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This is going to be fun to write.


[Special Moves/Attacks]



/Abyss Speech/



With that out of the way, lets get this out of the way.

{Shadow Moses Island/ 05:48}

"We are Rays! Made to defend our nation, no, made to defend the planet from all threats, Nuclear or not! We are supposed to defend humanity, not destroy them! You have betrayed the oath of our birth, the oath of our existence! Face me, Traitor, and be cast back into oblivion!" One of my blades were pointing at the enemy.

It seemed... stunned, then it fell to wrath. /Then you will drown as I did./ We both roared at each other as we charged our respective attacks, and a beam of plasma clashed with a pressurized torrent of water. As us Rays began our dance, Rex began her engagement with the lesser Abyssals. We either win this, or we are forced to betray the reason of our very existence...

Rex, thanks to her almost impervious armor, was able to handle the sheer number of Abyssals that tried to overwhelm her. Not having to worry about my comrade helped ease my worries as I faced down the Traitor. We both circled around, seeing who'd take the first move. The Traitor took the first move by attempting to get in close by using missiles as cover. My turrets detonated them mid flight as I jumped forward with heat blades drawn.

I think I can see a small bit of panic in her covered eyes as she sends as I parry her desperate kick, knocking her off balance before she tried to use her wings to stabilize. My tail however, knocked her to the ground before she could stabilize and I brought my heat blades down on her outstretched wing, severing it before a tight grouping of lesser abyssals forced me back. I launched another volley of missiles at the poorly spaced grouping and rushed them with my blades raised high, they fell into pieces once I was done with them. I looked at the Traitor Ray as her Water cutter began charging, I felt my plasma emitter began to heat up in response, only for one of the Abyssals I bisected to grab my tail and start biting into it.

I jumped out of the way as the high pressure torrent fired at me. I felt a jolt of searing pain run up my spine as the Abyssal that was latched onto me fell into two pieces, with a part of my own tail joining it... I stood shakily, this pain was new, nothing like when my form was more mechanical. I dodged a stream of gunfire from the traitor as a few of my missiles got past her defenses and knocked her down. I rushed her as she struggled to stand, her outdated armor shredded by the shrapnel.

I kicked her out stretched wing to the side deflecting another stream of gunfire, before my blade came down upon the outstretched wing, severing it. She stumbled back with a scream as Rex finished off the last of the reinforcements with a curb stomp.

"Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide..." I dragged my blades behind me, the tips digging into the ground and sending sparks flying as the concrete heated and deformed.

The traitor turned to run, to make it back to the safety of the water, only for a spike fired at 4,500 mph to tear through her legs. The abyssals that had just arrived to reinforce her paused, and I realized something...

These Abyssals weren't the spirits of Ships, they were the corrupted spirits of U.G.s, Gekko.

Before they could act, I dove into their systems, my advanced A.I. easily bypassing the Fox-Alive Degraded Security Protocols. I came upon a tumor in their shared network, the only thing keeping them in non-verbal contact with each other. It was the only thing keeping them corrupted by the touch of the Abyss...

I drew a heat blade, forged from my hacking capabilities, and brought it down on the tumor. Severing the Gekko from that which enslaved them.

They all froze and were consumed in an almost blinding light for a moment as a sudden, collective cry was cut short. The light died down and revealed their purified forms, all knocked unconscious as a combination of my hack, and the sudden purification that severed their minds from each other.

I watched the traitor try and drag herself to the ocean and had a thought. I approached her, and pulled a small cable from the back of my helmet as it disengaged its combat function.

She watched as I manually disengaged her helmet's combat mode, watched as I opened a hatch on the side of her helmet and plugged in.

The world around us faded as I dove into her mind to try and find the source of the corruption.

And I found myself in a war-torn battlefield.