Written for a request on tumblr by Depreshroom for this ship with "two miserable people meeting at a wedding au". IDK if Claire's miserable, but Darci is.

Mary had done well for herself, Darci supposed. Way better than all her high school boyfriends, and better than most of her college girlfriends. She was marrying a queen, and that wasn't an exaggeration of just how great Aja was. Aja was the queen of Akiridion-V who had turned down proposals from galactic royalty to marry the woman who did PR for the embassy. Mary was worth turning down all those proposals, and Darci was willing to fight anyone and everyone who disagreed.

She would have preferred fighting than the Tarron wedding, though. Everything here was so bright and loud. Even worse, while Mary herself had ordered only silk flowers as to not upset the allergies of her maid of honor, the guests who had brought flowers as gifts hadn't gotten the memo. That meant that Darci was overstimulated with allergies to boot. She wanted to scream, but she didn't want to ruin her best friend's wedding reception.

"I'm getting some air," Darci said vaguely in Mary's direction. Mary Tarron was too busy enjoying herself and her time with her new wife. It was fine.

Darci made her way onto the nearest balcony and was startled by the fact that it was already occupied by a beautiful woman. She appeared to be human and was wearing a dark purple dress with an array of glittering silver hairpins. While she appeared to be Darci's age, the combination of white streaks and the tired look in the woman's eyes made her seem a few years older at first glance.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were, here, I just -"

"Needed a minute away from the hubub?" The woman smiled goodnaturedly. "I get it; I've been to some previous balls and they were also exhausting, though they took more time to reach that status."

Darci found herself wishing that she had been Mary's plus one to more embassy events. Maybe she could have built up a tolerance. "I take it you work for the embassy?"

Gee, Darce, way to state the obvious, she thought to herself.

"No." Perhaps it wasn't obvious, then. "I'm an old friend of Aja's - I'm from Arcadia Oaks."

Arcadia Oaks, the small town about an hour west of Mary and Darci's hometown of San Bernadino. Aja had lived there for a few months when the two of them and her brother had escaped a coup.

"I'm Claire, by the way. I saw you standing next to Mary, but I don't think I caught your name?"


"Well, Darci, I might be overstepping, but you seem overstimulated. I know a way to fix that; would you like me to?"

"Yes, please." Claire stepped towards Darci, and her hand hovered over Darci's right temple. The air around Claire's hair grew dark, and as she made an arc across Darci's eyes to her other temple, the lights grew muted.

"Feeling better?" Claire asked.

"Yeah, uh, what did you just do?"

"I'm a wizard; it'll wear off in an hour and a half. Feel free to find me then to redo the spell, unless you'd rather hang out and continue talking?"

Darci certainly wanted to keep hanging out with Claire.