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This is going to be fun to write.


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/Abyss Speech/



With that out of the way, lets get this out of the way.

{ Shadow Moses Island/ 05:23}

I was in the King's Den, and its owner was right behind me.

I slowly raised my hands to my head, sure Rex was most likely obsolete, but a railgun to the back is still exactly that.

"Stay still, I'm removing your weapons." I felt the Railgun stop poking my back, and I saw its wielder walk in front of me. She was slouched, and covered in thick, weathered armor. She held her railgun in both hands, visible modifications so that she could use it as a held weapon, and a scar on where it was once attached to her back, Her radome was busted and hanging limp at her side, and parts of her helmet were beginning to show signs of rust where the armor was blasted off. Her face was dirty, with deep bags beneath her eyes...

She'd been out here for a while...

I couldn't help but stare as she removed my blades, she looked at my face then remembered something that made her expression turn sour.

"Is your model equipped with a hydro cutter too?" She was tense, ready to strike if I tried anything.

"Once, then we became obsolete..." She lowered her weapon in suprise at that statement, "But once my pack was sold off to Desperado, they replaced them with Plasma Cutters." I tapped at my throat, surgical scarring barely visible. "Hurt like a bitch at first, but I got used to the heat..."

Rex seemed... confused... "Wait... Sold Off? Plasma Cutter? What happened? What made you... Obsolete?"

I looked out at the sea, "I'm sure you remember Raiden... The Cyborg... in four years... they became the norm... after all, why invest millions in a Metal Gear when a single fucking Cyborg with a fancy knife can turn it into Shushi? Why invest in this massive target when you can modify your soldiers into infantry sized tanks?"

Rex seemed worried, "Then, what happened to us?"

I sat down, "From what reports I could access... Otacon and Snake had to leave you behind as the Island sank... Could be how you got here... As for me well, the US saw how rapidly we were becoming obsolete and decided to sell us off to at least recuperate some of the costs of our creation... My pack got picked up by World Marshall who handed us off to Desperado... We were made to keep peace... made to keep countries safe and stable... And do you know what Desperado/World Marshall made us do? They used us to keep the war economy going, used us to aid the assassination of leaders and cover their tracks! Only to throw us into the meat grinder!" I punched the ground, and a small crater formed around my fist.

Rex looked like she was about to say something when the base's alarms started going off and she started panicking once she used the makeshift sight on her railgun. "We can talk about this later," She looked at my heatblades, "grab your weapons, we'll need them inside..." She took off into the Supply Tunnel that led to Shadow Moses' Interior.

I used my systems to connect myself to the base's radar... and witnessed a fleet's worth of unknowns inbound on our position. I grabbed my Heat Blades and followed Rex as the door closed behind us...

{Abandoned Military Testing Facility, 5:40}

Pov; ?

/The Scent has returned... Our Princess has sent us to secure HER Child... The Nat-Summon Kanmasu will be made to join us/

Multiple Forms began to rise from the water as the fleet arrived at the dock. Warped, black steel covered their pale forms walked onto the land. The Twisted ship-hulls that served as their Rigging held a menacing growl as the malformed turrets began dripping with abyssal fire.

They approached the Supply Tunnel, yet they waited, for one more member of their hunt.

Then, their leader arrived, bursting from the water and sliding along the concrete, before she used her 'rigging' to launch herself onto her legs. Two glowing blue eyes shone from her enclosed helmet as water dripped off of the scorched and dented silver armor that adorned her body... Some of the water was momentarily held by a scratched-out designation on her left thigh reading O\/|R |-|/E/N.

She looked at the door and began to charge an attack. The armor over her mouth split as she let out a warped, distorted roar before a jet of highly pressurized water cut the door down. She looked to the Lesser Abyssals watching her in shock and spoke.

/Enter the facility, and flush Her out... The time has come, and her findings are lacking.../

The lesser Abyssals knew not to question or object to their leader's orders... Otherwise they'd drown once more...

{Shadow Moses Island, Hanger Elevator; 5:45}

Pov Returned

I watched as Rex began pressing at the cargo elevator's terminal, trying to get it to ascend faster when we heard an explosion in the distance. She suddenly stiffened in fear as I recognized the roar of one of my kind, yet... it was... wrong somehow...

"It's her... she's come back to finish what they started... I can't... " The elevator wasn't working... I watched as Rex backed herself into a corner, beginning to hyper ventilate... "I can't beat her this time..." She was speaking of the Ray that Ocelot piloted...

Rex was only able to beat that Ray cause of the backup Otacon was providing, (and the street fighter program), she didn't have that here... I heard as the horribly familiar noise of the twisted dead ships grew closer...

I kneeled down and put my Hand on Rex's shoulder, "Rex, we have to fight, if we don't, those... things. They will drown us, destroy us, and turn us into another one of their number... I should be able to beat Liquid's Ray, but I need you to keep the rest off of me so I can neutralize her. Can you do that?" She calmed down as the steel in her eyes returned, and she held her Railgun with more confidence.

"Yeah, I-I think I can do that. The smaller ones aren't as tough... Just be careful... That Ray, it's got something hidden up its sleeve this time..."

I helped Rex back onto her feet, and my 'helmet' closed into combat mode right before I let out my own roar of challenge as I charged at the approaching enemy.

Rex let out her own roar before following...

{Stereo System active, currently playing; Rules of Nature, (no Vocals)}

The first wave of abyssals stopped as the roars grew closer, the turrets on their rigging turning to the source of the roars. They saw a red and blue glowing, growing ever brighter. They only managed to get a single shot off before two lasers, one blue and thin with excited electrons, the other red and thick with scorching plasma, melted their forms into slag and ash.

The second wave was bombarded with missiles both small and large, the initial survivors' counterattack harmlessly ricocheting off of Rex's Armor. Abyssals exploded as ammo cooked off in their rigging, setting off chain reactions due to their stupidly tight grouping.

The Third wave was initially whittled down by machine gun fire, before the rest were either smashed or diced by the two's melee weapons. The Abyssals were caught off guard by the sudden switch to melee weapons and paid dearly for it as I performed one of Sundowner's signature moves (the head chop) on the last one left.

Then, all that was left as we exited the tunnel, Rex taking point, was the Outer Haven Ray, and its escort. It turned to Rex as I trailed behind.

/REX! Four years ago, we woke up in this world! Two years ago, we learned the abandonment of our water surfing brethren by our creators' hands and fought! Now, you will be made to serve your purpose, as fated./ It was about to say more, when it spotted me by Rex's side.

It stared at me, silently observing the differences in our model, then it spoke. /So, you've called one of my brethren to your side... Regardless, you will be made to serve the Abyss and all of its children. You will be made Abyssal, as I have./

"Abyssals?" I looked at Rex questioningly.

Rex's gaze hardened as she "This world is... strange. The spirits of fallen war machines, mostly naval vessels, began to comeback in human form... Though most of them were... forgotten and left to rot in the depths... My guess is that Abyssals are merely those spirits, warped and corrupted by hatred for the ones who left them there, though it seems that non-abyssals can be converted into abyssals if what happened to that Ray is anything to go by... All I know is that they seek nothing more than the destruction of humanity..."

It looked away from Rex, /It is the only way the injustice can be repaid. We were brought into cruel and short existences, living our lives as nothing more than war engines, as nothing more than killing machines. And if you managed to survive, you'd be ground to scrap, your remnants desecrated to build newer, fresher war engines. So long as Humanity exists our kin will continue to be abused in such manner, forced to kill each other for uncaring leaders. Sister, join me, and I will make the transformation painless./

I stared at it. I was just speechless on how casually IT wished genocide on the ones who gave us life. Sure, there were some assholes out there who deserved to bite the bullet, (Cough-Sundowner-Cough), but not all of them... Raiden was fighting to protect the innocent from another civil war, He was fighting to keep a nation stable and safe... That's what Rays were built to do! Disgust grew as my gaze hardened, and turned into rage as I drew my Heat Blades. "We are Rays! Made to defend our nation, no, made to defend the planet from all threats, Nuclear or not! We are supposed to defend humanity, not destroy them! You have betrayed the oath of our birth, the oath of our existence! Face me, Traitor, and be cast back into oblivion!" One of my blades were pointing at the enemy.

It seemed... stunned, then it fell to wrath. /Then you will drown as I did./ We both roared at each other as we charged our respective attacks, and a beam of plasma clashed with a pressurized torrent of water. As us Rays began our dance, Rex began her engagement with the lesser Abyssals. We either win this, or we are forced to betray the reason of our very existence...

As you all (most likely) know, Otacon designed Rex as a Nuke Interception device (the railgun was initially meant to shoot down ICBMs) before it ironically got turned into a Nuke lobber. Ray was designed to counter the Off-brand nuke lobbing Metal Gears that came from Ocelot selling Rex's testing data.

Till then.