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This is going to be fun to write.


[Special Moves/Attacks]





With that out of the way, lets get this out of the way.


(I knew then, as HE ran down the clock tower at me, that my end was upon me. My Missiles, My Plasma Cutter, My arsenal did nothing to him. I had swung my Heat Blade at him earlier, and HE threw me as if I were a mere toy! I didn't want this, I didn't want to die here! I was meant to protect my nation from the threat of Metal Gear, not revive a civil war in a stabilizing nation! I was meant to fight alongside my sisters, my pack, not alone against the Ripper!)

I felt his blade pierce the armor that protected my A.I. Core. I struggled against the High Frequency blade that melted my armor, struggled as it began to melt into my A.I. Core, then everything froze as he dragged it down my chassi... And I fell into two perfect halves as the world faded away...

(I knew that Desperado wouldn't come back for me, I was just an obsolete piece of scrap for them to discard... Just like what happened to N03L after Minuano killed her in the same way. Ray Models were cheap these days... I knew I'd be easily replaced after this...) The world was completely dark, and I knew that I had lost all remaining power. I knew, that I was dead...

Yet, my conciousness still remained... and an endless void surrounded me, but I wasn't alone here. Bodies surrounded me... yet they seemed... wrong. Limbs were riddled with bullet holes, the shattered husks of Ship-shaped equipment armor lay around them, their skin was too pale, even for corpses, and the dead eyes glowed darkly in this Abyss...

I heard movement behind me, I turned to see a... a...


I jumped back just in time to avoid the tendrils and ran.

I looked back and gasped in horror as the tendrils burrowed into the corpses and increased my speed as the dead rose. The shattered limbs consumed by black masses of corrupted flesh. I felt their souls scream as the corruption overtook them.

I pushed my legs to their limit, as I noticed a single point of light in the distance. I had to escape, I had to survive!

(I will not die here! I refus-!)

I screamed as a shell exploded on my back, the risen corpses began firing on me with cannons made of metallic black material. The turrets in my shoulders and my thighs popped up and began returning fire. The bullets pinged off of the zombies' pale skin as I recovered and ran towards the light.

Shells fell around me as the gunfire intensified. I activated my missile systems and leaped into the air, the guided rockets screaming towards their targets.

(Thank you.)

I stumbled when whispers entered my mind as the zombies gave their explosive death screams. I looked back and gasped as purified spirits rose from the burning corpses/wreckages.

I came screeching to a halt when half of the remaining zombies cut me off from my destination and surrounded me. The Corruptor slowly approached, watching, waiting for me to perish before it added me to its macabre collective. The more humanoid zombies drew melee weapons and began to close the circle. I activated my Heatblade and watched as it took the form of two blades at my hip. I reached down and drew the blades, noticing the hands that were initially hidden by the tips of my wings.

I didn't have time to question how I wielded the Heatblade's new form as if I were a master of dual katanas, nor did I have time to question how I was even able to hold such weapons... All I knew, what that my enemies were upon me.

The hunter and the agile prey.

No guarantee, which of them will succeed, strong or weak!

One of the Corpses threw a wild swing at my back, one I blocked with ease before removing the attacking limb. Another swing and the top half of its head was removed. The unholy roars of the beasts were soon drowned by the sounds of my heat blades melting through flesh and metal and oil. Their crude and withered machetes and swords bounced off of my armor, some even shattering upon impact but even with my armor, some of their strikes hit me where my armor was weak and drew my blood. I was soon buried in bodies...


I burst out of a pile of minced corpses only to be knocked to the side by the Corruptor's Tendrils, screaming as I was knocked away from the Light. I dug my blades into the ground, stopping my momentum, and got back up.

And they run when the sun comes up! With their lives on the line! ALIVE!

I got went into a readied stance and charged at the beast. Heat Blades severing the renewed attacks as my systems went into overdrive predicting where the next strike would come from. My turrets opened fire once more, detonating enemy shells before they could even get close to me. Missiles of my own exploding against the beast as its own turrets tried to stop their approach.

For a whii-ileee! No Choice! Gotta follow the laws of the wild!

I burst through the abomination and sheathed my blade; it fell into four pieces. The tortured soul within rising, before being whisked away by a light similar to the one I was soon to pass through...

(Thank you for freeing me. My nation needed me back on their side...)

The spirit's departing words hung in my mind as I stood before my escape... My nation... didn't need me anymore... Thats why I was sold off to Desperado with the rest of my pack... I checked my protocols for any remnant of my previous owner's restraining protocols and found none. From the moment of my birth, I was bound to my owners and whatever commanding protocols they decided to install in me but now, now I'm my own master now.

I stepped through the veil, and into the light as everything went white.

{Abandoned Alaskan Military Testing Facility, ?}

The light died down as I found myself in the abandoned ruins of an old military base... My systems began searching for a satellite connection I could use to confirm my location... The frozen, ruined facilities, the miniature craters, bullet markings, and burn patterns on the ground all matched up...

My systems indicated a successful connection, and revealed my location...

The place where it all began...

Shadow Moses Island...

"Drop your weapons and get on the ground."

I felt something press into my back, and looked back to see a railgun pressing into my back...

I was in the King's Den...

Till then.