Greta sat in the carriage, absently staring at the scenery that passed her by. She wasn't quite sure how long she had been sitting here, was it two no, maybe three hours? She shook her head. It didn't really matter, she was used to this by now. She was on her way from Blood Pledge Castle to her Daddy's Wolf's castle in the Bielefeld Territory. This was routine to her; spend a few weeks at Daddy Wolf's castle and then go back to Blood Pledge and spend a few weeks there. At this point, she didn't even need to pack anything except for some clothes for the journey because she had two sets of everything, one for each "home."

Greta sighed. When were they arriving? Her legs have started to fall asleep from being idle for so long. Gwendal raised a concerned eyebrow at her but she merely smiled in his direction and that seemed to placate the elder Mazoku's worries. Gwendal had been accompanying her to these exchanges for years, quite frankly she didn't need him to be there anymore but it was futile to try and get the country's administrator to stop worrying about her. Her initial reaction to her parents' break-up certainly left no room for argument. She had taken the news horribly to say the least. She cried for days at the demise of her family and continued to have emotional outbursts even months after the break-up. But she was fine now, that was long behind her. It's been five years and this was normal to her now.

Greta turned her attention back to the window, they had just passed a familiar looking forest. They would be in Bielefeld Castle in about an hour. The now teenaged princess fidgeted with the handkerchief in her hands. Would Sir Robert be there to greet her again with Daddy Wolf? She twisted the expensive piece of fabric, as if wringing out imaginary moisture. Sir Robert was her Daddy Wolf's latest new friend. He'd been around a lot longer than she anticipated. He was nice and perfectly polite and if the maids' gossip was accurate he was a minor noble from the Voltaire territory. Apparently, Gwendal had set them up.

He was tall with dark chestnut brown hair and deep amethyst eyes. He was an earth wielder and a proud member of the mazoku army. Apparently he was high ranking and very respectable but when her Daddy Wolf introduced them he seemed awkward. He was perfectly pleasant and bowed politely, showing the respect that was due to her as the Maou's daughter but other than that it seemed like he didn't know how to talk to her. She'd heard from the maids that he's the quiet brooding type and didn't talk much at all. She sighed, at least Robert was trying. Her Papa Yuu's girlfriends, that's what he called them, all seemed to either ignore her or want her gone.

Greta's lips curled upwards into a thin a smile, two years ago she heard Lady Emily converse with her lady-in-waiting about sending her off to boarding school once she marries the king. Well, the joke was on her. She already was in boarding school and was only in the castle for the summer. She couldn't wait to leave. She didn't want to stick around for the inevitable break-up. Her Papa Yuu was still as indecisive as ever, even with a woman, and most of them got tired of the king's lack of commitment. There was the usual "talk", asking about "where is this relationship going?", with her Papa Yuu burying his head in the sand, never giving a straight answer. Then came the inevitable ultimatum of "marry me or I walk out that door" and it always ended the same way. Greta almost felt sorry for these women except she knew they never loved Yuuri, only his crown. Even the ones that seemed nice at first would always slip up eventually, Lady Emily had been her Papa Yuuri's girlfriend for six months before a maid heard her talking about sending Greta to boarding school and it didn't take long for that comment to get to Yuuri and he sent her on her way, despite the fact that she already was in boarding school. He said something about principles but Greta just shrugged it off. There was always another noblewoman waiting just outside the castle doors wanting to play evil step-mother.

Her Daddy Wolf's "friends" were a different story. They always seemed cautious around her, men, women, maidmers, it didn't matter. It always seemed like they were never quite sure what to make of her. She knew her relationship with her Daddy Wolf wasn't conventional. She was officially Yuuri's daughter and Wolfram technically had no parental rights over her but the blond fire wielder fought for custody rights. He claimed to have formed a strong parent-child bond with her that even Yuuri couldn't deny. Greta even had to admit it, for as much as she loved Yuuri, it was Wolfram who acted more like her parent. He took care of her when Yuuri was on Earth, read her stories and did all the typical parent things like disciplining her and instilling values. Yuuri was a good dad but he didn't exactly parent her. He was more "fun dad" than an actual parental figure. If anything, with Wolfram out of the Castle, it was a lot easier to get away with things and she did. She went through a short rebellious phase after the break up and Yuuri let her get away with everything. The word "no" was not in her vocabulary after the break up. She threw tantrum after tantrum, insisting on new toys or dresses or a later bed time and Yuuri wouldn't bat an eye, giving into her every demand; no doubt due to guilt. Others tried to sit her down to talk and set her straight, even Gwendal had tried to correct her behavior but he could only say so much as an outsider, and she never listened anyway. She had finally been set on the straight and narrow once word of her behavior reached her Daddy Wolf and he gave her the scolding of a lifetime.

After the scolding, Greta sobbed into Wolfram's arms, expressing everything she'd kept bottled up inside and her Daddy Wolf looked at her with understanding eyes. Then and there, Wolfram had to explain why her Daddy Wolf and Papa Yuu broke up. Up until that point no one knew exactly happened between the two young demons. There were rumors that said King Yuuri had been unfaithful while others said it was Lord von Bielefeld who grew tired of waiting. In the end, Wolfram explained that it was simply a matter of two people not loving each other in the same way. Greta saw pain in her Daddy Wolf's eyes as he said that and decided not to press further. She didn't quite understand what he meant by that but she didn't want to ask Wolfram to elaborate further. Greta settled down after that and Yuuri was definitely thankful but the relationship between her fathers still seemed strained. During her birthday balls, they might act civil but she could tell that there was a distance there. Her Daddy Wolf had been referring to her Papa Yuu as "Your Majesty" and something about that never felt right to her.

Greta snapped her attention back to the window, they just passed a some soldiers dressed in Bielefeld uniforms. They would be at the Castle in twenty minutes. Greta took a deep breath. She hoped it would just be her Daddy Wolf receiving her at the entrance. For everything that she's been through, she still hoped that someday her daddies would get back together. Her Papa Yuu was never the same after Wolfram left. He always seemed a little lonely. And Wolfram seemed to have hardened. He was much less volatile and she could tell that Wolfram had become withdrawn. She hoped that one day they could go back to being a family again, that she wouldn't have to live two lives. She wouldn't have two of everything, two bedrooms, two homes, two faces. Having two of everything meant nothing if she was this miserable, all she really wanted was one happy family. Greta sighed. She could see the castle gates, it was time to put on a happy face to greet her Daddy Wolf.

Greta stepped off the carriage and politely greeted her Daddy Wolf and his friend. She looked on in mild curiosity as it seemed that Sir Robert was friendlier with her Daddy Wolf than usual. The taller demon had his hand firmly around Wolfram's waist. Wolfram greeted and hugged Greta. He ushered his daughter inside while holding hands with the man on his left side. Greta could feel her heart get caught in throat as she passed giggling maids whispering about "Lord von Bielefeld's engagement." Greta forced her tears back. She should have known that this would happen. How many times has the world proven to be cruel? A happy family was simply too much to ask. She fought back the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes and cheerfully asked her Daddy Wolf about anything new that's happened while she was away.