?"

Jesus looked up to see that his mom had asked the question. Brandon and Mariana had started talking about their day before Jesus sat between them at the table. Once more, he and the odd twelve-year-old boy eyed one another before Jesus ripped his gaze away, not wanting to raise questions. Finally, after everyone started to eat silently, Mama spoke up with a soft smile.

"Brandon and Mariana already know, but Jesus, this is Jude." Hearing his name caused Jesus to look up at his family. He eyed the twelve-year-old boy, who he learned was Jude and gave him a warm smile. His Mama continued, "Jude is in the foster system like you and Mariana were; he's going to stay with us for a while."

All of this was sudden news to him; Jesus frowned at the thought of another sibling; it was hard enough getting to know Brandon, and now Jude? Looking over at his sister, he watched as she smiled at him, nodding her head to Jude, liking the idea. Jesus eyed Jude again, who smiled at him, most likely thinking they could bond over having something in common. No way, Jesus wouldn't put up with it. Two siblings were terrible enough, and now they want him to have a possible third. Seeing he was silent the whole time and that his mom and Mama were eyeing him, waiting for a reply, Jesus smiles and says what they want to hear, not what he is feeling.

Jesus said, "Oh yeah? Welcome to the family." He glanced at Jude and noticed the twelve-year-old's busted lip. He said, "What's with your face? Did you get in a fight?"

"Um, Jude had a rough day…." Mama began as she eyed him in warning; the look told Jesus to shut it before she lectured him about being rude. At the look, Jesus continued to eat. Mama added, "...And since Jude had a rough day, things will be easy going around here, alright. I want you all to be welcoming, kind, and fair to Jude."

That had been the end of the conversation, or at least for Jesus. Being in a big family. Jesus learned over the years to tune out what he didn't want to listen to when his mom or Mama rambled about a topic. Jesus understood they were bringing in another foster, and that was all he needed to know. As he finished his spaghetti, Jesus nearly dropped his fork when he heard his name again; this caused the others to look at him in confusion.

Wiping his mouth with his napkin, Jesus looked up at his moms. "What was that? I heard my name…." He asked to hope to make sure he heard his moms correctly.

"I said we're going to put Jude in your room, Jesus. You're going to share your room and bathroom with Jude while he is here; we got another bed, and it's already set up."

"But - "

"No buts, this is final. You are closest in age to Jude, so it makes sense. You can help him settle in, and you know…brotherly bond. Besides, you always complained about not being with Mariana all the time, so now you'll have Jude to fill that void."

Just like that, Jesus was grumpy for the rest of dinner. Once he was done, he excused himself after putting his plate in the sink. Jude asks, "He doesn't like me, does he?" He didn't know that Jesus heard him as he walked out, and with a sigh of annoyance, he went right to his room and slammed the door shut, not caring if the others or Jude heard it. He wanted them to know he was upset about the situation and didn't want Jude around.

Pacing his room, Jesus frowned as he found the corner of the room where Jude's bed was. Seeing it there was odd, and it somewhat frustrated the fourteen-year-old boy. Jesus wasn't sure how long he had been pacing, but it was enough to get his anger up and cause him to lash out, knock some stuff off his table, and break said items. Feeling his body shake, Jesus leaned against the wall and started trying to calm himself; this happened when his ADHD kicked in. He couldn't control his anger, and he couldn't control how violent he got. Jesus heard the door open as he started punching the wall next to Jude's soon-to-be bed, but he didn't even get as far into denting it before his mom pulled him into a hug, wrapping her arms tightly around him.

At first, he tried to fight out of her grip, but slowly as she whispered and sang softly to him, he calmed down. Sometimes this happened; his mom or Mama would catch him in the middle of a meltdown and manage to calm down. It was silent between the two as mom held him, and Jesus honestly didn't mind it; he didn't want to talk more about Jude or the fact that he had to share a room with him. But something told him to look up, and he did. Meeting his mom's eyes, she smiles at him and moves his hair out of his own eyes.

"I know we should've talked to you first about moving Jude into your room. But it was last minute, and you know your Mama; she acted fast to help Jude. But I do hope you know that we are not replacing you. We love you the same as we always have. - "Mom explained as Jesus's eyes widened, he hadn't even thought of that possibility. "- I just thought maybe you could help Jude and get along with him; we trust you and want to give you the same chance we gave Brandon when you and Mariana came."

At this, Jesus's head peered up, and he looked at his mom. With a smile, he nodded and rubbed his eyes to wipe the tears away. "Really? You wanted to give me that chance?"

"Of course, sweetie, we love you. What do you say? Will you let Jude stay with you?"

Singing, Jesus nods and smiles; after all, the bed was already in his room, so it was not like he had a choice. But he did have the choice to try and get along with the twelve-year-old boy. Who knows, the two would get along and bring out the best in each other. Seeing him nod, his mom hugged him and pinched his cheek, which he tried to pull away from.

"Aw, this is gonna be great; our family is growing!" Mom (Stef) exclaimed with happiness.

Jesus grinned at his mom and almost felt bad for his earlier breakdown. But he didn't know when his mom got up to tell the others the good news; maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. She made it to the bedroom door when she stopped and turned to look at him; Jesus eyed her with a raised eyebrow as she pushed her lips together.

"Did you take your meds this morning?"

The fourteen-year-old mentally slapped himself; of course, his mom would catch on; she was a cop, after all. That, and the episode he just had, didn't help his case. She was talking about his ADHD pills. Jesus was diagnosed with ADHD when he first moved in with the Fosters, and ever since then, he had had to take one pill every morning to help his hyper activeness other it got out of hand and caused him to have similar episodes to the one he had, had before his mom came in. The truth was, though, he hated taking the pills mainly because of the side effects, and his mothers knew that, but even then, they still got his case here and there.

Being caught, though, Jesus frowns and doesn't make eye contact with his mom. "No…"

"Why Jesus? You know you need to."

For once, Jesus didn't argue. Instead, he said, "Sorry, mom, I'll take it now."

Speeding past his mom, ignoring her questioning looks, Jesus returns to the kitchen, seeing it's mostly empty. It mostly meant that it was his Mama and Jude, the new kid. Once more, as Jesus walks by, the two boys eye one another before he pulls his gaze away to focus on the task he came in for. Finding the basket on the shelf above the sink, Jesus dug in it, looking for his pill bottle, hoping not to think about Jude. However, he couldn't help it as he felt the twelve-year-old's eyes on him since the boy was sitting right behind him, curious no doubt as to what Jesus was doing. Shaking his head, Jesus tried not to think about how many more mental breakdowns he would have over Jude sharing his room, hoping the boy wouldn't kill him from it. But Jesus frowned when he opened his pill bottle to see it half empty even though his moms had just got a new refill for him last night; with a frown, he took one pill. Things were going to be interesting here, and Jesus could sense it. All Jesus could hope was that he could figure out what happened to his missing pills before he got into more trouble. But little did he know, Jude would be just the person he needed to help him…