"Thanks for all your hard work today, I'll see you tomorrow Shion," Karan said giving her son a hug goodbye. "Oh and take this for Momo,'' she handed him a bag of dog treats. "Mom, you spoil him to much haha, he still hasn't finished the last ones you gave him'', Shion says as he puts on his coat. It looked like it was going to rain and he hoped he wouldn't get caught in it. "Ok then, give those to Inukashi. I'm sure the other dogs will appreciate my love hmmph," she says with a pout. Shion gives his mom a kiss on the cheek before making his leave, "Love you mom, I'll call you when I get home." She gives him a wave with a solemn smile, she hated that he had to go back to the slums. Karan had offered him a room in her apartment but her son was determined to stay in that place and she knew why. It was all for him, Shion hadn't given up hope after all these years, hope that he would return. Shion had never really explained the nature of their relationship to his mother, but she kind of knew what Nezumi meant to her boy. She couldn't help but hope with him that Nezumi would just show up sooner rather than later.

"Sighing, she locked up the store and headed up to her apartment. Lily, the girl she had taken in after the fall greeted her with a warm cup of coffee and some cake she had made. Lily was her apprentice of sorts and she wasn't half bad at baking, soon she could probably help out more with the shop. "You're back Aunt Karan, did Shion already leave", she said helping Karan settle down into her seat. "Yeah. He would have come up to say goodbye but he needed to hurry home, looks like a storm is on it's way." She was grateful for this, having someone to warm up the room, someone waiting for her. At the same time, she couldn't help but feel a bit sad knowing no one was waiting for her son in the place he had chosen to call home. "At least he has Momo", she thought to herself for some comfort.

"Shion, the hell are you doing here. Looks like a storm as coming, I hope you don't intend on swindling a free room from me", Inukashi scolded. "Haha, I wouldn't dare. I come bearing gifts,'' he says bringing out the treats from under his coat. Shion hands the bag to Inukashi, gives the dogs some head pats before he starts to leave. "Thanks, they love this. I would offer you an umbrella just in case it starts to rain but don't really have one,'' Inukashi says feeling a bit guilty for not being able to offer him anything in return. "No worries, If I run I think I can make it, see you." She tries to stop him, feeling guilty sending him out in the rain but he was already dashing away.

"Shion was almost halfway there when it started raining. It was coming down hard and he would be soaking wet by the time he got there. He pushed on since it wasn't really safe to stop for shelter in this place and he had to get home to Momo who was probably worried about him by now. He finally made it home, but instead of relief he felt a pang of anxiety. The door was ajar, had he left it open? No, he would never be that careless. He could hear foot steps coming from inside. Where was Momo. Shion was starting to panic, was this a break-in, did the intruder do something to Momo. Then a familiar smell embraced him, a soup he hadn't had in the longest time. He dared not hope. Could it be, after all these years was he-

"Emotions swelling, Shion opened the door. Strength was leaving his body and it felt as if he was in a vacuum, as if the wind had been knocked right out of him. Nezumi was standing there, making Macbeth soup. His hair was longer, he had been growing it out for these last 4 years. Other than that, he looked as he did on that day. Shion had never forgotten how beautiful this man was, but seeing him again in the flesh was overwhelming. "Oh hey, you're back. I'm making Macbeth soup, it should be-," Shion was embracing him before he could finish. "I think that's my line,'' Shion said half laughing trying his best not to cry. "It's you, you're really here. I'm not dreaming again am I, when did you- I thought I would never see you again,'' Shion barraged him with questions as tears continued to well and eventually flood out. "Hey, slow down. I just got back. I'm not going anywhere so loosen your grip will you,'' Nezumi said trying to console him. "I don't believe you. I feel like if I do, you'll disappear again, like I'll be forced to wake up from this dream...,'' Shion said while still holding him ever so tightly. He felt like he needed to hold on and never let go, not again. Nezumi cupped Shion's face gently, "Hey, look at me, I'm really here, I'm back. I have so much I need to say, so much I need to apologize for, but first, let's get you out off these clothes before we both catch a cold, okay''. Nezumi wanted to kiss him right there and then but he didn't think he had a right considering how they had, or rather how he had left everything off.