Welcome one, and welcome all to my new story, In the coils of the serpent. This story is gonna be dark, but not in an edgy way of the dark. It's going to feature an abused child, a toxic relationship, and a controlling manipulating sociopath.

This story is starting out in year two, and I'm doing something I've only, personally, seen done a few times. So I do hope you all enjoy it.

On with the show!

Harry Potter, Hospital Wing, Hogwarts 1993.

Harry Potter awakens to the world in a blur and with a pounding headache, he groans a bit as he tries to sit up before a wave of vertigo hits him before he lays back down while his stomach flip-flopped around, he knows where he is by the smell of potions and sterile bedsheets, but for the life of him, he could not remember how he got here. His last clear memory was heading through the vault-like door into the Chamber of Secrets and seeing Ginny on the floor ahead of him, and then, and then…

Nothing, he had woken up in the hospital wing with no memories of what had happened and a headache to end all headaches. As Harry lies on his bed, trying to not to puke up his guts up as it feels like something was squirming in his guts as well as his head, he hears the door open to the wing and quiet voices begin to talk.

"As I told you, Lucius, the board saw fit to reinstate me after the young Miss Weasley was taken, some even claimed that you had threatened them," the wizened and elderly voice of the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore says.

"That doesn't answer my other questions Dumbledore," The voice of Lucius Malfoy rings sharply throughout the Hospital wing, "Was the culprit Behind these attacks caught or not?" Mr. Malfoy says as Harry hears the loud crack of a cane striking stone that says a wave of pain through Harry's head and, in turn, makes his stomach roll with nausea.

"I would advise you, Lucius, to keep your voice down while in the Hospital Wing," Dumbledore says in a low, but hard voice, "But to answer your questions, No, the culprit has escaped again, it seems, but thankfully, no one had to lose their life this time around," Dumbledore says softly.

"So, you know who did it then?" Mr. Malfoy asks, "Well, out with it, to whom do we have to punish for the transgressions?" he asks swiftly with an edge of excitement in his voice.

"The same person who was behind it fifty years ago," The Headmaster says, in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, "The Dark Lady Voldemort,"

"Don't be preposterous, Dumbledore," Mr. Malfoy snaps angrily before Harry hears the door to the end of the hall open and quickly tries to hide under his covers, "The Dark Lady is dead, which one of the brats did it, I'll make sure everyone knows what happens to those who try to attack the young wizards and witches in these sacred halls," Mr. Malfoy says more forcefully to the Headmaster, but the Headmaster doesn't answer him, "Do not play the fool with me old-" but as Malfoy's voice grows louder so does the footsteps coming from the end of the hall before all sound from the elder Malfoy is cut off.

"Ah, Poppy, I do believe you remember Mr. Malfoy from when he was younger," says the voice of the Headmaster.

"I do I believe I do, Albus," the voice of the stern matron of the Hospital Wing says, "and it seems to me, he still didn't learn his listen last time he was in here," Madam Pomfrey says, in a low angry voice, Harry hears the door before something heavy hits the opposite outside the wing, before the door closes, "Maybe that will teach the ass not to yell in my wing when children are asleep," Madam Pomfrey says before muttering under her breath something made the Headmaster chuckle.

"He'll be asking for your resignation for that, Poppy, on behalf of the board, of course," He hears Dumbledore say in a quiet voice.

"Good," Madam Pomfrey says, "I'll tell him to blow it out of his ar-" she begins to say, but it was at this time Harry's stomach decides that it was far better off being empty and forces his body to do just that all over the floor. It took another half hour and a few potions before Madam Pomfrey even allowed the Headmaster within ten feet of Harry, Let alone ask him any of the questions that were dancing in his eyes that Harry could see.

"You have a few minutes before I get back with another round of potions for Mister Potter, Albus, you WILL make your questions short," Madam Pomfrey tells the Headmaster who just nods politely to the mistress of the domain he stands in, "He's running a fever, I need to get a cooling draught from Severus, if he starts becoming delirious don't be surprised and use the freezing spell on him, it means his temperature is spiking," Madam Pomfrey says quickly before turning to leave.

"Do you have any idea what is causing this, Poppy?" The Headmaster asks at the retreating form of the school nurse who stops and turns back to Dumbledore, lips pressed in a thin line.

"No," Madam Pomfrey says with a shake of her head, "His body is reacting as if was trying to fight off something, like a cold or the flu, but he doesn't have any of the symptoms of either of them, but other then that, I have no clue what's going on with the boy," she says before she continues onto her office as the Headmaster conjures up a chair with a wave of his wand before taking a seat and slipping Harry's glasses back on his face.

"Harry," The Headmaster says, "I need to know what happened in the Chamber of Secrets when you went down there," He says this in a calm but serious voice, and Harry can barely keep his eyes open as he looks into the eyes of the Headmaster, even sweating from every pore on his boy, Harry shivers like he was outside of Hogwarts in the dead of winter naked.

"I-I-I d-d-don't re-remember, Sir," Harry tells him, and the Headmaster frowns deeply.

Harry ends up bedridden for the remainder of the week, his temperature spiking and dipping at random intervals, he was in and out of consciousness for a while. he remembers Ron and his parents sitting next to him, then Ginny late one night, the quidditch team, a girl with blue eyes and brown hair, then Hermione and Ron. Then before long his fever finally went away and he woke up one morning with no headache, no pain, no fever and he didn't feel nauseous anymore. Madam Pomfrey was flummoxed by it, but after running numerous tests and scans, she found him over his sickness but kept him for a few more days just to be safe.

In that time he had learned a few things, after Harry hadn't come back in an hour, Ron had climbed back up the pipe to find that the Headmaster had returned with the Auror forces and had led them back to the entrance that was still open. They pulled Lockheart out of the bottom of the pipe before breaching the Chamber only to find a dead basilisk, and Ginny and him unconscious. Both Harry and Ginny had no memory of what happened, but Ginny was missing whole chucks of the year, which combined with a few magical scans had found that Ginny was being controlled by someone for a good portion of the year, all they got were more questions than answers in the end. Dumbledore had announced to the school the threat was over, and that the end-of-year exam for first, second, third, fourth, and sixth years was canceled along with that all victims would be receiving a private tutor over the holidays to help them catch up with their year.

Harry hadn't tried to ask the Headmaster to stay somewhere else this year, He already knew the answer. He had told Harry that he had talked with the Dursleys and that what had happened last year wouldn't happen again, Harry personally doubted it, The Dursleys would never stop until he left for good, just five more years…

The rest of the year passed in a flash of classes and headaches for Harry, it seemed like several times a day, always when Harry was alone or about to go to sleep, he would get the worst headaches or migraines, or whatever you would call them, they hurt to the point of passing out but never tipping over that edge, to the point of his stomach would twist but he could never throw up. It wasn't fun, but they thankfully never lasted longer than five minutes, and he refused to go back to Madam Pomfrey on the basis of not wanting to piss the Stern Matron off any more than he normally did with his visits.

And before Harry knew it, he was on the train back to London, Back to the Dursleys. Harry was quiet on the ride back to London, he always was, but unlike before Hermione and Ron would look at him with concern every hour or so because now they both knew how the Dursleys treated him. Ron had seen when he had come and broken out last summer, and Hermione had confronted him about halfway through October, she had begged him to go to McGonagall or Dumbledore, but Harry had told her he wouldn't. Telling anyone about what happens in number four Privet Drive has never helped, he had done it twice before once when he was seven and again when he was nine, he would never make that mistake again because, in the end, no one would help him. He had lost hope of ever escaping the Dursleys, he had bought into everything they had said about him once upon a time, until, ...until…

"You're a wizard, Mister Potter," The woman in the navy and cranberry coat tells him, a smirk on her lips and mischief in her hazel eyes, as she hands him an envelope sealed with a purple wax insignia with a large H on it.

Until that night in the hut, when She had first showed up. Harry would shake the memories of Olivia Twist from his mind as the Hogwarts Express pulled into Kings Cross station, he didn't need to think of her right before going off to stay with the Dursleys, Nothing connected to Olivia Twist could ever be happy to Harry ever again; It was tainted by the truth of who she was all along.

"Come on Dodger, I'm not all that bad," Professor Twist had said with a smirk, standing in front of the Mirror looking for the red stone that now rested in Harry's pocket.

Number Four Privet Drive, 12:30 Am

Screams. They echoed throughout Privet Drive, they were always screaming at him, when he was younger he never knew why.

Freak! Worthless! Waste of space! You're just like your parents! Useless!

Now Harry knew why, he knew why they hated him, he knew they would never love him, and he wished he could go back to being ignorant to it all again; it was easier then.

"Was that back talk, boy!?" Vernon roared as he raised an open hand to smack the small, thin, and frail boy who had asked why he had to do all the chores.

Harry hated this house, Harry hated the cupboard he found himself in, he hated the people who lived in the house, and he hated how safe he felt in the cupboard.

His Aunt raps sharply on the cupboard door, her shrill voice shrieking at him, "Up! Get up Freak! It's time for you to cook breakfast, and I don't want a single thing burnt!" she yells at him while his stomach growls from not being fed the day before.

Harry wanted nothing more than to leave, to get any from them, from the heavy hands and sharp words.

"I'm sorry, Harry," The headmaster says, "But you must go back to renew your mother's protection," He said it with sad eyes, and a straight face.

He had once had hope that someone, that anyone would take him away from here; But no one ever did.

"What do you say, Dodger?" Professor Twist says as she kneels a few feet away in front of Harry, one hand extended, "Me, you, and that stone in your pocket can leave tonight, and you'll never have to go back," Her smile reaches her eyes as she looks into his, "I promise,"

He had rejected her offer, and in the end, destroyed the body she was possessing, burning his own palms in the process; the scars couldn't be removed or healed by Madam Pomfrey, Cursed Scars she had called them, like the one on his forehead and both from Her.

Thump, Thump, Thump.

"My oh My, this is what you dream of?" a voice says, it was a low and soft female voice, vastly different from the high-pitched shrieking of his Aunt Petunia, "How…pathetic," it says before letting out a low chuckle and the thumps on the steps above Harry continue down the stairs and into the hall.

"Though I do find it amusing that the old goat hasn't stopped with the whole "sending children back to places they would rather not be" shtick he does," the voice says as Harry shivers from inside the cupboard, "It's not London during the Blitz with all the screaming masses, but still, it's the point that matters I suppose," the voice says as the footsteps stop right outside the cupboard door, "and look at this, the door isn't even locked, you're just too scared to leave it," the voice says before laughing loudly at Harry as he hears the cupboard door opening.

The cupboard door cracks open letting in a line of light into the dark cupboard, emerald green eyes shine in the dark, they belong to a child of eight or nine but look the size of a six-year-old. The boy in the cupboard, wrapped in a dark leather jacket like it was armor against the horrors that lay beyond the door, flinches back when he sees a blue eye peek through the crack of the door.

"Well, hello~ Harry Potter," the voice says in a sing-song voice, "Out of all the places I thought you would dream of I admit a cupboard under the stairs wasn't even on the list," the voice says before it chuckles and pulls the cupboard door open to reveal a girl kneeling before it. She was pretty with long dark black hair like ink that fell like a sheet on her back, skin as pale as the light of the full moon, and intelligent piercing blue eyes set above sharp cheekbones. Her full plump red lips bend in a smirk showing off perfectly straight and white teeth that lay like knives just beneath them. She was dressed in robes that seemed a size or two too big that swallowed her up in the black silk-like material, under which she wore a Hogwarts uniform that seemed to be in an older style with a green and silver bowtie instead of the standard tie.

"Come on out, Harry Potter," she tells him, though it sounded more like an order to him, "We have such things to discuss, you and I," she says it with a smile, but still the boy doesn't move, only shivers at the thought of what waits for him outside of his cupboard, "Harry," the girl says in a stern voice edging on eager violence, "I don't like asking twice," she warns him, but the small child only curls up further into a ball, wanting her to go away and for the screaming to stop.

"Fine," the girl says, "The hard way it is," with a grin never leaving her face she moves, as swiftly and as fast as a striking serpent she shoots into the cupboard under the stairs grabbing at the boy, he tries to kick and crawl away, to fight her off but her grip is too strong as her hands latch around his thin legs before she drags him out of his cupboard, swinging and tossing him with as much force as she could muster into the sitting room. As the boy hits and ground and rolls, he's no longer a boy, but a young preteen on the verge of manhood.

"I said, I dislike asking twice, Harry Potter, and we have much to speak of," she growls softly out as she advances on the young man.

"W-who are y-you!?" the young man says as he crawls back on his arms away from the girl stalking towards him.

The girl chuckles, "If I was any other girl I'd be wounded that a pretty boy like you didn't remember little old me," the girl says with a pout and playful tone, her robes flaring out behind her as she stalks up to the boy, her long legs covering more ground then he could crawl, "But luckily for you, not remembering is exactly what I wanted," She says with a cruel smile as she stands over the young man, as he tries to stand up she lashes out, kicking him in the chest and pushing him back down to the ground. The scene flickers around the boy, the sitting room is replaced by a stone chamber, he could smell the stagnant water, feel the damp floor beneath him, and the girl standing over him with his own wand pointed at his head, before the next moment it's gone and the wandless girl tilts her head.

"Now, now, Harry, no need to get up just yet, you may as well remain comfortable for our long night of talking," The girl says, looking down at the boy she has pinned with her foot, "But alas, I do believe introductions are in order, well, Reintroductions that is," the girl says with a coy smile before lifting her hand, and in an elegant script writes out what Harry assumes to be her name, "I am Tamsyn Marvolo Riddle," it burned in bright green witchlight, and Harry feels as if he had heard that name before.

"As my lovely little witch-light says, Harry, my name is Tamsyn," she says as she bends over at her waist to look more closely at Harry, "And I must say, it's an absolute Pleasure meeting you again," Tamsyn smile is all teeth as she finishes.

"A-again?" Harry stammers out before trying to push himself up, only for the girl to step down harder.

"Come on, Pretty Boy, do keep up," She, Tamsyn says with a mocking smile, "We've met once before even if you don't quite recall it," she says as she looks down on Harry.

"W-where? And how did you get into the Dursleys' house?" Harry asks flinching at the pain of her heel keeping him pinned.

Tamsyn tilts her head, her eyes narrow, but her smile never leaves her face, "We met in the Chamber of Secrets, and how I got past the blood ward wrapped around the house is quite simple, Pretty Boy," her smile grows bigger as Harry's eyes widen, "I rode in on my very own Harry shaped Trojan Horse," she says as she steps off Harry and turns around to walk away as her robe swings out and floats behind her as she walks before turning back around to look at Harry, stopping next to her name burning in witch-light.

"We meet in the Chamber because you came to stop me, because I am the Heir of Slytherin, but I think you would know me by another name," Tamsyn says before waving her hand over the burning witch-light and the letters begin to rearrange themselves and to Harry's growing horror he knew what it was going to say before it was even done.



Lady Voldemort.

"No," Harry says, pushing himself away from the girl, "You can't be Her," He says through gritted teeth as he climbs back to his feet as the interior of Number Four Privet Drive begins to flicker and change, first into the defense classroom with Harry standing a few feet away from Olivia Twist, smiling up at her, then to the Catacombs beneath the school as he and the same teacher was standing in front of the Mirror that shows one their deepest desire, but Harry wasn't smiling there he looked to be crying, and the tainted memories begin to play in his mind again.

"Come on, Dodger," Professor Twist says after she had found Harry wandering around in the third-floor corridor by accident, "If you don't want to eat at the feast that's fine, we can have dinner in my office and talk about things NOT related to Halloween," she smiles down fondly at the boy.

"No, no, Dodger," she tells him before walking up behind him and adjusting his arm, "Like this, with your elbow out, gives you a better range of movement for casting your next spell," Professor Twist says, showing him by moving his arm in a circle.

"I'm sorry Dodger," Profe- No, Voldemort says, a mournful tone to her voice, "But I can't let anyone stand in my way, not even you," as the woman who killed his parents aims her wand at him.

"Interesting," Tamsyn says in a whisper, "We were fond of you," she states as she takes a few steps forward as Harry shakes his head.

"No," he says, he denies, "This is some stupid dream, a-a-a Nightmare, all I need to do is wake up!" Harry says as he shuts his eyes, willing himself to open his eyes outside the dream, and he feels himself about to break the surface of his dream to escape this nightmare.

Just before someone wraps their hands around his throat and slams him against a stone wall that wasn't there a moment ago.

"Ah, ah, ah, none of that now, Pretty Boy," Tamsyn says in a whisper, as Harry's eyes shoot open to see her malicious smile her eyes bright with a joy as she chokes him, "You're here with me now, and I want answers, I didn't sacrifice my Basilisk to switch vessels just so you could leave whenever you want, I didn't spend the last weeks in silence to avoid the old goat just to have you think you can tune me out!" She turns and throws Harry to the cold damp ground in the underground Chamber, as Harry coughs and wheezes on the ground, trying to draw in the air that he was denied, she flips him over.

She sits down on his chest before Harry starts to fight back, trying to get her off him, struggling, flailing, and punching. But all she does is laugh in that cold high pitched tone before she can grab his arms and pin them to the ground with a growl

"It seems the pretty kitty has claws," she says with a smile, "As much as I do like it when people struggle in futility against me, I'm afraid we don't have time for that," she says as she scoots up to put her knees on Harry's arms, in an odd moment Harry feels something coming from himself but wasn't himself as, so odd feeling that causes his stomach to tighten and an odd sensation to spread between his legs as Tamsyn looks down on him with a poisonous glee; she was enjoying having him under her.

"What the fuck do you want!?" Harry yells out in fear, anger, and desperation.

"As I said Pretty Kitty answers," Tamsyn says with a smile, "How did you survive us that night? Does it have to do with the protection that's wrapped around you? Why did we train you? Why were we fond of you?" she asks in rapid succession, "I have so many things to ask and you're going to tell me {everything} you know!" she says as sits on his chest, "Or we get to have some Fun!" she says, not ever nothing hiding the glee in her voice as she brings her hands back around Harry's throat and begins to squeeze as her eyes flicker between blue and scarlet, "So, purr for me pretty kitty and tell me all your secrets,"

He had a piece of Voldemort in his head, or at least that's what she called herself, a "Shard of the greater whole", and he had one in his head before she had even shown up. When he had gotten into the Chamber she was already there, waiting for him, apparently, after he had owned a Dairy she was originally in, she had realized what he was. Her original plan was to use Ginny and restore herself to full power before fleeing, but after meeting him and hearing everything Ginny had told her about him, her plan had evolved. She switched vessels, from the dairy to him, and was going to do some magical technique called Subsumation to eat his soul and take him over but to her never-ending complaining about it, he was protected.

She couldn't hurt him in any permanent way, she couldn't even get to the other shard of Voldemort in his head because it was also wrapped up in the protection of his mother's sacrifice. She wanted answers to her questions but Harry didn't have any unless Tamsyn asked about Professor Twist, and then she learned just how stubborn Harry could be.

"Just show me, Damnit!" Tamsyn screamed in his face, Harry could feel her nails digging into his cheeks but still, his eyes remained firmly shut. Tamsyn screams in frustration before tossing him aside like rubbish, he slams against the end table in the Dursley's sitting room "Why can't you be a good little Kitty and obey me," she growls out.

Harry picks himself off the floor shaking from head to toe, he could feel her rage bleeding into him, "You've never owned a cat before have you?" Harry says spitefully as he picks himself up off the ground, "They don't listen very well, so I'm not showing you any-{ack}" Harry's words are quickly cut off by Tamsyn as swiftly kicks him in the ribs.

"You should keep in mind, My pretty kitty," Tamsyn says with a hiss, "That I may not be able to Harm you permanently but I can control what you feel in here, and I can make your dreams very, very unpleasant," she says as she looks down at him with anger burning in her guts.

Harry was able to get a "Fuck you," out before she went back to kicking him.

The upside to having a teenage Dark Lady in his subconscious was that his nightmares of being back in the cupboard had stopped, the downside was Tamsyn wasn't the best thing to have controlling his dreams. Harry had heard about how Voldemort liked to torture people and a reason why she was so feared was because of how good she was at it, but Tamsyn lacked the decades of experience her older counterpart had, but what she lacked in experience she more than made up for it in creativity and enthusiasm.

"Ruuun, little kitty, ruuuuun," came Tamsyn's mocking tone from behind him as she chased him throughout Hogwarts, as Harry ran, she would saunter at a slow pace not too far behind Harry as his heart beat rapidly in his ears. He takes the corner down the charms hall hoping to make it to the grand stairway to get out of Hogwarts and away from Tamsyn, but she waits around the corner for him, the smile on her face could almost be described as loving.

"There's my pretty kitty Harry, come here boy, it's time to play~," Tamsyn says mockingly as she stalks slowly towards him, the smile never leaving her face. Harry skids to a stop and turns around to run back down the hall but before he could even finish turning he feels Tamsyn grab a fist full of his hair and drags him back to her.

"Now, now, my pretty kitty," Tamsyn whispers into his ear as she drags Harry back, "Where do you think you're going?" Harry could hear the sadistic glee at what was to come.

"Come now, my pretty kitty, do we really need to continue to do this?" Tamsyn asks, her smile never leaving her blood-spotted face, "All you have to do is tell me what I want to know, to let me in, to listen. To. Me. When I tell you to do something," She says as she paces back and forth in front of Harry's desk, her hands behind her back and the hammer bobbing up and down as she walks.

They were in a recreation of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Tamsyn's favorite spot to torment and torture him in his dreams, she liked to replay the bits of his memories she had seen of Professor Twist for him as she does for some sick reason.

Harry was currently sitting at his old desk in the class, right at the front, because he wanted to be a good student for once for the teacher who had saved him from the Dursleys. But unlike last time, his teeth were clenched shut in pain, Tamsyn had nailed his arms to the desktop, from his elbow to his wrist, four nails in each arm.

"F-fuck y-you," Harry growls out as he glares at the girl who could be no older than fifteen.


The hammer strikes one of the nails and Harry screams out, and for once, hopes he wakes the Dursleys from their slumber so they can wake him up from this.

"Such a foul mouth my pretty little kitty has," Tamsyn says before pressing the bloody Hammer to his lips, Harry could practically taste the copper flavor of his own blood, "Maybe I should break your jaw to teach you not to curse in a woman's presence," she says, her smile was bloodthirsty, but in the end pulls the hammer from his lips. Tamsyn continues to smile down at him, her eyes flickering between blue and scarlet, Harry could feel her enjoyment from this, she was having the time of her life torturing him.

"Well, pretty kitty, are we going to be a good pet yet?" Tamsyn asks, "I promise if you be a good boy and do everything I tell you to do, you'll get some treats, possibly even rewards," she says and her words are like fine silk or Ambrosia honey as she sits on the edge of the desk and pulling Harry's head back by his hair to make him look her in the eyes.

"C-coming fr-from a sh-shard that g-g-got her-herself s-stuck with a half th-thought out p-plan," Harry Points out, and watches Tamsyn's face twist into anger and rage as he points out her failure, "I t-think I'm g-good," Harry says as he smiles a bloody smile up to her as Tamsyn lets out a scream and brings the hammer down on his head, once, twice, thri-

Harry Potter wakes from his sleep with a gasp, before he feels his arms spasm in phantom pain from where Tamsyn hammered in the nails in his arms, a headache troubling where she had struck with the hammer, and her own anger boiling in the back of his mind like a hot buzzing. Soon the pain faded, as did the headache, but the anger remained.

Knock, knock, knock "Up! I said up, boy! I have a list of chores for you to do today after you cook breakfast, so up!" Aunt Petunia says on the other side of the door before she starts to unlock the door from the other side.

It was only the third day of his summer vacation.

Between the Dursleys during the day and Tamsyn when he was asleep, Harry didn't know how he was going to survive the summer. He was worked and treated like Doddy during the day by the Dursleys, the constant yelling, the belittling, the name-calling, and at night Tamsyn was there with new and creative ways to torture him with all the sadistic glee a fifteen-year-old psychopath could have on someone.

He tried to write to Ron and Hermione, to Dumbledore even, but every time he tried it felt like something was gripping his hand stopping him as he felt amusement in the back of his mind and a sense of glee about stopping him. After the third attempt on the fifth day, Harry realized he was alone in this, he would have to wait it out until he got back to Hogwarts to get help.

Harry tried to stay awake next, he had gotten to two days of no sleep before his chores started to get sloppy and Aunt Petunia started to throw things at him again, and Uncle Vernon started smacking him for messing anything up. Then the waking nightmares started, flashes of Tamsyn in number four, smiling at him, lounging at him, grabbing him. He had knocked over a vase because of her and Aunt Petunia was livid with him, he didn't eat for two days after that and wasn't even allowed to leave his room to use the restroom.

On the morning of the fourth day when Aunt Petunia rapped on his door to wake him up, he was still awake from pure stubborn willpower sitting in the chair at his desk, watching Tamsyn pace in front of him like some hungry tiger in a cage, just waiting. She would flicker in and out of existence like a phantom or a ghost, but the smile never left her face. Harry stands and takes a single step before he collapses, he was exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically, but still, he fought against closing his eyes, he didn't want to sleep because she was waiting for him.

He doesn't remember how long he lay on the ground fighting to keep his eyes open, but he does remember hearing his Aunt Snapping at him from beyond the door before coming into the room a few minutes later to find him on the floor, though Harry could on see her feet he sees her walk to him, passing right through Tamsyn to check on him. She presses her fingers to his neck before sighing and leaving the room and soon enough Harry fails to fight off sleep any longer.

They were back in the defense classroom, Harry was back in his seat with Tamsyn sitting next to him, and Professor Twist was walking back and forth in front of the blackboard giving a lecture on the difference between Hexes, Jinxes, and Curses. Oddly enough Tamsyn was quiet for a long while watching the memory play out, every now and then Professor Twist would stop and ask a question to the class of faceless students that they found themselves in, more often than not she would ask Harry the question and when he gave the correct answer she would smile softly at him.

"Why do you let them treat you like that?" Tamsyn asks softly, not looking away from the front of the class.

"Who?" Harry asks, looking over at her, she had a thoughtful look on her face as she watched the scene in front of her play out.

"Who else?" Tamsyn says with a roll of her eyes, "The muggles, they treat you like some kind of slave, a lapdog they barely put up with, like a freak," she says, finally looking away from the front of the class just in time to see Harry flinch from the word.

"They're my family," Harry mutters weakly in the Dursley's defense, looking down at the desktop.

"Family isn't all that it's cracked up to be, pretty kitty," Tamsyn says in a flat tone, very different from her normal manic voice.

"Well, they're all I have left thanks to you," Harry spits at her, Tamsyn makes a noise halfway between a snort and agreeing with him before she stands up and walks around to the front of his desk, looking down at him with probing eyes.

"I can teach you how to hurt them back," Tamsyn says in a whisper, "I can show you how to control them, make them do what you want them to do," her cruel smile is back again, "They'll never hurt you again, I promise," she says.

"No," Harry says without hesitation looking Tamsyn in the eyes, she tilts her head in a confused way, shock and questions blooming in her eyes as she looks down at him.

"Why not?" Tamsyn asks, "It's what they deserve, Harry, they hurt you, so you hurt them until they learn not to hurt you again," she says shaking her head, seemingly confused why Harry didn't get what she sees as a pretty basic concept.

"I don't want to hurt them, I don't want revenge," Harry says as he looks down at the desktop, "I just want them to leave me alone," he whispers.

"It isn't vengeance, Harry," Tamsyn says, but still Harry doesn't look up, "It's retribution," Harry feels a delicate hand lift his chin up to look Tamsyn back in the eye, "And Retribution is the justice we take for ourselves because no one is going to give it to us, Harry," She says and Harry can't help but to look into her eyes and reflected back into his he sees a deep pain in them. The same look Harry sees in the mirror when he looks into his own eyes, her words were like steel, like an undeniable truth about the world that he himself hadn't figured out and on some level, he knew she was right. He would never get justice for the childhood rob from him, not from the Dursleys, not from Voldemort, not from anyone unless he took it for himself.

But still, Harry pulls his head her hold looking away from the memory of Professor Twist and from Tamsyn, "No," he says softly, "I don't want to be like that, I just want to get away from them, I want to be left alone," Harry tells Tamsyn, to which she sighs.

"And there, is where we have our current problem my pretty kitty," Tamsyn says, her mocking tone returning in full, "You're no longer alone anymore and I will not let you continue to make these foolish choices, for the very least, my sake," she says as she reaches behind her back and pulling out a long, thin, blade before stabbing it into the table, "But just like there are more than one way to skin a pretty kitty," she says softly before leaning in to whisper into his ear as Harry shivers in fear, "There are quite a few ways to make you listen to me," and just like that Tamsyn's cruel smile had returned to her face.

Tamsyn did indeed learn a few new ways to skin her pretty kitty, but still, Harry refused to listen to her.

Harry had fallen into a routine, he would stay awake for two days before falling asleep for a short time to avoid the crazy girl now wreaking havoc in his dreams, was it working? Yes. Was it working well? No. Harry had never felt worse in his life, with so little to eat during the summer combined with the stress that Tamsyn caused him and how little sleep he had gotten, Harry was surprised he lasted the month without a burst of accidental magic. But that had ended when (Aunt) Marge and her dog Ripper had come to stay for two weeks, he had gotten the news a few days before his birthday, not that the Dursleys had cared much about that and if he wanted his permission slip signed by either his Aunt or Uncle he was to be on his best behavior. Despite it all, Tamsyn, the Dursley, (Aunt) Marge, and her stupid dog, Harry had almost gotten through those two weeks without a single incident.

Until the night before Marge was to leave, Uncle Vernon had brought out his good brandy and Marge was deep into her cups before she started on Harry, or more specifically, Harry's parents as he was washing the dishes in the same room.

"If there is something wrong with the bitch, there will be something wrong with the pup," Marge said, face flushed red from the four tall glasses of brandy that she had consumed, "Isn't that right, Boy?" the overblown land whale asked.

Harry had tried to ignore her and continue washing the dishes while gritting his teeth, until she jabbed him hard in the side with her cane making him drop the cup he was washing. It shatters in the sink, causing Harry's breath to come out short and shallow as his hands start to shake; in panic or anger, Harry couldn't tell. He could feel Tamsyn's curiosity peak in the back of his mind as she started to pay attention to what was happening beyond Harry's mind.

Marge scuffs, "Not look what you've done, boy," she snipes at him, "Have some respect for things that don't belong to you," Marge says before wacking the back of Harry's knee, making him buckle, "Little ill-bred brat, no offense meant to you Petunia, but that sister of yours was nothing more than a waste of skin, her and that junky of a husba-" Marge begins to say, but Harry had heard enough, he heard enough of that growing up with the Dursleys and he wasn't going to let anyone else talk about his parents like that.

"Shut up!" Harry yells, his anger, rage, and stress fueling his magic as he clenches his eyes shut, he hears the shattering of glass as he stands back up, gripping the edge of the sink. He tries to force the anger away, trying with all his might to bury it but he can't, he could feel Tamsyn's eagerness at it, dragging it back up when he tries to force it away.

"Marge!" Uncle Vernon shouts in shock, "Are you okay?" he asks before Harry could feel his eyes on his back, "You! Boy, to your room, now!" he hollers at Harry.

"Nothing to worry about Vernon, I've always had a firm grip," Marge says, dismissing Uncle Vernon's concern and contradicting herself in the same breath.

Harry nods before taking a deep breath before he opens his eyes, and in the reflection of the window above the sink he sees not his own reflection looking back at him, but Tamsyn's with an eager smile of promised violence, her eyes shine and shift between her piercing blue and bloody Scarlet. Harry turns to leave, to go hide in his room till Marge is gone but the swift knock to his shin by Marge's cane stops him.

"Not so fast, Boy," Marge says, watching as Harry stumbles from the hit, "Do you think I just forgot about your little comment?" she says to Harry, stopping him, Harry looks over to Uncle Vernon in desperation.

"Boy, Room, Now!" Uncle Vernon snaps at Harry, but Marge was having none of it.

"No Vernon," Marge says to him before looking at Harry, "If the little bastard what's to say something, let him, let him try to defend a drunk and a junky," She says with a glare at Harry.

"They weren't Drunks or Junkies," Harry mumbles out, his temper getting harder and harder to control as he grinds his teeth.

"Nasty little liar," Marge hisses at him before she wacks him again with her cane causing Harry to flinch, "They no good worthless Drunks and Junkies just like your going to be, they went and got themselves killed like fools," Marge tells him hitting Harry two more times, her words hurting more than the weak strikes from the cane, "And good riddance to bad rubbish, it's just a shame you didn't go with them and save decent folks like your Aunt and Uncle for puttin-" but Marge stops, as Harry glared at her, He was breathing hard trying to hold back his emotions, but he couldn't. Harry hated her, Harry hated this house, hated the people inside it, hated growing up here, all he wanted was to be left alone and they wouldn't even do that for him. So as Marge continued to yell at him, the red her face got, the more she wheezed, and the more Harry could feel Tamsyn purr in enjoyment.

Marge grabbed at her chest and Harry could feel his magic twist at her heart, He wanted her to shut up, to stop talking, to stop lying about his mum and dad. He wanted her to stop, so Harry was going to make her.

"Do it, little kitty, show them all you have claws," Tamsyn whispers in the back of his mind, "And show them all you can use them!" she says as Harry feels claws dig deep into his chest.

"Stop it!" Uncle Vernon shouts, red in the face too, "Stop it right now!" But Harry doesn't listen to focus on the task to make Marge shut up as his Uncle marches up to him and strikes him across the face.

Harry falls to the floor in a heap, the right side of his face stinging in pain after his Uncle slapped him across the face, Harry could taste blood in his mouth and Tamsyn's angry hiss in his mind as Marge collapses in her seat the wood straining before snapping and breaking under her falling flat on her back as Harry blinks the stars from his eyes, realizing what he almost Had done.

"Marge!" Uncle Vernon yells as he rushes over to check on her and Harry scrambles to his feet, panic settling over him. He had to leave! He had to get out of here! The Ministry would surely show up soon to snap his wand! Uncle Vernon was going to kill him! Harry moves to the door to the kitchen, throwing as the cupboard door bursts open and his trunk slides out. Harry quickly throws it open, heart beating quickly in his chest as he hears Uncle Vernon screams "Boy!" echoing behind him, and just as the door bursts up Harry finds his wand and spins around pointing it at Uncle Vernon.

"Stop!" Harry yells as he aims his wand right between Vernon's eyes, "Don't! Don't you come near me!" Harry yells as Uncle Vernon pales.

"You can't do magic outside of your school, Freak," Vernon hisses softly, "They'll lock you up for what you almost did to Marge," He says as he slowly moves forward. Harry's hand starts to shake and he closes his trunk.

"I-I don't care," Harry tells him with a sneer, "I'm, I'm leaving! You can't s-stop me!" Harry says as he grabs the handle of his and begins to drag it to the door.

"Fine," Vernon says as he stops, his face still a bit pale, "Leave, go, never wanted you here anyway freak, but we both know you'll be back," He tells Harry with a sneer of his own, "And when you do come back, me and the cupboard will be waiting for you, boy," He tells Harry menacingly as he finally takes a step back as Harry shakes at the thought of going back into the dark of the cupboard, but it would not stop his flight from a house that held no love for him.

Harry's flight from the house was not without its troubles, from the trunk he had to drag, to the black hound that had chased him, to the panicked blur that was riding on the night bus. By the time he had stepped off the bus, Harry was exhausted but with Tamsyn scratching at the back of his mind in eagerness, he really didn't want to sleep because of that. But the talk with Minister Fudge had been a bit of a relief, he wasn't being charged with any crime and his wand wasn't going to be snapped. "Accidents do happen, after all, Mister Potter," is what he said before extracting a promise from Harry to not go into Muggle London, which Harry eagerly agreed to. It probably had something to do with Sirius Black, the mass-murdering madman that had escaped the wizard prison of Azkaban a few days ago.

Harry was currently sitting in one of the chairs in the room he was shown to after the Minister had left, he could feel Tamsyn's excitement for him falling asleep so she could get her hands on him again, but he was stubbornly staying awake, forcing his eyes open to deny her every second he could. He would eventually fall asleep of course, but still, it felt good denying Tamsyn whatever she wanted for as long as he could. But after today, he just wanted to rest, to sleep without the nightmares or Tamsyn invading his dreams to pull him apart inch by inch, just for tonight, he wanted peace…

Harry would wake up in bed in his little room above the Leaky Cauldron, the streams of morning light coming thru his windows, he felt rested, and relaxed, like his night was filled by the horrors of the cupboard or the ones created of Tamsyn, the first full night's sleep he had gotten in weeks. Harry sighs as he rolls over to his side facing the door into the room, he closes his eyes, and memories from what felt like lifetimes ago roll through his head.

"Tom! Room for two if you got it, For me and the kid," Olivia Twist says with a smile at the old innkeeper.

"Sure thing Professor Twist, Dumbledore having you rounding up the Muggleborns this year?" Tom asks as he pulls out an old book, glancing at Harry, unable to see Harry's scar due to the top hat the boy was wearing, which she had conjured for him to wear, and a warning not to take it off no matter what.

"Something like that, Tom," Olivia says with a chuckle, "But found this one in an orphanage, sadly," she says with a frown and looks at Harry before winking.

"Name for my books?" Tom asks as he picks up an old feather quill to write with.

"Olivia Twist and Jack Dawkins," the woman says before reaching into her pockets to pull out a small stack of coins and sliding them over to the man, the man simply nodded and wrote them down the names without a second thought, Olivia just turned to Harry with a smile and a wink.

"Come on, Dodger," she said as she climbed the stairs off to the side, "Sleep, breakfast and in the morning we shop for a magic school," She had said with an infectious laugh.

That was the first time she had called him that, Dodger, her nickname for him, the Artful Dodger to her Oliver Twist. Hermione had explained it all at the end of the year, the story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, the nickname she had given him because she knew in the end, if it came down to him and her, he would betray her. And he had, he refused to give her the stone in the end, even after all her promises, after all the time they spent together in the Defense classroom, all the private tutoring sessions she had given him, the dueling training, the books she had given him that we're buried out of sight and out of mind in his trunk, Harry still couldn't give the woman who had killed his parents the stone.

"Come on Dodger, me, you, and that stone can leave tonight and you'll never have to go back again," Harry hears ringing in his head, and in his darkest moments, he wished he had gone with her.

"You really should have," the voice of Tamsyn whispers right next to Harry's ear as his eyes snap open as he tries to leap out of the bed. But she's still just too quick, just too strong as he arms wrap around Harry and pulls him back to the bed, "Now, Now, Now," she says as she wrestles to grab Harry's wrists, "Don't be so fussy, pretty kitty," she grunts out as she wraps her long legs around his own, clutching tightly as she finally grabs his wrists and pulling them down, as she snakes her arms around his chest, as if she was hugging him from behind, her larger body draped over his own; Holding him in place.

"There we go," she whispers in a huff, "No need to fight me so much, pretty kitty, I'm not going to hurt you," she says with a purr into his ear.

Harry tries a bit more to throw her off of him, but it's in vain he was too small, too thin, and too weak to get her off of him, "Experience says otherwise," Harry grumbles as Tamsyn holds him tightly against herself.

She chuckles into his ear softly, a ghost of humor in her tone as she speaks, "Well, you do have a point there, Pretty Kitty, but on that, I've been thinking," Tamsyn says with an exaggerated sigh, "I have been ever so heavy-handed with you haven't I?" She asks, "All stick and no carrot as they say," Tamsyn giggles into his ear, "And that's just mean of me, I've shown you how cruel I can be, how I can hurt you in so many, many ways," she says in such a loving way that causes Harry to shiver, no liking what she was building up too but unable to stop her, "But how about I show you how good I can make you feel," she whispers huskily into his ear.

With one arm still restraining him, her other starts to creep down his stomach to the hem of his trousers, Harry begins to thrash wildly again, "No, stop! What are you doing!" He yells, trying to break out of her hold.

"Shh, Pretty Kitty," she whispers into his ear as she puts her full weight on him, "Don't fight me too much, as much as I do enjoy it, but you need to hold still so I can give you a proper Belly Rub," her voice is full of glee as she forces her hand down Harry pants, making the boy cry out, asking, begging her to stop as she answers him with an innocent giggle, "Are you ready for your carrot, kitty?" she whispers into his ear, and Harry could do nothing to stop her while he was wrapped in the coils of the serpent.

All done.

And yes, she raped Harry at the end of this.

Yeah, this Tamsyn is completely fucked, I had read somewhere that the Dairy was intended to be a weapon, which I do not believe in the least bit because why would Voldemort risk one of his keystones to immortality like that? But if we take the who, "The Diary is a weapon" idea and apply it to a sociopath, we have something fun to play with.

Now Tamsyn is the piece of Voldemort's soul that got stuck with all the trauma that would come from being stuck in the Blitz that hit London during WWII and what she had to do to survive it along with all the Psychopathic tendencies that stem from it. She is a completely fucked 16-year-old in this who's all about power and control over their victims, her victim being Harry.

Why did I write this? Because I wanted to write something dark that's not going to have a happy ending, this will only have three chapters. But I am mainly working on my main story of "The Heir of the Hunt" so don't expect the next chapter up for a little while.

This story was of course inspired by "departure from the diary" by TendraelUmbra

Go read that, because it's less dark and far better written.

Kingsaxcul, Out!