I Can Help If You Let Me In - A Fosters Fanfiction…

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Jake T Austin portrays Jesus Adams-Foster in this story.

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Chapter 17
The Runaways Part 1

Sixteen-year-old Jesus Adams Foster had finally reached his location, one-hundred-twenty-two Carlsbad Drive. The location was necessary for Jesus to find because his lover Jude Jacobs was there, and Jesus would break him out. Finding the group home was hard at first; struggling to see house numbers in the dark was a skill that Jesus wasn't very good at. Finally, though, the sixteen-year-old arrived after following the GPS on his cell phone. Standing outside the group home, Jesus froze momentarily, trying to remember how he would even find Jude. After all, it was a big group home; any one of those windows could be his bedroom, and if he looked for the wrong window, Jesus could land him and Jude in even more trouble. Jesus didn't want that for either of them.

Sneaking around towards the back, Jesus peeked through a crack in the yard fence to see if anyone was outside. Unfortunately, to his luck, there were two people outside chatting. Jesus couldn't make out who the people were but could hear their voices. When Jesus heard both figures speak, he almost jumped for joy when he recognized that Jude was one of those figures. Jude and whoever was with him talked about the daily schedule of how the group home worked. Putting his ear against the fence, Jesus listened as they finished their discussion and moved on to a new topic that held valuable information for him.

" - Now that you know how things run around here, let me show you where you will be sleeping." The second figure said with a semi-serious, semi-caring tone.

Jude nodded back, "Okay, thank you."

The second figure said, "You're welcome. You'll stay on the second floor, the first room on the right. If you need anything, you can come to me, or David can help you; he'll be your roommate; he's been here for a while to show you around." The second figure finished.

Jude and the figure went inside, leaving Jesus grining to himself. The first room is on the right, the second floor. Jesus repeated that information in his head; now, he had to wait until everyone was asleep. Waiting didn't take long as Jesus sat in a tree in the group house yard. While Jesus sat there, he watched each bedroom light go off individually, meaning the other kids were all going to bed. Jesus smiled when Jude passed their bedroom window, getting ready for bed. Once Jude's bedroom window light was off, Jesus carefully jumped down from the oak tree Jesus was sitting in. Landing with a soft thud, Jesus grabbed some small pebbles and stood straight up before he started to toss the pebbles at Jude's window. Jesus hoped the small pebbles would only get Jude's attention and no one else. After all, Jesus wanted to get Jude out of the group house, and the plan would fail if he were caught.

At first, Jesus was almost losing hope at the thought of Jude responding to his pebble tosses. But then a miracle happened. Jesus grinned and waved the moment Jesus saw Jude look out the window, no doubt investigating to see who was throwing the small rocks. When Jesus saw that Jude recognized him, he grinned at Jude about jumping for joy right where he stood. But instead, Jude opened the window quietly, checking to see if his roommate was still asleep, and he leaned out of it a little, smiling.

"What are you doing here!?" Jude questioned Jesus with a severe look. "You're going to get us in trouble, you know?" Jude reminded him as he chuckled to himself.

Jesus shook his head, "Not if they miss us; we won't be in trouble. I'm running away, and I was hoping you'd join me so we could be together." Jesus explained with hope in his voice.

The information caught Jude off guard; Jesus was running away. And he wanted Jude to go with him so they could be together? At the thought, Jude blushed and felt butterflies in his stomach. This was the most romantic thing Jude had ever been a part of. It was almost as if they were in a movie where he and Jesus were the main characters. Jude didn't want this feeling of love to go away; he didn't want to be stuck in this group home or apart from Jesus. So, with a smile, Jude nodded, and Jesus grinned, knowing the answer.

Soon Jesus was catching a book bag that Jude tossed down to the six-teen-year-old after packing his things. Then, making sure his roommate was still asleep, Jude started climbing out the window before grabbing onto the vines growing against the side of the house. Thankfully, the vines were there, making sneaking out much easier for Jude. Once Jude was safely on the ground, standing straight up, Jude instantly ran for Jesus and hugged the six-teen-year-old. Jesus made the move and pulled Jude into a kiss, they kissed for a moment, and it was magical. Both boys felt like things were completed again and were ready for whatever.

Breaking the kiss, Jesus grins. "Welcome aboard; let's book it before they realize you're gone," Jesus explained as Jude nodded instantaneously.

"I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you, wherever possible." Jude finished as he smiled, putting his bookbag on his shoulder and grabbing Jesus's hand to hold it.

With that, both boys took off into the night. No real destination was planned; all that mattered was that they could be together now if they didn't get caught. Both boys were happier than ever as they got onto the next metro train and headed north of California. Neither of the boys thought once about the family they were leaving behind, and little did they know that same family would be worried sick about the both of them. But for now, they didn't worry about that. They only worried about getting as far away from the people who wanted to keep them apart…


Stef Foster-Adams gasped as she sat up from her slumber. Shaking a little, Stef looked at the clock on the end table beside the bed. It read 3:45 am. Looking over, Stef noticed her fiance Lena still sound asleep. Frowning, Stef debated whether she should wake Lena, for something profound in the pit of her stomach bothered her. Not fully knowing what it was, Stef let Lena sleep and got out of bed quietly. After going to the bathroom to splash her face with some cool water, Stef decided to check on all the kids.

First, Stef checked her eldest sons' room, Brandon, and he was asleep. Then, Stef checked Mariana and Callie's room. Both girls were still there, safe while soundless sleeping. Stef started to feel at ease, knowing all the kids were safe. So maybe it was a bad dream that Stef couldn't remember that bothered her. At least that's what she thought when she checked on her second son Jesus. But the thought left her mind when Stef opened the door to check and instantly noticed that Jesus wasn't in bed.

Being confused, Stef called his name several times to see if he would respond to her like Jesus usually did when he called for him. After the third call, though, Stef started to get worried. Instantly, Stef went and opened the bathroom door connected to Jesus's room to see if he was in there; sadly, the six-teen-year-old was not there. Usually, Stef didn't panic when one of her kids wasn't around, but she was starting to get there.

Not realizing she was rushing around the house, Stef searched every room she could imagine while yelling Jesus's name. Her yelling must've been louder than she realized, for Stef soon noticed that Lena was coming to her aid to help her calm down. Stef also noticed that the other kids were out of bed, wondering what was happening.

"Stef honey breath….breath…." Lena instructed as she tried to calm her fiance down. "...Count with me….one….two…three…." Lena continued and sighed in relief when she noticed Stef was counting with her and calming down. "...Very good; now, do you care to tell me what's got you so worked up this early?" Lena wondered; she, too, couldn't help but worry.

At first, Stef struggled to find her words, but thanks to her fiance helping her, Stef said with a hoarse voice as she tried not to cry, "...J-Jesus is….is missing….can't f-find him."

When those words came out of Stef's mouth, everyone reacted differently. Lena started trying to ask a bunch of questions; Callie and Brandon looked at one another in shock and confusion. Mariana was the worst, Marian was choosing not to believe Stef's words until she tried to find her twin brother self, but when she failed to find him, she started crying. Everything was no longer right in Adams-Foster's household. With two members gone, Jude and Jesus, things were falling apart. Callie stood and watched the family slowly break apart. Nodding to Brandon, she knew what they agreed about; they had to find Jude and Jesus before the adults did. Not sure how things would go, Callie grabbed Marian by the hand to drag her upstairs, so she and Brandon could tell Mariana their plan. Thankfully Marian agreed, and they knew that once the adults were out looking for Jesus and Jude, they would be too. Little did they know that Jesus and Jude went farther than any of them had ever ventured…..