From a distance, a man in an entirely black and white body suit watched next to the woman who had just been in the battle with the whitebeard pirates. Both watched intently as Dabi's clone started the fight. Winter seemed to be very interested in the main fighters as she watched; the man, on the other hand, seemed to be paying more attention to the surroundings.

" hey, Winter, look over there. Stop getting distracted. You look stupid," the man spoke. Winter looked over and saw what the man was pointing at; there was a clear path to the beach where the ship was docked just out of sight of the pirates from seeing them throughout the trees. Winter nodded, agreed that that would be an excellent path, and took out a transponder snail.

Winter quickly dialed a number before turning back to face the fight. Her clone had yet to join the battle, but she could tell that the other Pirates were getting impatient. The one that Dabi was fighting seemed very annoyed for some reason, and it appeared to Edge Dabi Even More.

" head that way now; Toga will be waiting for you...Try not to get caught twice," the woman spoke, " I'll be right behind you by a couple of meters just in case one of us gets spotted."

" I won't get caught. I'm going to draw attention to myself just to spite you," twice spoke confidently. Winter just rolled her eyes and smiled as she sent him off. From there, she turned to the transponder snail and started to guide toga through the path that twice had spotted. She waits for Twice to distance themselves and returns to the fight. These Pirates seemed very interesting, and something was getting her attention, but she didn't know what.

Toga was waiting close by the beach when she heard fighting. She knew that Dabi's clone would initiate the fight and that Winter's clone would get the blood she needed to infiltrate the pirate's ship. From the pirate's point of view, she was just out of sight, but she knew that Winters clone knew precisely where she was. That made it much easier, especially when Winter got a good hit on one of the Pirates and drew blood with an ice spear, barely scraping him. The short, fast one seemed to want to get Winter's attention the most. The spear was cut off and thrown to the bushes closest to toga, who instantly got excited and rushed to the spear without being seen.

She looked at the spear and found that there was only enough blood to last at least half an hour at most; she quickly inserted it in one of her blood cardigans and rushed to get into position to get moving to the boat.

Toga did not have to wait long because Winter called her to inform her of the clear path to get to the ship without being spotted. Toga followed Winter's instructions and quickly spotted the way she talked about.

Quickly toga followed the path, and as quietly as she could, she approached the ship. She climbed through the ladder they left on guarded and rushed to hide behind a couple of barrels. From their toga let out a little giggle as she watched the Captain and the rest of the Pirates on the beach. From there, she had a clear shot to kill them, but she knew that's not what they were there for. Usually, she would have taken the shot, but from the looks of it, they were holding back on them; she didn't want to risk underestimating them and quickly took out the cardigan with the pirate's blood and drank it.

It took only a second for her to remove her clothes and appear as a young man and a silly green outfit. She inspected herself to see any mistakes in her transformation, and she saw none, so she continued forward. She walked towards the door that led downstairs and instantly started acting as bubbly as she could, coming to her nature of imitating who she was.

But from behind her, there was a small splash that she just barely heard as she closed the door. Ignoring it and continuing forward, not wanting to seem suspicious, she went down to the area where she could sense more people.

Twice quickly rushed to the ship to assist his favorite person in the whole wide world. Before getting to the boat, he can already tell something is wrong. In the distance, he could hear the Captain of the ship laughing before a wave of nothing but pure confidence and intimidation hit him. He had learned the hard way that is an easy way for his clones to disappear after a member of their little group had learned this thing called 'Haki.'

After he got this feeling, he instantly rushed to get on the ship without being seen, but from the corner of his eye, he could see the Captain laughing and the rest of the Pirates looking around confused, wondering where both Winter and Dabi clones were. From where he was, he could see that the Captain was telling his crew something, but he was too far away to hear anything.

His eyes widened as he realized he was out in the open and he had been caught in the Surprise of the Haki wave in the middle of running through the beach to get onto the ship. No one was looking at him as he slowly tried to sneak back to the forest line.
Sadly he couldn't get far as the pirate Captain turned around to face him with a smile on his old face. All the Pirates also turn to face him, and they instantly start yelling curses, having not noticed the man getting so close to their ship. Most of the men started running towards him, the one leading the charge with the flame user that was once battling Dabi.

" holy crap, I just got caught. I'm scared," he wept " I'm not scared of you bring it on," he laughed, his personality changing almost instantly. The fire user didn't even hesitate as he shot Flames at Twice. Twice immediately starts making clones of himself covering a wide area, almost instantly shocking the Pirates, making some of them take a step back and others take a step forward, ready for the challenge. From behind, they could hear the older man laughing.

Some of the Clones disappeared as the fire was too intense, and swords and bullets started flying. Twice nervously looked around, trying to find any way to get out of the situation, but the Pirates were already beginning to surround him. To cover more ground, he made more clones, and those clones started to make clones of themselves.
The fire user seems annoyed, having lost sight of the real Twice. All of twice's clones start laughing and mocking the Pirates, trying to challenge them to find the real one or challenge them to fight. The Clones were merely a distraction as the real Twice turned around to get away and back to the woods to warn Winter that he had been spotted.

Just as he was about to get to the tree line, as the Pirates were distracted, The one with the guns and the kimono let out a yell, and a shot was heard.

Twice froze as he heard the shot. But that wasn't what made him freeze. The bullet had made contact with his back, and in that instant, he had quick flashbacks of a moment that would forever terrorize him. He looked back at the gun user with a shocked expression and put a hand over his shoulder to where the bullet was now lodged; he looked at the man and the shoulder he was holding before he started shaking his head in a no motion.

" no, no not again I can't do this again," he started to yell as he fell. Some of his clones noticed his distress and started making more clones to go and cover for him to let him Escape or at least carry him out of there. The real twice was still shaking his head in a no motion screaming for not again and to please stop and not kill him. The man with the gun seems to be one of the only ones paying attention to this man's reaction, having been shocked to see the man reduced to nothing but tears and sobbing.

Slowly all the Clones were getting destroyed, making more of the pirates look over at the real twice as he panicked. They all started to close in on him as he begged them to keep his life. They all talked over each other, trying to reassure the man that he would not die and that they just wanted to talk and get an explanation as to why he or his friends had destroyed the Village. But the man was not listening to anything they said and continued sobbing.

The gunman who shot him was the closest one to him and approached him slowly, not wanting to make his panic attack any worse. Twice sobbed as he tried to escape but could only crawl just a couple of inches away before falling in fear. Everyone looked at him and was concerned and confused, some even in Anger, wondering if this man was responsible for this Village burning down.

Just as the gunman was about to place a hand on twice, a laugh was heard from the woods, they all looked up, and the gunman instantly jumped back as blue flames appeared out of nowhere. All of them were on full alert, not realizing that they did not Sense the burnt man.

The man seemed to be mocking them as he showed himself laughing hysterically. Not saying a word, he shot another flame toward the Pirates again. The flame user of the pirate crew jumped in front, blocking the attack with a glare. He shot his fire at him, still angry over what happened while battling Dabi's clone.

Winter was rushing back to the other side of the island; she had seen twice spotted and instantly turned around to run back to where they had come from. She usually would help twice in this situation, but the plan was still on, even though he had been caught. She knew that Dabi would not let him die, especially after the last time, so she left him to take care of the situation and continued back to the other side of the island.

At least toga had gotten onto the ship without being spotted, but even then, she had to go back to worn compress about the situation and get ready to make a quick getaway. As she was running, she felt like somebody was watching her, she didn't feel anyone close to her, but the feeling kept getting worse and worse the closer she got to the other side of the island without being spotted by any of the Pirates close to the beach.
Almost instinctively, she dodged an attack that came from above. She looked over and found the man standing next to the Captain when the battle started. The man was transformed into a half-blue Firebird and half-human. Winter can only glare at him as he fully transforms into a human.

" I'm not here to fight you. I just want answers," the man instantly spoke, but before he could even say another word, Winter had touched the ground, and an Ice spear started to appear. Without hesitation, the man transformed into his Phoenix form and flew up into the sky, barely avoiding the spears that grew From the ground. The spears continued to develop a couple of meters above the tree line, barely reaching him as he circled her. " damn it," he said to himself.

Winter then glared at him and continued her attack, trying to reach him, going more ice Spears upon ice spears. She needed to get the message across, and she needed to do it fast. She didn't know how much time they had left to escape.

" I don't have time for this," she growled under her breath as she tried to make her way through the ice and trees to continue running to the other side of the island, knowing that compress would most likely help her to keep this man away.