So I've seen a fair bit of Harry Potter characters read the books, and fem! Harry read the books but none quite like this.

Basically, Hazel (fem! harry) is a Ravenclaw and part of an anonymous group known for their epic pranks ( i need help with group and individual nicknames) along with Fred, George, Hermione, Luna and Neville. They are also going to be animagus like the original marauders (Need help with animal forms for Hermione, Luna and Neville! But still want your suggestions for the other tre!). Very AU as you probably can tell. Oh, and I need help with coming up with passwords for the new marauder's Maps they are going to make. This version is going to have multiple passwords for different magical places like the ministry of magic, Hogwarts and the forbidden forest. Every group member is going to have their own map. What do you think and should they have personal passwords? Like not mager different but with their code names in the passcode or something?


This is my first fic and I don't have a Beata so if you spot a mistake or know a Beta that can help me don't be shy and TELL ME! PLEASE! I'm here to improve my writing but I can't do that if you don't tell me what to improve! Another thing to add is that I'm Norwegian and my grammar ain't gonna be perfect.

Now, rant over. Time for the story!

Prologue: A very merry read

Hazel was sitting in the Ravenclaw common room with the other members of their little group studying for their annual Christmas prank on Christmas eve. Even though the majority of the group was griffendores they NEVER studied in the griffendore common room because 1) the griffendore common room was almost always loud and 2) the Ravenclaw common room has its own library. Then all of a sudden they were surrounded by a bright, golden light.

Once Hazel opened her eyes she was in a white, circular room with light grey couches and beanbags positioned around a circular, marble, coffee table. Around her the other members, all the heads of houses, the Weasleys (even those who have graduated), Remus, Sirius, Amelia Bones, madam Pomfrey and Blaise Zabini. In the middle of the table sat A stack of books looking oh, so, innocent. On top of the book was a little piece of parchment.

"Where am I?"

Hazel felt like facepalming. If the idiot just open his goddam eyes he'd know that they are in the dark just as much as him!

"Ronald we have the same amount of knowledge as you about this situation, which means none."

Thank Merlin Hermione is here! I don't think I can handle the pure stupidity that is Ronald Weasley all alone!

" what? Miss. Know-it-all doesn't know something?"

The idiot couldn't keep his mouth shut for a second to save his life, could he?

"Well, I think reading those books will help us understand what happened."

"My thoughts exactly, Mione."

I smiled at my best friend and went over to the books and picked up the little piece of parchment and read it out loud.

" Hey, guys!

So, we decided to send you these books 'cause like it or not a war is coming, and when it comes it's better to be prepared. We send you these books in A hope that reading them can bring you closer. Having connections like these is what can help get you through the war alive. Good luck!

TRL-Z, WAZ, MAW , VFN, AFW, CHW and MLJ (OC's for next-gen)

PS: when you are done reading these books you can choose whether you want to read books depicting what happens in what would have been your future.

PSS: only 2-3 of us are Weasley's

"Right, who will read first?"

"I will"

Professor McGonagall picked up the book labelled 'Hazel Potter and the philosopher's stone' and read out the chapter title.

" The girl who lived"