Chapter 1 Jas

Wrote this in like two days. Eager to write more. I think this will be a multi-chapter series that will cover Lauren meeting different characters. If you're not sure who Jas, Muscles, and Sara are, I highly suggest reading AquaTurquoise's stories. She's an amazing writer and was kind enough to let me write about her OCs. Sara and Lauren are my characters, while Jas and Muscles are Aqua's. Other characters from the show itself belong to their respective owners. I hope you guys enjoy this series, it's going to be fluffy, sad, and heartwarming. A Wassilia gift for everyone! :D

Jas had been asked by Vega to help at the new orphanage that opened up in the Mystic Isles. He was happy to be given something to do while Muscles and the other pirates were away on a different part of the Isles. Jas needed a breather too, he felt a little anxious lately. Recently he started having odd dreams, all of which involved Sara.

Sofia had told Jas a lot of what she learned regarding the fallen Tainted Ten member, including her parentage, her upbringing, and even her lack of feeling both physically and emotionally. It was both liberating and depressing to know that she willingly gave up her life for his. Did she do it because she wanted to die, or had she done it to save everyone? It was anyone's guess. Jas liked to believe that Sara had done so out of the goodness of her heart. Even if she didn't have any feelings, what she did was noble. Compared to her so-called father, Sara was a hero.

In his dreams, he would see her standing by watching him. Whenever he called out to her, she never responded but simply stepped just a little closer. In all of his dreams, Sara would be another step closer. Something seemed to be different about her, her eyes weren't so blank. They held light in them. And there was even a hint of a smile. It was so tiny that it was hard to notice. But Jas noticed because she was a part of him. She would always be part of him now. In a way, she lived through him. He cherished his new life and the people he loved in it. Especially Muscles. Muscles were his rock through all the trauma and nightmares that followed shortly after his revival. His nightmares were all but gone now and he had gone to an amazing therapist about his experience.

The orphanage was nicely built. A large home with twelve windows on each side stacked in threes. Children played all around with their caregivers. Jas noticed a few couples come in to meet a few of the children.

A woman, probably in her early 40s approached him. She wore a blue dress with a stained white apron. Her dark black hair was all gathered up in a nicely tied bun with a few strands of hair poking out. She looked tired, as any mother would, but she smiled brightly seeing him. " Good afternoon, how may I help you?"

"Are you Mrs. Abblecruncher?" He inquired politely. When the woman nodded, he introduced himself, "I'm Jastin Butterford, Vega sent me to help out here."

At this, the woman beamed, "Wonderful! That's just what we need. If you would, like, Jas, could you go inside and help Tauny with the infants. You won't have to do any diaper changes or anything, but holding them would definitely help." She let out a sad sigh, lightly dusting some dirt off her apron, "Sadly, some of the babies that arrive had been severely neglected. It's amazing how the human touch can literally bring someone back to life."

Jas' heart dropped. He definitely understood. "Of course, I would be happy to help."

"Thank you so much, dear, we really appreciate it. If you need it we have some extra dresses, I would hate if your outfit got any baby food on it."

Jas just smiled, he didn't feel offended by the woman's assumption of his gender. He was used to it by now and she clearly had enough on her mind. Correcting her just felt a little rude on his part and in the end, it didn't matter if he was a man or woman since he was still going to serve the same purpose regardless. "No worries, these are surprisingly easy to clean off."

Mrs. Abblecruncher thanked him again and left. Jas walked into the building and froze. Immediately he felt a strange tug in his heart. It was as though something had hooked into his chest like a fishing lure and was now pulling him. A strange sense of familiarity overtook him and he followed it. Jas wasn't sure where he was going, the place was surprisingly bigger on the inside than it looked. Several doors lined the hallways; each a pine brown color with multiple drawings made by the children hung up proudly for display. Jas couldn't help but pause to admire their work; he found it cute. Pictures of dogs, cats, children, and their caregivers. It was clear that they were well taken care of here, which was good to know. Jas knew how bad some had it growing up, himself included.

He continued his journey until he heard a lovely lullaby being sung. It came from a slightly opened door. Peering in through the tiny gap he saw a nice older woman rocking a baby in her arms, surrounded by cribs. The tugging persisted and it was clear he was meant to go in. Adjusting his attire and taking in a deep breath, Jas politely knocked on the door as gently as possible so as to not startle any sleeping babies.

The woman, who possessed light blonde hair in a similar style to Mrs. Abblecrunch turned and softly called, "Come in."

Jas pushed hte door open, it glided inward in a silent swing. The woman smiled, "Can I help you?"

"Hi, I was sent by Vega to help. I was told by Mrs. Abblecrunch that you might need some extra help."

She looked relieved at this, "Yes, thank you so much. We're pretty much swamped with babies. I don't know why people are so eager to give them up."

Jas looked down, also feeling bad. The children weren't troublesome. From what he heard about Mrs. Abblecrunch she was a firm but loving caretaker. It seemed that it wasn't hard for the children to get adopted but babies required 24-hour care. "How can I help?"

"Well," she paused for a moment to stand, cradling the baby in her arms. "If you don't mind holding on to this little darling, I could get some laundry done. The others are asleep right now and have already been fed. But Lauren here is hard to figure out." She moved to him and Jas held out his arms on instinct. The pulling was at its strongest and as the woman placed the baby in his arms, he felt a sense of completion overtake him. Like a missing puzzle piece was finally found and put in its spot.

He looked down and gasped at the baby. She was so tiny with soft dark brown hair. When she opened her eyes they were magenta, but then she blinked and they turned brown as well.


The woman cocked her head, "No, we decided to call her Lauren. She's the one we're the most concerned with. I don't know why, but she doesn't want to eat, and she barely cries. I'm afraid she might not make it."

Jas' heart shattered into a thousand pieces, "Might not make it? What's wrong with her, is there anything we can do?"

The woman sighed, "We've had doctors treat her, but they say that her needs are different than the other children. I don't know if Mrs. Abblecrunch told you, but infants need physical contact. It helps them grow, but if they don't have that then they can die. Lauren here isn't responding to us. We've tried everything, even brought in a nursing woman to take care of her, but she still won't eat." The woman was beginning to cry. "I'm sorry, I should throw all this at you, it's just-I. I can't stand it sometimes..."

"You don't need to apologize, you obviously love these children. I'll do my best to help, but please don't blame yourself for anything."

She smiled weakly at him, "Thank you..." Gathering her wits she started to grab blankets and clothes that were hanging off the cribs, "I'll get started on the laundry. Please call me if you need anything, my name is Elizabeth."

"Sure thing, Elizabeth."

After Elizabeth left, Jas sat down in a rocking chair and cradled Lauren close, gently rocking her. He hummed a soft song his mother used to sing when he was a young boy. She was such a sweet, wonderful woman that he couldn't understand why she wound up married to his monster of a father.

Lauren stirred and opened her eyes to look up at him. They were still brown. Jas smiled, lightly caressing her cheek with his thumb, "Hi sweetheart." She continued to stare, Jas cooed at her. "You're so precious, do you know that, little one? Look at your little face, and your little nose, and your pretty brown eyes." How could anyone give up such a little angel? He didn't understand. Sure, perhaps her birth parents didn't have a choice, which was understandable. Maybe they couldn't take care of her and wanted to give her a better life.

Their tranquil moment was interrupted when Lauren started to cry. Her face turned beet red and she opened her toothless maw to release a shrill sound that had Jas panicking. He shushed her, trying to calm her down, but she refused to be shushed.

Elizabeth came running back in. Jas feared he had done something wrong and was about to explain what had happened, but was stunned silent by Elizabeth's teary-eyed smile, "She's actually crying. I can't believe it. Hold on let me get her bottle. "

"W-Wait is she crying because she's hungry, how can you tell?"

Elizabeth was already preparing a bottle. Thankfully the other infants weren't bothered. "When you work with babies, you have to listen to them. They'll tell you exactly what they need, even if it's not actual words. " She returns with a bottle and offers it to him, "Do you want to feed her?"

Jas blinked but took the bottle and listened to Elizabeth's instructions.

"Make sure you mind her head... Don't try and force her to eat, she'll do it by herself... Angle her bottle... Good work!"

Lauren was suckling the bottle dry as if starving. Jas could feel himself tearing up at the sight. She was a little greedy with her milk. Jas pulled the bottle away so she wouldn't choke and as a way to help teach her to slow down, "Sweetheart, it's not going anywhere, there's no need to drink it all at once." He brought the bottle back and Lauren drank slower this time.

Elizabeth smiled, "You're a natural. Thank you so much for helping us."

"My pleasure." As he turned to her, his eyes locked on the open door, where his husband, Muscles stood, looking at them in awe. Elizabeth looked to where he was staring and gave Muscles a polite nod, "Hello, sir, are you lost?"

"I'm just here looking for my husband." He said, never taking his eyes off Jas and Lauren. He smiled lovingly at them. They locked eyes and it was as if they were sharing the same thought together.

Jas sat the bottle down and patted Lauren's back, helping her burp. She soon fell asleep. It seemed that she was thriving under his care. He felt he didn't need to fear her dying. Muscles came over and kissed him then looked down at Lauren. The subject of children had been brought up a few times in the past, but it was really just wishful thinking until now. Jas wasn't sure if he was ready for such a big responsibility and Muscles felt the same. They both had difficult upbringings and weren't sure if adopting children would be the right choice or not.

However, Jas now knew he wanted this. More than anything he wanted to raise this little girl with Muscles. Looking into his husband's eyes and seeing the wonderful looks he was giving them, Jas knew Muscles felt the same way.

Muscles watched the baby snuggle closer to Jas and his heart swelled up with pure joy. "You think she wants to be our daughter?" He asked softly, putting his arm around Jas and hugging both him and the baby. Jas leaned into his warmth and nodded, "I think so. Or she wouldn't have come back." At Muscles' curious look Jas smiled and spoke only loud enough for them to hear, "I believe she's Sara's reincarnation. I think she came back to ours."

Muscles eyes grew misty and he kissed Lauren's head, "Well then, I guess we better make some arrangements." He smiled at Jas, "Let's bring out little girl home."